Zhan Long

Chapter 376

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Chapter 376 The Collapse

“Finish it quickly and don’t waste too much time on them!”

With the Emperor Qin’s Sword in hand, I charged into the crowds. My goal was to kill the stronger ones. The Flaming Tiger God roared as it transformed into an enormous figure, activating [Burstfire Raid] in the midst of the crowd. With flames on its four claws, just a touch would cause great burn damage. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and the others all led a troop of people and charged into the map. Within the map of the city war, City Return Scrolls were prohibited which meant that if someone got trapped, then they were doomed to die.


“Get the f*ck away!”

battle axe in hand and yelled, “Healers, focus on healing me. Wait till I butcher that Piggy!”
On the [House Of Prestige]’s frontline, Quick Thunder Swift Wind held his battle axe and dashed back and forth while attacking. He suddenly spun and activated one of his skills. [Whirling Battle Axe] swept across the flat ground and slashed three [Wrath of the Heroes] players dead. Farther away, Piggy held up his rifle and fired multiple times, “Peng Peng.” Suddenly, two holes were blasted through Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s chest, causing him to furiously rush towards the frontline while holding his battle axe in hand and yelling, “Healers, focus on healing me. Wait till I butcher that Piggy!”

Tyrant of Western Chu gripped his sword and bellowed, “Everyone, stay alert. Kill Quick Thunder Swift Wind for me! I don’t care if he’s some famous person of CBN BattleNet rankings, kill him no matter what. We are [Wrath of the Heroes] and we fear nothing!”

Drunken Cold Rain charged forward with a long spear in hand and used a [Sky Shaker Stab]. However, he did not expect the speed of Quick Thunder Swift Wind to be so quick. Quick Thunder Swift Wind slid, moving in a beautiful zigzag pattern, and dodged the [Sky Shaker Stab]. He suddenly spun around and activated [Will Of the Berserker]. As flames engulfed his battle axe, his [Sky Shaker Slash]+[Fierce Axe Strike] fell on Drunken Cold Rain’s back at the same time. The two damage numbers that flew up were alarming!


After the two deadly strikes, Drunken Cold Rain’s health instantly dropped to the bottom. He hastily activated [Heavenly Shield Wall]. Then, with a wave of his left hand, the effect of [Cleansing Wind] washed over himself. Simultaneously, a group of Healers also started healing him.

However, no one had expected what happened next. It was absolutely not a coincidence for Quick Thunder Swift Wind to enter the top 20 of CBN Battle Net. In a flash, Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s battle axe struck a normal attack, another deadly strike with a damage of 2216 that directly interrupted the effect of the [Cleansing Wind], killing Drunken Cold Rain


The instant Drunken Cold Rain collapsed, Tyrant of Western Chu’s face turned purple. He absolutely did not expect that his best Knight to actually be killed in just one round of fighting.

From the rear of the mass of people, a lady’s voice rang out. Following the sound, the best female Mage of the [Wrath of the Heroes], Heart of Fire, was seen singing while frost swirled around her. With a wave of her staff, grey clouds filled the sky immediately and giant hailstones enveloped by flames smashed fiercely on the congregation of [House Of Prestige]. This was her signature skill——[Flaming Hailstorm]!


Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s health dropped drastically as he was smashed by the [Flaming Hailstorm]. He hastily dashed away with his axe in hand and yelled while being healed, “Have a troop of Swordsmen follow me and advance in that direction. Kill Heart of Fire and Sonata. Without those two, [Wrath of the Heroes] would just be a tiger with no claws and teeth. Not fearsome at all!”

100+ Swordsmen of [House Of Prestige] strode forward with a group of Archers and Mages following behind in preparation for support. Each of the Swordsmen activated [Haste] and immediately darted over when Quick Thunder Swift Wind gave the order. As they approached the formation of [Wrath of the Heroes], they lowered their swords, and hexagrams began to spin.

The effect of 100+ [Blade Rush]es that were activated simultaneously, made a truly spectacular scene as the Mages behind them also cast [Pillar of Fire & Ice] to sweep past. In an instant, the frontline organized laboriously by [Wrath of the Heroes] was torn into pieces, as easily as tearing up a withered stump!

The battle proved that there was truly a wide gap between [Wrath of the Heroes] and a top guild. This was a truth that couldn’t be ignored.

Piggy gritted his teeth and screamed , “Guild Master, we can’t fend them off anymore!”

“We have to block them even if it is impossible”

Liu Ying gripped his long sword and bellowed, “Core team, charge with me. I don’t believe that we can’t win against those [House Of Prestige] dregs. F*ck them all. Do those gentry have blue blood*!?”
TL Note: No man is born noble /Winners are made not born!

Piggy was shocked, “Boss can recite poems……”

Sonata grinned, “Let’s kill them quickly, I’ll snipe them”

Liu Ying dashed out first, leading a group of people towards [House of Prestige]’s main force of Swordsmen. The warriors of both sides were flooded by seas of flame, rains of ice, and arrows, causing screams of pain to resound over and over again. Even if this was a surprise attack, a high price was paid to annihilate the main force of [House of Prestige].

A few moments later, Liu Ying backed away with only a little bit of health remaining. Behind him, Quick Thunder Swift Wind had 75% health left and stormed forward as he roared in anger, “Tyrant of Western Chu, aren’t you very bossy? Come on, let me chop off your dog head!

Liu Ying gnashed his teeth in anger, “Sonata, use [Scattered Shot]!”


An icy arrow darted towards Quick Thunder Swift Wind and stun him with a “Pa” sound. Unfortunately, a dozen other [House Of Prestige] Swordsmen came straightaway to his aid. As Quick Thunder Swift Wind recovered from the dizziness, he immediately bellowed, “Use [Haste] and kill Sonata!”

A few Swordsmen promptly used [Blade Rush] to draw closer. They brandished their swords and Sonata’s health rapidly dropped to 50% while the players around him were all killed. With no choice, he hastily used [Crystallize] and entered a state of invincibility!

“Just in time!”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind laughed out loud. He suddenly lowered his body, strenuously raising his battle axe with his arm and used a third advancement skill——[Battle Axe Throw]!

Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s assessment was spot-on. The instant Sonata recovered from the effects of [Crystallize], the [Battle Axe Throw] hit him. The Archer’s weak body was immediately torn apart by the battle axe of a top Berserker, making a huge damage number flew up——


Piggy’s rifle had already turned red-hot from the continual firing, and his face was colored by gun residue. He looked towards Liu Ying and yelled loudly, “Boss, we can’t do this with brute force. Whether it is in levels, equipment, or teamwork, our people cannot compete with [House Of Prestige]. If we continue, our major force will be annihilated! It’s time to retreat!”

Liu Ying gripped his long sword tightly, “F*ck them all. Retreat! Li Xiao Yao, we can’t block this path of retreat anymore. It’s up to you and [Zhan Long] now!”


I stared at Liu Ying from a distance and raised my brow, “Brothers, advance towards the north and slaughter the major force of [House Of Prestige]!”

Behind me, the generals of [Zhan Long] followed me and left the previous battlefield. Qing Qian came up to me and softly said, “Right now, Quick Thunder Swift Wind seems to be the main force behind [House of Prestige]’s momentum. The smart move here would be to take him out first. Brother Xiao Yao, let’s work together. You rush into their formation and use the effects of [Defeat the Dragon] to pull him closer, then Sister Dancing Forest and I will use our long range skills to instantly kill him!”


Seven or eight successive arrows shot me in the shoulder, but Darling Duck speedily recovered my health. With a wave of my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the midst of their formation where the Swordsmen were. Pain spread through the players as they all cried out desperately. Old K roared furiously and a [Whirlwind Slash] swept past, chopping a crowd of people into minced meat. Wolf stepped on the grassland as he activated the skill, [Ten Way Blade] making it impossible for anyone to get close. As if there was no resistance, Wang Jian, One Second Hero and the others dashed forward to kill. Within seconds, the few hundred members of [House Of Prestige] were annihilated.


The face of the flagbearer of [House Of Prestige] twitched for a second as he said, “Vice Guild Master, the instant destructive force of [Zhan Long] is so fierce. We can’t get too far away from the long-range campsite, otherwise we would be like a baby with no milk, strangled on the periphery.”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind nodded in response, “Retreat and keep the field organized!”

My eyes turned cold and said, “Everyone, follow my lead. Let’s surprise them and crush their field.”

Behind me, 2000+ [Zhan Long] members stormed forward with enraged roars, enduring the magical skills and arrows of the enemy. I was at the front as my Emperor Qin’s Sword thrust into the bodies of the opponents, bringing out splashes of blood. My Flaming Tiger God activated [Flame Armor] and raged in the midst of the enemy army. The whole battlefield was about to belong to [Zhan Long].


Quick Thunder Swift Wind gnashed his teeth in contempt, and said furiously, “This attack is too fierce; there are too many people, many of whom possess AOE Skills that are above rank S. All the Archers and Mages, prepare to concentrate fire and I will lead the attack. Let’s kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai first. Healers, heal me indifferently and do not let me get killed instantly!”

With an angry roar, Quick Thunder Swift Wind activated [Will of the Berserker] again and darted towards me with his battle axe in hand. Before he approached me, he activated the skill, [Battle Axe Throw]!


My shoulder felt cold as I lost 2791 health. Fortunately, it was not a deadly strike. Darling Duck hastily healed me, while a group of Swordsmen charged towards me in cooperation with Quick Thunder Swift Wind.

Now was the time!

I thundered in anger and activated a [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. While I was under great damage, I suddenly opened my left hand and targeted Quick Thunder Swift Wind, activating the skill——[Defeat the Dragon]!


I fiercely grabbed this Vice Guild Master in front of me as I raised my hand and drew my Emperor Qin’s Sword. When the golden hexagram swept past, the [Combo] skill exploded in an instant, and a [Fierce Ice Blade] quickly followed in succession. Simultaneously, I yelled in the team chat channel, “Now!”


The blades tore up Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s body, but there were too many people that spam healed him. My ferocious attacks still couldn’t kill him. Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Fire Fox] suddenly hit!


Almost at the same time, a meteor shaped arrow swept across the ground and fiercely thudded into Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s body. Along with my [Fierce Ice Blade], the concentrated-fire battle tactic was finally complete! We finally completed the first part of guerilla warfare!


Quick Thunder Swift Wind knees weakened and he dropped to the ground, finally about to die. He raised his head and glared at me with fierce eyes as he screamed, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you better wait. I will have my revenge!”

I remained silent as I kicked his corpse and picked up the Purple Tier armor that he dropped. Unfortunately, this equipment was a lot more inferior than my Valkyrie Tier armor which meant that I wouldn’t be using it.

Li Mu brandished his metal sword and [Zhan Long] began slaughtering thoroughly!

On the other side, the players of [Vanguard] were also advancing and attacking. Don’t Be Foolish held his long spear and was dashing at the forefront of the battle. He yelled with an angered expression, “Come on, kill me if you dare!”


Numerous arrows shot at his face, but Don’t Be Foolish smoothly raised his hand, easily blocking all the arrows while a sneer rose to his lips as he said, “It doesn’t hurt!”

Goodbye Tears suddenly stood before Don’t Be Foolish with his shield in hand and roared angrily, “Idiot, how can it not hurt when blood is flowing. Quickly use [Cleansing Wind], you dumbass. I will f*cking protect you. North Pole, let’s charge!”

The Mage North Pole carried his staff and the long range campsite of [Vanguard] continued pushing forward using scorched earth battle tactics. Every inch of the earth was devastated as [Zhan Long] and [Vanguard], these two big guilds attacked from both sides. Finally, the army of [House Of Prestige] with about 4000 people began collapsing.