Zhan Long

Chapter 383

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Chapter 383 Those who deserve it, Will be Rewarded

The Boss only had 10% of its health left while [Zhan Long] as well as several other small guilds were all launching organized attacks. We pushed the remaining Jiu Li City soldiers to the side, focusing on the core BOSS General Qin Hai.


As General Qin Hai became enraged, he sent out a slash instantly turning a small group of Ba Huang City into ash. Even though the BOSS was being attacked from all sides, he also managed to kill many people. But now, his health was finally almost gone!


General Angela put her long sword back into its sheath and mounted her horse once more, “Qin Hai, looks like the number of people who want to kill you is too great. It seems like I don’t even have to do anything this time. See ya! Jiu Li City’s All Terrain Army, you guys are already history!”

Qin Hai furiously roared, and raised his long sword. Another blow fell upon a group of players, but he still coughed up blood from exerting energy. The amount of players was just too much!

“Sha Sha…”

Holding my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I dashed through the group and charged forward. Li Mu, Wang Jiang, and Matcha waited for the others to catch up. Yue Qing Qian, on the other hand, softly called out, “Dancing Forest, try to lead the BOSS to us!”

Dancing Forest nodded and pulled back her long bow, sending out a [Triple Shot] and a [Meteor Shot].


The [Meteor Shot] sent out a ball of fire as 4 big damage numbers popped up. Qin Hai roared again and immediately raised his sword as he rushed forward. Li Mu, with a wave of his sword, commanded “ Containment squads, go!”

Suddenly, a group of Monks carrying shields came forward, and surrounded the boss, preventing it from moving any further. Thousand Suns had been waiting for this exact moment to lead the players, and carry out an attack. The battlefield went into chaos!


My Emperor Qin’s Sword sent out a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], hitting the boss. Opening my hand, I locked onto the BOSS with [Great Realm of Desolation], pulling the aggro right to me. I swiftly leapt backwards into the grass with [Camouflage], losing all of the aggro. You Yi continued to kill players in the plains, while I wait

The results of the BOSS’s attack was devastating; he massacred so many people. I directed all of my attacks at the BOSS while also protecting the other players. I couldn’t let up, or else all of [Zhan Long] would be annihilated!

Many other players perished as [Zhan Long]’s members kept their distance and provided support. Playing on the safe side, we could deal more damage to the BOSS as a whole. The experience received by everyone was not small however the target of this competition was making the last hit. The killer would receive 50% of the experience from a Lv 90 Valkyrie Tier Boss! Even though the losing 20 of our players was the price, the bounty of experience one could get for killing the BOSS was too tempting to refuse.

“When are we making our move?” Li Mu asked.

Looking into the distance, I replied, “ [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Flying Dragon] will probably also send people over and it’s bound to become a messy battle! In a while, you, General Wang Jian and Old K will attack rush the BOSS when its health drops to 1%. I will not participate in the rush, but will instead focus on the BOSS, grabbing all the items that drop!”

Li Mu grinned: “Well, these types of things are usually our job, but are you certain we can rush at 1%?”

“Yup, This BOSS has around 2,000,000 Health, 1% would be about 20,000”


Not far away, [Prague]’s Vice Guild Master Heaven’s Hero was waiting with a group of players for the opportunity to attack. In the opposite direction, [Wrath of the Heroes]’s Dawn Hero led about 100 people to wait for BOSS’s health to decrease more. Another group of mindless small Ba Huang guilds also joined in. Seeing the BOSS’s health drop below 10%, they already lost all inhibition and just rushed out.






The moment the BOSS’s health dropped to 3%, a sudden change occurred. Heaven’s Hero suddenly roared, “Men, Steal the BOSS, Qin Hai is ours!”

A group of 50 heavy armor players carrying shields moved in front of [Zhan Long], the sounds of shields banging the floor echoed,“Bang bang bang”. Within moment, they formed a defense formation.

Was this… was this to block the path between me and the BOSS? Did they want to steal the BOSS?

Li Mu raised a fist in anger, “What’s the meaning of this Heaven’s Hero? Are you not letting [Zhan Long] kill this BOSS?”

Heaven’s Hero didn’t respond, but instead raised his longsword and roared out, “[Prague], use everything you have to kill off this BOSS! We, [Prague], will become the first guild in this battle to kill a BOSS!”


I pulled out my Cold Iron Sword and furiously shouted, “I won’t allow that! Ah Lei, break that formation! Old K, destroy them! Everyone else, charge with me! We’re almost there! If we just break through [Prague]’s blockade, we’ll be able to kill the BOSS in one go!”

At that moment, Qin Hai seemed to follow my command, and threw a slash of sword energy into the crowd of people. All of the Knights had their health cut in half. Even if they activated [Heavenly Shield Wall], they still wouldn’t be able to block the Lv 90 Valkyrie Tier BOSS’s attack.

Dong Cheng Lei roared out, then lifted his battle axe, and lunged forward. The blade swept forward and “Peng!”, seven to eight of the shields seemed to all get blown away. That [Super Strength] of his far surpassed the expectations of most players. Dong Cheng Lei broke through the defense formation while Old K immediately rushed in with a [Whirlwind Blade]. Li Mu, Wang Jian and the rest also took the chance to break into the formation. I immediately followed Dong Cheng Lei as my two swords danced around. “Pu pu pu” I cut apart the Knights of [Prague]. In the blink of an eye, I killed seven to eight people, and dashed straight at the BOSS. It only had 2% of its health left!

“Kill! [Wrath of the Heroes], attack!”

In the distance, Dawn Hero also initiated his attack. The battlefield was immediately thrown into chaos!

The BOSS’s health soon dropped to 1%. I silently prayed for the next 3 seconds, then quickly yelled out, “Everyone in [Zhan Long], throw out your strongest skills!”

As I finished yelling, I also rushed head on and opened my hand to bind the BOSS with [Black Tortoise Realm]. Everyone besides friendly players had their movement and attack speed seriously cut. All I wished for was to get the spoils of war. I didn’t want to kill people, so all I could do was to use [Black Tortoise Realm]. Otherwise, I would just use [Soul Army], which would probably hinder them even more.

Song Han’s [10 Way Blade], Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox], Dancing Forest’s [Combo Shot], Matcha’s [Phantom Ray Slash] practically all landed on Qin Hai at the same time. Li Mu lept up with a shout as his long sword glowed with a [Covering Sword Slash]. At that moment, Qin Hai cried out; his last bit of health was cut down. At the same time, a pile of drops burst out!

I was only a yard away from the BOSS. With my two swords out, I immediately charged forward. “Peng Peng” I knocked away the bodies of Heaven’s Hero and Dawn Hero. I opened my left hand to picked up and put a crimson battle shield, a white cloak, and a long sword into my bag. With another “Peng” I knocked away the hand of a [Prague] team leader with my Emperor Qin’s Sword. Opening my right hand, I picked up a shining bracelet and a Guild Creation Tablet. Once I got everything I needed, I returned to my team!

My battle boots stepped across the desert as I rushed back. The three pieces of equipment that Qin Hai dropped were all collected by me. There was another Guild Creation Tablet and some gold pieces that other people picked up. Heaven’s Hero indignantly brought a group of [Prague] players to chase after me as though wanting to kill me, but they were blocked by Li Mu and others from [Zhan Long]. With a wave of his sword, Li Mu yelled out, “The treasures of the world will go to capable people. If [Zhan Long] wants something then what are you gonna do about it? Are you going to fight us for it?”

Heaven’s Hero looked at the 3000+ elite [Zhan Long] players behind us but didn’t say anything. He just gritted his teeth and said, “Fine, you guys are the stronger ones! Brothers, let’s go!”

It wasn’t until then, did the system finally ring out ——


System Notification: Congratulations [General Li Mu] killed the Valkyrie Tier BOSS “Qin Hai” in the City Battle and obtained a separate reward! Level +1, Charm +9!


I ray of light fell upon Li Mu as he leveled up. He immediately regained his status as Top Five in Ba Huang City’s rankings. He was smiling so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth.

After the great battle was decided, our [Zhan Long] managed to protect three pieces of equipment. I didn’t even have the chance to look at the stats. I simply raised each equipment and yelled out, “This is our reward for slaying the first boss of the event! We’ll use the guild point system to decide on how to split the equipment. All of the equipment that have level or class requirements will go to the player who meets those requirements with the highest number of guild points. On top of that, we’ll use the system recognized method to determine who has the most number of guild points to decide who gets the equipment. Nobody has any disagreements right?

Everyone nodded, “Guild Master, there’s no need to say anything more. Let’s just look at the equipment already!”

Picking up the crimson battle shield, I felt a vigorous energy emanate into my palm. I waved my hand.

[Plunderer’s Battle Shield] (Valkyrie Tier)

Defense: 1020

Power: +72

Stamina: +70

Agility: +67

Additional: 41% higher block rate

Additional: +2400 health

Additional: 12% Physical Defense

Effect: [Plunder], Reflect 25% of taken damage back at the enemy.

Required Level: 75

Li Mu’s eyes widened as he exclaimed, “Eh…. This is an equipment that reflects 25% of the damage, hehe it’s a godly shield! The only problem is that the level requirement is just too high. Even now, our highest level Knight is One Second Hero at level 71, and even Matcha is only Level 70……”

I scanned the guild points and said, “Seeing as nobody’s level is high enough, then we’ll just check to see who has the highest number of points. If there isn’t that great of a difference between the points, then we’ll just roll for the equipment…..”

Qing Qian, “There’s 172 total number of Monks and Knights between level 70-75. Of them, Sister Matcha has the greatest number of points. The second highest is One Second Hero, who has 47% of the number of points. And so, Brother Xiao Yao, you get it…..”

I cracked a smile and said, “I’m sorry Yong Jie…..”

One Second Hero picked up his long sword, slapped his forehead and said, “Damn, the time that I’ve spent in the guild has been too short, otherwise how else would there be such a great difference between our guild points. It’s no problem, just give it to Matcha. I’ll survive. The next Knight type equipment is mine!”

I nodded and said, “Matcha has a total of 270,000 guild points. This Plunderer’s Shield is around 140,000 points, so I’ll just deduct 140,000 from your points?”

Matcha nodded with a smile, “Alright Boss!”

I took off 140,000 points from Matcha, and handed the shield over to her. I said, “You still have five levels until you can use this. You should go back to the city to store the equipment, and replenish your potions before coming back!”

Matcha nodded with a wide grin, and carefully put away her shield before turning around and running back to the city. So obedient.


“Hua La…..”

I took out a white cape from my from my bag, it’s radiance was oppressive. The cape was actually a cloak with shoulder guards combined. It looked very formidable. I waved my hand over the equipment, and the stats appeared in the air. At that point, everyone in [Zhan Long] couldn’t close their mouths.

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