Zhan Long

Chapter 405

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Chapter 405 God Tier Dragon

“Keng Keng Keng!”

The battle axes of three level 70 berserkers from [Legend] crashed together on my sword. My Emperor Qin’s Sword quivered, and almost flew out of my hand. My health nearly reached the bottom as I tumbled, and slid very faraway down the sand. Killing intent immediately filled the eyes of a group of [Legend] players as someone yelled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai is nearly dead! Kill him! We can’t let this person live anymore!”

I felt a cold wind from behind, and my shoulders were held by a pair of warm hands as I backed away. Frost said towards me tenderly, “You have worked hard enough. Just let me handle the rest……”

As she was still speaking, Frost leaped forward, and stepped gently in the sand covered by a river of blood. She opened her left hand; her five fingers were snowy white and trembled slightly as streaks of ice encircled, and danced between her fingers. The next moment, she shouted softly, “[Ice Spear]!”

A flurry of snowflakes suddenly formed in the sky. These snowflakes were able to deal damage to the players. On top of that, countless ice spikes sprung from the ground, injuring many more. The damage power wasn’t extremely strong, but it was enough to kill many of [Legend]’s players. Within a moment, at least a hundred players had been killed by Frost’s one attack.

“Uh oh, this NPC bitch is really strong. She even has a big chest!”

[Legend]’s flagbearer, Little Scholar raised his long spear, “Brothers, retreat! This NPC still has the strength to fight again. We can’t break through them from here, or else all of our people will die!”

A group of [Legend] players retreated like a tide. Several of the people that Fang Ge Que lead to kill many more NPC’s had been shot to death by Ba Huang City’s archers. They could only leave disappointingly. Fang Ge Que had underestimated the counterattack strength of Ba Huang City’s NPCs. His one strike to kill strategy had been shattered.



The vice guildmaster of [Enemies at the Gate], Sword Reborn, stood up from the midst of ruins, and looked at the bodies the surrounded him, his heart crushed by all of the losses. He finally said, “To think that we would fight to this point. Even guildmaster Misty Clouds had been killed. [Legend] is just too OP!”

I made a fist, then asked Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, “Tang Xue, can you take count, to see how many of [Zhan Long] are left?”

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands rubbed her small nose and said, “There’s no need to, we still have 37 people, including you, me and Qing Qian…..After this battle, our main force has practically been wiped clean…..”

Qing Qian gripped her dagger and cried, “Brother Xiao Yao, we’re going to lose this City War…..”

I looked at the distant [Legend] guild, and shook my head, “Not necessarily. We can’t give up so easily. Let’s just wait for a little longer, maybe there’ll be other opportunities….”

“But…… but…..”

Qing Qian’s eyes were red and swollen, “In Ba Huang City, many of the guilds have already logged off. They’ve already given up this City War, thinking that there’s no chance for victory….”

I let out a deep sigh, “Either way, everyone from [Zhan Long] must follow me to battle until the very last second!”


Qing Qian and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands nodded together.

[Blood Contract]’s vice guildmaster, Sheltering Guest, walked over, “Guildmaster Xiao Yao, the total force left of all three guilds is around 500 people. Why don’t you command them. The fate of these 500 people, and this battle is now in your hands.”

I nodded, “I understand. For now, tell the players to stand down. We are waiting for the right moment!”

“Got it!”


In the sky, Huo Li raised flames in both of his palms and had just killed several War Hawk Knights. These Warhawks had been trained since they were young, their bodies were sturdy and burly enough to bear the weight of a fully armored knight. On top of that, they flew extremely fast, creating a high aerial attack power. Every Warhawk Knight had been practically made from gold coins, and were extremely expensive to create.

Unfortunately, before Huo Li, a man with the power of a vice-god, these Warhawk Knights were average. Within moments, they had all been cut to pieces, and burnt to dust. For some of the Warhawks, their feathers had been turned to dust, causing them to fall from the sky. Their screams constantly rang out.

“We can’t continue on like this….” Luo Lei gritted his teeth, “If we keep this up, then Ba Huang City might actually be completely wiped out by Huo Li. What should we do?”

Luo Lin gripped his sword, “Father, maybe there’s another way to control Huo Li.”

“What way?” Luo Lei’s eyes lit up.

Luo Lin looked up at the sky and said, “On the deepest floor of Dragon City, I dug up a secret skill book, it even had some ancient martial secrets. In there, it talks about a certain skill that uses the strength of many people. It uses life in exchange for an extremely strong attack, called [One Heart].

Frost was stunned, “But my Lord, [One Heart] has never been used before. Besides…. this uses life as a price!”

Luo Lei softly smiled, then walked over and patted Frost’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, I understand. Girls will worry about their appearances suffering the damages of time, so I will be the one to activate [One Heart]. I will lead the 100 generals of Dragon City together and activate it. Frost, you recover your strength once [One Heart] passes, I and the 100 other generals will become incapacitated for a short time. After that, I will rely on you to protect Ba Huang City….”

Frost grit her teeth, “No, my Lord, I wanted to activate it with you. I also understand that you guys need my strength!”

Luo Lin shook his head, “No, you have to live. Listen to my command, it is the command of Dragon City’s lord!”

Frost still couldn’t bear it. She bit down on her lip, “Yes….your underling listens to your command…”


Luo Lin strode forward and raised his battle sabre and roared out, “Where are the generals of Dragon City?”

Behind him, a group of Dragon City generals all stepped out of their lines. Everyone began to chant, and streams of crimson air began to revolve around their bodies. Gradually, the streams of air began to centralize into some kind of spell. It took everyone’s strength and poured it into Luo Lin’s body, giving his strength an enormous boost. Of course, this was a skill that used people’s lives as the price, something that was a bit terrifying.

After a short ten minutes, the 100 Dragon City generals seemed to have all had their life energy sucked away, and weakly retreated several steps before falling to the ground. The Ba Huang City soldiers rushed to their sides to help them up. Luo Lin on the other hand, was covered in a bright glow that made him look tireless. All of his earlier wounds had completely healed, and the blade in his hand slightly trembled with power. He looked at the fire in the sky, and grinned, “Come on, why don’t we fight a second round!”


The air around his feet began to revolve, propelling Luo Lin into the sky. With a swing of his longsword, he threw a sharp attack at Huo Li. Huo Li had sensed a change in Luo Lin earlier on, and raised his arm to parry the blow. The golden flames materialized into an armor, it was a shield created from his vice-god energy.


A shock wave formed in the middle of the air, and crazy winds began to sweep across the field. With a single attack, Huo Li’s arm had been hacked so much such that the blood, and meat was just a mess. The vice-god strength had been broken!

Huo Li retreated several steps, and then raised his palm sending another [Dragon Palm Strike]!”

Luo Lin waved his sword, and lowered his body to rush forward. He violently kicked with his battle boots, and “Keng!”, Huo Li’s chin had almost been kicked out. Fresh blood started to drip as a savage scene laid out before us. Luo Lin sent out another slash!

“Ka Cha!”

Huo Li’s left arm had been cleanly cut off as blood spurt out. What truly shocked us however was the fact that the open wound was wiggling around. “Shua!” he grew a new arm!



Luo Lin was stunned, then he coldly smiled, “To think that you had such strong life energy. However, Huo Li, your strength has been continuously decreasing, while my strength has been increasing!”

Huo Li laughed in spite of himself, but didn’t say anything. He rapidly collected some vice god energy in his body and immediately created a new layer of the vice-god shield. His entire body had been enveloped in the flame armor. He maniacally laughed, “Come at me, Child of Luo Lei. Let me see exactly how much skill the King of Dragon City really has. Come, let us duel!”

Luo Lin’s expression grew cold. He forcefully stabbed his sword into Huo Li’s abdomen, only to be sent flying away with a kick. Closely after that, he crossed his arms as “Peng Peng Peng”, continuous explosions burst. Huo Li was completely bloodied, unable to counterattack at all.

On this great Earth, almost everyone was watching this god level battle.

“Gu Dong…”

I raised my eyebrows, “ Looks like Luo Lin is about to win…”

Frost however bit her teeth, “ No…”

“Whats wrong?”, I looked at her.

Frost’s full face was full of worry, “ Duke Luo Lin’s strength may be astounding, however that is not his. It is rapidly declining, he will very soon be back to his original power. Huo Li is using his soldiers as meat shields. He’s waiting for Luo Lin’s power to decline. If it comes to this, he will beat Duke Luo Lin… We must help decrease the time in killing Huo Li, or else Duke Luo Lin will be in big trouble!”

Saying this, Frost tensed up and lowered her head to start searching. Suddenly she reached her arm out, and picking up a bow amidst all the rubble. It was General Purple Star’s weapon that he left when he died!


Frost pulled back on the string of the bow, condensing all the power onto the arrow. A frosty arrow flew out.


The arrow landed directly onto Huo Li’s back, however it was uneffective, and cost Frost most of her energy as her face turned white again.

“Don’t push it… “ I said concernedly.

Frost bit her lips, “I’m.. I’m useless. I can’t help him at such an important time. I’m.. so useless….”

I replied, “Don’t worry, maybe the situation isn’t all that bad…”


Right at this moment, a nearby Dragon City soldier glanced at me, retorting, “ Kid, apart from caring about General Frost, what else can you do? Shut your mouth, this is no place for you to be saying such things!”

I looked back at him, the vice general of Dragon City, Jack, who seemed to be a trusted follower of Luo Lin.

“Jack, you shut your mouth!”

Frost’s beautiful eyes carried coldness, “Out of the entire Dragon City, who dares to not do anything. I, Frost will die unburdened!”

Jack’s face turned cold, he had nothing else to say.

In the air, the fighting was intense. Huo Li raised his hand, and caught Luo Lin’s long sword. his hand struck down!


As the sound resonated out, Luo Lin went from flying upwards to hurtling straight down. He heavily struck the blood covered floor. His body spasmed, almost losing all his power. Even the Dragon City Duke, was forced into such a horrible position.

Huo Li guffawed as the skin on his body began to peel off. He roared furiously, “I will slaughter all of you. Definitely!”

His head gradually became hideous. Huo Li’s body expanded rapidly as skin covered with scales broke through his original human skin. Flames burst in the air, and as the flames dispersed an enormous Dragon appeared in the sky. He spewed fire, and flapped his wings.


Frost retreated several steps back with her face wracked in pain as she uttered, “Huo Li, he……he’s actually an Magic Dragon. God! We have been battling a God Tier Dragon……”

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