Zhan Long

Chapter 402

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Chapter 402 Frost’s Feeling Petty

Duke Luo Lei stared into the sky with tears in his eyes, then he stood up proudly when he saw Luo Lin, “My child, you…. finally you are willing to call me father….”

Luo Lin smiled, “Yes father, I brought 3000 troops from Dragon City, hopefully this will be of some use to you. This is my trump card!”


I stood dumbfounded on the blackened land, my Emperor Qin’s Sword & Cold Iron Sword trembled in my hands. In front of me, Frost’s beautiful body appeared, with a trace of loneliness, she turned around and looked at me. She smiled, “Didn’t I tell you before? As long as I’m alive, I’ll never let them lay a finger on you.”

I was speechless.

Li Mu’s body quivered, “Guildmaster, who is this super beauty…”

I softly replied, “My master, Frost…”

“This…body and face is outta this world, what’s her number?”

“F*** off!”

With Luo Lin’s and Frost’s arrival, Duke Luo Lei’s expression was filled with relief and gratitude. Drawing out his sword, he glanced back at Ba Huang City’s ground troops, “Soldiers who have shed blood in this war, the empire will forever remember your name. Even if our opponents are gods, we will still use our swords, cast with iron, to bring them to hell. Kill and bring glory to the name of Ba Huang!”

The galloping of war horses and sounds of slaughter could be heard all around.

Over at Jiu Li City, smoke signals filled the air, a densely packed group of calvaries, clad in golden armor, emerged from the smoke and dust clouds in the horizon; only those who belonged to the royal army could don the gold armor. The king of Jiu Li City had finally arrived. He appeared to be an old person, however his eyes carried a certain radiance. Looking at Ba Huang City’s position, he raised his sword up high and shouted, “Brave warriors of Jiu Li City, this battle is for honour and glory, tear their defenses to shreds and bring me Luo Lei’s head. Whoever slaughters Luo Lei will be conferred the title of Marquis. You will claim ownership to vast fertile lands, and the company of numerous beautiful women. You have my word!”

In the air, Huo Li licked his lips and laughed, “Although I have no interest in being a Marquis, a thousand beauties still sounds interesting. Your honor, I will bring you Luo Lei’s head!”

The King nodded, “Be careful!”

Huo Li slowly soared up and faced Luo Lin from a distance, he sneered and said, “ Luo Lin? HAHA, so Ba Huang City’s reinforcement is you. I wonder if the cold of Dragon City has weakened you, let me try it out!”

As he spoke, Huo Li shook his hands as raging flames encircled them. All of his attacks were fire-based, moreover, they were considered unsurpassed in terms of fire elemental offensive techniques.

Knowing how strong his opponent was, Luo Lin raised his sword with both hands and tread the sky with his feet. A powerful wind energy then emerged from his body, causing his battle robes to flutter. Looking at Huo Li from afar, Luo Lei smirked and said, “Come, you who is known as God Huo Li. In the past, you were a War God who fell in deep slumber inside an ice cold glacier only to be dug up by the Jiu Li City’s king. Then, when you were thawed, you became their number one soldier. I really wish to fight you, to see how strong the power of a God truly is!”

On the ground, Frost looked up, revealing a beautiful neckline. Her sword, Severing Beauty, trembled, “My Lord, you have to be careful. I can feel that Huo Li’s strength with fire had already surpassed the Sword Saint realm, if not he wouldn’t have been able to single handedly defeat the experts of Ba Huang City…”

Luo Lin nodded, “I understand, Frost. Make sure to protect my father!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Behind me, Angela was enveloped with the battle robe that I had presented to her. She stood up as the winds howled and swirled. Her cloak wrapped around her exquisite body, revealing her slender waist, a pair of flawless legs, and above her belly two voluptuous peaks. The cloth also revealed two tips that would cause any heart to skip a beat. Angela looked up at Luo Lin above, and through gritted teeth said, “Brother can’t compete with Huo Li. Why is he sent to face this battle? It’s too dangerous…”

Frost looked at Angela and smiled, “In this world, there is no one that can remain undefeated, Angela, with your meekness and personality, how would you lead the Blizzard Wind Army? If you weren’t Duke Luo Lei’s daughter, did you think your submissive personality is worthy of a Blizzard Wind commander?”
TL Note: Just in case, Blizzard Wind Army = Han Feng Army

Angela’s body shook, “I….I….”

I said, “Frost, isn’t that being too harsh…”

Pressing her lips together, Frost nodded a little and said, “Yes I know these words aren’t very pleasant, but I just want to say that since you are already in this battle, you are considered a soldier, and you can’t show any hint of weakness. This is a world ruled by sword and blood, and tears are not worth anything. All those things that I’ve said are because I hope that it’ll allow you to survive longer and become stronger!”

With a nod, Angela clenched her hand and said, “I will!”

Frost smiled, “Since you understand what I’m telling you, pass the battle robe to my student as it doesn’t belong with you…”

I grinned, “ Frost, that’s enough…”

Frost turned around and smiled, but said nothing else.

Angela’s eyes were filled with determination. She removed the armor with a “crash”, allowing an attractive body to be paraded in front of us all. Besides a metal armor that barely covered the secret spot between her legs, she was totally naked.

“Here!” Angela looked at me eagerly.

“Pu Pu Pu…”

Behind me, Misty Cloud, Han Bei Song, Li Mu, Song Han, and the rest were all bleeding from their noses. I quickly grabbed a cape, and wrapped it around Angela’s body, “Please give me a break Princess, please wear this armor. I don’t need it, just treat it as a tribute that I offer to you as a warrior of Ba Huang City. Don’t listen to Frost, she.. she’s just making things difficult for you…”

Frost turned around and stared at me, her eyes filled with provocation, “Hmmm, was I? Was I making thing difficult for her?”

I hurried forward and stopped beside Frost, nudging her with my shoulder, “Ju.. Just stop it, will you? Treat it as a favour to me.. thank you..”

Frost secretly grinned as she lowered her head. She then looked intently back up and observed the battle in the sky.

Behind me, Qing Qian pouted her lips, “Hmm, why do I feel that.. Xiao Yao brother has a romantic relationship with these two NPCs……”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands lifted her staff, “This fellow is truly a lady-killer,.Damn, worthy of being my leader….”

Li Mu was speechless.

As flames surged through the sky, Huo Li stood within the blaze. He waved his hand, and sent out a fiery palm. Luo Lin did not dodge but strode forward in the air as streaks of frost formed a shield before his body. Unexpectedly, Huo Li’s fiery palm did not strike through the shield, and the multitude of Ba Huang City felt relieved after seeing Luo Lin’s first move.


Huo Li was slightly surprised and laughed, “You actually broke through the Sword Saint tier! Hahaha. Interesting! This tiny Fort Zi Feng actually has someone so powerful. How surprising.”

Luo Lin encircled the sword in Luo Lin’s hand as he gave a smile, “You will die here today, Huo Li!”

“Really? I am waiting!”

“Take this!”

Luo Lin suddenly moved and darted forward at a lightning speed. He slashed his sword ferociously and ice and fire clashed, making a “Peng” sound. Huo Li guffawed as he blocked Luo Lin’s strike, and lifted his leg in an enraged kick!


The frost shield on Luo Lin’s chest crumbled after the kick, and he hastily retreated. As he was retreating, he opened his left hand abruptly and yelled, “[Astral Strike]!”

Condensing the powers of the starlit sky in the center of his palm, Luo Lin sent a out a strike, and angrily slashed Huo Li’s shoulder by using his hand as knife. A “Peng” sound was heard and Huo Li was wounded. His complexion changed slightly, and a drop of blood oozed out of his mouth. Taking the opportunity, Luo Lin spun, and slashed down heavily with his long sword while roaring furiously, “Now, can you die?”


Yet, Huo Li’s response was a sinister laugh. He raised his arm, and ancient runes appeared above his arm like lava breaking out of the shell. The ancient runes instantly condensed into a golden shield of runes. When Luo Lin’s long sword crashed on the shield, a “Keng” sound burst forth, and his long sword was knocked away!

“How’s this possible?!”

While Huo li was still guffawing, Frost leaned close to him, and hit his chest with her kneecap heavily, causing a “Peng” sound. As blood splattered, Huo Li crossed his arms, and struck forward. After a “Keng” sound rang out, Luo Lin’s long sword was actually broken in half!

“Ah Ah……”

Luo Lin humphed in pain as a burning hot flow of air spouted from the broken sword. Gnashing his teeth, he abruptly grabbed Huo Li’s arm, and sent the broken sword into his neck while enduring the burning pain!

“Pu Chi!”

Blood as hot as lava splashed out as Luo Lin fell from the sky like a kite with broken strings. More than half of his strength was lost, while a long sword was pierced into Huo Li’s neck. Blood flowed out, and howls of pain were heard continuously.

For several minutes, Huo Li endured the tremendous pain. He looked towards the ground, and gave a roar in anger, “I will kill you. I will destroy Dragon City!”


Frost unsheathed her Severing Beauty. She stomped on the ground fiercely with her battle boots, and rushed out as a “Pa” sound was heard!

“Frost, be careful!” Luo Lin clutched his chest, and shouted out.

Huo Li also darted down. He peered towards Frost’s body figure, and licked his lips, “What a beautiful person. I feel so sad knowing that you are about to become a pile of dust!”

Frost positioned Severing Beauty in her hand and yelled, “Go feel sad in hell! [Cosmic Blade]!”


The energy shock wave surged through the sky, and [Cosmic Blade] was actually shattered by Huo Li. Frost’s and his strength couldn’t even be measured by numbers.


Huo Li’s heavy fist smashed down, and fell on Frost’s shoulder, making a “Hong” sound. Frost’s Ice Armor was crushed, and she spat out blood. As she fell towards the ground, she looked towards the sky with her beautiful eyes, and opened her hand, [Razor Rotation]!


The extremely fierce strike of Severing Beauty slashed right through Huo Li’s right arm, leaving a horrifying bloody hole!

Huo Li roared in anger, and sent out another heavy qi punch!


Frost dropped heavily on the ground. Dust covered her snow colored battle robe as she knelt there. She then lifted her face as defiance filled her beautiful eyes. Her arms shuddered as frost began to encircle her!

I could tell that it was [Decimating Ice Dragon], Frost’s ultimate skill!


Drawing my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword, I yelled, “Brothers, help her. We need to gain some time for her!”

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