Zhan Long

Chapter 393

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Chapter 393 The Destructive Force

“Peng Peng Peng……”

One by one, the Heaven’s Cavalrymen’s armored horses smashed against [Zhan Long]’s defensive formation. Many of the [Zhan Long] Monks and Knights were knocked back several paces, but managed to tenaciously hold on. These Lv 80 Phantom Tier NPCs were seriously too powerful, it was extremely difficult to defend against them. Once blocked, however, the city war points and experience from killing them would be abundant!

“Brace yourselves!”

I yelled out and swung both of my swords. My Cold Iron Sword struck heavily on one of the NPC knights and a “Peng” burst forth as he was blasted backwards. In regards to strength and defense, I still beat these Lv 80 Phantom Tier monsters. Simultaneously, Matcha, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others all supported a spot on the frontline while Dancing Forest and the other long range players crowd controlled from behind. Consequently, the assaults of the Heaven’s Cavalry could only shake our frontline, but couldn’t break through us!”


The moment to counterattack had arrived. Spells and arrows flew over the top of our heads into the swarm of monsters. The assault from Heaven’s Army had been purely a cavalry charge without any other tactical plans for after the charge, resulting in them being severely disadvantaged. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Heaven’s Cavalrymen died on the frontline. “Shua Shua Shua”, countless rays of light cascaded onto the [Zhan Long] team. Many people leveled up from the monster’s generous experience while the guild experience also increased rapidly. We were rapidly getting closer and closer to Lv 5. For now, the China Server only had a single Lv 5 guild, which was [Legend]’s main guild. Since our contribution in the city war was phenomenal, [Zhan Long] might become the second to rush to a Lv 5 guild if it is lucky enough. Because all the teams were formed by players of the same guild, almost all the experience obtained by everyone will be converted into guild experience. Within less than one hour, the guild points of the [Zhan Long]’s main guild increased by nearly 400 percentage points!

The fierce battle continued raging. A “Hong” sound thundered as grey clouds swirled and rotated crazily in the sky and streaks of thunder lacerated the earth ferociously. Amidst the fierce wind, a young General stood loftily in the sky, clothed in bloody red armor and held a long sword in his hand. He was actually flying. In addition, a beautiful line of words floated above his head——

Lin Qiong Lv 100 Thunder Sword Saint

Main City: Jiu Li City

Position: Commander of Heaven’s Army

Introduction: Lin Qiong, the youngest Sword Saint Tier general of Jiu Li City. Rumor has it that Lin Qiong broke through the Heavenly Level when he was 17 years old. He achieved Sword Saint Level at the young age of 21 years old. In addition, he is adept in controlling the wind and possessed the power to summon thunder. The Thunder Wind Sword in his hand swept across the mainland without opposition. He instantly became the right-hand man of Jiu Li City’s ruler. Along with Huo Li, the commander of Huo Li Army, they became the two pillars of Jiu Li City.

I couldn’t see the details of Lin Qiong’s stats, but they must be very OP and a lot stronger than that Qin Hai which we killed earlier. Just based on the thunderstrike from his first appearance, we knew this BOSS would be extremely ruthless.

Staring at the Imperial Defense army’s cavalrymen advancing and attacking, the corner of Lin Qiong’s mouth curved up as he opened his left hand. Streaks of wind coiled around his fingers while he smiled and said, “I control the power of the Heavens and the Earth and inexhaustible winds guide my light. Rip Apart! Transform these ants into dusts——[Boundless Wind]!”


The earth trembled slightly, and amorphous streaks of wind condensed above the ground. The next moment, the wind abruptly surged forward and formed slashes of knifelike wind that cut through the Imperial Defense army’s cavalrymen. These extremely sharp blades of wind actually cut the armor of the knights into pieces and mutilated limbs and body parts danced in the air as blood splashed in all directions. The earth was instantly dyed red by the fresh blood.


Luo Ge, who was fiercely charging forward with his battle axe in hand, shuddered, and his heart ached at the sight. The battle axe in his hand trembled slightly as he lifted his head and roared furiously, “Lin Qiong, you monster! Give me back my brothers’ life! You demon! Killer!”

A “Pa” sound was heard as Luo Ge stepped on the war horse and leaped up towards the sky like a sharp arrow. He raised the Ice Demon Battle Axe in his hand and threw it out. A frosty long curve was formed in the sky and it was extremely magnificent!


Lin Qiong casted a smile as he raised one of his hands and pressed downwards with his palm. Immediately, an amorphous and powerful swell of air was condensed beneath his palm and he bellowed, “Fall to the earth! Weakling of Ba Huang City!”


Luo Ge’s Ice Demon Battle Axe seemed to be slashing a metal wall, and was blasted away forcefully. He was even blasted down into the ground by the strength of Lin Qiong’s palm. After a loud boom, a deep hole was left on the ground. Blood ran from the corner of his mouth, and when Luo Ge stood up he leaned on the battle axe as he breathed heavily. Dense hatred concentrated in his eyes as his Imperial Defense army was being slaughtered. Almost 50000 men were about to be obliterated within a minute. This Imperial Defense army was also destined to be a legend that vanished from the world. This is something he himself as the commander could not bear.

“Hong Hong Hong……”

Streaks of a blood-red whirlwind condensed around Luo Ge, and he howled incessantly. The expression on Luo Ge’s face was distorted as his muscles bulged. It seemed like his veins would burst at any time. His whole body bulked up by 20%, and the Ice Demon Axe in his hand transmitted a sensation that only Godly weapons could. His armor was peeled off piece by piece, revealing the muscular body and skin tinged with the color of blood seeping out.

“Lord Luo Ge! A NPC General’s face turned pale and yelled, “Don’t! This…… Puppet of Light spell cannot be activated. It will absorb all your blood and flesh and make you the puppet of power. This is a skill that uses your life as the price. This absolutely cannot be used. How are we going to report to the Duke. Please, don’t…….”

Luo Ge held up his battle axe and turned back to look at this subordinate. The corners of his mouth curved up into a calm smile, “I cannot watch you guys get slaughtered with my own eyes and do nothing. We do things for the honor of our kingdom, and this is the duty of every soldier. If I must die, let me die before you guys. This is also what a commander should do. I do not want to see all of you battle to death, and be the only one living in this world in the end.

As he finished talking, Luo Ge leapt up as he stepped into the sky leaving a crimson trail behind him?? The Ice Demon Axe danced around, creating a crimson cyclone that he angrily threw right at Lin Qiong. He roared out, “Lin Qiong, you bastard, why don’t you have a taste of the seven slashes of [Puppet of Light]!”


The spinning Ice Demon Axe hit violently upon Lin Qiong’s long sword. Surprisingly, Lin Qiong’s body in the sky trembled slightly, and was pushed a dozen meters backwards. This was the first time he had been knocked backwards!

As the veins of Luo Ge’s body popped out, he opened one of his hands and thundered furiously, “The second strike!”

The whirlwind enshrouded and enveloped Lin Qiong’s body. Luo Ge had already used the strength of the whirlwind to control Lin Qiong’s movements as his battle axe smashed onto Lin Qiong’s shoulder.

Lin Qiong gnashed his teeth and raised his hand, throwing a punch at Luo Ge!


The second strike of [Puppet of Light] was resolved. In the midst of Luo Ge’s roars, the third strike, another fierce strike struck and unexpectedly blasted Lin Qiong backwards again. The fourth strike was coming next, and the head of an evil beast materialized above his Ice Demon Axe. Crimson flames exploded as the fourth strike was being prepared. Luo Ge’s body trembled even more, and drips of blood flowed down his skin. His veins finally couldn’t withstand such a strong energy and bursted.

“Luo Ge……”

Lin Qiong’s emotionless eyes revealed pity as he said, “I admired you as the brother of Luo Lei from Ba Huang City. You are worthy of your Ba Huang royal blood. Unfortunately, you and I are enemies today and so you must die. No matter how strong your [Puppet of Light] is, and how sharp your Ice Demon Axe is, your ending today was foretold…… now, rest assured and die. I will send your brother, Luo Lei, to reunite with you in hell!”


Lin Qiong forcefully lifted his long sword. As the vibrating radiance of the thunder shone from the blade, he struck directly downwards, striking before the fourth strike of the [Puppet of Light] had fully accumulated it’s strength!


The furious thunder swallowed the heavens. After receiving such a fierce strike from Lin Qiong, Luo Ge’s staggering body finally could not withstand. He was swallowed by countless flashes thunders and lightning and was torn into pieces. His flesh was burned and crumbled into dusts!


Ice Demon Axe revolved in the sky and struck forcefully on the ground. The cyclone slowly dispersed, along with the death of it’s master. The radiance of the Ice Demon Battle Axe faded, as if it it was devastated because of Luo Ge’s death.

“Lord Luo Ge! Commander Luo Ge!”

The three armies grieved as they stared at Luo Ge crumbling into dust in the sky and drifting away. The soldiers and generals of the Imperial Defense army all knelt on the ground and shed rivers of tears.

However, tears are not needed on the battlefield. Lin Qiong raised one of his arms and roared furiously, “Heaven’s Army, charge forward and annihilate the Imperial Defense army. Change the Seven big armies of Ba Huang City into the Six big Armies!

The cavalrymen on the battlefield charged forward.. In the twinkling of an eye, the Imperial Defense army seemed to turn to dust as almost everyone was wiped out.


At the rear of the battle formation, Luo Lei, the Duke of Ba Huang, clenched his hands as his eyes were filled with redness. He exclaimed, “Damn Lin Qiong, this damn bastard. I……I, Luo Lei, swear that I will slay this murderer in this life! Men! Who will battle for me? Who will challenge Heaven’s Army and present me with Lin Qiong’s head in hand!”

In the midst of the crowds, a undead general came out with a dagger in hand. His hollowed eyes were bloodshot and he spoke with a hoarse voice, “Your highness, Raikes of the Nightmare army requests to battle. I will fight Lin Qiong and kill him!”

This was none other than Raikes, the one ranked fifth within the seven armies, the commander of Nightmare army and an assassin of the Undead race.

At this moment, someone among the crowd came out. It was Angela, the commander of the Han Feng Army and the legendary Moon Elf Princess. She held her godly weapon, The Destroyer, in her hand and uttered softly with reddened eyes, “Father, your daughter is willing to fight and take revenge for Uncle Luo Ge. I will present back to you with the head of Lin Qiong! The soldiers and horses of the Heaven’s army are strong and powerful and the numbers of the Heaven’s knights are many. We only have a chance of winning if Blizzard Wind Army and Nightmare Army work together!”

Luo Lei’s arm trembled slightly as he gnashed his teeth and said, “Alright then, you and Raikes can go kill that scum, Lin Qiong…… This battle can only end in victory…… Angela, please be careful. I…… I cannot lose more……”

Angela stood up and her eyes redden as she replied, “I know, father……”

Angela mounted up the white horse with The Destroyer in hand and shouted delicately, “Blizzard Wind Army, to the battlefield!”