Zhan Long

Chapter 395

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Chapter 395 The True Rival

The focus of the war seemed to be no longer on Fort Zi Feng, but on the fierce battles happening at the plain under the Fort. As the elites of Ba Huang City were all out, the seven big armies all pressed on. Unwilling to be overlooked, Jiu Li City also sent out their top legion——Huo Li Army. The group of cavalrymen dressed in fiery looking clothes appeared on the plain. There was even a group of wind mages dancing in the sky, and moving forward as they wielded the wind and blasted Ba Huang City’s cavalrymen on the plain.

If the deaths were to be calculated during this battle, it wouldn’t be considered an exaggeration to say there were millions. There were countless numbers of NPC cavalries, swordsmen and long spearmen charging at one another on the battlefield. There were numerous deaths happening every second. Lin Qiong, Angela, Luo Hai, Purple Star and Lachlan, the high level BOSSes also slashed recklessly among the crowds causing a scene of utter chaos.

The strong smell of blood filled my lungs as I wiped off the blood splatters on my face. The winds of the plain blew violently, and the War Swept Cloak Fluttered behind me. The white cloak had already been dyed completely red, and had numerous holes pierced by the sharp swords and long spears, while the Magic Spite Armor that protected my body was covered with sword marks. These were the results of battling for a long time.

On the frontline of [Zhan Long], Li Mu, Old K, Qing Qian, and Matcha were not in a better state than me.We had all tried our best to kill as many NPCs as possible.


Qing Qian sent her dagger out softly and shanked a low-health NPC knight. She pulled the dagger out slowly and glanced up at me, “Brother Xiao Yao, our guild’s experience bar is already at Lv 4 with 91% experience. I estimate that we will reach Lv 5 within 2 hours.”

I nodded, “Yeah! A Lv 4 guild holds up to a max of 3000 players whereas a level 5 guild holds up to a max of 10,000 people. After the city war, the main guild of [Zhan Long] will be expanded to a ten thousand members guild. However, we must be cautious when we recruit people. Perfidious* ones absolutely cannot be accepted!”
Editor note*Means people who aren’t trustworthy/unloyal

Qing Qian grinned and answered, “Yeah. I know!”

Old K said joyfully, “Tsk. Tsk. A ten thousand member guild would be great! Our 10 team leaders would then all be promoted to leaders of teams with thousand people!”

Qing Qian giggled, “Actually, our position of Vice Guild Master is still empty……”


Wolf chuckled softly, “No one can covet the position of Vice Guild Master. Brother Xiao Yao has specially reserved that for Big Missy.”

I glared and scolded, “Don’t talk about those things. Do your best on killing soldiers!”

The fierce battle continued, and two hours later, the sound of bells suddenly rang in my ears——


System Notifications: Congratulations. Your guild, [Zhan Long] has successfully leveled up to a Lv 5 guild. As this is the second guild to reach Lv 5, every member of your guild will be rewarded 10% of this level’s experience.

Tsk, Tsk. 10% experience! Not bad! It’s better than nothing!

The level up of the guild brought utmost joy to everyone. Yet, sounds of clashes suddenly resounded from afar at this moment. Li Mu’s eyes flashed with coldness and held up his sword as he yelled, “Oh no! Have the players of Jiu Li City launched an attack?”

“How many people do they still have? Are they still attacking?” Old K asked.

“I have no idea……”

However, as the NPCs of the Heaven’s Army from Jiu Li City began to decrease, a group of players charged forward through the smoke and fire. Everyone of the players had the Jiu Li City’s badge on their shoulder. F*ck. It is the players of Jiu Li City launching an attack! Are these people crazy? Charging into the field of our Ba Huang City’s players. They are totally trying to get themselves killed!

Positioning my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I bellowed, “Prepare to engage in battle! Kill them all! Show them who’s the owner of this field!”


Wang Jian, Li Mu, Bai Qi, Old K and Wolf all stood at the front of the array, preparing to confront the attacks of the enemies. Simultaneously, I noticed that in the group of Jiu Li City players charging forward, not one of them belonged to a major guild and even the strongest one was part of a guild ranked below 20th. This was weird.


My Emperor Qin’s Sword swept past and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] blasted across the players as they howled in pain, while dozens of people were killed in an instant. This proved that the battle strength of these players was all seriously ordinary. The arrows and magic danced in the sky and cascaded on the multitude of Jiu Li City players, producing screams of pain that reached the heavens. In the blink of an eye, thousands of corpses appeared at the front of [Zhan Long]’s field.

“This……” Slashing and killing with the bloody battle axe in hand as Old K wondered, “What is going on? Are these people just here to die?”

“No!” Li Mu answered as he narrowed his eyes, “If I guessed correctly, these people are here to exhaust us. Unfortunately, they have chosen the wrong army. I am afraid exhaustion is impossible in the field of [Zhan Long]. They can only exhaust our red and blue potions.”

I glanced left and right towards the fields of the Ba Huang City’s players. [Enemies At The Gate], [Vanguard], [Thousand Burial], and [Hero’s Mound] were already battling the players of Jiu Li City and were killing with extreme vigor. However, [Thousand Burial], [First Division of Hero Mound], and [Wrath of the Heroes], the few slightly weaker guilds, suffered some losses as their members collapsed continuously under the hasty attacks of the enemies.

“Boss, don’t you think it’s a bit weird?” Matcha looked at me with her beautiful eyes that were filled with suspicion.

I nodded, “Yeah, It is weird. These players of the inferior guilds were here to die, but where did [Legend] go?”

Matcha answered, “[Legend] left the frontline fifteen minutes ago. It is almost night time now and the wind is blowing. It formed a sandstorm which caused extremely low visibility in the sandy region. Boss….”

“I understand now……” I shuddered, gnashed my teeth and said, “[Legend] must have rerouted to our rear! They are preparing to destroy the strength of Ba Huang City by attacking from both sides.”

“Then, what do we do?” Li Mu asked in shock.

I suddenly turned around with my sword held up as I shouted loudly, “All members of [Zhan Long], turn around! Our enemy might be behind us. Notify all the guilds of Ba Huang City! Look out for the ones coming from our rear!”


Immediately, the three big guilds, [Zhan Long],[Enemies At The Gate] and [Blood Contract], turned around together. [Zhan Long]’s 2500+ people, [Enemies At The Gate]’s 5000+ people and [Blood Contract]’s 1700+ people combined forces into a formation of about 10,000 people, and the rear of the formation was formed by the Ba Huang City’s players. The sandstorm wreaked havoc as with the fierce wind we could hardly open our eyes. F*ck! We were located facing the direction of the wind which worried me even more. Jiu Li City had the advantage of the time and place. Fang Ge Que was indeed smart, knowing how to take advantage of the storm at night. We would definitely suffer greatly in this battle!

“They are here!”

Li Mu yelled, and among the distant sand and dust, a huge mass of people surged towards us. Suddenly, a dark shadow rushed out of the concealment formed by the sand. It was the Guild Master of [Judgement], Ye Lai, who held a battle axe in his hand. There were flames enshrouding his battle axe and Ye Lai looked towards us, the ten thousand people, and burst out in laughter, “Hahaha, It’s really lucky to have the powerful and smart Xiao Yao Zi Zai as my opponent in this City War! Come! My friend! Battle with [Judgement]!”

Behind Ye Lai, 3000+ people of [Judgement] stormed out. Immediately, flames enveloped Ye Lai’s battle axe, and under the effect of raging flames, [Holy Fire Cut] directly blasted on the shoulder of a team leader of [Blood Contract], causing a deadly strike!


After that instant kill, Ye Lai did not stop but kept slashing into the crowds. His battle axe swept past and killed the second person using [Skyshaker Slash]. He opened his hand and flames roared out. He then bawled, “[Burning Tornado]!”

The fierce wind mingled with flames wreaked havoc among the crowds, and a dozen members of [Blood Contract] were killed in the blink of an eye. Han Bei Song thundered furiously, “F*ck it. What’s the meaning of this? Is Ye Lai seeing us, [Blood Contract], as a dish of food?”

Hastily dashing, Han Bei Song suddenly leaped and swung a [Skyshaker Slash] while he was still descending from the air!

Seeing this, Ye Lai bent down slightly, and the effect of [Divine Weapon Breaker] materialized above the battle axe. The skill was sent out directly, and crushed Han Bei Song’s [Skyshaker Slash] with a “Pa” sound. He then raised his fist and punched Han Bei Song’s chest armor!


Han Bei Song slid several meters backwards as sand and dust flew up from beneath his feet. Fright filled his eyes as he cursed, “F*ck. Ye Lai, you bastard!”
Behind Han Bei Song, Who’s Blue hurriedly healed him and yelled, “Guild Master, you can’t use strength to fight him. You will get killed. Get the Archers to target him. With their help, it wouldn’t be hard to kill a Berserker!”

“Yes. Get the Mages’ [Indigo Sea Arrow]s to also target him!”

Ye Lai was a smart person. After ferociously killing about 30 people, he immediately retreated in haste, returning to his position. He then led 3000+ members of [Judgement], and charged forward as he laughed out loud, “It’s useless. There’s no need to request [Zhan Long] and [Enemies At The Gate] to save you guys. They can’t even save themselves!”

“Shua Shua Shua!”

Among the flying sand, shadows leaped out one by one. There were two heavy armor players, Lu Chuan Yang and Xuan Yuan Feng, the core players of [Legend]. Next, amid a flash of light, Fang Ge Que appeared elegantly before our field. A faint smile was formed at the corner of his mouth as he spoke, “We can finally battle [Zhan Long] directly. All members of [Legend], attack with all your strength and crush [Zhan Long]! Don’t let any more miracles happen in Ba Huang City!”

I held up my Emperor Qin’s Sword horizontally with my right hand, and lifted my left arm to slowly draw my Cold Iron Sword out. I stared straight ahead and yelled, “Brothers of [Zhan Long], our strongest opponent has appeared. They are [Legend]. They are an undying myth. I understand that you all might feel the same as me, feeling despair and fear, but please believe in me. There was no [Legend] in this world since the beginning. If we work together in this battle, victory will be not be far from us. Hear my command, and charge forward! No matter how many people [Legend] has, kill and clear them all!”

Holding the metal spear, One Second Hero’s hands trembled slightly, unknown of whether it’s excitement or fear. The corner of his mouth curved and he exclaimed, “It’s just death, nothing more. Charge with me!”

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and the others all charged forward and attacked. There was an unknown number of enemies among the flying sand and dust, but we had no way to retreat and could only charge forward. [Legend]’s team of long range Mages was acclaimed as being invincible. If we continued to battle using trench warfare, there may be no chance for us.

Lu Chun Yang raised the sword in his hand and laughed out loud, “[Zhan Long]’s people are here! They really aren’t afraid of death! F*ck it! The team led by Xiao Yao Zi Zai is indeed braver than the guilds like [Vanguard] and [Prague]!”

Xuan Yuan Feng pointed to the front with his long spear and yelled, “ [Legend], attack! Crush our opponents and let them know the meaning of the abyss of despair!”