Zhan Long

Chapter 375

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Chapter 375 Battle at the Moonlight Forest

Shortly, a countless number of people stormed forward from the northern side of Fort Zi Feng. Dragon Emperor was in the midst of the army, leading at least 3000 members of the guild [Emperor’s Blood]. Also, at the side of [Emperor’s Blood], another group of people advanced menacingly. The head of this group was none other than Quick Thunder Swift Wind, the Vice Guild Master of [House Of Prestige]. He lead a troop with easily more than 5000 people who were charging aggressively towards us.

“Attack! Slaughter all of [Zhan Long]!”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind held his battle axe as coldness filled his eyes. He roared furiously, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, it’s you who wanted to die. I said that I would massacre [Zhan Long] and now, here’s the first step. None of the people that you have led here will escape!”

Dragon Emperor raised his long spear up high and yelled loudly, “Surround them!”

“Ka Cha!”

My Emperor Qin’s Sword slashed an Archer as I turned and struck behind me. I simultaneously cast a glance at my Emperor Qin’s Sword and saw that it was covered in blood. The [Kill For Blood] had already stacked up to 50 levels in such a short time. After my attack strength increased by 50%, my Emperor Qin’s Sword had a higher capacity for killing.

“Little Li!”

Carrying his battle axe, Old K violently dashed out in the middle of the crowds as [Whirlwind Slash] blasted away the group of people. He screamed, “What are we going to do now? Keep battling and slashing these bastards, or retreat?”

I laughed out loud, “They have too many people. It’s not beneficial to fight a protracted battle. Retreat with Qing Qian!”

Yue Qing Qian was at the rear of the troop formation as she fled away with her daggers in hand, softly giggling. Li Mu, Bai Qi, and the others immediately followed and retreated towards the back, while only Dong Cheng Lei was left slashing on the frontline with his battle axe. With a swing of his battle axe, three Knights were slashed until they were forced to back away as they howled in pain. Dong Cheng Lei roared angrily, “You all want to slaughter [Zhan Long]? In your dreams!”

I burst out laughing as I slid back a few steps and grabbed Dong Cheng Lei’s cloak. I laughed out loud, “Little fool, stop fighting and retreat with me. Otherwise, you’ll be shot into a hedgehog by their Archers! All the Wind Elves with long range skills, fly up high and support the retreat by shooting from the sky!”

In the midst of the crowd, a group of Wind Elf players led by Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands all soared upwards. The long row of Archers pulled their bows and shot towards the ground wildly. As for us, we escaped towards the Moonlight Forest under the cover of the Archers. We couldn’t run too fast or else our opponent would give up on chasing after us.

“F*ck you all. Still thinking of running?” Dragon Emperor roared furiously. He hastily sped up and suddenly lifted his long spear and threw it out with a “Shua”. The long spear swept across the sky as it drew a long curve. With a “Pu Chi”, it penetrated the chest of a [Zhan Long] Archer, dropping their health below 20%. The Archer’s wings broke as he fell to the ground, only to be caught up by Quick Thunder Swift Wind and killed with the strike of a hammer.


Li Mu held up his battle axe and howled in anger, “I am going to kill them!”

I turned my head to shoot him a glare, “Kill my ass. You’ll die. There are so many Archers’ [Scattered Shot] targeting you right now that you will be shot into a hedgehog before you could even get close to them. This kind of thing…… let me handle it! I have a basic defense of 3000+. I will cover, you guys run quickly!”

“Alright. Be careful!”


The roars of my Flaming Tiger God were heard, while numerous members of [House Of Prestige] dotted the sky behind and the Wind Elf players of [Emperor’s Blood] chased after us. The movement speed of the Wind Elves had increased exponentially when they ascended to the sky, yet they didn’t have the audacity to get too close. This was because they knew that if they were attacked and their wings broke, it would only mean death for them.

I decisively ran towards the back with my sword in hand and peered at the distance. A dozen Archers and Mages were targeting me. [Scattered Shot]s and [Indigo Sea Arrow]s were all targeted and prepared to fire. After estimating the time I needed, I forcefully spun around such that my feet made two lines on the ground, dodging a chain of incoming attacks and nullifying the damage. Simultaneously, I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] across the sky!


Seven Archers were hit and fell to the ground. At the same time, my Flaming Tiger God’s [Burstfire Raid] swept past with just enough power to kill the rest. I moved in a flash and continued following the crowd as we escaped towards Moonlight Forest.

Veins popped out of Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s forehead as he observed the scene, “F*ck. Trying to mess with us? You think you can use a hit and run tactic to slaughter all of us? In your dreams!! All Wind Elves, listen! Fly straight over Xiao Yao Zi Zai then descend to the ground to trap him. Even if we can’t kill those trashes from [Zhan Long], we must at least slay Xiao Yao Zi Zai, that arrogant son of a bitch!”

Everything was going according to plan. I opened my left hand and two God Army Cards began spinning in my hand. I threw one of the God Army Cards to the sky, causing an ancient sword to massacre everyone around. In an instant, ten Wind Elves fell to the ground while I continued running, canceling the previous [Soul Army] to release a new one. In the end, I easily slaughtered the Wind Elves of [House Of Prestige] within seconds, making my tactic more and more similar to a hit and run.

“Oh no. This won’t do……” Dragon Emperor gritted his teeth as he said.

Quick Thunder Swift Wind stretched his hand and pointed right ahead while exclaiming furiously, “Bai Li Ruo Hai, go shoot Xiao Yao Zi Zai to death!”

In the midst of the multitude, a person suddenly flew up into the air. It was a Lv 70 Archer, a team leader of [House Of Prestige]. From the look of his name, he seemed like someone who was rather close to Bai Li Ruo Feng. He was a young man around 22 years old who gripped a blood-red long bow and darted forward. He aimed at me from afar and used [Scattered Shot]!

I could see the arrow clearly, but didn’t dodge. Instead, I suddenly turned around!


The [Scattered Shot] hit my shoulder, causing a damage of 1129 and 1.9 seconds of stun. My resistance was so strong that there was even a limit for the period of stun. Bai Li Ruo Hai then used a [Triple Shot]. As expected, the attack strength was shocking. Even with 3000+ defense, I still took so much damage that I had only around half of my health left!

The instant I recovered my ability to move, my killing intent turned cold. Gulping down a 3000 health potion, I activated [Haste] and darted straight at Bai Li Ruo Hai. Simultaneously, I lowered my body and closed a 5 yards distance with a [Blade Rush]. In that moment, I reached the required conditions for using rage skills. I abruptly opened my hand and a chain in the shape of a dragon stormed out of my palm, binding Bai Li Ruo Hai. With a “Hua” sound, I pulled the chains closer, bringing him right in front of me!


Bai Li Ruo Hai was extremely shocked. Before he could even react, he was cut into two by the full brunt of a [Wind Blade] that I had prepared in advance.

He died and a clattering sound rang out. A crimson red leather helmet was dropped. Picking it up, I threw it into my bag and continued following Qing Qian, Li Mu and the others to escape for our lives!


Dragon Emperor stared with his eyes wide and mouth agape as he exclaimed, “He managed to catch and kill Bai Li Ruo Hai in such a short amount of time even when he is so far away. He’s is the second strongest Archer in [House Of Prestige]. Isn’t that Xiao Yao Zi Zai too terrifying?!”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind gripped his battle axe with bloodshot eyes and declared, “This absolutely cannot be tolerated! Chase after them. I am definitely going to chase after those [Zhan Long] trash until every last one of them is dead!”

Dragon Emperor scanned the Moonlight Forest that was right ahead and said “Swift Wind, we better be more cautious. There might be an ambush in Moonlight Forest. If we get ambushed and lose our major force of ten thousand people, that loss would really be too great!

“Don’t worry!”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind glanced at the distance and said, “The main position of [Prague], [Zhan Long], [Vanguard], [Flying Dragon], and [Enemies At The Gate] are all there. At least 200,000+ people of the major forces are under our eyes. What can this small Moonlight Forest hide? Could it be [Wrath of the Heroes]? If it’s trash guild like that, hah, hah, then our 10,000 men are more than enough to crush them!”

Dragon Emperor also laughed, “ OK, I understand now. Start chasing at full speed!”


The first half of [Zhan Long], General Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian and the others had already entered the Moonlight Forest. Wang Jian, Misty Cloud and the others hid really well. All of them were covered under the thick blankets of plants and their characters disappeared from the map, making them undetectable.


I was the last to enter the forest. I immediately became invisible through [Camouflage] and continued dashing forward trying to lure almost ten thousands people of the [House Of Prestige] and [Emperor’s Blood] into the forest. In the team chat channel, Wang Jian spoke, “Brother Xiao Yao, almost time. They’ve probably already entered into our ambush range, should we start the battle?”

I asked, “Who’s going to cut off the way of their retreat?”

“[Enemies At The Gate] already went!”

“Great! Once [Enemies At The Gate] attacks, we will also attack and encircle to devour these ten thousand people!”


“Vice Guild Master, why do I have a feeling that something is wrong?!” A team leader of [House Of Prestige] asked.

“What’s wrong?” Quick Thunder Swift Wind raised his battle axe and shouted loudly, “Keep pursuing. We will catch up with them soon and crush [Zhan Long], that team of thousands. The time for revenge has come!”

Team Leader paused and held his staff, “But I keep feeling……”

Before he could finish his sentence, a flaming Swordsman rushed out of the bushes and used [Combo Slash] on the [Mana Shield] of the team leader. His long sword thrust forward as flames devoured the team leader’s body behind the damaged shield and instantly killed him. [Phoenix’s Slash] blew up the forest, making it a fiery hot region enshrouded by flames.

With a foot on the corpse of this team leader of [House Of Prestige], Misty Cloud raised his Bleeding Star Sword and bellowed with a cold expression, “These people pursued our allies [Zhan Long]. Brothers! Can you tolerate this? Kill all of them!”

Immediately, the 5000 members of [Enemies At The Gate] all charged out and blocked the opponent’s retreat.

At the same time, the Ancient Demon Blade in the forest was slashing in the midst of the crowd. In a flash, Simple appeared in the open ground and spoke with a clear voice, “All of the [Vanguard] members here, attack!”

[Prague], [Blood Contract], [Flying Dragon] and the other guilds all launched their attacks. The 20,000 people treated the people of Jiu Li City like they were wrapping dumplings. Li Mu, Old K, the others, and I also returned to attack. Wang Jian led the major forces of [Zhan Long] and surprised the enemy at their flanks. In an instant, the whole battle situation seemed very clear.

Dragon Emperor’s lance quavered slightly, as he spoke in his trembling voice, “F*ck…… I knew it. We are trapped. Xiao Yao Zi Zai was just relying on this team of thousands to attract us. Now…… this team of thousands won’t be devoured by us, instead our team of ten thousands is about to be devoured. This feeling is totally……the feeling of being unable to f*ck the vixen, but instead getting yourself smelly……*”
TL Note: Chinese idiom about attempting to do something, only to end up in a worse state than before.

“Cut the crap!”

Carrying his battle axe, Quick Thunder Swift Wind turned and bellowed, “So what if we fell into an ambush! Now tell them, this is not the type of situation that [House Of Prestige] has not experienced. Our status was earned through knives and swords! Brothers! Hack a path of retreat with me. Guild Master is already leading an army of 20,000 people to assist us!”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind had already darted towards Misty Cloud before he finished his words. The bright radiance of [Fierce Axe Strike] materialized above the battle axe as he roared in anger, “No matter who the f*ck [Enemies At The Gate] are, die!”

Streaks of Azure Dragon energy ascended up Misty Cloud’s arms. With a fierce punch, Misty Cloud directly crushed Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s [Fierce Axe Strike]. He then brandished his sword with his right hand as he activated [Sky Shaker Slash]!


Quick Thunder Swift Wind backed away with a shocked face.

Misty Cloud held up his long sword and went step by step forward, “Who is [Enemies At The Gate]? Heh heh, someone who can make you scream for your grandpa!”