Zhan Long

Chapter 378

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Chapter 378 Thank you for your trust

“How can this be?”

Matcha’s eyes widened, “ [Emperor’s Blood] originally had a mere 15,000 players online, moreover, we wiped at least 5000+ players earlier on, what nerves do they have to challenge Ba Huang City’s Mega Guilds?”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands shook her head and said, “No, it’s not just [Emperor’s Blood]. Strictly speaking, [Emperor’s Blood] is only a supplementary force. Their main strength is the three great army’s All Terrain Corps!”

“What? The Earthsea Army is heading over?” Qing Qian exclaimed.

“Yes, there’s so many people that it’s uncountable!” Thousand Suns Over Snowy Land nodded.

Qing Qian turned towards me, “ Brother Xiao Yao, what do we do? The NPCs from Jiu Li City have already started to march towards us. What should we do? Do we retreat or fight?”

I clenched my hands into fists as I looked from afar, “Aside from the Bosses, the rest are Lv 80 Phantom Tier NPCs. Even though they are very tough, I feel like this would be a good opportunity to get more experience for leveling!”

General Li Mu asked, “So what should we do?”

With my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I raised my hand and said, “Listen to my orders. All of [Zhan Long] is to change our course. We will head west and face the Earthsea Army’s attack. Knights and Monks set up a seven layer barrier. We must stop their calvary’s assault. Healers focus on healing; as long as we can withstand this wave, we should be able to obliterate the Earthsea Army!”


As soon as General Li Mu gave the order, Zhan Long’s 5000+ players quickly changed their course and prepared for the attack from Jiu Li City’s Earthsea Army. At the same time, I sent a message to Misty Cloud and Han Bei Song and the two of them readily answered. Thus, [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gates], and [Blood Contract], the 3 big guilds gathered by the gates forming a front line at least 1KM wide, where 2000+ players welcomed the attack of the NPCs!

On the other side, hundreds of Jiu Li City’s smaller guilds were arriving. [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Flying Dragon] had all sent men to resist the attacks. As I had expected, the quality and quantity of Jiu Li City’s players far exceeded Ba Huang City’s, giving them the confidence to take the initiative and attack. This was the way the strong intimidated the weak, facing Ba Huang City’s players with absolute contempt!

I tightened my grip on my Emperor Qin’s Sword. Looking at dust diffused in the air from afar, I lowered my voice, “Everyone be careful, the Lv 80 Phantom Tier NPCs are here. Their attacks will definitely be terrifying. Be on the look out for the calvary’s rush. All brothers in arms at the frontline facing the 1st wave, activate your defensive skills. We will not retreat, so hold onto your positions!”

Song Han lifted his head and stared into the distance, he pursed his lips and said, “Luckily, there’s no sign of the Boss. The leader of the 3 strongest armies in Jiu Li City must be at least a Lv 100 NPC; that would definitely be very difficult to handle!”

With a nod, I lifted up my sword and shouted, “Prepare for impact, 200 Yards! 180 Yards! 160 Yards!”

Following my count, an entire line of [Zhan Long] members that stretched 300m wide held their breath, weapons in hand. Amongst the smoke, NPCs from Jiu Li City were closing the distance. The Knights in the front line were majestically waving their lance and swords. They were only 100 yards away when suddenly, a group of knights started thrusting out their lances!

“Careful!” I shouted.

I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and rushed to the front, “Dang”, a cavalryman violently hit my blade, pushing me back half a step. Damn, what a strong attack and impact. Even with my high defense, I was knocked back. These Lv 80 NPCs are just too terrifying!”

Roaring out, I cast my SSS Skill [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] , and all of the [Zhan Long] members around me gained a buff to increase their defence by 40%. At the same time, a “Pu Pu Pu” sound resonated across the line as players were being pierced by lances thrown by the enemies. The Archers that were standing at the front were most vulnerable, all of whom received more than 4000 damage; all instant kills!

Even as the war had just started, screams could be heard one after another. Zhan Long had already lost dozens of players!

Matcha stood beside me and glanced over worriedly. I just smiled in response and nudged her shoulders, saying, “It’s alright, we can surely endure this. If [Zhan Long] can’t even resist these NPCs, then Ba Huang City will only be swept away by others.”

“Ok!” Matcha’s eyes brightened. Could it be just as Song Han has said, I was their pillar of confidence?
General Li Mu raised his sword and shouted, “[Scattered Shot]! Fire!”

Tightly packed arrows cut through the sky and landed upon the NPCs a kilometer ahead. “Pa Pa Pa”, fresh blood splattered all over. A large group of NPCs were stunned, causing the war horses rushing from the back to collide with those in front. The scene was chaotic, significantly decreasing the force of their charge.

“They are here!”

With my sword raised, I cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash].


Dust was kicked up from the ground as a group of All Terrain cavalrymen held their swords out, and rushed forward as if nothing happened. DAMN! Can we really withstand this?

I hurriedly cast [Soul Army] and [Black Tortoise Realm] at the group of people rushing towards me to ease up the offensive pressure. At the same time, three Jiu Li City cavalrymen shifted their aggro and started charging at me!


With haste, I stepped into the barren land, and pulled out my Cold Iron Sword. My dual blades danced as I cut them down.

“Dang Dang Dang…”

Sparks flew everywhere as the three cavalrymen wailed out in pain. At least I’ve defended my end. Beside me, Matcha had her shield readied, moving back only a step or two; she held her defense as well. Removing her shield, she swiftly swung her sword, activating [Phantom Ray Slash]!

Unfortunately, Matcha and I were exceptions, to be able to withstand the strong attacks of the enemies. Screams of despair could be heard from along the line of battle. The strong cavalrymen rushed into a group of [Zhan Long] Knights, and trampled them under their steel hooves. Swords were waved and guns were fired, and in a blink of an eye, we lost quite a few players. Luckily for us, our agile Healers were able to minimize our losses.

Mages were furiously casting AOE attacks, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands’ [Pillar of Fire & Ice] intensified the output of damage. Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot] also landed on the group of NPCs. Raising her dagger, Yue Qing Qian used her [Grip of the Firefox]. Old K cut through the crowd with [Whirlwind Slash]. With his [Super Strength], Dong Cheng Lei instantly knocked back at least 10 Lv 80 Phantom NPCs.

Although [Zhan Long] members who had acquired S level skills were able to maintain their front, many zones were still lost. The continuous pressure from the NPCs had already broken 4 of our defensive formations.

The scene made me fume with rage. With my sword drawn, a golden hexagram appeared on the ground and my Flaming Tiger God activated [Burstfire Raid] as it lunged out to reinforce the broken formations. With [Flame Armor] my Flaming Tiger God had nothing to fear from the NPCs and rushed towards them. The burns from the flames attracted the aggro from the NPCs. Like this, I didn’t have much to worry about?


I unsheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword and cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash] while my Cold Iron Sword cast a [Wind Blade]. Nine Jiu Li Cavalry soldiers instantly fell dead, making my experience grow exponentially. Tsk tsk, this time the event was just like the previous ones, filled with an enormous amount of experience. Most players were probably relying on this event to break through to Lv 80 and get the 4th class advancement.

General Li Mi swung his sword and shouted, “Zones that are more stable are to provide reinforcement to zones that have been broken through. Assassins are to stun the cavalrymen to slow down their advancement. Archers, don’t be conservative with your [Scattered Shot]s, once the skill finishes its cooldown, aim for the knights at the edge. Everybody let’s do this, [Zhan Long]’s position will not be broken through so easily by these NPCs.”

General Li Mu’s talent was indeed worth mentioning. Not only was he a great strategist in battle, but his personal strength was also commendable. There were not many who had his skill in commanding and to top it off he was extremely skilled in directing the flow of team battles.

With the fall of Jiu Li City’s army, we slowly regained our position. From afar, Old K’s laugh rang out as he held out a shiny necklace, “Damn, these cavalrymen from Jiu Li City even drop Purple Tier equipment, 6% life steal, I’m rich….”

Everybody around looked envious. I waved my sword and laughed, “Do your best, these Lv 80 Phantom NPCs give really good experience. On top of that, you can’t miss out on the points from killing them!”

Everyone was inspired by the necklace. A Purple Tier Necklace, with a 6% Lifesteal that was stackable…, this was truly a spoil of war that many wished they could obtain. It could sell for at least ten thousand RMB; with that, you can downpay a house in third-tier cities with that kind of money!

In a short 10 minutes, a pile of All Terrain Army soldiers were lying lifeless in front of us and our experience had also shot up a great deal.

“Ka Cha!”

As I pierced through a fallen cavalryman, I looked into the distance and saw that [Enemies at the Gate] appeared to be relatively stable as well. Misty Cloud had his class the Four Divine Symbols Guardian, making his strength explode. He was defending the frontline as though he were a war angel that had descended from the heavens. He wouldn’t retreat even in death and protected the entire frontline, taking away much of the pressure from the [Enemies at the Gate] players.

On the other hand, [Crimson Contract] had a dismal performance. Their defense line had been broken through, and many of the heavy armor players were down. Han Bei Song was on the verge of crying, defending the line with his life.

I couldn’t leave him alone! I glanced over at General Li Mu and he immediately knew what I wanted, “I’ll bring 1000 people to help!”


General Li Mu brought 1000 main players over to help [Crimson Contract] hold their position. The main impact was actually the 1st wave of cavalrymen, the subsequent waves were usually weaker. Basically, the three great guilds had defended well against the NPC army. Seeing that we stood our ground, the smaller guilds from Ba Huang City moved closer to us to share the cup of soup. I had no objections since more people would make our job easier. The more the merrier!

“[Emperor’s Blood] is here!”

Matcha spoke softly,”[Emperor’s Blood] brought nearly all of their 10,000 of their main members. They must be here to take advantage of us while we are weak from defending against the NPCs!”

I frowned, but at that moment, “Di”, I received a message from Piggy, [Wrath of the Heroes]’s Vice Guild Master, “ Guild Master Zi Zai, [Wrath of the Heroes] has 17,000 troops behind you that can be called upon at anytime. Since [Emperor’s Blood] is here, we, [Wrath of the Heroes], are willing to send all 17,000 men to block off [Emperor’s Blood]’s line of retreat, while [Zhan Long], [Enemies at The Gates] and [Crimson Contract], the three main forces attack together to obliterate [Emperor’s Blood]. How does that sound?”

I was overjoyed and held up a fist, “OK! Once you have cut off their path of retreat, [Zhan Long] will immediately retaliate!”

Piggy replied, “OK, Thank you!”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“I thank you for still putting your faith in [Wrath of the Heroes]. I, Piggy, will not let you and our Ba Huang City down…”

“No need for the formalities. Just do your best!