Zhan Long

Chapter 404

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Chapter 404 Will There be a Miracle?!

“Be careful”

Li Mu stared from afar and said, “There is movement from Fang Ge Que again!”

I looked ahead and it seemed like a bunch of people from [Legend] were facing forward. With the fan in his hand, Fang Ge Que looked at us indifferently without attacking. Once he starts the attack, he’s going to try and destroy us.

“What are they planning to do?” Qing Qian asked.

Matcha widened her eyes, “There is only one reason for this situation… Decapitation…”

“Decapitation?” Old K quivered, “This bloody faggot Fang Ge Que. Whose head is he going for?”

I turned around and looked at Luo Lei then replied, “Of course it is to kill Duke Luo Lei. Once he dies, it will be a conclusive defeat for Ba Huang City, and there will be no one to turn the tables anymore.”

Misty Clouds clenched his fists and said, “To hell with him. Who is he to kill our Ba Huang City’s Duke. Has he even asked us??”

Han Bei Song replied, “So, how do we deal with this issue specifically?”

I pondered for a moment and said, “We should stay close to the NPC’s array, protecting them is our top priority. Huo Li is too OP as there is no one who can contend against him, and Fang Ge Que understands this. Since Da Lin, Frost and Su Ke are heavily injured, it is up to us to withstand [Legend]!”


Huo Li stood proudly in the sky, and as he opened up his palms flames once again engulfed a group of cavalrymen which emitted a pungent smell of charred bodies. However, we were already immune to this scene, as this was a war.

As the war was reaching its final hours, very few players and NPCs from both Ba Huang and Jiu Li were left. The initial battle on the plains consisted hundreds of thousands of people however thousands. Even Dragon City could only deploy a few hundred troops to hold the fort, but, no one gave up yet. This Fort Zi Feng stood in the middle of the 2 cities, and had a very strategic location. This was far too important to lose.


Luo Lin shuddered as he stood up. He wielded a new sword as he shouted, “Dragon City! Charge forward, and destroy everyone from Jiu Li City!”

On the ground, 1000 Unsullied Cavalrymen had already prepared for action. One after another, they rode their robust Snow Wolves. Each of the Snow Wolves had rippling muscles and crimson teeth. Ferociously, they roared at the Jiu Li City Soldiers as if they thirsted for their flesh and blood. Finally, Luo Lin has decided to use his last card.

Frost supported herself against a white battle horse and softly said, “My Lord, do you really want to use the Unsullied? They….. they are our last soldiers…”

Luo Lin nodded, “Yes, I understand that, but for the sake of Ba Huang City, and for my father I must do this. Frost, do not say anymore. I know what I am doing!”

Frost nodded, “I understand….”


A thousand Unsullied cavalrymen raised their sharp blades, and rushed forward as they swept across the fields right at the ruins of Heaven’s Army. Lin Qiong already had an arm cut off by Angela. He was so injured that he couldn’t continue to battle anymore. In that state, he led several of his personal soldiers, and ran back towards Jiu Li City. It looks like Heaven’s Army will soon be annihilated. Except as long as Lin Qiong doesn’t die with the 80% of the dead NPCs being revived, Heaven’s Army will still be Jiu Li City’s main pillar.

The remaining seven armies of Ba Huang City also sent out their remaining forces to battle, and help the Dragon City Army to attack. Around 15,000 men were attacking the 20,000 enemies and the outcome of this battle was still unclear.

Luo Lin and Frost looked up at Huo Li, as he returned their stares nobody made a careless move.

“Pa da,….. Pa da…..”

Drops of golden blood dripped onto the desert sand, and Huo Li’s body seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Frost rubbed her lips, “Huo Li has already lost a lot of blood, so he has probably lost a lot of strength as well. If we keep on wasting him away, maybe we will be able to cut off his head. If we can kill Huo Li, then the Jiu Li City Army won’t be that fearsome anymore.”

Luo Lin nodded, “Exactly, I was also waiting for this opportunity!”


Right at that moment, the sounds of players fighting traveled to us. My gaze froze, and I raised my sword, “[Legend]’s people have finally arrived. Motherf*cker, can Fang Ge Que not resist anymore?!”

Li Mu raised his longsword, “Brothers, get ready for battle!”

[Legend]’s 10,000 men came, filled with energy and pride. Fang Ge Que was personally leading them. He lightly waved his fan, “No matter if it’s a player or a NPC, kill whoever tries to block our path!”

An army of a hundred of Ba Huang City’s royal army charged forward, only to be killed by [Legend]’s bombardment of arrows, bullets, and spells within half a minute!


Misty Clouds’ pupils dilated in fear, “There are only 100 knights to protect him, and he just uses his long range players to open up the path. Fang Ge Que truly has guts. Does he want to use guerilla warfare to devour us, and all of the high tier Ba Huang City NPCs?”

“It’s exactly like that….” Han Bei Song’s arms slightly trembled, “Fang Ge Que’s been saving these 10,000 elites just for this moment. Now, his time has finally come….”

I didn’t say anything, and just picked up my Emperor Qin’s Sword. As I rushed forward, I roared out, “Protect the front line! Once they get within 50 yards of it, we’ll charge forward. The more we kill, the more we benefit!”


15,000 men from all three of the big guilds stood still, watching and waiting for Fang Ge Que’s men to kill their way to us.

“70 yards!”

“60 yards!”

“50 yards! Charge!”

The line raised their longswords, and charged forward. Old K, Li Mu, Misty Clouds, and Matcha all followed behind me, while we kept receiving long range heals. This was our last counterattack.


“Pa pa pa…..”

Arrows and spells all fell upon me, and I furrowed my brows. I waited for healers to heal me while I gave myself my own heals. When we were only 30 yards away, I pulled out God’s Army Cards, and cast [Soul Army] and [Seven Star Teleportation] at practically the same time. I entered into the Seven Stars, and suddenly appeared within the [Legend] formation!


My Emperor Qin’s Sword exploded with skills as I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash], and with a turn of my body I used my Cold Iron Sword to cut down an archer’s neck. I rotated my two blades, and my entire body was like a windmill as I cut through the crowds. As I was attracting a large amount of firepower to my position I was also draining a lot of the health from the enemy!

Behind me, Li Mu charged at Lu Chun Yang. The two didn’t say a word as they attacked each other with their unique skills. After a round of attacks, they were both left with critical health. After the barrage of skills, Li Mu’s health almost hit rock bottom. He raised his blade, and “Pu!” Stabbed it through Lu Chun Yang’s shoulder!


Silent, Lu Chun Yang threw a [Skyshaker Slash] cutting down General Li Mu’s remaining health, but before he could even take pride in his kill, a fiery fox claw slashed his body which was closely followed by Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands’ [Indigo Sea Arrow]. Lu Chun Yang roared out in frustration, and knelt on the ground. Like that, [Legend]’s vice-guildmaster and Li Mu dueled to the death.


A [Spiral Ice Dance] began to rise, binding Old K in place at the front. In a fit of fury, that crazy bastard leapt up, and threw a [Savage Jump Slash] right at Fang Ge Que!



Fang Ge Que jumped backwards, dodging Old K’s attack. In the end, the [Savage Jump Slash] killed an archer, and Old K was still trapped by the [Spiral Ice Dance]. His chest peppered with arrows. He started to enter critical health, and activated [Oppose the Heavens]. Unfortunately, that only lasted 7 seconds, and by the end of it Fang Ge Que had sent a [Blazewind Lock], taking away the life of our number one berserker.

In the midst of all the Wolf’s charge was also halted as he was instantly killed by a salvo of gunfire!



Misty Clouds was enraged, “How did they die so quickly……”

Not too far in the distance, Xuan Yuan Feng sent a wave of attacks, forcing Misty Clouds to immediately retreat several steps backwards. As he faced this top tier player, he sent me a message, “Xiao Yao, give me some support so that I can kill Xuan Yuan Feng!”


Facing Xuan Yuan Feng’s long spear, Misty Cloud roared out as Azure Dragon energy encircled his left arm. “Peng!” The spear was forced backwards because of the [Divine Shield of the Tortoise], and he also threw a [Phoenix Slash] onto Xuan Yuan Feng’s shoulder. After that, he sent a [Combo Slash], and continuously advanced forward and attacked. Despite all of his efforts, he still wasn’t able to instantly kill the enemy. There were just too many people healing Xuan Yuan Feng!


The Emperor Qin’s sword suddenly had a glowing hexagram on its tip, as I stepped into the Seven Star positions, and was teleported to right behind Xuan Yuan Feng. At the same time my combo exploded, I let my two swords dance, sending out 5 slashes within a moment!


XuanYuan Feng yelped in pain, and like that was killed by Misty Clouds and I. Then, at that moment, my feet grew cold and [Fire and Ice Storm] activated. It was Fang Ge Que’s custom skill!

“Kill him!”

Misty Clouds picked up his long sword ,and rushed at Fang Ge Que. However Fang Ge Que only loftily glanced in his direction, and used magic to increase the distance. In the end, Misty Cloud’s health had been wasted away, and he weakly knelt to the ground, his eyes filled with frustration, “Kill…. kill him…. How can I lose like this…”


The guildmaster of [Enemies at the Gate] died like that which was a great loss to our forces. Han Bei Song carried his iron sword, and rushed into the crowds, only to also fall weakly to his knees. Without Han Bei Song’s protection, Who’s Blue and Not Yet Red were killed by [Legend]’s swordsmen. In the blink of an eye, our entire plan had crumbled.

“Brother Xiao Yao….!!”

Qing Qian’s voice carried a slight tremor, “We almost have no one left. We can’t go on like this, we can’t….”

I tightened my grip, and charged into the crowd recklessly hacking away, unable to help in any other way.

General Lian Po said in the guild chat, “Guildmaster, why don’t we retreat? If we keep on fighting like this, we’ll have no one left. We’ve already killed a lot of [Legend]’s players. We’ve already achieved the effect of an ambush….”

“Alright then, retreat!”

I waved my sword, about to charge back into the fray, but when I saw that the ground was covered in corpses I stopped. The fact that Wolf, Li Mu and Old K were among the fallen, made me realize that even though I had wanted to take them with me to dominate the world, and win a hundred battles, they had already fallen under the blades of the enemy. I have a lot more work to do to realize that dream.



Behind me, sparks flew. Matcha was being forced backwards by a swordsman. She resolutely held her shield there, and looked at me with her beautiful big eyes. Lovingly, she glanced at the [Zhan Long] badge on her shoulder then looked over at Fang Ge Que, “I’ll cover for Boss, [Zhan Long] will never lose to you!”

Fang Ge Que’s gaze turned cold, “Kill!”

Swallowed up in flames and ice, Matcha’s dainty little body weakly fell to the ground.


My heart broke as I watched her death. Against a goliath like [Legend], was there really such a thing as miracles?

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