Zhan Long

Chapter 377

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Chapter 377 The Strength of Pulling a Bow

In the next thirty minutes, all of the 9600+ enemies, besides the 50+ people that Dragon Emperor lead out of the trap, died.

A chilly breeze swept through the forest, blowing the scent of human blood through the field. Corpses of players who had yet to respawn littered the field. Each of the large guids sent players to search the fields they had conquered. [Zhan Long] occupied the area with three thousand corpses and the most spoils.

Li Mu walked over carrying his sword, and he lowered his voice as he chuckled, “Damn, we’re just too good. As expected, [House of Prestige]’s drops are all good. In total they dropped two Emperor Tier, and 257 Purple Tier equipments. Hehe, our fortunes have probably blown our brothers away!”

I stealthily took out the Emperor Tier chestplate that I had received from Quick Thunder Swift Wind and handed it to him, “Here equip this. But don’t let Wang Jian or Old K see… I was watching you battle just now, and you are much too defenseless. I will feel bad if you don’t increase your health now. This armor will add 1700 points to your health, at the small price of 30 attack points. It is a very good item, its benefits are definitely worth the cost.

Li Mu quickly put it on and exclaimed, “Damn, now I have 6500 health as well…..”

“That’s what’s necessary….”

Glancing at Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s body, I said, “Guild battles will no longer be determined by strength, but rather by stamina. To truly be a king, you must have at least 10000 points in your health. With that many points, you will be able to survive taking a beating. Otherwise you will suffer Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s fate, death by strategy.

“Then I would have to sacrifice a lot of attack points.”

“Yeah. Unless the equipment is extremely godly, you can’t have it both ways.”

Simple walked over, Twisted Jade Staff in hand as she laughed, “The Moonlight Forest battle is over, for now we should all return to our positions. In just a few moments, Ba Huang City’s NPC army will arrive. Our objective is to assist the army, the real battle has yet to start.”

I nodded, “ Yeah. Let’s each return to our respective camps…”

The crowd slowly dispersed as everyone left the Moonlight Forest. Of course, Jiu Li City’s 9600+ men could no longer return. Their quest had come to an end.

Qing Qian hurriedly caught up to me, and said“ Brother Xiao Yao, I have already checked it out. Originally, it wouldn’t have been possible for [Emperor’s Blood]’s Dragon Emperor to kill his way out, but Heaven’s Hero had purposely let them out of the formation, letting Dragon Emperor and a few dozen others out. Do you know why he did that?”

I nodded my head and smiled, “ Of course I know. Uncle Yan Zhao was very prudent. Our main object here is to cut down [House of Prestige]’s forces . That’s why we can kill Quick Thunder Swift Wind, but not Dragon Emperor. Otherwise, [Emperor’s Blood] will become our mortal enemy, which would just be an extra annoyance. Instead of letting Emperor Dragon die here, it is better to kill him face to face in a battlefield where he can die a heroic death.

Qing Qian stuck her tongue out and smiled, “You guys consider too many factors. I wasn’t even thinking about that in the first place.”

“Just wait until you grow up a little, then you’ll see.”



Ten minutes later, we arrived at [Zhan Long]’s formation. Matcha held her long sword as she landed lightly on the ground, saying, “Boss, I just finished calculating our losses. After the battle at the Moonlight Forest, we lost around 10% of our forces, or 300+ men.”

My heart fell a little and I said, “Got it. On the bright side, [House of Prestige]’s losses were far greater than ours. They had lost 4000 men all at once. I can’t imagine how this Quick Thunder Swift Wind plans on telling Bai Li Ruo Feng.”

Li Mu laughed out, “Who cares! What’s our next move?”

“Let’s wait for the NPC troops from Ba Huang City!”



After a few minutes, the ground rumbled, and the sound of horse hooves could be heard, coming towards us from afar. A tomahawk shaped flagpost carrying Ba Huang City’s colors fluttered in the breeze. The first army had arrived. Underneath the flag, a figure with a sword on his back rode a horse. It was a general. A player name appeared over his head—-

Forgotten Sea Lv-100

Class: Sword Saint

City: Ba Huang City

Position: Ba Huang City’s First Army General

“Whoa, a level 100 BOSS level NPC…” My mouth twitched.

Matcha excitedly exclaimed, “Boss. That’s Forgotten Sea, the strongest general of the seven great armies. Duke Luo Lei aside, he’s probably the strongest NPC in Ba Huang City.”

Li Mu rubbed his hands, “Even the First Army has arrived. Looks like this battle will be pretty interesting!”

Qing Qian’s beautiful eyes narrowed, “Now the only thing left to see is what Forgotten Sea plans to prioritize in this war. Will he first try to capture the forts first or will he try to deplete the garrison before beginning his assault.

Her question was answered very quickly, Duke Luo Lei emerged from the horizon. Brandishing his sword, he shouted, “Quickly, let us lay siege to them! Retake Fort Zi Feng from those barbarians!”

The sound of hooves pounding the ground echoed throughout the valley as the plains were soon filled with a mass of NPC cavalry, preparing to invade the city.

I furrowed my brows, The NPC’s AI isn’t very high. How could you use cavalry to enter a city with a wall that is dozens of meters tall? This is madness…

But soon, the first section of the NPC cavalry dismounted from their horses and began to construct all sorts of siege engines. So the horses were used to carry raw materials for the siege.


What should we do now, Brother Xiao Yao?” Qin Qian asked, puzzled.

I chuckled, then raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and said, “[Zhan Long], move out! We’ll head South and stop 300 meters from the city walls. We’ll maintain our formation perfectly so that we can attack the fort’s NPC army at any time. Our foremost goal is to protect our NPC army from the attacks of the Jiu Li City players. Those big guilds definitely won’t let go of the chance to kill our NPC’s for equipment and experience drops. It’s a once in a lifetime chance!”

Everyone nodded. The [Zhan Long] camp advanced, taking up 200 yards. [Prague], [Vanguard] and [Enemies at the Gate] all advanced, making sure to leave space for the Ba Huang City NPC army to advance as well. We were like strong wedges, meant to guard the NPC army.

On the distant hilltop, numerous Ba Huang City flags kept appearing. Very soon, seven different flags were fluttering in front of a mass of platoons. The seven great armies of Ba Huang City were all present: Desolate Dragon, Blizzard Wind, Purple Star, Fierce Tiger, Nightmare, Desolate Cloud and Imperial Defense. All sorts of legions were displayed before the players. We felt blessed, if this battle for Fort Zi Feng we wouldn’t be able to see this grand sight; all of the NPCs and Leaders were all assembled in the same area. Of these Leaders, Luo Hai, Purple Star, and Angela had all achieved Sword Saint rank. These three were Duke Luo Lei’s left and right arms. They would definitely make a difference in the course of this battle.


From the midst of the Blizzard Wind army, a female general atop a white horse slowly emerged. It was the general of the Han Feng Army—–Angela. She was one of the strongest warriors of the Moon Elf tribe, and was known as the Moon Elf Princess. Angela was currently one of the greatest supporters of Ba Huang City. She drew a double edged lavender sword which glowed with a breathtaking luster. She brandished her sword at the horizon and yelled, “Han Feng Army, prepare for battle! The cavalry shall rush the fort’s walls while the archers will fire at the defenses! Attack!”

Yue Qing Qian blinked her eyes and smiled, “ According to the official Destiny lore, there was a Family or spiritual power and a glorious city to the north of Ba Huang City. However the city’s army was destroyed by [Duke] Luo Lei. Angela, the Moon Spirit princess was put into training under Forgotten Sea, and later as a Sword Saint, was promoted as Commander of the Han Feng Army.

I nodded my head as I glanced over at Angela’s figure. She did look a bit like Frost. But I knew, Frost was definitely stronger than Angela. You could tell the difference in their power.

Ba Huang City troops reached the city walls. At the top, there was a group of shadowy barbarians. They all had tall and sturdy figures. Based on the introduction, they were neutral creatures. Most of them were warriors, but there was a group of archers. Every one of the barbarian archers held an iron strongbow. One of the barbarians whipped back a bowstring and targeted one of Ba Huang City’s foot soldiers. “Ka Cha”! The bow broke in half. The archer was clearly stunned as he look towards his commander, “Commander, this bow is way too weak…..”

A barbarian dressed in full battle clothes stepped forward. “Pa!” He slapped the archer and shouted, “You fool! I told you to not use so much force. Why can’t you just learn? Did you think a longbow made by humans would even be able to take the ridiculous strength you use to f*ck your mother? Idiot! If you pull apart another long bow, I’ll skin you alive!”

As he finished yelling, the barbarian general turned around and pulled out the battleaxe on his back. With a voice like thunder, he roared out, “The Ba Huang City bandits are coming again! Everyone wake up! Kill whoever dares to come at us. Archers, use half of your strength to pull back the bow. Use the rest to f*ck your mothers! Everyone, listen to me, we must stand strong! Che…..”

He licked his lips, then looked at the distant Angela and smiled, “That human girl is really pretty. No one’s allowed to kill her. She’s mine tonight!”

The archer that broke the bow candidly smiled, “ Boss, that is a Moon Elf tribe female, you would ruin her…”

“ Ga Ga Ga…”

The Barbarian General guffawed, “ First we have to capture her, ruining her is ruining her. Ready up, Fire!”

Arrows hailed down from the walls, these were all good shots, the velocity and power of these arrows were impressive. However the NPC soldiers of Ba Huang City were not noobs, with shields raised they began hooking ladders onto the edge of the walls. A large number of knights began to rush into the city, and there was bloodshed everywhere as a terrifying war broke out in front of us.

Li Mu took a deep breath and said, “For now there’s still a long time before we’ll actually use our swords to fight.

I called out, “ Wait, maybe they might come to us instead!”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands held her staff and landed down, smiling, “ Boss’s guess is on point, the enemy is coming. I saw a large group of Jiu Li players coming towards us.

“Which guild?”

“[Emperor’s Blood]!”