Zhan Long

Chapter 381

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Chapter 381 Bloody Collision


General Li Mu, Old K, and General Wang Jian waited for everyone to pull out their swords, as 5000 [Zhan Long] players rushed out of the Moonlight Forest directly into [House of Prestige]’s wings. There were at least 10000 [House of Prestige] members in front of us, but we [Zhan Long] were not afraid at all. Especially those in the front lines. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Bai Qi and the others were all experts who did not like to lose. They were neither pressured or intimidated by the members of [House of Prestige]. In fact, they were probably feeling excited. They believe that they can prove themselves by defeating such strong opponents.

“Not good. It’s….. It’s [Zhan Long].”

Not far from their main force, [House of Prestige] had a number of Archers on the side. One of the flag bearers discovered us and yelled, “[Zhan Long] is launching a sneak attack. Quick. Notify the Guild Master! Brothers on the left side, use [Scattered Shot] and try to slow them down. Quick! If [Zhan Long] slaughters their way in, we’re all done for!”

A group of Archers raised their bows and used [Scattered Shot]s. The sky was darkened by the mass of flying arrows. Almost all of the attacks were from the automatic targeting mechanism in the game. This system was a player guidance system as most people playing weren’t actual Archers, or any of the other long range classes except for the few top class players. With it you could just select auto target, and the skill would be directed exactly at the spot the player was in at that exact moment. Unfortunately, once the targeted player suddenly changes their direction, then the locking mechanism would become useless!

“Sha Sha Sha…..”

My Divine Battle Boots quickly slid across the grass. I looked up at the multiple arrows in the sky and yelled out, “Everyone, use your own judgement and activate [Blade Rush]. I don’t care how many people we sacrifice, we need to cut into the frontline first! All of the long-range players behind follow us. We have to smash [House of Prestige]’s frontline in one go, or else we might not have another opportunity!”

I quickly lowered my body. “Ka Cha!” I rushed forward five yards as arrows cut through the empty air with a “pu pu pu” behind me. Each arrow resulted in a big MISS popping out in the air. Li Mu and Wang Jian rushed forward beside me at the same time as they waited for the third advancement Swordsmen to all activate their [Blade Rush]es to escape the targeting mechanism of the [Scattered Shot]s. Of course, there was a big group of players that didn’t react fast enough, resulting in the arrows thudding into their bodies, and splattering fresh blood onto the ground. There were even quite a few arrows that instantly killed the Berserkers. The average strength of the [House of Prestige] Archers had far surpassed our imagination!

“Full speed ahead!”

I picked up my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and finally activated [Haste]. I closed the distance between me and the enemy by another 10 yards. I was so close that I could see the fear in the eyes of the Archers. I stretched out my arm, and a hexagram began spinning on the ground under me. My Flaming Tiger God roared as it leapt out of the pet dimension. It lunged at a group of people with flames dancing on its claws. With a furious roar, it activated [Burstfire Raid] on the Archers, and crushed them into a pile of corpses!


In a flash, I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and killed another group of players. I began moving in a Z formation, one of the most basic movement patterns for a close combat player. Based on my present strength, I’ve basically perfected the pattern. Even if I was compared to Q-Sword or Jian Feng Han, they would still not be quite as good as I was. My only problem was that I was still lacking in using it instinctively.

[Soul Army]!

I abruptly opened my palm, and cast another strong skill, [Black Tortoise Realm]. At that point, all of the players from [House of Prestige] had been submerged in a mud-like state, slowing down all of their movement and attack speeds. Behind me, Li Mu, Old K, Wang Jian and Bai Qi all ran up to kill. All types of skills began dancing across the battlefield and devastating the Archers. It had basically become a slaughterhouse!

“Hua hua hua…..”

I heard the sound of wings flapping in the air. It was Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands who quickly cast [Pillar of Fire & Ice], as Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox] appeared. Dancing Forest shot an arrow from afar carrying a [Meteor Shot] that cut through the mob, leaving behind a trail of corpses. Within the blink of an eye, the flow of battle was completely within [Zhan Long]’s control!


“Where are our people?”

One of the Mages from [House of Prestige] roared out in fury, “Don’t just f*cking kill the trash from [Wrath of the Heroes]! Quick, bring over the heavy armor players that Guild Master sent to us. Our right flank is about to get crushed by [Zhan Long]! Do we only care about the head and not the body anymore?*”
TL Note: This idiom is referring to the fact that they are only protecting one part of the army and not the army as a whole

“Wait for one second, Guild Master said that the heavy armor players will get here in five minutes. We have to block them on our own for now!”

“Sh*t! We’re just a group of Archers, Musketeers and Mages! What are we supposed to use to block those elite [Zhan Long] close combat specialists? Should we use our faces, or our dicks? Don’t joke around with me! If there’s no other choice then we’ll get the [Judgement]’s people to reinforce us! Aren’t the heavy armor players under Ye Lai considered to be number one in Jiu Li City? It’s time for them to prove that!”

“Eh, flagbearer, you’re kidding right….. Ye Lai is the Guild Master of [Judgement], why would he listen to the commands from [House of Prestige]? Besides, Ye Lai is on good terms with Xiao Yao Zi Zai. He already said that in the City Wars Event he would never lay a finger on [Zhan Long] unless he was absolutely pressed to do so. I think that, even if our Guild Master were to beg Ye Lai to come, that dipsh*t wouldn’t give the nod anyway!”

“Sh*t! No choice. Everyone, use all of your strongest attacks and nuke those [Zhan Long] players! Kill as many as you can. Make sure you save up the cooldowns for your [Crystallize]. Be prepared at any time to dodge any long range attacks from Xiao Yao Zi Zai and others!”


As the commanders from [House of Prestige] were discussing their plans, 5000 of [Zhan Long]’s players had already spread out. Just like a famished dragon that had just awoken from a deep sleep, we swallowed up the right flank of [House of Prestige]. This area just so happened to be mostly crowded with their long ranged specialists. There were no close combat players there to protect them. They just lay defenseless before us. This moment was the perfect opportunity, a concept that Li Mu and I understood very clearly. No one in their right minds would let go of an opportunity like this!

“Shou shou shou…..”

As the arrows began to wreak havoc, players on [Zhan Long]’s frontline began falling one by one. One Second Hero picked up his long spear, and rushed into the formation. He looked back at me and said, “Guild Master, I don’t think the situation is very good for us right now. Our losses on the frontline is just too great. If we keep this up, then all of our close combat players will be dead!”

I pulled out my Cold Iron Sword, and began using Dual Sword Style to hack through the mob. As I was killing I shouted out, “Don’t think about our losses and focus on attacking. [Zhan Long] only has 5000 people left. The only way we can help Ba Huang City right now is to completely eliminate [House of Prestige], and God Damnit, for every one of our close combat specialists they kill, I’ll cut down three of their long range players. This exchange is well worth it!”

One Second Hero chuckled, “Alright, I got it! Brothers, charge! Kill more, earn more!”

A short five minutes later, [House of Prestige]’s right flank long range team had suffered a devastating attack; A team of 5000 was cut down by us to only 2000 or so. On top of that, the surviving players weren’t in a good situation either. The plains and deserts of Hell’s Core was littered with corpses. People didn’t even bother to pick up the dropped equipments. This was a silent rule of team battles, once everyone tried to pick up equipments, then the entire fighting force of the team get cut down.


“Brother Xiao Yao!”

Qing Qian suddenly retreated several steps and pointed to the right, “Look! The close combat players from [House of Prestige] have arrived!”

I scanned the distance. Indeed, there were at least 3000 close combat specialists rushing over. Many of them only had half or critical health. It was clear that they had just rushed over from the frontlines.

“What should we do?” Li Mu squinted and said, “Should we use force or should we retreat?”

I looked behind me and said with a heavy voice, “We’ll risk it all! Our long range DPS players and Healers have all joined us by now while they don’t have any support or heals here with them. For now, we’ll just take our time to kill them. To top if off, everyone at [House of Prestige] all underestimate us. Let’s take advantage of their pride, and slaughter those 3000 close combat specialists!”

Li Mu also got bolder and said, “Motherf*cker, wasn’t that the best decision I made in my life joining [Zhan Long]? Only under a Guild Master like you can I fight to my heart’s content on the battlefield!”

Bai Qi picked up his battleaxe and said, “Time to charge?”

I nodded and said, “Charge, charge right at them!”

Old K and Dong Cheng Lei laughed out and rushed out to meet the enemy. Old K roared out in fury and cut through the crowds with a [Whirlwind Slash]. His strength was much higher than the enemies, forcing several Swordsmen and Berserkers into the air. Dong Cheng Lei took the chance to rush forward. With a wave of his battle axe, he cut all of the enemies in the air to pieces as [Super Strength] activated itself.

Dancing Forest lifted up her longbow, and sent out arrow after arrow, all of which carried immense force behind them. Most importantly, Li Mu, Wang Jian and I all kept darting around the front lines. Once our health dropped to a critical level, we would immediately retreat, completely messing up the enemy’s flow of battle!


“Kill! Our pride won’t make it past us if we lose to some second rate guild like [Zhan Long]!”

A Lv 70 [House of Prestige] Berserker picked up his battle axe. He had a line of characters showing on his shoulder. Player Name: Snow Wolf Ghost*, Position: Elder. This was probably one of their strongest close combat players aside from Quick Thunder Swift Wind, and was the leader of this group of enemies. The battleaxe in Snow Wolf’s hands gave off a terrifying glow as it cut down a [Zhan Long] Swordsman with a [Skyshaker Slash]. He then yelled out, “It’s time we meet our enemies face to face. [House of Prestige] cannot lose on a front. We must face [Zhan Long] head on and win! Everyone, charge with me!”

Maybe it was because they were motivated by Snow Wolf’s speech, a group of players rushed forward, cutting down a dozen of [Zhan Long]’s players, their confidence raised again.

In the team chat, Song Han said, “We have to kill Snow Wolf and break their morale. I’ll stun him, the rest follow Brother Xiao Yao, Li Mu and Wang Jian’s lead!”

“Go ahead!” I nodded my head

Li Mu chuckled, “I’ll keep tabs on Snow Wolf from 10 meters, as long as Snow Wolf becomes dizzy, he will die!”


Wolf turned into a shadow and mingled through the place, stealthing past the area and escaping from any further harm. Coming closer to Snow Wolf, he suddenly activated his skills. Ambush complete!

Li Mu heartily laughed, as Wang Jiang also suddenly came up. Before Snow Wolf could move Li Mu activated a [Skyshaker Slash]!

Wang Jian also activated a [Combo] at the same time, but to their surprise, Snow Wolf’s reaction was quick as he held a one handed tomahawk. “Keng” he parried Wang Jian’s [Combo].


I hastily raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and pointed at Snow Wolf, casting a [Great Realm of Desolation]!

Snow Wolf’s face turned cold, “ This is? Fu*k…”

A fierce hit, combined with Song Han’s power, and this famous elder was killed!