Zhan Long

Chapter 394

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Chapter 394 I’m Taking this Woman


The lance clashed against my Cold Iron Sword, and I took the chance to grab onto it, pulling down a Sky Cavalryman from his horse. Qing Qian and Matcha then cut him down with a flurry of slashes. At the same time, he dropped a Sky Cavalry Card that raised attack by 20% and health by 10%. The card was actually extremely useful for situations like this. I gave it to Qing Qian, as the true path of the king was having higher health. At this point, Assassin’s no longer solely add stat points to agility. Any Assassin who had less than 5000 health was pretty much instant kill trash. No matter how good they were at dodging, it’s useless in the end.

The Sky Cavalrymen’s attacks became more and more fierce, and to top it off there was no end to them. On the other hand, everyone from [Zhan Long] was profiting from this; quite a few have already leveled up. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and Bai Qi weren’t coming off of the frontlines at this point, it was such a great leveling opportunity that nobody was willing to pass it up.

Along the entire frontline, [Enemies at the Gate], [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Flying Dragon] had all lined up in formations, while 1000 yards outside of the the Jiu Li City front line, [Legend], [Judgement], and [Appearance Alliance] had all appeared. Understanding slowly dawned upon everyone. This was a blank period, a time where both sides just did their best to collect more City War Points. Whoever kills the most number of NPC’s, becomes the final MVP.


Not far from here, [Thousand Burial] also appeared. Not Ordinary lifted his battle axe, signalling for You Yi and the others to come to a halt. They were guarding a 20 yard long frontline. [Thousand Burial] hadn’t participated in much of the battles in the city war, and so they were able to keep their forces rather intact. You Yi raised his longsword and walked along the front line while shouting, “Get your spirits up! The more you kill the more you earn, brothers. Let’s do our best to rush our guild level to four!”

Bai Mo Yan held a longbow in her hand and sent out three arrows, each thudding heavily into a Sky Cavalryman. She furrowed her eyebrows and said, “You idiot, You Yi. We should move as a single unit and kill them one at a time. If you use AOE skills you’ll attract too much aggro, making the pressure on our Healers too much. If they only healed you then everyone else would die!”

You Yi grinned, “Eh…. I didn’t think of that. Vice Guild Master, you’re right. He he, why don’t you command the battle on the frontlines then? I’m just a dumbass, hehe, I get it…..”

Not Ordinary swung his battle axe over his shoulder and said, “Exactly! You Yi, your battle tactics are terrible, why don’t you let Mo Mo command. You can rest, haha….”

Bai Mo Yan defiantly glared at You Yi, “Yesterday, didn’t someone here brag about how strong he was? Something about how they want to fight 300 duels against me?”

You Yi’s body shivered and he said, “That….. actually, the 300 battles I was talking about was for something else, not the ones in the game. Sister Mo Mo, you should understand….”

Bai Mo Yan suddenly stopped, then lightly positioned her long bow and raised her Archer’s short skirt, revealing her pure white thighs in the moonlight. Sweetly she said, “Oh? You actually want to fight with me like that 300 times? How about I give you my address and we can log off and stick that flag in and ‘battle’ a few times?”

You Yi gaped at her, “Really?”

“As if!” Bai Mo Yan giggled, “For a pervert like you, Sister just has to curl her finger to create an army of my own. Why wouldn’t I find someone who lasts longer?”

You Yi grew furious, “How do you know I won’t last long?!”

Bai Mo Yan glanced at You Yi and said, “Your face is pale, your legs are shaking, your tongue is white and your breath is short. Aren’t those the symptoms of kidney disease? You don’t have to explain, those are just excuses…..”

You Yi glanced at Not Ordinary, “Boss, can I leave the guild?”

Not Ordinary laughed out and said, “Useless!”


Beside [Thousand Burial], [Hero’s Mound: First Division]’s was also out front. Wang Ze Cheng raised his iron spear and towered over the front line. At his side, Ageless Beauty put her hand on her dagger and said, “[Thousand Burial] took in Bai Mo Yan’s [First Meetings] and a few other small guilds. Now, their total count is around 2000 people. Its as though Not Ordinary really wants to make his guild big again….”

Wang Ze Cheng’s eyes turned cold, “Hmph, they’re just ants trying to claim that they’re king. It’s pretty much desperation. With Not Ordinary’s intelligence, [Thousand Burial] is nothing. Even if they have one Bai Mo Yan, heck, even if they have 10 Bai Mo Yan’s, they’re still just cannon fodder in the end!”

Yan Suo nodded, “Yup, my love!”

“What?” Wang Ze Cheng looked at her.

Yan Suo said, “Well, you’ve created four other divisions of our guild and we almost have 10,000 members in total, if Q-Sword finds out, then wouldn’t that old bastard lash out at you? Keep in mind, [Hero’s Mound] is an empire that Q-Sword fought for with his own bare hands….”

Wang Ze Cheng smirked, “Don’t worry. Q-Sword told me to go to Ba Huang City because he wasn’t planning on dealing with me anyway. The more chaos I create in Ba Huang City, the happier he’ll be. Wouldn’t it fit in perfectly with the Guild Master’s plans if I were to deal with [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Zhan Long]? Maybe the more divisions I create, the happier Q-Sword will be, because he knows that there are problems between Li Xiao Yao and I, therefore, I would never team up with [Zhan Long] to fight against [Hero’s Mound]. Therefore, no matter what I do, Q-Sword will never be unhappy.”

“Oh, then that’s good…” Yue Suo tugged Wang Ze Cheng’s arm, her eyes filled with burning desire, “After we finish fighting this battle, we should rest up. Do you want to sleep at my place?”

“Alright….” Wang Ze Cheng revealed a perverted smile and softly pinched Yan Suo’s shoulder, “What’s wrong? It’s only been two days since we last saw each other and you want some more already?”

Yan Suo coyly whispered, “Not at all, I just…. I just want to see you that’s all.”

“Alright, I get it. Be good and kill the monsters for now. When Jiu Li City’s [Legend] and [Judgement] begin their attack, we’ll immediately retreat. There’s no point in going against them head on. [Hero’s Mound: Division One]’s goal is that Citadel Defending Decree. Seeing as we won’t be able to get the title of MVP, then we’ll at least get that Citadel Defending Decree!”

“Yup yup. That’s a very wise decision!”


As the players frantically cut off the NPCs’ heads, the situation on the battlefield was constantly shifting.


The Nightmare army commander in chief, Raikes, raised both of his arms and bent his knees* and suddenly rushed into the sky, flying straight into Lin Qiong. He raised his dagger and it suddenly turned into two.
TL Note: Go Nyan Cat, Go!!
TL Note 2* : “I.. Have…. The… POWERRR!” (He-Man)

“Oh?[Nightmare’s Strike]?” Lin Qiong was stunned, but quickly recovered and smiled coldly, “You actually dare toy with an axe with insignificant skills like yours? Raikes, do you have a death wish? Alright then, why don’t I fulfill your wish then!”

He swept out his blade and “Peng!” shattered the strength of [Nightmare’s Strike]. Lin Qiong then leapt up, his two hands gripping his sword as he fiercely cut at Raikes with a lightning net!


Raikes crossed his two daggers and parried Lin Qiong’s attack head on. At the same time, Raikes’ lips curved into a smile, “Lin Qiong, how does it feel to have a death god descend upon you?”


Lin Qiong suddenly realized what was going on, as a beautiful shadow suddenly appeared behind in the air behind him. Angela put all of her destructive force into one attack!


As the force dissipated and the air cleared up, a lightning shield suddenly appeared on Lin Qiong’s back. He let out a maniacal laugh and swung his blade out. Angela quickly raised her iron umbrella to parry it. The impact of the blow forced her body to fly backwards. Lin Qiong then forcefully spun around, and landed a heavy kick on Raikes shoulder. All of his strength exploded in that second, throwing Raikes backwards into the air. He fell to the ground with a loud bang, punching a ten meter radius hole in the ground. Miserably, he gripped his dagger as he stood up. “Pu” He spit out the blood in his mouth. He had suffered a great injury.

“You bastard Lin Qiong!”

Raikes abruptly straightened his back, then looked up at the sky, only to find that he couldn’t see Lin Qiong. His heart froze. He suddenly whirled around and saw that Lin Qiong stood right behind him, his Thunder Wind Sword filled with electricity. Lin Qiong thrusted his sword!

“Pu chi!”

Blood burst out as the blade penetrated Raikes’ body. The bloody blade had stabbed through Raikes’ back, the electricity burning the wound open, creating a big bloody hole. Raikes’ heart had been stabbed and burned. Within moments, his soul had left his body and he knelt to the ground, dead. Even if he was one of the undead, he was still annihilated by Lin Qiong.

“Commander-in-chief Raikes!”

A group of Nightmare generals were visibly shaken. No one thought that this Jiu Li City Sword Saint would be so strong that he’d kill two of Ba Huang City’s famous generals!


To these charging Nightmare cavalrymen, all Lin Qiong did was grin and casually wave his hand. From his palm, raging flames burst forth, creating a several hundred meter burning field. He was practically god like. Countless cavalrymen howled in pain as they burned to death in the field of flames. The Nightmare Army’s losses were so cruel that I couldn’t even bear to keep watching ????

High up in the sky, Angela’s beautiful figure descended again. The godly weapon, The Destroyer, smashed onto Lin Qiong’s shoulder as a “Peng” sound burst forth. However, the strike was knocked away by Lin Qiong’s energy. Yet, Angela did not give up. She raised her snowy white legs and kicked Lin Qiong in the chest with the battle boots that glowed with a blood-red radiance!


Lin Qiong humphed in pain as he was kicked several meters backwards, leaving a long mark on the ground. He stood up embarrassingly as a small trickle of blood came out of the corner of his mouth. He looked up at Angela and smiled, “The foster-daughter of Ba Huang City’s ruler. Beautiful moon elf princess, Angela. Your strength really draws the attention of all men. Why did Ba Huang City form an alliance by marrying off Princess Lyla instead of betrothing you, Angela, to me? If so, I, Lin Qiong, would be willing to abandon this battle. Hahahaha….”

Angela gnashed her teeth and yelled, “You demon! Don’t even think of touching Ba Huang City! Even if my body gets burned to dust, I will not receive your pity. I will never marry you, a demon with bloody hands!”

Lin Qiong laughed out loud as he turned around to face Luo Lei in the distance and shouted, “Luo Lei, you old fellow! Now, you listen to me. I want your daughter, Angela. She will be my woman! And no one can stop me from getting her. I have decided to raze Ba Huang City as the betrothal gift! Haha! Duke Luo Lei, what’s your opinion towards my kind suggestion?”

Luo Lei was so angry that his shoulders trembled. He raised his blade, and roared furiously, “Jiu Li City! Ba Huang City and you guys are sworn enemies! All armies, charge forward for me! Crush the trashes of Jiu Li City!”