Zhan Long

Chapter 388

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Chapter 388 Boar Forest

Lowering my body slightly, I darted 5 yards forward as the brilliance of the sword enveloped me. The strike of the skill, [Blade Rush], was so quick that the Vice Guild Master of [Dao Jian Xuan] had already fallen on the ground on his knees when I swept past. His body hardened and his soul was released. The iron lance in his hand was propped on the grassland, while he knelt there dejectedly and died.

“Charge! Give up on defending, and tear them apart first! Kill them over and over again and break [Dao Jian Xuan]’s defense!”

As I was rushing and attacking, I shouted in the [Zhan Long] guild chat channel, “Li Mu and Wang Jian, give up on the defensive attack. We don’t have many people left, and the same goes for them. A purely offensive fighting style is more beneficial to us!”


On the flank, Li Mu and Wang Jian led a two thousand man team, and thundered furiously as they broke into the [Dao Jian Xuan]’s camp site. Like wolves and tigers, [Zhan Long]’s heroes crushed the defense of [Dao Jian Xuan] in almost an instant. The average strength of the [Dao Jian Xuan]’s members was probably at the level of [Soaring Dragon], so it wouldn’t have been possible for them to defend against [Zhan Long]’s attack. Since the 3000+ survivors of [Zhan Long] had experienced countless battles, every one of them was battle hardened after surviving the previous numerous attacks.

I had dashed too far ahead. Even though I attracted a large amount of firepower away from the [Zhan Long] players at the back, my health was rapidly dropping. Under the battering of arrows and magic, my health quickly dropped to 30%. Right ahead of me, a Lv 70 Swordsman came forward with his sword in hand. The energy of [Skyshaker Slash] emerged above his sword and he bellowed in anger, “Concentrate your fire and kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

My eyes flashed cold as the Guild Master rank badge appeared on his shoulder. Motherf*cker. This guy is the Guild Master of [Dao Jian Xuan]——Blade Hero!

My Cold Iron Sword swayed softly along with the wind, and as my battle boots stepped backwards, my Cold Iron Sword waved along with a force like the fallen leaves in the flowing waters, resolving the [Skyshaker Slash] easily. When facing single target attacking skills, the best way to avoid is actually controlling the distance. The attack range of a sword is 2-3 yards. If I keep the distance between me and Blade at 3 yards, then I will be able to greatly increase the percentage of dodging the [SkyShaker Slash]. If the distance is 1 yard, then I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to block his attack even if I moved away.


[Skyshaker Slash] was blocked away and Blade Hero furrowed his brow; he obviously did not expect that my control of strength would be so skillful. I then lowered my body and used [Blade Rush]. Simultaneously, my eyes swept across, noticing the 4 [Scattered Shot]s and 3 [Indigo Sea Arrow]s in the distance that were targeting me and were flying towards me. My remaining 30% health would not be able to defend against the damage caused by concentrated fire!

My arms shuddered and Shield of the Crimson Dragon burst out of the ground. It immediately lingered beside me, forming a protective shield around me. At the same time, I saw an opportunity and lifted my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword together. “Keng” A sound burst forth as my swords clashed with Blade Hero’s sword. Under the enormous force, Blade Hero tilted backwards and fell to the ground along with a “Pa” sound. The radiance of my [Blade Rush] swept past and I then tumbled away. Some dust immediately dirtied my white War Swept cloak, but it doesn’t matter since I’ve dodged many attacks. This should be enough!

I retreated and my pet advanced forward. Flaming Tiger God roared as fiery broken shields enveloped his body and it charged into the crowds, using [Burstfire Raid]. Within a short few seconds, Old K, Wolf, and Dong Cheng Lei finally arrived!


Old K held his battle axe and yelled, “Motherfucking assholes, Look what you guys have done to our little Li in such a short moment! Brothers, Go! Fight for the Guild Master of [Zhan Long]!”

Old K’s furious voice thundered, and his battle axe spun. [Whirlwind Slash] immediately swept across the crowds, and slashed the group of [Dao Jian Xuan]’s players into the sky. Dong Cheng Lei angrily roared and struck in rage, tearing the group of people into pieces before they reached the ground. Yue Qing Qian opened her fair hand, and the murderous [Grip of the Firefox] darted out and blasted the crowds. Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot] went along, and many people were killed instantly.

“Guild Master!”

Dancing Forest cast a smile at me from afar and said, “When you want to kill that Blade Hero from [Dao Jian Xuan], check for my signal…….”

I nodded. Old K, Wolf, Dong Cheng Lei and the others charged together, and messed up the enemy’s front line with their attacks. One Second Hero held his long spear, and darted forward with great force. He was then trapped in the siege. He abruptly lifted his head and seven or eight iron arrows shot into his face. He was stunned. Widening his eyes, he screamed, “F*ck you all! This guild really likes concentrating firepower. Oh, I won’t live long…… “


A cold arrow flew past the tip of One Second Hero’s nose and struck the Swordsman behind him with a “Pa” sound heard. It was Dancing Forest’s [Scattered Shot], and successfully stunned the Swordsman. Blade Hero originally decided to kill One Second Hero, this flagbearer of [Zhan Long], but he did not expect that when the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of oriole behind. Dancing Forest’s [Scattered Shot] had imperceptibly targeted him!
TLN: the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of oriole behind. An idiom that means “To pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger.”

“Light him up” Li Mu yelled, raising his sword from 15 yards away, he began to attack Blade Hero.

I also opened my hand, syncing with Li Mu’s attack pattern, sending out a [Great Realm of Desolation]. Together the attacks hit 刀剑英雄, not giving him any chance to heal!

“Bang! Bang!” As the sound of our hits resided outwards. 刀剑英雄 trembled as two large damage numbers appeared over his head——


Combined with the might of Dancing Forest’s [Scattered Shot], there was no avoiding death. 直接 kneeled onto the ground. With this, [Dao Jian Xuan]’s Guild Master and Vice Guild Master were dealt with. In the ensuing chaos, the remaining elders and squad leaders became the targets of [Zhan Long]’s onslaught. Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang, and Wolf continued to kill 3 of the 4 elders. The other elder had already been killed by [Vanguard].

The might of [Zhan Long]’s three forces was like 3 pairs of scissors rapidly cutting paper. After 7 to 8 times of repeated charges, our attacks left their people completed decimated. Their groups were largely scattered about with absolutely no power to resist, even if they wanted to kill a single player it would be impossible. After a short period of only less than 20 minutes, [Dao Jian Xuan] was completely decimated, leaving behind 1000+ corpses and 200 members frantically running to escape.

Battle finished!

With the ground littered with corpses, the air reeked of the smell of blood. My Emperor Qin’s Sword was covered in blood, “ Pa Pa” as the leaves swayed on the grass. Li Mu walked up and reported, “After sweeping through the battle field, they still have roughly 200 players who escaped, should we send someone to chase them?”

I shook my head and said, “Forget it, It’s best not to chase after a cornered enemy….. let’s account for the losses we’ve suffered from this battle….”

Matcha picked up her sword and walked over, “There’s no need. We still have 3017 alive. In other words, we lost 549 men in the battle just now. Boss, the more we battle the more we lose….”

I took a deep breath and said, “Of course the more we battle the less men we have. Get ready to set out, we’ll continue to roam around the plains, and look for a small Jiu Li City force. The more we kill the more likely Ba Huang City will win!”

“Got it.”

Matcha looked at a body on the ground and said, “[Dao Jian Xuan] has pretty much already been completely dealt with. We’ll probably reach our limit if we fight against one or two more of the main guilds….”

I smiled, “Yea, no matter what happens, we’ve already gained a lot from this battle. At least we were able to kill a Valkyrie Tier Boss.”

“That’s true…..”

At that moment, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands slowly landed on the ground. She raised a hand and pointed east and yelled out, “Guild Master, there are people coming from the east. All of their names are red, they must be from Jiu Li City!”

“How many people?”

“Looks to be around 3000+ people. They might even have more than 4000!”

“F*ck, that many. What guild is it…..”

“[Moonlit Lake]!”


I grunted then raised a fist, “[Zhan Long]’s luck isn’t too shabby, we’ve found another one of Jiu Li City’s main guilds. [Moonlit Lake] is ranked 7th in Jiu Li City. They have 40,000 people, even more than [Dao Jian Xue] or [Emperor’s Blood]. The forums say that the Guild Master for [Moonlit Lake] and the Vice Guild Master are both beauties. Later, you all better not show mercy….”

Old K grinned and said, “Don’t worry. The City War Points are most important, even if it means killing them. I’ll just find a chance to apologize later!”

Qing Qian asked, “Then…. how exactly are we going to fight?”

I examined the map, then pointed towards the South, “There’s a bunch of bramble over there called Boar Forest. The under growth’s geography is extremely good for fighting in battle formations. We’ve already suffered great losses to our close combat division. How about this, we’ll enter Boar Forest, and fight a formation battle against Moonlight Forest. After 10 minutes, we’ll take them towards Bowl Valley, and meet up with the other Ba Huang City guilds and fight in the final battle!”

Li Mu help up a fist with a smile, “Ok, Guild Master gave the order! Everyone, we’ll set out west immediately!”


[Zhan Long]’s 3000 men started advancing towards the south. As if seeing [Zhan Long]’s movement, the 4000 men from [Moonlit Lake] started to chase us hurriedly from afar. Just as I had expected, after Jiu Li City’s men obliterated almost half of Ba Huang City’s manpower at the fort’s walls, they became overconfident and seemed to have completely forgotten about [Zhan Long]’s advancement.

Inside Boar Forest, the whole place was covered in thorns and shrubs.

“Ow, these thorns are killing me…” from the moment Old K entered the forest, he was constantly crying out. “ Darling Duck, give me some healing, I lost some health…”

Darling Duck retorted, “ You’ve only lost about 7% , why get so worked up about it?”

“It’s still 1000 health…”

I laughed out loudly, “Everyone, form defensive arrays behind the undergrowth. If [Moonlit Lake]’s players want to attack, then they’ll have to suffer damage from the thorns. Their frontline will probably only have 50% health left by the time they get to us. All Mages, Archers, and Musketeers, you guys are the main players of this war. All heavy armor classes find a good place to camp. Walking around would be committing suicide. Prepare for engagement!”

Matcha and One Second Hero stood in front of everyone, holding their ground and setting up defensive stances.

I looked from afar, only 3 minutes until they reached us. Let’s see what they will do about their surroundings.

Holding my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I withstood the pain from the thorns stabbing into skin that wasn’t protected by my armor. I walked along [Zhan Long]’s frontline to get to the other side of Boar Forest’s undergrowth. I could hear “Hu Hu” from afar; I had a feeling that the sound was familiar. After I pushed away some leaves, I suddenly saw a group of——