Zhan Long

Chapter 390

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Chapter 10,000 Arrow Through the Heart

“Slaughter all of the standing [Vanguard] players!”

A roar came from the east side of the valley, as the Guild Master of [Judgement], Ye Lai, appeared and killed the group of [Vanguard] members one by one. While Jian Feng Han was holding his sword, and walking at the rear of the group, flames enveloped Ye Lai’s arm, and he roared as he struck towards Jian Feng Han’s shoulder with his battleaxe. It glowed from the radiance of [Holy Fire Cut]. Seeing this, the corner of Jian Feng Han’s lips curled up, as he sent out his blade diagonally. With a “Klang” sound, his blade touched the tip of Ye Lai’s battle axe while he slid numerous yards backwards and cleverly dodged the [Holy Fire Cut].

Ye Lai loudly laughed, and kicked Jian Feng Han.


Jian Feng Han was kicked back 10 or so meters, while Ye Lai carried his battle axe and brazenly followed up the attack with the skill, [Divine Weapon Breaker]. This was a skill that could crushing any attack, rendering the opponent unable to block it. As long as the distance and angle were right, the opponent would definitely suffer from this skill!

Jian Feng looked at the vast array of [Vanguard], they had already gone far enough. Laughing, Jian Feng Han carried his sword, and deflected the magic attack. He attacked Ye Lai at this moment, landing a [Corrupt Wolf Edge] directly onto Ye Lai’s shoulder!”

Ye Lai stepped back two steps, and Jian Feng Han attacked with another [Through the Clouds Slash]. Combined with his [Corrupt Wolf Edge], Ye Lai’s health drastically dropped while Healers frantically targeted him. He looked up at the surrounding mountains with a doubtful expression and asked, “Hmm……why does this place feels a little weird?”

Turning around, Babel Buddha nodded and said, “Guild Master, this places is surrounded by mountains, it’s a good place for annihilating enemies.”

“What’s our position?”

“We’re in the best position for being annihilated…..”

“Eh, well I’ll be. Why do I feel like we’re gonna be f*cked…..”

“I think, we should first retreat for now. We’ve gone too far for just one army!”

Beside him, the Assassin Jing Ke voiced his opinion, “No, [House of Prestige], [Appearance Alliance], [Emperor’s Blood], [Moonlit Lake], [Iced Red Tea] have all concentrated their forces here. I just won’t believe that those dejected losers can counterattack all of these people in such a short amount of time!”

“Not necessarily!”

Ye Lai’s eyes were cold, “We have to immediately retreat. We’ve been tricked this entire time. The fact that there are people from [House of Prestige] and [Appearance Alliance] here as well already says that there’s something wrong!”



The 8000 people from [Judgement] immediately prepared to charge out of the valley, only to find that the hills were already covered with countless [Vanguard] players. Jian Feng Han was only leading a small fraction of [Vanguard]’s forces. At least 3000 of [Vanguard]’s players had already finished setting up formations on the hills. Towering above all, Fallen Wolf raised his battle axe and laughed out, “Ye Lai, you actually want to escape? This Bowl Valley is Ba Huang City’s territory and you are our guest. How can we not properly welcome you? Everyone, prepare your formations for attack. Ba Huang City’s time to counter has arrived!”

In the midst of the crowd, Don’t Be Foolish raised up his long spear and pointed forward as he yelled out, “[Vanguard], advance! It’s time to avenge our fallen brothers! Kill Ye Lai and defeat [Judgement]! Ha Ha, Ye Fatty, don’t blame me for being ruthless”

Ye Lai swung his battle axe over his head and instead of showing any panic on his face, he laughed, “So it was you dumbass. Ha ha, there’s 8000 of [Judgement]’s main force here. If you want to kill us then come at us! My [Judgement] is a piece of hard bone, and I welcome Ba Huang City’s fierce tigers to try and gnaw on us. Hope you guys don’t f*cking lose your teeth!

Goodbye Tears raised his knife and was the first to start rushing down the hill. He roared, “Kill! Cut down Ye Lai first! Don’t exchange any more words with him!”

North Pole held his staff in one hand, “Damn, Monk, you’re such a dumbass. What the f*ck is a Monk like you rushing forward for? Get the f*ck back to your position and protect me. We have Swordsmen to charge out!”

Goodbye Tears didn’t look back, “My blade is too thirsty. Just slowly do your thing for a while and then we’ll discuss it!”

Ye Lai waved his battle axe, “[Judgement], Kill! Annihilate them!”


[Vanguard] and [Judgement] began to fight.

“Sha sha”

My battle boots brushed against the grass at the bottom of the valley. [Zhan Long] had been sprinting for a while. I abruptly looked back towards Gong Zi Ying. She and the rest of her guild were starting to slow down. I laughed, “Brothers! It’s time to head back! [Blood Contract] will protect us!”

At the top of the valley, Han Bei Song raised his long sword and grinned, “[Blood Contract], Charge! Help [Zhan Long] destroy those arrogant Jiu Li City bastards!”

[Blood Contract] members rushed down the side of the mountain and [Zhan Long]’s 2700+ members turned back to kill. Their morale was high. Everywhere you looked, you could see the players from Ba Huang City. The [Moonlit Lake] players suddenly all shivered. They knew that they had walked into an ambush, but they hadn’t realized exactly how many people their enemy had. They were starting to get nervous, but they still had to fight.

Outside of Bowl Valley, Bai Li Ruo Feng took 7000 [House of Prestige] members to retreat, only to be forced back in by a mass of people who plugged up the valley. A whopping 11000 players stood there, making Bai Li Ruo Feng lose all hope of retreat. His face turned green as he raised his bow and said, “What’s done is done, there’s no turning back. All we can do now is battle. Brothers, get into your formations and prepare to attack!”

In the back, there was another group of people coming to join in on the kill; it was Yan Zhao leading thousands of [Prague] members into the fray! His lips curved into a smile, “Too bad, [Legend] didn’t take the bait. Such a pity!”


“Ka Cha!”

My blade broke through the chestplate of one of the [Moonlit Lake]’s Swordsmen and I immediately lunged at him to finish the kill as my Flaming Tiger God roared out. This was destined to be a bitter battle. Even though we had surrounded our enemies in Bowl Valley, a cornered enemy is always the most fierce. On top of that, we had trapped the most elite guilds. Even [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance], and [House of Prestige] are all in the mix. One could imagine the difficulty of the task before us.

All around Bowl Valley, players from Ba Huang City kept pouring in. Even the Big Beard Guild Master showed up. These were all the people that I had gotten to come over. There were 57 small guilds and close to 200,000 people participating in this battle against Jiu Li City. The destruction of Jiu Li City’s major guilds was almost inevitable. The only thing we couldn’t make sure of was how many of Ba Huang City’s players would die as casualties of war.
I angrily hacked away with Emperor Qin’s Sword, killing another Archer, giving me 1120 more City War Points. This Archer had probably killed many people, since I only get 10% of his points yet still gained so much. On top of that, Gong Zi Ying’s [Moonlit Lake] had participated the first battle in the east, so they had killed quite a few of Ba Huang City’s players. Each and every one of them had so many points that it was shocking. If we could just kill them, then everyone’s city points would skyrocket.

As I charged forward, along with the reinforcements, [Moonlit Lake] had been basically obliterated. Gong Zi Ying and Mu Xue disappeared from the battlefield; nobody knew how they had died or who had killed them. But I had seen Old K raging around, swinging his bloody battle axe and laughing out, “Wahahahah, Gong Zi Ying had so many points!!!”

General Li Mu shook his head and said, “You brute. You don’t have any sense of tenderness….”

Wang Jian glanced over, “How can you even say that Old K doesn’t know the meaning of tenderness when you were the one who killed Mu Xuan?”

Li Mu said, “That’s not possible, how would I not know?!”

“She was killed by a [Covering Sword Slash], I saw the entire thing….”

Li Mu facepalmed, “The girl has already died, leaving the air filled with dead blossoms….”

Matcha raised her sword, “Eh, If you guys can kill people then don’t try to act cute. I’m getting goosebumps just listening to you. You all are as strong as bulls but still copy people and pretend to be artsy!”

Li Mu was speechless.


As the battle raged on, [Zhan Long] fought alongside [Blood Contract], cutting down 2000 of [Moonlit Lake]’s players. Then, they cut down another 5000 of [Iced Red Tea]’s players. They kept on advancing towards [House of Prestige]’s formation and cut right in, meeting up with [Enemies at the Gate] and [Prague]. Like that, they attacked [House of Prestige] from all three sides. The rather stable formation that they originally had was starting to unravel. One after another, the Swordsmen and Monks were being killed, leaving the long-ranged players completely defenseless to Ba Huang City’s [Vanguard]. Old K, Li Mu and Wang Jian all charged forward, making all of [House of Prestige]’s heavy armor players unable to hold our forces back!

After an hour, [House of Prestige] went from 7000 men, down to around 1000 men. Bai Li Ruo Feng’s face was practically green. No matter what, he never would’ve imagined that he’d suffer a fate like this where his guild’s destruction was due to the terrain. On top of that, anywhere within this special event’s map restricted the use of City Return Scrolls, so there was no way of escaping!

“Get ready, it’s time to kill Bai Li Ruo Feng, right?” General Lain Po asked.

I nodded, “He’s being protected by a few heavy armor type players. We can’t guarantee his death in a short time period.”

General Lian Po said, “Why don’t we force him out of the crowd and leave the rest to us. Guild Master, Bai Li Ruo Feng and a group of people are hiding near that big boulder over there, if you use [Seven Star Fragment Slash] you should be able to crush it. It’s all up to you!”

I thought about it for a moment.

I nodded, “We can probably try it out. Matcha, One Second Hero, make sure to cover for me!”


Matcha and One Second Hero carried their heavy shields to protect my front. Arrows kept missing and thudding into the shield with a “Keng keng keng”. At the same time, rays from multiple [Heal]s kept falling upon us. The health of the two Knights kept increasing, and thus weren’t killed in the barrage of long range attacks from [House of Prestige].

“I’m close enough now, move out!”

I laughed as Matcha and One Second Hero immediately moved away to my left and right side. I lashed out with a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], sending several meteors right at Bai Li Ruo Feng!


Bai Li Ruo Feng’s eyes grew cold and he immediately dodged. At that moment, the large green boulder behind him split in two with a “Peng!”. The effect from the slash was definitely destructive!

Within moments, Li Mu’s [Covering Slash], Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot] and Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox] all activated, and Bai Li Ruo Feng’s command center had turned into a sea of blood, while Bai Li Ruo Feng himself had retreated as fast as he could from his original location. He abruptly stopped under a pear tree, as he felt his hands go limp, he murmured, “Oh no!”

In the middle of a small forest, General Lian Po had been waiting for him. He brought along with him a group of [Zhan Long]’s Archers and within seconds, he had ordered them to rain arrows upon Bai Li Ruo Feng!

“pu pu pu pu,….”

Fresh blood splattered the ground as Bai Li Ruo Feng’s chest was filled with arrowheads. He was a once in a lifetime Master of Archery, only to be downed in the midst of battle by arrows. No one was even sure who had killed him!


With Bai Li Ruo Feng’s death, [House of Prestige] had been defeated and with this the Battle of Bowl Valley had been decided!