Zhan Long

Chapter 398

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Chapter 398 Together, Alive or Dead

As I came back to reality, I gripped my blade, and cast [Wind Blade] with my Emperor Qin’s Sword. I executed a normal attack with Cold Iron Sword, and I had used my quickest speed to throw the two attacks into Ye Lai’s chest!



Barely escaping with his life, Ye Lai hastily retreated, then through gritted teeth he called out, “Heal me!”

I raised my Cold Iron Sword towards him, then activated [Defeat the Dragon], materializing a dragon chain around Ye Lai. “Shua!” I dragged Ye Lai over a dozen meters , right to my side. His eyes froze in horror, “Oh no!”

Behind him, Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox], Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot] interwove with each other as they flew right at Ye Lai. I also activated a [Combo], sending Ye Lai to his death!

But, at that moment, Ye Lai slightly lowered his body, and swung out his battle axe. Even in his final moments, he threw out a [Battle Axe Throw]!




Dancing Forest’s delicate body trembled, then weakly fell to the ground. At the same time, Ye Lai also knelt to the ground from my [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Raising his eyebrows, he looked at me and smiled, “Well isn’t this interesting, 10% of my City War points are yours now….”

Annoyed, I said, “At the price of one of my sisters….”

“You can’t be too greedy….”

As Ye Lai finished his last sentence, he fell over. The Guild Master of [Judgement] had finally left this City War. Of course, he took with him our little miss Dancing Forest.


Once Ye Lai died, the 300 players from [Judgement] immediately entered into the state of a headless dragon. The Vice Guild Master, Babel Buddha took over the command, but was killed by Han Bei Song and Misty Cloud. Under the alliance of [Zhan Long], [Blood Contract] and [Enemies at the Gate], we turned [Judgement] into a group of dumplings*, and cleaned them all up within a few minutes!
*TLC Note: refers to turning them into exp

Looking at the bodies on the ground, I gripped my bloody Emperor Qin’s Sword, and lead a group of people to charge. Before we even finished, [Judgement] had already completely left the stage. Even though their performance was quite remarkable during this battle, the final victory belongs to the last person standing.

Looking ahead, I saw the players from [Appearance Alliance]; there were around 1500 people. Mu Xuan stood at the center of the formation with her staff raised. She was continuously commanding players to attack [Prague]’s defense line. Yan Zhao Warrior was roaming the battlefield, looking for chances to kill Mu Xuan. Unfortunately, Mu Xuan was a beautiful and intelligent woman. Killing her was easier said than done.

“Guild Master, should we attack [Appearance Alliance]?!” Li Mu asked.

I looked at the [Legend] army that was even further away; they had around 15,000 players. Thus, I grit my teeth and said, “No, let’s go around them. Take [Enemies At the Gate] and [Blood Contract] to flank [Legend]’s formation. Do whatever you can to deal as much damage as possible to them!”

“Why? Isn’t it easier to break through [Appearance Alliance]’s formation?” Wang Jian asked.

I made a fist, “[Appearance Alliance] only has 1500 people left. [Prague] can deal with them. We’ll go attack [Legend]. I… I don’t want to kill the few friends I have in Jiu Li City with my own hands over and over again. I’d rather lead you all to fight to the death against [Legend], than stand by like a gambler and place bets….”
Li Mu nodded, “Yup, I support that! Let’s attack [Legend]!”

On the side, Misty Cloud pulled out his sword and dashed forward. He brought 3000+ soldiers from [Enemies at the Gate] along with him, saying, “Xiao Yao, there’s not many of our [Enemies at the Gate] members left now. Looking at where you’re heading, are you planning on fighting [Legend]?”

I didn’t deny his allegation, instead loudly commanded, “ Misty Cloud, [Blood Contract] still has 1000 men. The total amount of our 3 guilds is about 5000 people, let’s launch a last coordinated strike against [Legend]. This is our last chance, or else even if we kill a great amount, [Legend] will surmount us, and our Ba Huang City will lose!”

Misty Clouds smirked, as the [Arm of the Azure Dragon] appeared in his hands, exclaiming, “ Okay, [Zhan Long] is [Enemies at the Gate]’s brother guild, if you guys are facing death, isn’t it normal for us to join you too? I called Han Bei Song, such a fun thing that we are doing, how can we not have him. Count him in too!”

From afar Han Bei Song came to us, his face pale, “I just knew it, when there is good stuff I have to come , facing death… walking, we will charge together. Whoever is afraid of death is a dog, Ha Ha!”


Side by side the three guilds rushed together, and a cloud of dust drifted across the plain, as 3 pairs of scissors charged towards [Legend]’s left- flank. [Legend] was still currently in the battle against [Vanguard], [Wrath of the Heroes], and [Flying Dragon]. They were almost destroyed at this point with Jian Feng Han, and Soaring Dragon barely being able to hold on. If we hadn’t come, they would have been swallowed whole.

Misty Clouds gazed at the corpse- filled battlefield, and it couldn’t help but ignite fire in his eyes. “ Motherfu*ker, [Legend] is terrifying, with 20,000 people they took on Ba Huang City’s 100,000 men, just how strong is this guild really…”

“ Who gives a Sh*t,!Destroy them!”


The first thing I did when I arrived at the flank of [Legend], was to send out Flaming Tiger God while I cast a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], and also spun a God Army card sending out a [Soul Army]. As a group of [Legend] players saw us, they each put down their shields. In the midst a flagbearer exclaimed, “ Form defensive positions… Fu*k, it’s [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract]’s players. They seem to have survived. Everyone be careful, these players are Ba Huang City’s strongest players!”

A group of [Legends]’s Swordsman each raised up their longswords, and each one cast a [Sky Shaker Slash]+[Combo].

Without the slightest hesitation I leaned slightly back, and with a [Blade Rush], instantly took out their defensive formation. I cast a [Wind Blade] killing an Archer while chaining a bunch of skills. Attacking a group of 4 Swordsman, they were constantly forced to step back. My battle boots stepped across the sand sideways, dodging a long-range attack. I abruptly pulled out my Cold Iron Sword, and charged at three Swordsmen. My blade was like lightning and “ka ka ka” I sent a chain of quick cuts. As I passed them, the three Swordsmen fell to their knees with me gaining full health due to my life steal.

The flag bearer’s face turned ashen, “So…. so terrifying, Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Quick, ask the Guild Master to give us reinforcements. We have to protect this part of the formation, we can’t let [Zhan Long] pass us….”

Li Mu sent out a [Covering Sword Slash]. He then morphed into a light as he and Wang Jian both activated [Blade Rush] to break through the formation. This was [Legend: Second Division]’s formation, and wasn’t their strongest frontline defense. It was the perfect opportunity!

“Get the f*ck away!”

Dong Cheng Lei roared, and forced a group of Knights to retreat. Old K took the opportunity to pass through, into the formation. Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox] fell upon the formation at just the right time, breaking it up even further. Song Han, Matcha, and General Bai Qi lead everyone to charge in. [Zhan Long] became the sharpest blade of the three guilds, cutting right through the enemy’s defense. On the left and right lines, Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song also commanded their troops to break through the formation. Just like that, the three guilds cut into [Legend]’s defense, withstanding the rain of fire, hail, and winds to advance forward and kill!

Every second there were players dying. Some of them were from our army, and some of them were from [Legend]’s. I had basically given up on defending, and charged forward with Wang Jian, Li Mu, Old K, and Dong Cheng Lei. I relied solely on [Heal]s and my 10% life steal to recover my health while the others relied on the Healers who were following from behind.

“Boss, we’re losing too many people too quickly!” Matcha’s voice traveled through the frontline to me.

I gritted my teeth, then raised my blood soaked sword, and continued hacking at people. I yelled back, “No matter, even if we all die, we have to destroy their formation. If [Legend] isn’t destroyed, then Ba Huang City will have no chance of victory!”

“Alright, Boss….”


The death count kept rising. We were basically exchanging kill for kill. [Legend]’s players had also been killing so much that their eyes were completely red. Over a thousand people picked up their knives and charged at us, but were then cut into a pile of meat. Another thousand people came at us again, while the long range attacks were continuously being cast as spells, arrows, and bullets kept falling upon us.

After what seemed like forever, we finally managed to force ourselves into [Legend]’s main group. As the the field became a mountain of slaughter, my entire body, the Emperor Qin’s Sword, and Deep Sea Cold Iron Sword became completely soaked in blood. My chestplate was plastered with dents from incoming swords, and my helmet was full of cracks. Even my Flaming Tiger God had already lost a level. I kept on yelling, “Continue to advance!”

“Careful, their elite force has arrived!” Han Bei Song cautioned from across the line.

From afar, a group of people came over with Xuan Yuan Feng carrying his spear leading them. Behind him was 2000 elite hand picked players from [Legend]. He loudly commanded, “ We let [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] be a little too flashy didn’t we? Give me some spirit, kill them one by one! Focus on their CBN elite players, don’t let them kill anyone else! As long as we pin these people down, would we have to lose so many brothers later? There over there, focus on Cang Lei, fire!”

“Cang Lei, look out!” Li Mu loudly exclaimed, but it was too late.

“Pa, Pa, Pa…”

Arrows pierced into Cang Lei’s body, combined with multiple [Pillar of Fire & Ice], Cang Lei fell down unable to fight anymore.

Afterwards, Yue Wei Liang and One Second Hero were both stunned by magic. Xuan Yuan Feng carried his long spear and sent out a sweep,


As Yue Wei Liang parried with her dagger, she was sent tumbling backwards while also “ Pa Pa” taking two arrows to the shoulder. She raised her head to only be pierced by Xuan Yuan Feng’s spear!”

She was instantly killed!

One Second Hero roared, with his shield raised, he knocked Xuan Yuan Feng back. He Proceeded to to use a [Flame Axe] hitting him at point blank range. Xuan Yuan Feng retreated back a few steps, yelling, “ Are you looking to die!”

Behind One Second Hero, multiple Archers fired their long bows at him.

One Second Hero narrowed his eyes, and hurriedly placed his shield in front of him casting a [Heavenly Shield Wall]!

Arrows rained down with each one bringing up terrifying damage numbers, and combined with multiple [Pillar of Fire & Ice]. Just like this, One Second Hero our flagbearer was devastatingly killed even when in a state of defense behind [Heavenly Shield Wall].

“No, their long range skills are too powerful! If we force ourselves to fight, we will all die on the frontline! Brother Xiao Yao!” Yue Qing Qian yelled.

I held up my swords with drops of blood dripping down, and determination filled my eyes as I responded, “[Zhan Long], charge forward with me! This is really the final battle! If we can’t destroy [Legend], we can only die!”

Wang Jian, Li Mu and Old K roared as they dashed forward forcefully. When going against the world’s top long range team, what else can we do besides breaking through forcefully?

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