Zhan Long

Chapter 384

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Chapter 384 Hero’s Skull

[War Swept Cloak] (Valkyrie Tier)

Defence: 620

Attack: +74

Stamina: +71

Agility: +70

Additional: Increase damage by 11%

Additional: Increase magic resistance by 33%

Special effects: [Ride the Wind], increase movement speed by 15%

Required Level: 75
I donned the [War Swept Cloak] and laughed, “How do I look? Does my orange Valkyrie Tier armor match with my white war cloak?”

Qing Qian pouted her small mouth and said, “Very handsome, you look so complete..”

Li Mu continued, “Damn, the Guild Master is about to take the equipment without even rolling for it. Well, I guess this equipment was bound to be yours; you have the highest level, and possess the most guild points. Hurry up and use your points, I want to see your equipment stats.”

I laughed out loud and glanced at my experience bar: Lv 74 with 25% filled. Huge war events really do give large amounts of experience. No wonder my experience bar jumped so quickly, just a bit more and I’ll be level 75. I’ll soon be able to equip the [War Swept Cloak]. Since I’m not in a rush, I’ll just put it back into my inventory.

A war cloak that increases Movement Speed by as significant an amount as 15% is just too hard to come by. The importance of Movement Speed is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to melee players. Superior movement speed will allow for greater ease when initiating chases and escaping dangerous situations.

‘Plop!’ The [War Swept Cloak] was placed in my inventory. The third piece of equipment was a gorgeous necklace with a malicious golden skull pendant

[Hero’s Skull] (Valkyrie Tier)

Strength: +72

Stamina: +70

Intelligence: +67

Additional: Increase user attack by 14%

Additional: Increase user Max HP by 1800

Special Effects: [Death’s Determination], When HP falls below 50%, attack increases by 5%. When HP Falls below 20%, attack increases by 10%. When HP Falls below 10%, attack increases by 20%. Effect lasts until the user’s death.

Required Level: 75

“F***….” Ran Min widened his eyes, Th…these stats are just too OP. I love special effects like [Battle Death Will] – the lower your HP, the stronger you get…tsk,tsk.

General Li Mu was in shock, “Damn, looks like I can’t even fight for this too. Ran Min, are you certain you want this necklace?”

Ran Min nodded, “Brother Li Mu, we have the same amount of Guild points, but I really need the necklace. How about this – you give me the necklace, and I’ll… I’ll give you all of Matcha’s three sizes in exchange…”

General Li Mu replied indifferently, “Do you think I’m that type of person? Hmph, lets not talk any further Ran Min, I’ll roll for it til death with you unless you give me the information on all the girls in Zhan Long.

Ran Min slapped his thigh, “Deal, [Hero’s Skull] is mine!”

Qing Qian rolled her eyes, “Why do I feel like I was just sold off?”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands and Darling both nodded, “mutual feeling +1….”
Just like this, the transaction concluded. After deducting half of Ran Min’s Guild points, [Hero’s Skull] was transferred into his inventory. All together, after increasing his health points by 1800, Ran Min’s max health totaled to over 7000 HP. Due to the substantial increase in attack as his health decreases, Ran Min thus received a huge upgrade in his offensive power. This will be especially useful in dire straits, as this necklace can give the opportunity to turn the situation around, allowing Ran Min to rampage like a beast, without regard for his HP.

There was still a Guild Creation Tablet, I looked at it and asked, “So what do we do with the Guild Creation Tablet?”

Wang Jian laughed and said, “Xiao Yao Brother, I suggest we use this Guild Creation Tablet to set up Zhan Long Second Division, with that, we do not need to purchase another one from others.”

I thought about it, smiled and replied, “Well then, who do you think is most suitable to be Guild Master of Zhan Long Second Division?”

“I would like to nominate someone” Li Mu replied.

“Who is it?” I asked.

Li Mu smiled, “Fox! His reputation as a Vice Guild Master is pretty good, enough for him to take charge of the logistics. Besides, it’s not necessary for the second division to take charge of our main attack, therefore Fox can lead the second division onto a production path… and finally the most important thing…”

General Li Mu looked down and laughed out, “Damn, our First Division is being led by Wang Jian who originally belongs to us [Valiant Bravery] , the Second Division ought to be led by your own [Zhan Long] studio members, this way, the lifeline of [Zhan Long] is in the hands of the 2 of us. Xiao Yao, as long as we do not die, [Zhan Long] will always be [Zhan Long], it will never walk down the path that leads us to destruction, do you agree?”

I nodded, “Yes, we’ll go with your suggestion – Fox shall be the Guild Master of the Second Division. Today we will set up our second division, in fact, we are already establishing kind of late. A lot of other guilds have already started on their 6th and 7th divisions, how else would they be able to contain tens of thousands of players.”


Fox and I had a private chat and without further ado, Fox removed his Vice Guild Master badge, and took the Guild Creation Tablet as well as some gold to create the guild. Within a few minutes, [Zhan Long: Second Division] was formed after becoming allied to the main guild, but labeling itself as part of the Zhan Long Family. Fox then went on to accept the excess [Zhan Long] members. With at least 100 members in the guild, they could participate in war events and thus receive experience and prizes.

“Ka Cha…”

The ground trembled, in the distance, the huge gates south of Fort Zi Feng opened slowly. 2 giant beasts, that were leashed to metal harnesses and roaring unceasingly, appeared before the gates. A barbarian clad in a set of black armor was whipping the 2 beasts continuously, hurrying them to open the gates. As the heavy gates slowly lifted open, a ray of light shone on what seemed to be a group of fully equipped barbarians holding up axes, lances, bows, and arrows waiting to move out.

“F***…” Li Mu laughed out loud, “Looks like Fort Zi Feng’s neutral area is ready to counter attack.”


I nodded, turned around, and shouted, “Everybody move out to the front line immediately, get ready to face the barbarians’ rush!”
[Zhan Long]’s members quickly reorganized. As we had lost a lot of members previously, we needed to reallocate our forces. A long line of melee fighters were on the frontlines, secondary aids were forming up behind, all pets were ready for battle. Over 3700 [Zhan Long] members immediately reorganized their formation. [Prague], who were always one step ahead, for once, paled in comparison.

Dead bodies of residents from Ba Huang City were hanging on the walls. A barbarian was even holding onto a freshly decapitated head dripping with blood, throwing it down the wall as he laughed loudly, “ Do you ants from Ba Huang City really think that you would be able to penetrate the thick walls of Fort Zi Feng? Dream on! Luo Lei, if I were you, I would return to Ba Huang City and prepare 8000 beauties to present to Fort Zi Fen; at least you can still enjoy a prosperous life as the the Northeast Border King.”

From afar, Duke Luo Lei was trembling, he suddenly unsheathed his sword and shouted, “Ba Huang City, continue to attack! I doubt these barbarians can withstand our oppression. Set up our catapults to destroy their fortress, calvary, get ready to attack! Forgotten Sea, Dragon City force, get ready to move out, protect your honor as our trump cards!

Amongst the crowd, a young warrior holding onto a giant blade said, “My Lord, don’t worry, I will definitely subdue this city, if not I’ll present my head to you”

This was none other than Ba Huang City’s first division commander, Forgotten Sea, who could be one of the strongest NPCs in Ba Huang City.


The gates were fully opened. From within Fort Zi Feng, a dense crowd of barbarians could be seen rushing out and forming a line outside the fort, getting ready to counter attack. They were all panting heavily, their bloodshot eyes filled with malice as they stared at the human army ahead of them. They were prepared for war. Showing no signs of fear, since they were, after all, barbarians. Since birth, this had been their nature.

“For the King!”

A barbarian raised his halberd and shouted, “For the pride of us barbarians, charge ahead, smash these ignorant humans, flatten them! Let us rise above this continent, and show those that despise us who is the true king!”

A group of barbarians roared as they charged, waving their polearms and swords. A flood of barbarians could be seen forcing their way towards the front, ground trembling as they moved.

With a glance, I spoke in the guild chat, “Dark Barbarians, Lv 80 monsters, basic attack 2700-2900. Health 16,000. Skills: [Axe Rush] and [Skyshaker Slash]. Brothers at the frontline please be careful during defense and offense. Avoid colliding with big groups of barbarians, you really will die. Alright, let the battle begin! Archers, get ready to shoot! Slow their attacking speed to interrupt their attacking rhythm while the rest of the other classes prioritize skills with status effects; Those that can slow them, slow them while those with skills that Weaken, cast them!”

Before I even finished talking, [Scattered Shot]s, [Pillar of Fire & Ice]s and other skills already flew out from the [Zhan Long] group. “Pu pu pu” they fell upon the group of barbarians while I dashed 10 yards forward as the sole player leading the frontline. By attracting much of the attacks, I was able to lessen the amount pressure on the frontline. Of course, my main goal was to get some experience so I could level up to 75. That way I could equip the Lv 75 Valkyrie Tier cloak. Ever since I’ve started playing this game, I’ve never equipped a white cloak before. This would be the first time. I wonder how handsome I will look.

Using Dong Cheng’s words —— There’s no point in looking so sharp as long as you’re sufficiently handsome.


My [Seven Star Fragment Slash] cut through the crowd of Dark Barbarians. With a flick of my wrist, I activated [Soul Army] and [Black Tortoise Realm] around me; doing my best to decrease the barrage of attacks. Reaching behind me, I unsheathed my Cold Iron Sword and sliced forward several times. With the support of my Flaming Tiger God, I cut down one barbarian. Indeed, this scum had godly strength and a lot of health, but their defense was just average.

“Peng peng peng……”

Behind me, a team of barbarians rammed against our [Zhan Long] frontline. Everyone did their best to hold their positions. In the distance, [Blood Contract] and [Enemies at the Gate] had also successively organized a front to resist the oncoming forces

I violently thrust my sword forward, then glanced at the dashboard for the City War statistics. The top ten players with the most city war points were listed. As expected, I had already placed among the top ten——

1. Fang Ge Que [Points 1737380]

2. Simple [Points 1673770]

3. Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Points 1652930]

4. Bai Li Ruo Feng [1562660]

5. Jian Feng Han [Points 1342880]

6. Mu Xuan [Points 1294870]

7. Ye Lai [Points 1242770]

8. Lu Chun Yang [Points 1182720]

9. General Li Mu [Points 994770]

10. Old K [Points 974720]