Zhan Long

Chapter 391

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Chapter 391 Clearing the Field

“Oh no! Ye Lai brought people to break through the encirclement!”

In the distance, Goodbye Tears held his metal knife and bellowed loudly, “This group of [Judgement] players is too strong. To think that they could even break through the encirclement like this. Should we pursue them or not?”

Jian Feng Han stood on the mountaintop, and stared at the nearly 1000 people of [Judgement] stirring up clouds of smoke and dust as they left. He curled his lips and said, “Nevermind. We already suffered huge losses to encircle and suppress the major forces of [Judgement]. For godly berserkers like Ye Lai, it’s better to not push too hard. Otherwise, we would suffer more losses. [Vanguard] can no longer endure a heavy blow.

Don’t be Foolish carried his heavy shield and sat between the broken rocks. His face was slightly pale as he said,“Are these people from Jiu Li City still humans? All of them are so fierce it’s as if they are on drugs. F*ck it! Our battle with [Judgement] is almost an equal death rate of 1:1 and this is even under the situation of being encircled by us. How much stronger is [Judgement]?”

North Pole grinned and uttered, “[Judgement]’s average battle strength is higher than [House Of Prestige], but they have a fewer number of people. Otherwise, the second place guild of Jiu Li City would be [Judgement].”

Don’t Be Foolish laughed out loud, “They’re that powerful? When should we bring some brothers along and join [Judgement]?”

Jian Feng Han’s face turned green, “A group of idiots. Don’t discuss this in front of me……”

Goodbye Tears smashed Don’t be Foolish in the face with his sword and scolded, “Idiot, I’ve already told you this, don’t talk about it in front of him……”

Don’t be Foolish said, “Oh sh*t. I thought Guild Master had already been killed by Ye Lai. I didn’t know that he was still alive…… Long live Guild Master! Long live!”
Jian Feng Han,”……”

Carrying his long sword, Yan Zhao Warrior crossed through the crowds and yelled loudly, “[Appearance Alliance]’s 14,000 people have all been slaughtered, but……but has anyone seen Mu Xuan? Is she dead or alive?”

Qing Qian stood up beside me and answered, “Uncle, [Appearance Alliance] was led here by the two beautiful Vice Guild Master and Wild Beauty and Mu Xuan, but they have have not appeared ever since. If she had, they might not have been entrapped in our encirclement. I have heard that Mu Xuan is more than just a little smart.”

Yan Zhao Warrior clasped his hands and smiled, “Then that’s good. with the loss of this 14,000, no matter how powerful Queen Mu Xuan is, she shouldn’t be able to turn the tables……”

I held up my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and ordered, “Clean the battlefield and calculate the battle damage!”

The group of [Zhan Long]’s members immediately delineated a spot and began cleaning the battlefield. The ones that came were the big guilds of Jiu Li City, and so the players’ equipments would naturally be of excellent quality. Especially since [Judgement] and [House Of Prestige] were among the dead, causing there to be countless Purple Tier equipments. After this ambush, [Zhan Long] players equipment would be upgraded to a higher level once again.

On the mountaintop, colorful flowers bloomed and the Guild Masters of the big guilds from Ba Huang City assembled. Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Fen Han, Soaring Dragon, Misty Cloud, Han Bei Song and the others were all here, discussing the next battle plan——

Yan Zhao Warrior held his long sword in his arms and spoke, “The calculation of the battle damage is out. For the last 2 hours of battle at Bowl Valley, a total of 77,000 Jiu Li City’s players have been slaughtered. They were all elite players. On our side, a total of 32,000 people participated in the battle and we lost 10,900 men with [Enemies At The Gate] and [Zhan Long] suffering the heaviest losses. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, how many people of Zhan Long are still at our disposal?”

I sat on a crimson mountain rock, twisted my lips and answered, “Zhan Long still has 2017 people……”

Yan Zhao Warrior smiled apologetically, “Yeah, Thank you for your effort. If there was no [Zhan Long], I am afraid we would be not have been able to gain a complete victory in Bowl Valley. The elite strength of Jiu Li City has been foiled, and the only opponent left is [Legend]. Although [Legend] claims to have 50,000 online players, they must have lost more than half of their strength after the melee that happened previously. They should only have a maximum of 25,000 players. Therefore, we just need to annihilate [Legend] to gain victory in this City War!

Jian Feng Han uttered, “Let me interrupt for a second. Actually, Jiu Li City still has 77,000 in the city war map. Our Ba Huang City has only 34,000 people remaining. The difference between the number of people is very great. Plus, the last NPC battle will definitely be extremely difficult.”

Yan Zhao Warrior nodded, “I know, but we must target [Legend]. Albeit the guilds of our Ba Huang City have all conserved a minimum amount of strength, they might not be the opponent of [Legend] even if their forces are all combined. Such self-awareness is necessary. We must fight one more uphill battle to gain the final victory.”

Misty Cloud spoke, “You’ve said so much, how about telling us the next step. Otherwise, it would still be useless no matter what you say.”

I uttered, “Let’s rest for a while and reorganize ourselves; then head back to Fort Zi Feng and await the chance to battle again. After the battle at Bowl Valley, the few big guilds of Jiu Li City have been destroyed. They must be terrified and appalled. Even Fang Ge Que must have some reservations after that battle. Therefore, tonight will be the greatest chance for us to annihilate the small guilds in Jiu Li City. Send a guild to watch and tie down the major force of [Legend]. The rest of the major guilds will kill more enemies, and turn back our disadvantage on the number of people.

Yan Zhao Warrior guffawed and said, “Yeah. This should be the solution that doesn’t really count as a solution. However, who will be restraining [Legend]?”

I laid down on the huge rock and grinned lazily, “I don’t care about that. [Zhan Long] has been slaughtered until only 2000 people remain, so don’t even think of making us, [Zhan Long], restrain [Legend]. Otherwise, we will all run in the front of Fang Ge Que and gift him with points…….”

“You win……” Yan Zhao smiled speechlessly and said, “[Zhan Long] has won every battle and is an indispensable strength of Ba Huang City, so we won’t ask you guys to tie down [Legend]. How about……..”

With a sudden “Shua” sound, Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han, Misty Cloud and Han Bei Song, the four people, simultaneously directed their eyes towards Soaring Dragon, the Guild Master of [Flying Dragon]. Soaring Dragon immediately shuddered and exclaimed, “What the f*ck. Why do I have a feeling that I am being eyed……. You guys, are you guys seriously thinking of making [Flying Dragon] tie down [Legend]? That’s the strongest guild in the China Server!! [Flying Dragon] is only ranked 13. This is unreasonable!!”

Yan Zhao Warrior burst out in laughter and said, “Guild Master Soaring Dragon, [Flying Dragon] has not been counted upon as a major force in any of the battles. Even during the battle of annihilation in Bowl Valley, you guys still acted as the characters that hide behind others, making sneak attacks. As a result, [Flying Dragon] conserved a force of 10,000 men. Among the top ten guilds in Ba Huang City, only [Flying Dragon] still possesses such powerful strength; so if you guys don’t go restrain [Legend], who else will?”

Jian Feng Han held his arms and laughed, “I know right. Plus, we are only asking you guys tie down [Legend], not making you guys fight a winless battle with [Legend]. If [Flying Dragon] can keep an eye on [Legend] and obstruct [Legend] for a few moments when they attack, giving us the time to reorganize our battle formation. This would be enough……”

Soaring Dragon muttered to himself and nodded in response, “Alright, [Flying Dragon] will accept this mission. You guys do your best and butcher all those bunnies from Jiu Li City. Don’t let them be so arrogant!”

“Yes. Of course!”

And so the few big guilds of Ba Huang City worked together in absolute sincerity again and were unprecedentedly united.

After cleaning the battlefield, the 2000 [Zhan Long] elites returned to the battlefield with extremely tired bodies. Under Zi Feng Fort, the battle of the NPCs had reached its turning point. The seven armies of Ba Huang City took turns attacking the fort. The wall on the south of Fort Zi Feng has been hit by the strikes of the catapults until it possessed the image of a beehive. It shook and cracked; It was only a matter of time before it collapses.

Holding his battle axe, Old K stood under the fort and asked, “Little Li, should we attack the fort with the NPCs?”
I shook my head, “Don’t. This is a battle of attrition between the NPCs. We don’t have to contribute manpower. Next, what [Zhan Long] needs to do is kill those Jiu Li City players wandering around the south, west, and east of the fort. This operation must be quick. Leave immediately after the killing and never stop. We must sweep across this plain like a tornado, and devour as many points as we can. Even if we lose this city war, we can’t lose to Jiu Li City in terms of our determination!”

Old K nodded and replied, “Okay. I got it!”

Qing Qian winked and asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, there is a Lv 3 guild from Jiu Li City located directly west from us and 1000 yards away from us. It seems to have about 700 people. Should we wipe them out?”

“Yes. Let’s set off under the cover of darkness!”


Drawing out my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword, I held up both of my swords and led the [Zhan Long] elite teams into the darkness. A few minutes later, the sound of the clashes coming from the west of the fort thundered out. Within ten minutes, [Zhan Long] devoured these 700 people like wolves and tigers, and there were almost no losses incurred. The ones that survived until now are all elite players. The top-notch players like me, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and Matcha, are all on the frontline. It would be extremely difficult to kill any one of us. Plus, they fought against us in fear, without any urge to battle.

“Brother Xiao Yao, there is a team with around 1100 people at 25 degrees northwest, 1200 yards away from us. Should we slaughter them? It’s a guild ranked 21 in Jiu Li City!” Qing Qian continued to maintain her ability of giving us the most accurate information.

I nodded, “Kill. Except for [Legend], we, the 2000 men elites of [Zhan Long], will fear nothing!”


The troops continued to advance and appeared on the plain in the mantle of night. The players on the front roared as they charged into the crowds. The defense of the rank 21 guild from Jiu Li City immediately collapsed as they were cut directly apart by [Zhan Long]’s team. They fled after the defeat, but were then pursued for a period of time. After the twenty minute battle, there was nothing left of them. [Zhan Long]’s losses were so tiny that it would just be ignored. Just casualties of at most 50 people!

As the others cleaned the battlefield of equipment and potions dropped all over the area, I held my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and stood in the middle of the wilderness. I gazed up at Fort Zi Feng in the distance. The massive lights of the fires in the fort were seen. It was already late at night. The City War has been going for 14 hours, and the battle seemed to be endless.

I opened the rankings on the city war interface, and noticed some big changes happened again——

1. Fang Ge Que [Points 2247340]

2. Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Points 2212910]

3. Ye Lai [Points 1974270]

4. Baili Ruo Feng [Points 1892650]

5. Simple [Points 1823710]

6. Jian Feng Han [Points 1812830]

7. General Li Mu [Points 1478170]

8. Mu Xuan [Points 1462560]

9. Hero Old K [Points 1444740]

10. Lu Chun Yang [Points 1392710] ……