Zhan Long

Chapter 400

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Chapter 400 The Thorn in His Eye

After cutting down several hundred of the Jiu Li City players, there were still 1500 people trying to break the main formation. Only when I was practically surrounded by Jiu Li City players did I notice that there weren’t many Ba Huang City players left. Most of them had already left. Of the top ten players in Ba Huang City, only [Vanguard] still had some strength left. Jian Feng Han took Don’t Be Foolish, Goodbye Tears, and North Pole to the city wall, and continued to defend themselves from a corner.


In the distance, the sounds of battle rose from everywhere. The players from Jiu Li City were starting to help the Heaven’s Army and Huo Li Army to fight the remaining big armies of Ba Huang City. [Legend] quickly became the main character of this battle, forcing back the armies of Ba Huang City. This was where Fang Ge Que was so ingenious. From the very beginning of the City Battle, Fang Ge Que had been hiding his true strength, and biding his time as he let [Judgement] and [House of Prestige] charge in his stead while he preserved most of his strength. Currently, the two city’s guilds had all been withered away, while the 10,000 [Legend] players were completely unrivaled.

“Look over there!”

In the distance, one of the [Legend] flagbearers pointed his longspear at us and laughed, “[Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] those guilds are actually still alive. Even Xiao Yao Zi Zai is still alive. Motherf*cker, let’s go and kill them! Let’s tear Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Yue Qing Qian, General Li Mu, and Misty Clouds to shreds!”

Li Mu furrowed his brow and raised his sword, “F*ck, this is just too crazy. To think that they take us to be fish on a chopping board. That’s just unacceptable!”

Misty Clouds crossed his arms in front of his chest, his Bleeding Star Sword floating next to his shoulder. He murmured, “Honestly, we only have 1500 people. [Legend]’s army can completely annihilate us. Now is different from earlier, we can’t fight head on like we have been.”

Han Bei Song rubbed his nose, “Why didn’t that f*cker call out my name when he was calling out names. Is the existence of [Blood Contract]’s Guild Master so insignificant? No respect…”

Who’s Blue choked as she laughed, “So you want to be humiliated by other people that much?”

Old K snickered, “Why don’t I fulfill that dream, Little Song Song….”

As he said that, Old K leaned his battle axe in the desert sand, then cupped his hands in front of his mouth and yelled out, “Hey, that “Little Scholar” flagbearer from [Legend], the [Blood Contract] Guild Master Han Bei Song says that your woman has a really nice moan in bed!”

After hearing that, the little scholar was thoroughly infuriated. He raised his iron spear and roared out, “You sh*t Han Bei Song! Just you wait, I’ll definitely give your [Blood Contract] a blood bath! I’ll make Who’s Blue, and Not Yet Red into my mistresses. Who’s Blue will serve me during the day, and Not Yet Red will serve me at night. Just you wait…”

Han Bei Song raised his sword, “F*cking sh*thead, if you have the guts, then fight me!”

Who’s Blue flushed, “Why do I get the feeling that I was slandered. When you guys are cursing each other during battle, can you guys not bring me up… I might as well not say anything…”

In the distance, the little scholar swung his spear, and took 1000 of [Legend]’s men to charge at us.


I shivered, “You actually provoked them. Old K, you sh*thead!”

“Whatever, I’ll just cut them down!”

I was speechless. Finally I said, “That little scholar can get 5000 more soldiers at any point in time. We only have this many people right now. Even if we were to fight them in a fair battle, we’re probably still a little weaker than them. What are you gonna use to parry them? Your dick??”

Qing Qian’s face turned red, “Brother Xiao Yao! Don’t say such bad words….”

I rubbed my chin, “Alright then, what should we use to defend against that little scholar’s army, ding dong’s?

Qing Qian scrunched up her face, “Enough already….”

Matcha giggled, “Boss, we’re only 200 yards away from Ba Huang City’s number one army – Desolate Dragon Army’s, formation. Why don’t we retreat to there. That way, even the little scholar will be somewhat wary. Plus, we can take this last opportunity to kill some more NPCs while everyone gains a few more City Battle points. Even if we lose, then we won’t lose too much. Besides, we can also wait for the right opportunity to attack [Legend]. What do you think?”

I pondered for a second, then nodded and said, “Brothers, let us go! We’ll retreat into the Desolate Dragon formation, and help them kill the Heaven’s Army tribe!”


1500 people majestically advanced. Just like that, they formed a formation next to Desolate Dragon’s formation. Old K, Li Mu, Han Bei Song, and Misty Cloud all stood at the edge of the formation. Qing Qian and Wolf stood at the formation’s flank and took control, killing the Lv 80 Phantom Tier NPC’s. The experience and drops gained from them was still extremely abundant.


As predicted, after [Zhan Long], [Enemies At the Gate] and [Blood Contract] changed their formation, the little scholar immediately raised his long spear, and yelled to his brothers, “Alright, stop your advance. They went under the protection of the NPCs. There’s no need to go against those high tier NPC’s like Luo Han, Purple Star, and Angela. Unless it is absolutely necessary, there’s no need to battle them!”

“Yes! Boss is brilliant!”

The group of people arrogantly left and [Zhan Long] managed to dodge this danger.

After putting away my Cold Iron Sword, I noticed that it still had 57% durability. I needed to save it up, so I used my Emperor Qin’s Sword to cut down the NPC’s. The Emperor Qin’s Sword wouldn’t wear down, an advantage that was extremely useful in a long battle like this. Li Mu and Wang Jian always prepared a backup sword before each big fight. Even if the attack wasn’t as good, it was still better than having no weapon. On the other hand, I didn’t have that kind of worry.

In the distance, [Legend]’s formation, Lu Chun Yang and Xuan Yuan Feng lead their armies to alternate between attacking and defending, thus lessening the losses that they suffered. Fang Ge Que, on the other hand, waved his paper fan, fanning a blaze of fire into a group of people in the back. He looked at us, the light in his eyes shining across the kilometer long battlefield. I could feel the sharpness of his killing intent. Fang Ge Que wanted to kill me, and it wasn’t any ordinary desire!

Li Mu seemed to have sensed it too, and swung his sword, “Guild Master, you really are a thorn in Fang Ge Que’s eyes. [Legend] lost so many people; I’m afraid that most of them were killed by [Zhan Long]. Fang Ge Que’s desire to annihilate us is probably extremely large, or else he wouldn’t have let that little scholar try and kill us.”

I swung my sword and said, “Yea. The more he hates us, the better. This way, we might have the chance to use that hate.”

“Yea, keep fighting. There’s no other choice!”



With the blink of an eye, darkness fell. We had persevered on the frontlines for 11 hours. It was already 11 o’clock at night. The city points rankings had changed quite a bit. Many of the experts that had been killed in battle had naturally fallen——

Fang Ge Que [Points 3941770] Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Points 3932790] Jian Feng Han [Points 3112830] Mu Xuan [Points 2991770] Ye Lai [Points 2542710] General Li Mu [Points 2273980] Yue Qing Qian [Points 2217440] Hero Ran Min [Points 2138900] Bai Li Ruo Feng [Points 1892650] Simple [Points 1823710]


Ye Lai, Bai Li Ruo Feng, and Simple fell in the rankings because they had died. Jian Feng Han’s points had been slowly rising as he struggled on the battlefield. On the other hand, [Zhan Long]’s Li Mu, Qing Qian, and Old K all made it into the top ten. We had killed way too many players on the battlefield. It was only natural that these members of [Zhan Long]’s main force would enter the top ten. After Qing Qian’s continuously killed several top level experts, her points overtook Old K’s. On top of that, she was able to get 10% of all of their points, resulting in the exponential increase in her points.

Matcha was also looking at the rankings. She fluttered her eyes, then smiled, “There’s only a thin line of difference between Boss and Fang Ge Que. If you manage to kill Fang Ge Que, you’ll become the MVP of this battle. Vice Versa, if Fang Ge Que were to kill you, then he would have stabilized his position as number one. I think, this is biggest reason why Fang Ge Que wants to kill Boss so much, right?”

I smiled, “Yea, I know this. However, killing Fang Ge Que is easier said than done. Besides, I’m completely handicapped, I’d practically be crushed. What else would I use to kill Fang Ge Que?”

Qing Qian asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, it’s already 11 at night. Everyone’s extremely tired by now. What should we do? Should we all log off, and rest for a bit, then log on again?”

I looked towards everyone, “What do you guys think? Can we log off right now?”

Wolf shook his head, “There’s no need, it’s the last stretch!”

Wang Jian nodded, “Yep. Brother Xiao Yao, you have to be careful. We can persevere. It’s the last 12 hours, every minute is precious. I’m planning on at least exchanging my points for three levels. Ha ha….”

“Yea! Then let’s continue!”


Behind me, rows of siege machines had been moved over. They came from Ba Huang City’s catapults. There were around 20 machines, all of them making “Ji Ji Ya Ya” sounds as they catapulted boulders into the Heaven’s Army and Huo Li Army. The screams of pain didn’t stop.

Ba Huang City’s Duke Luo Lei had a cold expression as he raised his sword, and yelled out, “Keep up the pressure. In the end, victory will be our Ba Huang City’s!”

Unfortunately, before he even finished talking, a person covered in lightning rose from the ground. It was the youngest Sword Saint, Lin Qiong. The Thunder Wind blade in his hand began to dance. “Shua Shua” several blades of wind fell upon the people from Ba Huang City. The catapults were crushed to pieces. Lin Qiong let out a maniacal laugh. A man who could rise and fall like a kingfisher on water dashed across the sky. Another vice-commander general’s head appeared in his hand, it’s blood dripped splattering everywhere. Lin Qiong’s face was filled with arrogance as he laughed. “Luo Lei, you old b*tch. You still don’t understand the situation? Ba Huang City’s done for. This Fort Zi Feng is Jiu Li City’s! If you’re good, then take your people back to Ba Huang City! Go back to being the king of the eastern side, you old bastard. This isn’t your time anymore!”


In the middle of Ba Huang City, a ferocious general carried his battle axe and lept up. It was the Fierce Tiger Army Commander, Lachlan. The battle axe was surrounded by the constellation of a tiger as it attacked in a flash!


Sparks flew and Lin Qiong was forced backwards several steps. However, a smile appeared on his lips, “Lachlan, your legend has already disappeared…..”


Lachlan’s eyes grew cold. He fiercely turned his head. Behind him, a red shadow gradually began to form. It was a teleportation skill. Raging flames suddenly began to burst as the young general opened his palm and flames burst from his palm!


A palm struck through Lachlan’s armor, melting the copper chest plate. It burnt his chest so much that the skin turned black. If he hadn’t protected himself with the energy from the star, then he probably would’ve been killed.

“You….. Huo Li!” Lachlan’s voice carried fear.

Behind him, Lin Qiong raised his sword with both hands and laughed, “Why don’t you just spend your time waiting in hell!”

As soon as the blade fell, it cut into Lachlan’s shoulder guard, sending him straight back down to earth!



The commander of the Fierce Tiger Army, was actually defeated within one move.

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