Zhan Long

Chapter 396

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Chapter 396 The 1000 Men


[Zhan Long]’s group of elites rushed out, with Li Mu and I at the front. As we dashed forward side by side, I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash], aiming to hit at least 20 [Legend] members. However, I did not expect this group of [Legend]’s melee players to react so quickly. With a “Shua”, the group of [Legend] players parted to both sides, only 12 of them took damage from my AOE strike while the 9 others dodged!


A deep crack was created on the barren sand as a string of damage numbers flew up——




Lu Chun Yang held up his sword and shouted furiously, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attack strength is too powerful. Avoid him and kill the other [Zhan Long] players. Don’t try to fight Xiao Yao Zi Zai head on. Get a group of Knights to encircle him!”

With this, Lu Chun Yang darted out. His sword flashed and the energy of his sword cut through the crowds. One by one, [Legend]’s Swordsmen dashed out beside him. They aided him with [Combo]s while freely using [Skyshaker Slash] and [Blade Rush]. Immediately, dozens of [Zhan Long]’s melee players collapsed in a river of blood. It was heartbreaking to watch this happen before my eyes. These were all elites of [Zhan Long] that followed me, and fought by my side for eighteen hours in this city war!

“Block their slashes!” Li Mu ordered furiously. He then sent out a [Covering Sword Slash] into the advancing crowds. Unfortunately, he was unable to stop the numerous members of [Legend] from invading.

Old K raised his battle axe and slashed sideways, activating a [Whirlwind Slash]. Dong Cheng Lei sung his battle axe vigorously. With a shout, a whirlwind raged, and many melee players of [Legend] were cut down and sent flying.

In the distance, Fang Ge Que could no longer bear with the losses. He waved his fan and bolted out in a flash. With a raise of his hand, he sent the attack combination of [Ice Rock Blast]+[Blazewind Lock]. It was almost as if there was no casting time. The two explosive skills were directly tossed on Old K and two damage numbers leaped out——


Fortunately, Old K was still left at critical health level after being healed midway by Darling Duckling, narrowly escaping death by the skin of his teeth. He hastily used [Oppose the Heavens] and forcefully leaped, towering over his opponent while slashing down heavily with his battleaxe, roaring, “Fang Ge Que, die!”



Fang Ge Que easily dodged Old K’s [Savage Jump Slash] with the use of [Dimensional Leap]. Unexpectedly, he also left an ice explosion skill on the same spot, thus hitting Old K and instantly emptying most of his health!

I watched in fright as I exclaimed, “Old K, retreat! Don’t force yourself!”

Among all of [Zhan Long], only my words could command Old K. With an angry expression, he held the battle axe, and dashed fiercely towards the back, slashing and killing while running for his life. Fang Ge Que did not continue pursuing him, but aimed towards the other members. His fan that was enshrouded in flames shuddered, and a [Fire and Ice Storm] devoured a group of low health [Zhan Long] Musketeers in the distance. Even Fox was hit and he doubled over in pain while backing away. He was almost killed instantly. This showed how terrifying Fang Ge Que’s magic attack strength is.

“Brother Xiao Yao!”

Qing Qian could only back away as she was pursued and attacked by a few Swordsmen. As she was still running, she shouted loudly, “Their battle strategy is to cut us up. Watch out! You have advanced too far ahead. You must be careful!”

Before Qing Qian’s words even left her mouth, a group of heavy shield Knight’s surrounded me. Each of them had at least 2800 defense points. Just seeing the confidence in each of their faces told me that something was wrong. Without a word, the Knights charged at me with their shield raised. “Peng Peng Peng” they smashed their shields into my body. This was an effect from a shield strike. Did they want to use this method to strike me to death?


I suffered a dozen strikes from the Knights, feeling the pain of having my body ripped up over and over again. My heart froze. Cyclones of wind began to rise around my body with a “Shua Shua Shua” as I began to wave my two swords. “Peng!” I knocked away a Knight. I then crossed my swords and slashed out, cutting down another one of the Knights. I took out a God Army Card and let it hover over my hand as it activated [Soul Army], an indiscriminate killing skill! At the same time, the Seven Star positions began to move, and “Shua!” I appeared on the other side, escaping the shield prison. With a raise of my hand, I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash] followed by[Great Realm of Desolation], effectively sending another group of people to their graves!


My Flaming Tiger God growled as it left the pet dimension and leapt out onto the battlefield, ready to kill. With a [Burstfire Raid], it charged into a crowd of people. I charged sideways, taking numerous damage while constantly dealing out attacks. My 10% drain was able to help me barely survive, but I had to be continuously on the move while changing my position; once I’m targeted by a skill, I’ll be slaughtered!

Fang Ge Que glared at me from a distance, then waved his fan and activated [Spiral Ice Dance]!

I saw that happen, and slightly lowered my body as I activated [Blade Rush]. A big MISS floated up from behind me. At the same time, I crossed my swords and hacked down a Knight, bellowing, “Fang Ge Que, you wanna kill me? Keep dreaming!”

Fang Ge Que gripped his fan and didn’t say anything, but his eyes were filled with fury.


Fighting while I retreated, I soon met up with Li Mu and Wang Jian, only to find out that each were covered in numerous wounds and blood stains. Old K was practically burnt black. The long range [Legend] team had finally arrived. There were at least 7000 Mages in the group. A scorched earth battle tactic was especially cruel. Even a guild as strong as [Zhan Long] would be swallowed up by the fire.

“Pu chi!”

Piercing an enemy with his blade, Li Mu looked over, his eyes red from all of the killing. Distressed, he said, “Xiao Yao, if we keep going like this… then… then all of our brothers will be cut down! Ahh! This… this won’t be our fate as well, would it? [Zhan Long] shouldn’t have this kind of a fate, right? Tell me, why should we take the gunpoint for guilds like [Vanguard] or [Prague]?”

I looked at the Ba Huang City team. They hadn’t finished creating their formations yet. I gritted my teeth and said, “Five minutes. Hold on for just five more minutes!”


Soon, the [Zhan Long] team was cut in two halves. [Legend]’s attack was far too vicious. [Judgement]’s Ye Lai was fighting against [Enemies at the Gate]’s Misty Cloud elsewhere. In a duel between such crazily powerful people, there was no way that victory would be determined anytime soon!



Prague’s Guild Master Yan Zhao sent a message, “Li Xiao Yao, we’re done preparing our formation. Thank you [Zhan Long]. Quickly retreat, all of Ba Huang has witnessed your sacrifice!”

I immediately waved my sword and ordered, “Brothers, retreat to the west! Quickly!”

A group of [Zhan Long] players retreated with me, their health in critical range. One after another, people kept falling under the net of fire. Even Matcha came back with critical health. That was enough to demonstrate the degree of cruelty that battle had.

Behind us, [Appearance Alliance] emerged as well, with a crowd of around 2000 people in tow; Mu Xuan was at the very front, armed with her staff. As she ran she raised her head to look in my direction, only to see the pitiful state that [Zhan Long] was in. She furrowed her brows, then murmured, “Poor Little Zai Zai. You fought to this point for the sake of Ba Huang City. Ay, this kid….”


Under the eastern wall of Fort Zi Feng, a group of [Zhan Long] members stood steadily. I held my Emperor Qin’s Sword and said while gasping for air, “Quickly regain your strength. There will be another big battle happening soon! Count the number of people left!”

Qing Qian spoke with a slightly sad tone, “Brother,we still have 1200+ people. In only half an hour, we lost at least 1500+ people. [Legend]’s really too powerful……”

I stared at the crowds and uttered,”Brothers, I have made you all suffer. I know, you guys might think it’s not necessary to gain time for [Vanguard] and [Prague], but.…..but if we didn’t do this, it would only cause Ba Huang to lose the whole war. It’s all done for the honor of the players of Ba Huang City! I do not want our pride to be trampled by those people from Jiu Li City!”

Li Mu nodded,”Yes. Guild Master, we all know. You have made the right choice. Even if everyone died, it would be worth it. We have killed many of the [Legend] members anyways…..”

Sister Matcha gazed afar with her shining bright eyes and said,”[Legend] is formidable. If I recall correctly, that was the first time [Zhan Long] abandoned everything and fled after battling for only 30 minutes……

I responded, “The difference between our numbers were too big…..”

“Yes.” Dancing Forest said as she held her long bow in hand, “The number of [Legend]’s people is ten times ours. Winning against them is inconceivable. So what’s our next plan?”

I looked towards the east and said,”[Prague], [Vanguard], [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of the Heroes] and dozens of the other guilds have formed a huge defense formation of at least 10000 people. It just depends on how Fang Ge Que plans to break this formation. [Zhan Long] won’t participate in this battle for now. We will observe from the side, and help the major force of Ba Huang City when there’s a chance.”


The light of the rising sun beamed through the clouds and about 20000 men from [Legend] returned to the east side. Fang Ge Que then raised his arm and yelled,”[Legend], [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance], and [House Of Prestige]! For glory! For the dreams of all the players of Jiu Li City! Charge! Crush the people of Ba Huang City! At least for today, they are no longer our friends, but our enemies in this city war!”


The golden rays of sunlight appearing from beyond the horizon beamed in our direction. I was shocked again and cursed that smart Fang Ge Que who was really good at utilizing the favorable geographical position of this map. Under Fang Ge Que’s command, his army came from the east and surprised us, coming from the direction the sun was shining from. Thus, making it difficult for the Ba Huang City’s players on the field to look at them directly. If our players can’t even see them clearly, how could the attack be countered?

“Sha Sha……”

Yan Zhao Warrior narrowed his eyes and went several steps forward as his battle boots strode upon on the sand. He stood among the array, and abruptly drew his longsword while shouting, “Prepare for battle! For the glory of Ba Huang City!”

Jian Feng Han also drew his longsword and Ba Huang City’s major force of almost 10000 men roared in rage as they prepared to engage in this crucial battle.

Holding his battle axe, Ye Lai led 1000+ [Judgement] players, and bathed in the light of the rising sun. With a grin, he spoke, “Yes. This is the last battle. Brothers, how many more people does [Judgement] have?”

The crowds shouted simultaneously, “Guild Master, 1000+ men!”

Ye Lai laughed out loud, “All the players of Jiu Li City are about die in battle. What’s the use of these 1000 people? Let’s go, brothers. It’s either the friends from Ba Huang City sending us off on our final journey, or us sending them off on their journey!”

[Judgement] thundered forward, slashing and killing off our troops along the way. The rumors on the forum were not wrong. Ye Lai truly was the most fervent person in all of China’s battling arena. He was indeed very bloodthirsty.

[Legend]’s melee players also charged forward fiercely under the command of Lu Chun Yang, and instantly clashed with the formation of Ba Huang City!

“Peng Peng Peng……”

Within the cacophony of fierce clashes, swords and blades were swinging about wildly as streaks of fresh blood splashed onto the sandy ground. Magic danced in the air like the sinister fangs of a demon. During this final battle for supremacy, it was still unknown how many would lose their lives.