Zhan Long

Chapter 406

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“I can’t go on…”

Ba Huang City’s General Angela, switched into a new set of armor, held on to her injured left arm and moved forward. “The Magic Dragon’s power is just too strong. If we continue fighting like this, then Ba Huang City will really be killed to the last man. Duke, say something, I cannot allow our soldiers to run to their deaths!”

Luo Lei hurriedly raised his long sword, yelling “I need help! Help Luo Lin, and the Dragon City soldiers retreat. We are going to Fort Zi Feng. Once we are inside the walls, have all the defenders go up on the walls. Hmph, no matter how strong Huo Li is, he has already suffered so many injuries. Even if he is a dragon, his time of death will eventually come!”

The crowd all nodded their heads. Frost carried her injured body over, and and flicked my head. “You should also come with everyone, and retreat into Fort Zi Feng…”

I looked at the ongoing battle. All of Ba Huang City’s guilds had been wiped out. I nodded my head, “Got it…”

From afar, groups of cavalrymen were charging at Jiu Li City’s frontlines while Ba Huang City’s main soldiers flanked from the west side. As we came into the fort’s walls, a group of heavy armor class soldiers headed up the walls. They then moved the crossbows and large amounts of catapults such that they were lined up along wall, all aimed at the Magic Dragon.

The Magic Dragon Huo Li arrogantly twisted his body in the air. With a single dragon breath, he burnt a huge amount of Unsullied cavalry into ashes. Once he killed all of the Unsullied, the Demon Dragon spread his wings, and directed his crimson pupils towards the city walls. He opened his enormous mouth, and with a voice so loud that it shook the earth, he taunted in dragon tongue, “Luo Lei, does Ba Huang City only have so little skill? You guys actually lowered yourselves to hiding in the dirty Barbarian’s city. Did you guys want to fight like a cornered rat? If I were you guys, I’d stretch my neck out, and wait for my execution. That way, there’d be much less pain!”

Duke Luo Lei personally raised his sword, and stood at the border of the city wall as he roared out, “Huo Li, if you have the guts then come at us! Why are you saying so much useless stuff!?”


Huo Li laughed. Then, a gigantic fleshy wing suddenly flashed before us as he charged with his front claws raised. He flew straight at Duke Luo Lei. Clearly, he wanted to rip Duke Luo Lei to shreds with one slash.

“Target the dragon’s wings!”

Luo Lei’s eyes were cold. He raised his sword, and suddenly jumped forward. He rolled a distance along the city’s bricks. “Peng!” Huo Li’s claws made a deep cut into the city walls, and huge blasts made the bricks fly out. Massive arrows also flew into the air, “Pa Pa Pa”, they bombarded Huo Li’s body. Even though they weren’t deadly, they at least dealt a great deal of damage.


Huo Li barreled through the sky, as he flew high, up and then made a turn. He began to fan flames with his wings, and suddenly spit out another dragon breath onto the city walls. Dozens of crossbows were burnt to ashes. However, in the blink of an eye a bunch of boulders bashed into his head. The barbarians in Fort Zi Feng had all been killed, but the city’s defense machines were still very useful.

Frost raised her Severing Beauty, and calmly stood at the corner of the city wall. Her beautiful eyes swiftly turned cold as she pointed the sword right at the Demon Dragon’s left eye, and yelled out, “All of Dragon City’s Warriors, target the Demon Dragon’s left eye, and throw your lances. Let’s make him blind!”

At her command, countless lances flew into the air with a “Shua Shua Shua”. The Demon Dragon was too focused on the boulders. Why in the world would he expect a surprise attack like this? At that moment, several lances stabbed the dragon’s eye, and fiery red blood flowed out. The immense eye turned into a hedgehog within seconds. Huo Li screamed in pain as one of his eyes was crippled.


In the midst of the dragon’s roar, he threw another dragon’s breath across the city wall. A group of Dragon City warriors screamed as they died in flames. Frost stood in her original spot, her body protected by an armor of ice. At the same time, her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise as she murmured, “The Magic Dragon is much weaker now. To think that the dragon’s breath couldn’t even get past my Frost Armor…..”

Out of breath, Luo Lin leaned against a totem on the city wall. After he gasped for air, he said, “Alright. If that’s the case, then even if it means wasting away all of his energy, I will kill Huo Li today. Otherwise, this Magic Dragon will definitely become Ba Huang City’s calamity. After this battle, he could fly over all by himself, and destroy the entire city!”

Luo Lei jolted upright, “Then, that monster must die here!”


At the distant Northern Gate, there was suddenly an explosion. A big group of Jiu Li City NPCs and players rushed into the city. They had finally breached the fort. To top it off, at the center of the fort was the City Hall, where Fort Zi Feng’s final BOSS was at. He had yet to appear, but he carried with him the Citadel Defending Decree. No one knew who would become the ultimate owner of that decree!

“Pa pa pa…..”

With hurried footsteps, Jian Feng Han rushed up the city wall with his sword in hand, and yelled out, “Bad news! Jiu Li City’s people are storming at us. [Zhan Long] and [Enemies at the Gate], you guys have more people, you must be careful. Fang Ge Que has at least 5000 people left. The ones he wants to kill the most are you guys. You have to be weary. [Vanguard] will go to the Northern Gate to block them.”

I exclaimed, “Jian Feng Han, what did you say you were going to do?”

Jian Feng Han grinned, “[Vanguard] only has 100 people left in total. I have no way of getting anything more out of this City War. I’m gonna leave the rest with you. Fang Ge Que had killed Simple, massacred the fort, and killed all of Ba Huang City’s players at Fort Zi Feng. At this rate, the Citadel Guarding Decree will probably go to one of the players of Jiu Li City, and Ba Huang City will have completely lost!”

“And then?”

“And then, [Vanguard] will cover for you guys while [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] immediately leave the city. [Legend] will probably use their main force to chase after you guys, so you need to think of a way of losing them outside of the city. After that, Xiao Yao Zi Zai you will bring people back, and trap [Legend] in Fort Zi Feng. This seems to be the only hope we have.”


I gave a deep breath. Jian Feng Han’s assessment was very accurate. This was truly a last resort situation. If we didn’t do that then we would probably be completely annihilated by Jiu Li City without a single person left. To be killed like that after fighting for 48 hours was really not worth it.

Qing Qian softly said, “Brother, Jian Feng Han is right. We can’t take them on head on….”

I nodded and yelled, “Everyone, immediately get off the city wall, and follow me out of the city! We’ll lure [Legend]’s main force out of here, right now!”


A group of [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract] players all got off of the walls. I brought up the rear as I watched Qing Qian and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands wait for everyone to leave the city. In the distance, Fang Ge Que lead [Legend]’s players around the city, and straight at the Eastern Gate. It was just as Jian Feng Han had said, [Zhan Long] and [Enemies at the Gate] had long become Fang Ge Que’s thorn in his side. If he didn’t kill us all, Fang Ge Que would never be able to rest.

“Chase after them! Kill [Zhan Long]!” Fang Ge Que bellowed.

[Legend] had at least 5000 people. Flocked together they stormed in our direction, it would freeze any heart in terror.

At this moment, movements were heard from the east wall of the Fort. It was a group of [Vanguard] about 100 people led by Jian Feng Han. This guildmaster of [Vanguard] did not put on his past grave expression. Instead, he held his longsword to his chest, and sat at the edge of the city wall, as his lips carried a carefree smile, “To hold back [Legend], what’s the easiest way? Hei hei, of course, a diss war. From now on, I leave everything up to you guys…..”

The elites of [Vanguard] shuddered, and their eyes all fell on the three people at the front of the array. These three were the big shots of [Vanguard]. It seemed like everyone thinks that they are most suitable for this job——

Stepping on top of the city wall, Goodbye Tears stared at Fang Ge Que with blazing eyes as he took a deep breath, and shouted with a voice as loud as the bells, “Fang Ge Que, do you really think of yourself as number one in the China Server? Do you really think that [Legend] can cover the sky with one hand in the China Server? You are wrong. This game wasn’t made for just one player and [Legend] won’t be the winner forever. Did you not strive to protect your name as the first of China? Do you think you are a symbol of the age? Pfft. I will give you eleven words for free, “If you are a flower, bulls won’t even dare to defecate on you!”

 Don’t Be Foolish carried his long spear and chuckled, “Don’t say that. I think Fang Ge Que is not that bad. He is rather handsome. Although your looks are like flying sand and rolling pebbles, a supernaturally fined craft……”

North Pole laughed, “What do you two know? Fang Ge Que was originally a penniless vagrant. He went coalmining and got rich. He earned millions of dollars, and exchanged all his belongings into cash. He then went to a gold shop, and bought a really thick gold necklace. However, when the gold necklace went into the water, it started to float. Hahahaha……”

Goodbye Tears pointed at Fang Ge Que with his fingers and laughed out loud, “To put it bluntly, Fang Ge Que, you’re a very certain type of guy. The type that would, for the rest of their life live like a pig, and be a bastard until the knife drops. Do you think I should get the knife, or should you? To be honest, I really want to just slap you all the way out of this city, so much that I can’t even stop myself. It’s all because Lu Chun Yang, and the others have been rushing me. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. Your vice guildmasters have all been killed by Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Wahahahaha, no matter how many more people you have, it won’t matter, because you have no more commanders!”

 Don’t Be Foolish laughed wildly, “Yeah. Yeah. And he even said arrogant words about slaughtering Ba Huang City. Tsk. Tsk. Don’t bluff. Fang Ge Que, I would suggest that you lower your volume next time, otherwise your words will be at fault if the outer skin on the walls of Fort Zi Feng peeled off..….”

“You guys!”

With the fan in his hand, Fang Ge Que’s face flushed with anger. He was a gentleman, and had never experienced such abuse to his pride in battle. Plus, Goodbye Tears, Don’t Be Foolish and North Pole spoke no vulgar words, but still had the power to anger Fang Ge Que until his insides bled.

The flagbearer of [Legend], Little Scholar, was the first one who couldn’t restrain himself. He pointed at the eastern city wall with his long spear, and shouted out loud, “We……we must go up the east city wall, and cut Goodbye Tears’ bald head off. I am F*cking mad!”

With a stern expression, Goodbye Tears touched the scar on his forehead and said, “I have trained myself to have an invincible golden body ten years ago. You, a dreg with only such low battle strength, want to take my head? In your dreams! Come! I will wait for you. If you, little scholar, have the guts to come up the city walls, do you not believe that I will slash you dead?

Little Scholar did not speak anymore, but held his gun as led a group of people forward.

“They are really here!”

Don’t Be Foolish’s jaws almost dropped on top of the city wall. He then turned around with his spear in hand, and jumped down from top of the city wall, as he shouted out loud, “Brothers, see you in the next life!”

Jian Feng Han’s face twitched and said, “F*ck. Are you guys really that scared of death?”

Goodbye Tears held his long sword, and patted on Jian Feng Han’s shoulder, “Guildmaster, rest assured. With me here, these [Legend] players won’t even get to touch your hair. Ah….. ahh. The wind is too strong. I can’t stand firmly……”

With a “Shua” sound, another man fell down from top of the city wall.

Holding his staff, North Pole flew into the wind, and in a flash and went out of the city wall. His voice resounded from the wind, “Fang Ge Que, fight us outside the city of you dare! Aha! Guildmaster, we really aren’t afraid to die!”

Jian Feng Han’s face became green and turned around with his long sword in hand while shouting out loud, “All men of [Vanguard], jump out off the city wall with me! We have achieved our goal!”

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