Zhan Long

Chapter 380

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Chapter 380 Who Slaughters Who?!

Metal hooves stomped the ground as the Han Feng Army from Ba Huang City clashed with the All Terrain Army from Jiu Li City. The Moon Elf Princess carried The Destroyer, and continually struck Qin Hai’s sword. As the fight went on, the battle soon reached a fever pitch. There were large amounts of NPCs killed almost every second. The lives of the NPC Army seemed to have become worthless, as 80% of them were going to revive in the end anyway.

The battle on the players’ side was even simpler. Our goal was very clear – to kill NPCs and players to obtain experience and City War Points. After receiving the help of the Han Feng Army, the pressure on the three guilds, [Zhan Long], [Blood Contract], and [Enemies At The Gate] was reduced greatly. A counterattack immediately started, and they attacked the 20,000 NPC iron cavalry. Simultaneously, the players of [Emperor’s Blood] mingled with the NPCs.

“Kill the NPCs first, then kill the players. Concentrate your fire and target the [Emperor’s Blood]’s players who possess the most firepower!”

Matcha held her sword, and lifted her shield as she dashed forward at full speed. Moving her shield away, she waved her sword and used [Skyshaker Slash]. A Swordsman with half health was immediately slashed to death. Simultaneously, she raised her shield and an Assassin darting at her was knocked away with a “Keng”. With another slash, she instantly killed the Assassin. I felt pleased as I looked at her fight from afar. After so many days of experience, Matcha’s accuracy in attacking had finally improved a lot. She was not in an inferior position even in battles between such ace guilds, and had become the absolute main tank of [Zhan Long]’s battlefront.

“Sister Dance!”

Qing Qian adjusted the tool board and targeted a member of [Emperor’s Blood] at a distance. A Lv 68 Mage was brandishing his staff, using [Pillar of Fire & ice] to repeatedly take away the lives of many [Zhan Long] members. Qing Qian watched the scene carefully and said, “Start the targeting mechanism and let [Grip Of The Firefox] and [Meteor Shot] hit the target together. I will break his defense and you kill him!”

Dancing Forest nodded with a smile, “Okie!”

Qing Qian’s attractive figure leaped several steps ahead. She opened her small hand, and the fire grew denser and denser, materializing into an image of a Firefox above her head. With an abrupt wave of her hand, sharp claws swung out as the furious roars of the Firefox echoed and pierced through the crowds with a “Boom”. The effect of the flames ravaged the crowds around and struck directly onto the Mage’s [Mana Shield]. The instant the shield broke, a [Meteor Shot] swept through!


It was an instant kill. The Mage stared at the bloody hole in his chest, incapable of believing what had just happened.

Li Mu raised his long sword and used a [Covering Sword Slash], shocking the crowds. Simultaneously, he laughed out loud and said, “Qing Qian and Dancing Forest work very well together. Tsk, Tsk, killing someone in 25 seconds……”

I nodded with a smile, “Yeah, we should have more teams like this. It would be much deadlier to kill and break defenses if we had 100 teams like this. If we were able to target and kill 100 highly skilled enemies using long range skills within 25 seconds then every guild would be terrified when they see us, [Zhan Long]……”

“Haha. Yeah!”

Before Li Mu’s voice had died away, Dong Cheng Lei began roaring out from the other side. His battle axe swept across, and seven close combat players of [Emperor’s Blood] were slashed up two meters into the air. Once the knockback effect from the [Super Strength] was triggered, the result shown was frightening. Before the 7 melee players descended to the ground, Old K had dashed over while wind energy ferociously danced around him, and pieces of wind blades flew across swiftly and fiercely. The [Whirlwind Slash] exploded and the 7 members of [Emperor’s Blood] were all strangled in the air. Successively, a violent [Savage Jump Slash] was used, and a distant Archer was viciously slashed down. The battle axe was thrown and it flew out, killing another Healer as a “Puchi” sound was heard. The succession of attacking skills made the [Emperor’s Blood]’s members stared with their eyes widened and mouths agape——

“F*ck, is that big black face still human?”

“Yeah, why is his attack strength so powerful? Yet, he looks so ugly?

“This Hero Old K must have been brought back to our country from African refugee camps. Those words about being a good brother for many years must be a lie.You can’t fool me!”

The group of the [Emperor’s Blood]’s players mocked with all their effort, but they didn’t manage to enrage Old K. Carrying his battle axe, Old K continued killing all the way back while a cold sneer formed on the corner of his mouth, “F*ck you all. There are so many people calling me ugly, you think you guys are the first to say that? Back of the line!”

Li Mu was slightly speechless, he spoke while attacking the NPC ahead, “Compared to mine, or Old K and Cang Lei’s team, Yue and Dance’s team is too gentle. Old K, on the other hand, kills people with impressive speed, even faster than me!”

“Yeah……” I feel the same way too. [Whirlwind Slash] and [Savage Jump Slash] are both effective killing machines. Even I felt slightly envious! Pah, actually, why would I be envious…… My [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Great Realm of Desolation] are totally better than those two skills. In addition to the Mohist Five Scrolls, the rate at which I kill is much much faster….

The fierce battle went on for about half an hour. Finally, 20000 soldiers of the All Terrain Army had died under the swords of our three big guilds, and at least 25% of [Emperor’s Blood] had been killed!


A team leader of the [Emperor’s Blood] looked horrifyingly at Dragon Emperor as he exclaimed, “Boss! Our rear is also under attack! Our way of retreat has been cut off, and the attacker is Ba Huang City’s [Wrath of the Heroes].

Dragon Emperor was shocked as well, “How could that be possible? The information that we had received earlier……isn’t [Wrath of Heroes] a guild established by an affluent second generation? How could a guild built up on RMB be terrifying?”

The team leader gnashed his teeth and replied, “It’s different this time. [Wrath of the Heroes] has dispatched at least 20000 people. The attacks are very fierce, they are gripping onto us and unwilling to let go like a mad dog. Plus, we still have to face and battle [Zhan Long], [Enemies At The Gates] and [Crimson Contract], these three super strong guilds. Boss, I’m afraid we don’t have enough people. What can we do? There’s a pack of wolves before us is waiting for an opportunity, while mad dogs are gripping onto us in the rear!”

With a wave of his sharp knife, Dragon Emperor smiled calmly and said, “It’s alright. If that’s the case then so be it. Ha ha ha, to think that they’d dare cut off my [Emperor’s Blood]’s path. That [Wrath of the Heroes] must be tired of living. Just you wait, once I stabilize our formation, it’ll only take 10 minutes!”


[Emperor’s Blood] had already begun setting layers of shields under the city walls, showing a state of defense. They have completely given up on attacking, and even the Vice Guild Master, Blue Dragon Emperor, retreated into the defense formation with his sword in hand as a cold sneer rose up the corner of his mouth.

“What’s going on?” Sister Matcha was shocked.

Wolf exclaimed, “They gave up so quickly. How dare they claimed to be some top six guild of Jiu Li City? Pah, now it looks like they are just a bunch of losers!”

Li Mu furrowed, “I don’t think it’s that simple….”

Lian Po responded, “Yeah, Jiu Li City is stronger than us, and our true major guilds are on the east side. There are only three big guilds and some small guilds here at the west side. There’s no reason for them to give up on attacking. Plus, they still have the aid of the NPC armies. ”

“Yup, there is probably only one reason,” I said as I peered at the distance.

Qing Qian looked up at me and asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, what reason?”

I grinned, “Err, when I was young……I studied books on the art of war and obtained a deep understanding of military strategies…….”

Hearing my words, Matcha was speechless, “Boss, skip the self-praise and move on to the important part……

I touched my nose and said, “[Emperor’s Blood] was attacked simultaneously from the front and rear by us until they had the appearance of having only 7000+ people. They had fallen into a predicament, but still remained here defending. There could only be one reason. They have powerful reinforcements. If so, [Emperor’s Blood] will be like a peg, nailing us, the three big guilds, here. Thereafter [Emperor’s Blood] would cooperate with the reinforcements and slaughter [Wrath of the Heroes] and our advantage will become a disadvantage……”

“Then…… then what should we do?” Dong Cheng Lei looked at me in shock, “Brother Xiao Yao, we should think of a plan. I don’t want to leave the battlefield of the city war so quickly…… ”

Li Mu also stared at me, “Guild Master, you make the choice!”

I took a deep breath and said, “How about this, let [Enemies At The Gates] and [Crimson Contract] continue to attack [Emperor’s Blood] from the front. [Zhan Long]’s 5000 people will outflank them from the west. Once Jiu Li City’s reinforcements attack [Wrath of the Heroes] from the rear, we will attack fiercely from the side, covering for [Wrath of the Heroes] and simultaneously attacking our enemy. This way, we might still stand a chance at winning!”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s move right now!”


We notified Misty Cloud and Han Bei Song of our plan and the Guild Masters of the two big guilds both happily agreed. With a pat on their chest, they also promised to end the battle within half an hour, and slaughter [Emperor’s Blood]. [Zhan Long] left the battlefield and made a detour towards the forest in the west as we hid among the smoke and dust!


My battle boots stepped on the serene grass as a sprinkle of rain fell from the sky, dripping on my battle armor and cloak. I dashed forward while shouting out loudly, “Everyone, keep up! Once [Wrath of the Heroes] receives the ambush, they won’t be able to sustain themselves for long!”

Wang Jian said, “Brother Xiao Yao, [Wrath of the Heroes] is just a trashy bully. Did you forget how the Tyrant of Western Chu bullied you in the past? Plus, that Dawn Hero had also been chasing our sister and wouldn’t give up. Humph, guilds like this should just die!”

I couldn’t help but laughed, “Wang Jian, you’re still young. You should distinguish the interest within this event. This is the city war and it concerns the well-being of every player of Ba Huang City. We must do our best. Also, I am going to assist [Wrath of the Heroes] for no other reason, but for the promise I made to Piggy that we will work together. The past is forgotten. The 20000+ members of [Wrath of the Heroes] ventured into danger by themselves, so what other reason do we have to not help them with the utmost effort?”

General Lian Po nodded his head, “Very good, the Guild Master of a super guild should possess such generosity. Through your attitude, I can see that [Zhan Long] is destined to rise above [Vanguard]; because our Guild Master has the manner of a king that is better than Jian Feng Han!”

I grinned, “Stop complimenting. Everyone advance quicker!”


About ten minutes later, the plain in the distance was the center of a fierce battle when we came out of the forest. Fighting was happening everywhere around Fort Zi Feng. All four corner beacons of Fort Zi Feng were lit up in flames. After the beginning skirmishes had died down, the true battle had finally begun.


A message from Piggy, “Guild Master Xiao Yao, things aren’t going good here. The two big guilds, [House Of Prestige] and [Judgement] made an attack upon our rear. We suffered great loss with the battle damage rate of 500-1000 people per minute. What do we do now?”

I replied, “Hang in there. I’m on my way now!”


Farther away, the Guild Master of the [House Of Prestige], Baili Ruo Feng, held his long bow and shot a [Big Dipper Meteor] from a distance.


An arrow pierced through the crowds and a dozen of the [Wrath of the Heroes]’s players fell to their knees. Bai Li Ruo Feng raised his arms and roared in anger, “Attack at full speed and slaughter [Wrath of the Heroes], those contemptible clowns!”

On the other side, Ye Lai brandished his battle axe, and led over ten thousand elites near the city wall areas, dashing forward to kill the elites of [Wrath of the Heroes] as he bellowed loudly,


Suffering from the attacks coming from at least 20000+ members of the two big guilds, the members of [Wrath of the Heroes] were all so terrified that their faces turned purple, “What now? We…… are we doomed?! ”


My Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword were unsheathed. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword up high with only one hand as I shouted loudly ”Brothers, [House Of Prestige] who threatened to massacre us is before our eyes. Go! Attack! And let [House Of Prestige] knows who is the one that will truly be slaughtered!!”