Zhan Long

Chapter 373

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Chapter 373 Speak with Discretion


After appearing in the middle of Ba Huang City, I went to get my equipment repaired and replenish my potions. I also stocked up on Spirit Returning Pills for the battle. We were going to be spamming skills, so our mana pool would not have been able to keep up. This type of high level Mana Potion was absolutely essential. I didn’t want to end up as just a high level infantry soldier. A Xiao Yao without skills was almost the same as a Tyrant of Western Chu.


A message came from Qing Qian: “Brother Xiao Yao, we’re gathering at the northern gates of the city. You’ll see our platoon when you come over. Heh. There’s only an hour left until the City War starts, we should head over quickly. I’ve heard that they’ve already begun fighting at the borders between the two cities. People are really impatient……”

I smiled and replied, “Alright. I’m coming!”

I summoned my Flaming Tiger God and set off for the northern gates with Emperor Qin’s Sword in hand and the Cold Iron Sword sheathed on my back. Looking around, it was especially lively. Ba Huang City has at least 3 million players online right now. All the big guilds had assembled and were ready to depart. Looking to the edge of the forest, I noticed a bunch of [Zhan Long] members had gathered together. Qing Qian, Song Han, Li Mu, Matcha and etc, they were all there.

As I walked towards them, the system refreshed itself. A golden symbol appeared on my shoulders that read “The House of [Zhan Long]”. Haha. Our [Zhan Long] has already been recognized by the game masters!

“Brother Xiao Yao is here!” Song Han smiled.

I nodded, “Everyone is here already. Are we ready to go?”


Qing Qian walked to my side and noticed the badge on my shoulder. She couldn’t help but grin, “Wow, it’s our [Zhan Long Hall] badge! So beautiful…… I don’t know when I can enter the hall. I am so envious……”

I laughed out loud, “Keep up the hard work! Contribute in this city war. How about I make the decision and allow the member of [Zhan Long] who contributes the most city war points to go straight into [Zhan Long Hall]. What do you think?”

Li Mu and and Wang Jian smiled and nodded “No problem. It’s best this way. Otherwise, you would be all alone in [Zhan Long Hall]!”

“Yeah, now that that’s decided, how many people are we sending?”

Li Mu muttered to himself and replied, “Yesterday, Bai Li Ruo Feng mocked you and created the thread that insulted [Zhan Long] for everybody to see. With that, we now share a hatred for a common enemy and have decided to take our revenge. Therefore, the online rate of the main guild is 95% and the online rate of the division is 92%. With the additional members, [Zhan Long is dispatching a total of 5700+ people. Now, we are just waiting to f*ck the [House Of Prestige], this arrogant guild, brutally.

I grinned, “Watch your language, there are little girls here. Let’s set out. Matcha, do recon on the map and check the best route to get there. Everyone, do not attack rashly and act carefully!”

“Yes, Okay!”

Wait, Brother Xiao Yao……” Wolf grabbed my shoulder armor, pointed towards the south and said, “Quick look, the NPCs of Ba Huang City are moving. Cough, cough. What’s going on……?”

Everyone peered south together. As expected, the massive cavalry was galloping out of Ba Huang City. With at least ten thousands people, they covered the area. At the forefront of the troops, under a blood-colored royal flag, was Luo Lei, dressed in golden armor with sword in hand and riding on a black horse. As his cloak behind his back fluttered in the wind, he stopped his horse outside the city and drew his sword. He bellowed out furiously, “The arrogant King of Jiu Li City actually hacked my daughter’s finger off because of a few offensive words. This time, Ba Huang City will not back down. Attack and seize Fort Zi Feng! Advance into Jiu Li City and slaughter those arrogant, stupid pigs!”

A group of NPC generals all drew their sharp knives and yelled, “Save the princess!”

Luo Lei continued speaking, “Have the border guards been recalled?”

A general replied respectfully, “Lord, the seven major troops of the Kingdom of Ba Huang City have all been recalled. We will immediately proceed to attack Fort Zi Feng. This time, those ants of Jiu Li City will definitely cower before the calvaries of Ba Huang City!”


Luo Lei’s eyes turned icy cold as he declared,”No matter what troops Jiu Li City dispatched, even if it’s their ace, we must crush them this time. Plus, we have the assistance of numerous adventurers. Let’s tear down the Fort within two days!”

“Yes, Lord!”



Flags fluttered and the enormous army of the kingdom began advancing. The sound of hooves could be heard coming from outside the forest and the different colors of the flags of the seven troops could be faintly seen. This was truly a battle between King Cities. Just the thought of the upcoming battle would make your blood boil. It also happened to be a great opportunity to train [Zhan Long]’s troops with [Legend] and [House Of Prestige], some of the best guilds, as opponents!

[Zhan Long]’s large army also advanced simultaneously. We passed directly through the forest while killing all sorts of monsters on the way.

We soon past Green Qilin Valley, [Zhan Long]’s headquarters. It was a pity that we had too many people today. The Valley was overrun by numerous players and NPCs. They slaughtered all of the monsters and proceeded to crush Magic Tracking Forest and Icy Forest Graveyard. Presently, the large army reached the border of the map’s zone. Jiu Li City was just ahead!

An empty plain was seen in the far distance, the autumn wind soughed through the air. This map named “Hell’s Core” and was a neutral piece of territory right between Jiu Li City and Ba Huang City; a plain with a large piece of land colored red in the center. The red soil reminded people of of Yunnan. However, it was not Yunnan, but a dangerous region where monsters roamed freely.
(Ed Note: Yunnan is a province in Southern China)

Stretching his hand, Li Mu pointed ahead and said, “Located at the center of of the Hell’s Core is the spawn point of Fort Zi Feng. This citadel is located exactly halfway between the two big main cities with a chain of mountain range on its left and the icy cold Ice Ridge Mountain on its right. It is just perfect location for troops. In fact, whoever controls Fort Zi Feng will be able to grasp the chance to attack first.

I nodded in response, “[Zhan Long] should not act rashly. Just keep advancing and await orders when we reach the border of Fort Zi Feng. There are too many people in this battle. Our 5000+ people will be crushed immediately, and we might not even be enough for them to kill. We should attack after the situation becomes clearer!”

Wang Jian nodded, “That’s what the other guilds also plan to do. Brother Xiao Yao, if advance a little forward we will be able to see the campsites of [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Enemies At The Gate]. Since this is a city war, everyone ought to communicate and work together to win this grand City Battle.”

“Yeah, let’s go. Let’s see what they are going to say!”


A group of people determinedly went forward. Ten minutes later, a lofty citadel appeared on Hell’s Core. In reality, we had already entered the range of the City War when we had left Ba Huang Forest. Therefore, this battle may not even be limited to only Hell’s Core. There’s a huge possibility that it might be drawn to the other areas of the two main cities.

The ground was dotted with the formations of players. [Vanguard], [Prague], and a few other large guilds camped 2000 yards away from the citadel and awaited in an orderly arrangement for the command. As for some casual players and small guilds, they had already impatiently stormed at Fort Zi Feng. There was still ten minutes left until the battle began, and yet intense fights had already started around the citadel.

I walked towards the group of people slowly and stood firmly in the middle of the crowd. Almost every player around me was a Guild Master or at least an Elder. There was not even team leaders. The top guilds in Ba Huang City were all here.

“Humph, Humph!” Fu Shen Thousand Blade sneered, “The Guild Master of [Zhan Long] that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are late!”

I smiled humbly, “Sorry, I had class this morning. I can’t be in game for a whole day like some idle people…….”

“Who are you talking about?! Fu Shen Thousand Blade exclaimed inquisitively as he lifted his metal knife.

I opened my hand and grinned, “Would you like to try the taste of [Great Realm of Desolation]?”

Fu Shen Thousand Blade froze for a second. My [Great Realm of Desolation] was basically a signature skill. Of course he would know the power of the [Great Realm of Desolation], and so he did not answer but instead simply smoothed things over by saying, “Let;s move past our old hate. Our opponent is Jiu Li City this time, and we must work together. Just do it for the BUFF reward for the winner……”

Jian Feng Han nodded, “Yeah. Let’s discuss the plan for the battle. This is the most important part.”

Yan Zhao Warrior crossed his arms and said, “Li Xiao Yao just arrived so he doesn’t know the situation yet. I’ll just briefly summarize it for you. This time, the people that came from Jiu Li City are mostly small to medium-sized guilds and teams. These types are not what we should be careful of. However, there are a few organized large guilds that are slightly more terrifying. The seven large guilds Jiu Li City pose the greatest threat to us!

He paused and continued speaking, “Everyone is aware of [Legend], the top guild of the China server with Guild Master Fang Ge Que, and Vice Guild Master Lu Chun Yang. Next up is [House of Prestige], the arrogant guild that threatened to massacre [Zhan Long]. Then it’s Ye Lai’s [Judgement]. [Judgement] is the most indomitable guild, with an extremely strong combat strength that cannot be ignored. The fourth is [Appearance Alliance]. A guild with only girls, yet the number of the registered members is more than 50000 and the number of the online members is definitely more than ten thousand. Number five is [Dao Jian Xuan], number six [Emperor’s Blood] and the seventh is Gong Zi Ying’s [Moonlit Lake]. These are all big main guilds with at least 30000+ registered members. Let’s divide the work. Specifically, how shall we battle?

Sister Matcha followed right beside me and replied, “The city war is secondary, exterminating the enemy forces is the most important. Therefore, the key to this war is killing as many of the enemy forces as possible.

[Thousand Burial]’s Vice Guild Master, Youyi, sneered, “Do we need you to tell us that? What position do you have? You’re just an Elder, what right do you have to speak here?”

Matcha was taken aback for a moment.

Raising my hand, I drew my sword and forcefully shot a [Wind Blade] at Youyi!


Youyi was slashed and fell back several steps. Only a bit of his health remained as a shocked expression flashed across his face..

I pointed at Youyi and said apathetically, “Every member of [Zhan Long] is my brother. No matter their position or strength. Watch what you say! I don’t want to annihilate [Thousand Burial] again so soon!

Yan Zhao Warrior hastily pulled my arms, “Cough, cough. [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master, calm down. Err, Vice Guild Master of [Thousand Burial], do speak with discretion……

The members of [Enemies At The Gate] all burst out laughing. Misty Cloud held his sword in his arms and laughed, “Haha, he actually dared to ruffle Xiao Yao’s feathers. Isn’t he trying to die?”