Zhan Long

Chapter 370

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Chapter 370 Battle Evil to the End


After I picked up my 77th Spirit Recovering Grass, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and four of his guildmates finally revived. At the same time, another dozen of expert class players appeared in the vicinity of the mountain, all members of [House of Prestige].

Turning around, I looked at the people who had just revived and activated [Black Tortoise Realm] to block their path up the mountain. I smiled and asked, “You guys still want to fight? Come on!”

This time, the area around Swift Thunder Quick Wind’s wrist was empty. He lifted his battle axe, clenched his fists and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, as you can see, we have a total of 23 [House of Prestige] members here. You cannot take us on alone. Since you’re also here to harvest the Spirit Recovering Grass, there’s no reason for us to fight to the death. How about we split the harvest?

I raised my hands and smiled, “No need. Once I’ve gathered enough Spirit Recovering Grass to reach Lv 10 Alchemy, I’ll leave immediately. You have my word. Unless you guys make a move, I won’t attack you either.”

“That’s fine. You can harvest as much Spirit Recovering Grass as you want. But please return the Divine Dragon Slaying Arms to me. No matter what, PKing is just a wild spar. There’s no need to take my equipment right?”

I smiled but didn’t comply.

Next to Quick Thunder Swift Wind, an Archer frowned and whispered, “Vice Guild Master, that Divine Dragon Slaying Arms was obtained at the cost of the Guild Master’s levels. How can we let that brat Xiao Yao Zi Zai have it so easily? How about we all just rush in right now and kill him. There’s a 50% chance that he’ll drop it. It’s worth a try!”

A Mage on their side nodded. “Yeah. We have the number’s advantage. We don’t have to be scared of one person.”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind coughed, and loudly said, “Guild Master Xiao Yao, I hope you will return the Divine Dragon Slaying Arms. This equipment is really important to me. I can’t not have it…….”

I suddenly stood up and said, “Quick Thunder Swift Wind! PKing in the wild has its own rules as well. Do you think I’m a three year old? If I was killed by you and my Emperor Qin’s Sword dropped, would you still return it to me? We’re all adults here. Don’t treat me like a child. If you want the Divine Dragon Slaying Arms then come get it. If you kill me, there’s a high chance that it’ll drop. Don’t say that there are 23 of you. Even if there were 230 of you , it’ll be worth fighting for if I can take revenge for those three bystanders from before!”

Swift Thunder Quick Wind gritted his teeth, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you’re not giving me any face now are you?”

I smiled coldly, “You have to earn your respect. [House of Prestige] is viewed as a reputable guild, but you guys took advantage of your strength and bullied weaker players? I’ve recorded all of it and I don’t mind posting it on the forums, but….. I’m worried that Bai Li Ruofeng will lose all his face after this….. You guys better watch yourselves. If you want to fight, I won’t back down!”

After saying that, I continued to harvest Spirit Recovering Grass. My Flaming Tiger God was patrolling the area a bit further away. Also, I’d already set up [Black Tortoise Realm] and [Soul Army] to block their reinforcement’s path, so now, only their Wind Elf type players can fly up here to join them. Unfortunately, they only have three Wind Elf players and as Archers, they couldn’t penetrate my defense. It would be committing suicide for them if they came up here.

I also have my [Great Realm of Desolation] and [Seven Star Fragment Slash], two AOE skills. I wasn’t afraid of any flying Wind Elves at all.

In the end, only after I had gathered around 1200 Spirit Recovering Grass, I realized that I had harvested a bit too much. I stood up, pointed at the ground and said, “There’s around 30% of the Spirit Returning Grass left. Do you guys want it? If not, I’ll be taking it all.”

Swift Thunder Quick Wind gritted his teeth, “You……”

The Archer quickly yelled, “Of course!”

I wiped the dirt from my knees and took out a City Returning Scroll, then smiled, “If fate has it, we’ll meet again! Quick Thunder Swift Wind, don’t do anymore bad things. God knows what you’re always doing. Karma will definitely get you!”


The City Returning Scroll shattered!

At that time, I received an attack on my back. F*ck. When did an Assassin get behind me?


My Flaming Tiger God roared out and raised its claws as it tackled the Assassin behind me. After recovering from my short stun, I immediately spun around and stabbed the Assassin in the chest, killing him instantly. From above, Quick Thunder Swift Win and the others finally began their attack. A group of people ran straight down from the hilltop with the close combat specialists in front!

I lightly smiled and telepathically commanded my Flaming Tiger God to activate [Flame Armor]. His defense dramatically increased, then he activated [Burstfire Raid] and charged up the hill. Not a single one of the heavy armor type players came out unscathed. At the same time, I cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash] backwards, wreaking havoc alongside the entire hill. Combined with the sound of my Flaming Tiger God’s roars, seven of the heavy armor players all fell to the ground. The damage from the AOE attacks were just too heavy; even their Healers didn’t have time to heal them all. Only Quick Thunder Swift Wind was able to get out with critical health. It was pure luck that he was still alive.

“Pa pa pa….”

A chain of arrows fell upon my armor but were only able to deal a few hundred damage. One of the Wind Elf girls at the bottom of the hill was so shocked that her little mouth widened and she exclaimed, “His…..his defense is so high, how are we supposed to fight him?”

Suddenly, a [Pillar of Fire and Ice] exploded under my feet, dealing 1700+ damage. He he, this Mage’s damage is shockingly high!

After targeting my enemy, I opened my palm and the Divine Dragon Slaying Arms began to buzz as a red dragon began to wrap around my wrist. It then turned into the shape of dragon chains that locked onto the Mage. “Hong!” It pulled the Mage from 20 yards away down the hill right before me. The Mage’s eyes widened!


In seconds, my Cold Iron Sword slid out of its sheath and with both blades I cut the Mage 5 times in a row!






The second the shield broke, the Mage was destined to die, killing him could be done in a moment’s notice.


I don’t know who yelled that, but I noticed a Healer on the hill who looked so terrified from watching me that his boots began to shake. Then in a shaky voice, he said, “Motherf*cker, this Xiao Yao Zi Zai isn’t human! We…. we don’t have a chance against him with those kind of skills in this map, going against him is practically just asking for death! Vice Guild Master, we have spent a lot of time getting to our levels. We can’t just lose them like this!”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind gripped his battle axe, his eyes filled with rage, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, remember your words and actions today, our [House of Prestige] will give you a surprise soon, just you wait!”

Before activating another City Returning Scroll, I stared fiercely at my opponents and clearly stated, “I am Xiao Yao Zi Zai of [Zhan Long] from Ba Huang City. If [House of Prestige] is a trashy guild like this, I won’t refuse your challenge. If you insist on making us your enemies, then I will put this recording up on the forums. Everything, from the beginning to the end!”

“Good. Go back to Ba Huang City and wait for it!”


After successfully using the scroll, I appeared in the middle of the marketplace. I quickly bought a few alchemy furnaces and immediately began refining the Spirit Recovering Pills.

As each pill was successfully refined, my experience in alchemy soared. Not even after ten minutes of doing so, the sound of the System Notification was heard—-

System Notice: Congratulations, You have successfully reached Lv 10 in Alchemy. Because you are the first Lv 10 Alchemist, you have received a reward: Charm +12!

Hehe. Another 12 Charms. Today really is a good day…..

I opened up the alchemy menu and the recipe for Lv 10 Potions appeared.

Lv 10 [Devil’s Pill]: Recover 3500 Mana, Evil God Grass x3, Chilling Grass x1, Alchemy Furnace x10.

Evil God Grass…. this was another rare ingredient. After searching the forums for a bit, I couldn’t find any clues as to the whereabouts of the Evil God Grass at all. I’ll just go find it myself. Finding a single needle in the vast sea is pretty hard, but there’s nothing I can do besides wait…..

Then, accompanied by a “Ding!” sound, a voice chat invitation from the beautiful Cang Tong appeared.

“Li Xiao Yao?” She said softly.

“Yeah? What’s up Wan Er?” I asked.
“You’ve already reached Lv 10 in Alchemy right?”

“Yeah. It’s all thanks to your information!”

“Hehe. No need to thank me. Also, I heard that you ran into some problems with the Vice Guild Master of [House of Prestige] in the Hills of Despair.”

“Yeah.” I didn’t want to hide anything. “They PK’d three innocent guild-less bystanders for those Spirit Recovering Grass. I couldn’t stand it so I decided to sweep the floor with them.”

Wan Er was slightly worried, “[House of Prestige] is ranked 4th place and has 70 million players registered. In reality, their strength is probably not any less than [Vanguard]’s or [Zhan Long]. It’s a little unreasonable, shouldn’t you just deal with any problems right now?”

“Yeah….” I extended my arm, “But I got one of Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s equipments after I killed him. He wanted me to return it to him. I didn’t want to return it or comply with those lowly people.”

“…. What kind of equipment did he drop to make you so daring?”

“Divine Dragon Slaying Arms, a Lv 70 Valkyrie Tier Wristguard.” I sent the statlines over to her.

After looking at it, Wan Er started laughing, “Good! We can’t lower ourselves to compromise with those lowly people. I’ll support you. We’ll battle evil to the end!”

I was speechless. “Yeah. I got it. But I feel like [House of Prestige] won’t be doing anything big anyways or else they’ll be losing some face. I have the recording of them killing the innocent bystanders. It can be used as a shield if the time comes.”

“Oh. Alright, alright. When are you logging off?”

I checked the time. It was already 21:50 and so I replied, “I will get off now. See you at basketball court 7!”


I stored all the Spirit Recovering Pills. The quality of the potions made by players were always better than the potions sold in shops. With a 50% higher effect, the potions made by players are much more precious. Of course, the price was also correspondingly higher. This was the reason why every big guild was attempting to dominate the spawn points of high level herbs, which would bring them an endless supply of wealth.

I logged off, dressed up casually and headed out!

It was time to face Tang Qi! Let’s find out how capable this fellow from the Szechuan Tang Clan really is!