Zhan Long

Chapter 387

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Chapter 387 Battle Against [Dao Jian Xuan]

Jian Feng Han’s expression became determined. He lifted his longsword and growled, “Alright. [Vanguard] will trust you this one time and follow your battle strategy. Now get ready to carry it out!”

Yan Zhao Warrior nodded in agreement, “Okay. Then it’s decided. Let’s wait for the fish to take the bait!”

Misty Clouds replied as well, “Yeah. [Enemy at the Gate]’s 11,000 elites await your command.”

I nodded, “That’s great! Then we’ll act according to the plan. Give me some time to gather the [Zhan Long] members together.”


In the distance at Hell’s Core, clouds of dust began to billow as the sounds of killing shook heaven and earth. [Prague] and [Vanguard] both began cruising through the plain, luring the enemies in circles. Yan Zhao Warrior and Jian Feng Han were both intelligent men. If we fought according to plan, they shouldn’t encounter any major problems.

[House of Prestige], [Judgment], [Appearance Alliance], [Diao Jian Xuan], and [Moonlit Lake] each began to chase down their respective targets, each in formations of over ten thousand men, ready to strike. During this phase of the war, anyone with less than 1000 men in their teams would definitely not have the courage to leave the protection of their respective NPC army.
In this virtual world, the brutality of war was laid bare before us.

“What do we do now?”

Li Mu held his sword and asked, “Since we already have a plan, should we go and set up an ambush at Bowl Valley?”

“Don’t……” I hastily said, “That’s too obvious, we can’t set up any ambushes there. Given Jiu Li City’s great size, there must also be many smart people out there. Even if the pursuing armies are swollen with victory that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t see through our battle plans. I am thinking that we should set up ambushes in the thick shrubbery and thorny undergrowth around Bowl Valley to confuse them. The players of Jiu Li City will definitely be confused. That way, they would never be able to guess that we would set the battle in Bowl Valley!”

Li Mu nodded, “Okay!”

Wang Jian smiled, “This is the first time I’ve felt like we’ve taken the initiative in battle. Brother Xiao Yao, what’s next? What should we do?”

“Gather the troops. We will pursue and kill the small teams from Jiu Li City, and slowly advance towards Bowl Valley. We’re setting the time of battle to be an hour from now. Li Mu, go make the arrangements with all of the Guild Masters of the super guilds. Tell them: in one hour, that is, tonight at 10:20pm, every force must cross into Bowl Valley. This is the first decisive battle between the players from Ba Huang City and the players from Jiu Li City. Li Mu, you take Wang Jian, Qing Qian and Wolf to gather the troops. I am going to trick the members of the remaining small guilds into becoming the troops responsible for misleading the enemies!”

“Yes. Alright!”

Sheathing my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I ran forward towards the South Gate of Fort Zi Feng. A hoard of players from Ba Huang City were gathering at the gates to provide nominal aid to the NPC army attacking the city. In actuality, they were forced there by Jiu Li City’s powerful attack and oppression; they had no choice but to seek the protection of the NPC army.

Raising my arm, I yelled loudly at the crowds, “Brothers from Ba Huang City, do you actually want to just sit here and wait for death? Once [Legend], [Judgement], [House of Prestige], and the other guilds from Jiu Li City annihilate [Zhan Long], [Vanguard] and [Prague], their next target will be all of you. They will crush every single one of you along with the seven big armies of Ba Huang City and we will lose this City War. As men, are you all just going to hole up here?”

The group of people stared at me blankly and I smiled and shouted, “Players with the rank of Guild Master, please come to me. We, [Zhan Long], have a request that I hope you will agree to!”

Soon, dozens of Guild Masters stepped out and more kept coming forward. Not long after, fifty seven of them were assembled around me. The fact so many people responded to my call proved that [Zhan Long]’s reputation in Ba Huang City was extremely good, otherwise it was possible that nobody would come forth. Of course, it was more likely due to the fact that I claimed third place in the [Rise of Heroes] Tournament, only ranked below Fang Ge Que and Cang Tong, that people came. I had reached the pinnacle of popularity, so much that people thought of me as the top player of Ba Huang city.

“Speak, Guild Master Xiao Yao. What do you want us to do?” An axe wielding player with a big beard patted his chest and said, “No one here is afraid of death, but we have no desire to join the team battles on the plain. That is a battle destined to fail. There’s no point in us joining. I do not wish to see my brothers go on a suicide mission.”

With a nod, I said, “Actually, the thing we want you guys to do is very simple. [Zhan Long], [Prague], [Vanguard], [Enemies At The Gate], and the other major guilds have organized a battle plan to counterattack, and we need your to help with an ambush. I hope that all of you will participate. The plan is for you all to divide into four teams, prepare an ambush in four different locations on the west side of Fort Zi Feng, and wait for the opportunity to strike. Once the people from Jiu Li City arrive, immediately attack. If they don’t come, you guys are at least troops deployed to mislead the enemy.”

The big beard nodded, “Okay, can you tell us the locations of ambush?”

I laid out a big map, pointed at the four red dots on the map and said “Here. It’s a thorn forest that can hide around 20,000-50,000 people. The first team will go there. There’s a low-lying basin that can hide around 10,000 men. The second team will go over there. Here we have a very vast area full of shrubbery that would have no problem in hiding 100,000 people. At least 50,000 men should be dispatched to control the situation of the war at this location. The last location is here, at the border of this body of water. Send 10,000-20,000 men to hide among the reeds and wait to ambush. Remember these four sets of coordinates. As for the method of attack, you guys plan it yourselves; I have to go direct [Zhan Long]. Everyone, do your best, even if it’s not for Ba Huang City, at least do it for a thrilling battle in this city war!

“Alright!” Big beard and the group of Guild Masters nodded and it was settled.

I friended Big Beard and the Guild Masters of a few main guilds. Roughly estimating, in addition to these guilds ambushing at the four areas, Ba Huang City has invested in this plan a total force of more than 200,000 men. Fighting against [Legend], [Judgement], and [House Of Prestige] with this number of troops, they should be honored that we gave them so much face. Of course, only if everything goes smoothly.

Carrying the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I returned to [Zhan Long]’s position. The 3500 members of [Zhan Long] were already in their formations. Many people that just got online were bewildered and had no idea of the current in-game situation. I stepped on a small soil mound, lifted my Emperor Qin’s Sword and shouted, “Everyone, quiet for a moment!”

Hearing my command, the crowd quickly quieted. I pointed towards the east with my sword and said, “There in the Moonlight Forest, our Ba Huang City’s [Vanguard], [Prague], and other super guilds were besieged. We lost half of our power, tilting the balance entirely towards Jiu Li City in the City War. However, we cannot give up, not until the last second. No one can predict who will win this war! Next, all of [Zhan Long] advance to the frontline. Strive with all your effort and attack with me! ‘Clear’ every blockage in our path!”

Li Mu drew his sword, “Prepare for battle!”

The multitudes all drew out their weapons, got into formation and immediately set off!

The formation spread out, and 3500 people went forward with great strength and vigor. Li Mu and Old K led their teams and rushed at the forefront, speedily crushing a few hundred-man teams from Jiu Li City. Small formations, like hundred-man teams, would not be able to withstand even a few minutes before getting annihilated.

After crossing through the plains, forests, hills, and shrubbery began to appear in front of us. This junction between Jiu Li City and Ba Huang City had a complicated topography and would cause this battle to become even more confusing.


Sister Matcha soared in the sky, pointing at the south with her sword and exclaimed, “Quick, look! There’s a group of people pursuing and killing our Ba Huang City’s people. The ones being pursued seem to be a either a hundred or two-hundred man team from [Wrath of the Heroes]. The pursuers are……err, Jiu Li City’s guild, [Dao Jian Xuan] with around 2000 men in total!”

I gnashed my teeth and said, [Dao Jian Xuan] is the guild ranked five in Jiu Li City. All of [Zhan Long], attack with me and crush them! Notify the [Wrath of the Heroes]’s team of a hundred men to stop running and defend from where they stand. Tell them, also, to stay and wait to make a simultaneous frontal and rear assault in conjunction with us. I will lead 1000 of [Zhan Long]’s men and attack from the front, while Li Mu will lead 1000 men from [Valiant Bravery] to attack from the left. Wang Jian will lead a troop of another 1000 men from our first division in an attack from the right. It’s best we annihilate them as quickly as possible. The most elite forces of [Dao Jian Xuan] should be located here. Report the location coordinates of [Dao Jian Xuan]’s Guild Master at all times and kill him first!”

Li Mu and Wang Jian nodded their heads together, “Heh, Understood!”

The [Zhan Long] team rapidly separated into three parts, looking like the Emperor of the Sea, Neptune’s trident, with me as the sharpest and tallest point. I held up my sword with both hands and charged fiercely at the forefront while my Flaming Tiger God roared and followed me closely. Behind me, Old K, Wolf, Yue Qing Qian, Matcha, and the other elites of [Zhan Long] rushed forward together!


The killing sounds that shook the heavens echoed through the air. The players of [Dao Jian Xuan] stood still, and started preparing their defenses. Amid the crowds, a Lv 70 Knight holding his spear proudly spoke, “It’s the entire forces of [Zhan Long]. Ha Ha, [Dao Jian Xuan] has good luck. We actually encountered [Zhan Long], the bone that is difficult to gnaw. Brothers, Ba Huang City’s fighting spirit has been broken by our merciless massacre. Go, and butcher these homeless dogs. Even if it’s [Zhan Long], we will still tear them into pieces!”

It wasn’t a nobody, but the Vice Guild Master of [Dao Jian Xuan]——Iron Courage!

“Brother Xiao Yao!” Yue Qing Qian darted forward while smiling, “I will rush in front later and stun Iron Courage, and use [Combo] + skills to kill him instantly. Humph, humph. Charging so close. He totally wants to die!”

“Yeah!” I nodded. True enough, [Dao Jian Xuan] had become arrogant with victory. Rushing here like this was truly suicidal!


Qing Qian suddenly increased her speed using the skill, [Absolute Step], and her whole body was as fast as a phantom. I immediately used [Haste] and dashed forward along with her. Two shadows, one speedy and one slow, swept across. Yue Qing Qian’s meticulousness in her controls was extremely shocking. “Pa” the sound of the leather shoes dragging a long line on the grassland was heard as Yue Qing Qian suddenly moved away in a zigzag pattern, dodging Iron Courage’s attack. With a swing of her dagger, the skill, [Gouge], appeared while she slid behind Iron Courage and thrusted twice, adding another [Back Stab]!

I lifted my sword and rushed forward. Before Iron Courage recovered from the [Stun], my combo skills burst out and both of my swords slashed continuously. In just one round, Iron Courage’s health instantly dropped to the bottom!

“Pa Da……”

Falling to the ground on his knees, Iron Courage glared with widening eyes. He absolutely did not expect himself to be killed so quickly and violently.