Zhan Long

Chapter 369

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Chapter 369 Divine Dragon Slaying Arms


[Seven Star Fragment Slash] came down heavily, cutting apart one of the large boulders on the side of the mountain. The Healer couldn’t dodge in time and was killed instantly while the Mage’s [Mana Shield] was critically damaged, bringing the durability down to 57%. My Flaming Tiger God tried to pounce forward, only to be stopped by two of the enemies’ Poison Mantises, who crossed their blades, creating a bright pulsing light.


Flaming Tiger God roared as his body ignited in flames; the [Flame Armor] had increased the tiger’s defense so much that the two mantises couldn’t do more than 2000 damage in total. The small tiger pounced with its claws raised and slashed a [Flame Claw] onto the Mage before he could even use [Dimensional Leap]!

“Peng!” The tiger’s attack shattered the Mage’s [Mana Shield]. He immediately used a [Dimensional Leap] and appeared 20 yards away from the small tiger. With a swing of my Cold Iron Sword, a [God Army Card] appeared on the tip of the blade and begun to spin, activating [Soul Army]. The Mage was dumbfounded. Without his [Mana Shield], how was he supposed to take on the might of [Soul Army]?

“Shua!” he activated [Dimensional Leap] again. Using [Haste], I rushed up to him for the kill. Lowering my body, I activated [Blade Rush] to decrease the distance between us. The Mage panicked and activated his third [Dimensional Leap] to increase the distance between us. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice the movement behind him. Two Scarlet Lizards tackled him from behind, and bit the Mage to death. His cries of pain were unending.



I spun around and lifted my Cold Iron Sword; “Keng!” I parried a Swordsman’s attack and forced him back two steps. He immediately activated [Skyshaker Slash] with a face full of rage, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you bastard, die!”
Shifting my weight backwards, I started to retreat, but couldn’t escape from the [Skyshaker Slash]’s range. This bastard’s hit rate is definitely pretty good; I can’t solely rely on dodging by creating distance anymore. Thus, right as the [Skyshaker Slash] was about to hit my shoulder, I suddenly ducked down and stabbed my Cold Iron Sword into a boulder. With a strong push, I threw away my Cold Iron Sword and forced my entire body back 3 yards. A big MISS appeared from behind me. I had finally dodged that bastard’s [Skyshaker Slash].

My Emperor Qin’s Sword lowered as I saw Quick Thunder Swift Wind charging at me from the corner of my eye. He activated [Battle Axe Throw] and I knew that I had no way of dodging it. I had to take this head on!

Slanting my body, I dragged my blade behind me as the attack shot towards me!


Pain shot through my entire right shoulder, making me lose 2312 health. The [Battle Axe Throw]’s attack wasn’t just strong; it was strong enough to send me flying backwards with the momentum. After calculating the time, I suddenly spun around, and activated [Wind Blade] with my Emperor Qin’s Sword. I built up the strength in mid-air and slashed right at the Swordsman!

“Ka Cha!”


The attack practically shattered the opponent’s chest plate. With a wave of my hand, I pulled out my Cold Iron Sword and rushed forward, giving another barrage of attacks!


Within a few moments, I had killed all 4 people that Quick Thunder Swift Wind sent over. At that time, Quick Thunder Swift Wind had already appeared behind me. While clenching his fists, he suddenly yelled out!


Battle Notification: Player Quick Thunder Swift Wind has activated [Will of the Berserker] and increased his critical attacks by 30%. Duration: 10 seconds!

I silently panicked. There was a skill that would increase critical attacks by 30%? On top of that, this Berserker’s original critical had to be at least around 20%, meaning that it was now already at 50%!

Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s face twisted into a smile as he charged forward and bellowed, “Let’s decide this battle within 10 seconds, Third Place Rise of the Heroes!”

Increasing his pace, Quick Thunder Swift Wind spun his battle axe and cut right at me. His battle rhythm was so natural as it shifted between offense and defense, hehe, he was really good!

Crossing my swords in front of my chest, I forcefully defended the attack. “Keng!” My arms went numb and I was forced to take a several steps backward. Quick Thunder Swift Wind laughed out and took the chance to get closer. Flames burned on his battle axe as he slashed down, it was his strongest skill —— [Fierce Beheading Axe]!

I watched carefully and jerked my left shoulder. I used my Cold Iron Sword to parry the battle axe but it couldn’t completely block the attack. Putting my weight into my Divine Battle Boots, my right foot stepped past the position of my opponent’s right foot and with a slight hook, “Pa!”, Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s body lost balance and fell right at me. With all the strength I had in my body, I lashed out with my Emperor Qin’s Sword!


Sparks flew and I had succeeded! I used my maneuvers to smash Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s strongest attack!

The [Fierce Beheading Strike] was interrupted, but Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s face revealed a terrifying calm. He suddenly slipped past me, spun around and activated [Skyshaker Slash]. The attack caused pain to rippled through my back!


It was a Critical Strike!

I quickly cast [Heal] onto myself and gulped down a 3000 Health Potion. With a roar, an enormous red dragon broke through the dirt, and twisted itself around me to form a crimson shield. At the same time, Quick Thunder Swift Wind suddenly spun around and threw another S level skill at me—— [Whirling Battle Axe]. It was a 360 degree long range slash that cuts down everything within 5 yards of the user. There was no way to retreat!

Straightening my back, I showed no intent of retreating. “Peng!” I took the hit straight at my chest, losing 2800 health. Another critical hit! Even the Crimson Dragon Shield couldn’t block the sheer strength of Quick Thunder Swift Wind.

However, light reflected off my Cold Iron Sword into Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s eyes and I smirked, “Now it’s my turn!”

I thrusted my Cold Iron Sword at my opponent with a normal attack. “Keng!” sparks flew as the sword was parried by his battle axe. Unfortunately for him, my Emperor Qin’s Sword came rushing at him from a different angle, stabbing him right in the arm. Quick Thunder Swift Wind cried out in pain and lost his balance. Before he took a defensive stance, my Cold Iron Sword struck down, “Ka Cha!”, and cut his throat. In a flash, my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword crossed as I struck four times in a row!






“Pa ta….”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind sunk weakly onto his knees, with eyes full of shock. His jaw fell as he said, “What…what a terrifying skill, Twin Sword Style, I’ll remember you!”

When Quick Thunder Swift Wind died, he dropped two pieces of equipment. One of them was a Purple Tier shield, while the other was a glowing red dragon shaped wrist guard. Picking it up to examine, I couldn’t help but laugh out. He he, wasn’t this the strongest armor type equipment of [House of Prestige]’s Vice Guild Master? No wonder his attacks were so strong that it brought me down to this state; even my [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] couldn’t block his attacks. It was all because of this treasure…”

“Shua!” The dragon shaped wrist guards suddenly displayed a set of transparent stats ——

[Divine Dragon Slaying Arms] (Valkyrie Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 520

Strength: +70

Stamina: +67

Agility: +62

Special Effect: Increases the user’s Critical Attack by 25%

Special Effect: Increases the user’s Magical Resistance by 30%

Special Effect: Increases user’s attack by 150

Special Skill: [Defeat the Dragon], activates a dragon’s strength and drags any target under the user’s level to the user. Uses 20 points of Rage

Level Requirement: 70

I quickly switched my old Purple Tier wrist guards to these new Valkyrie Tier wrist guards. At that moment, I felt strength coursing through my arms. I could feel it coming from these wrist guards. Excitedly, I checked my own stats. The Divine Dragon Slaying Arms also raised my stamina, strength and defense quite a bit. Now my stats were even scarier than before ——

Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Dragon City Night Watch)

Level: 73

Attack: 3112-4177

Defense: 3126

Health: 7661

Magic: 2726

Charm: 123

CBN Battle Net Rankings: 17


The 7000+ health and 4177 attack didn’t need to be mentioned, but my defense had finally broken through 3100. Other than a few top tier Knights, there probably weren’t anyone with a defense that rivaled mine. This sort of defense would definitely shock everyone.

On top of that, these Divine Dragon Slaying Arms had a [Dragon Slaying] special skill that used 20 points of rage. It would grab any target within 20 yards and pulled them towards the user. This was definitely an extremely useful special skill, especially for situations when the opponent is a long ranged attacker. As long as I was within 20 yards of my enemy, I could control their life and death. Regrettably, I didn’t get this skill earlier or else I’d have had a better chance against Fang Ge Que. Had it been this way, the first Saint Tier equipment wouldn’t have gone to [Legend] but to [Zhan Long]! Then again, Fang Ge Que was still higher level than me, so the [Dragon Slaying] skill probably wouldn’t have worked anyway……

Standing beside the pile of corpses, I furrowed my brow. Instead of hastily gathering the Spirit Recovering Grass on the mountaintop, I used Heal again and again until my health had fully recovered . I then waved my hand and said, “Love Durian, you guys can revive now!”

“Shua Shua Shua!”

Three streaks of white light successively flashed across the field as Love Durian and the girls resurrected one by one. The girl, Love Grapes, widened her eyes as she stared in shock at the surroundings. She then asked, “Those [House of Prestige] members were all killed by you alone?”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

She exclaimed in disbelief, “Impossible! That……that Quick Thunder Swift Wind is a powerful person ranked 16th in CBN Battle Net rankings. How is it possible…… for you to kill him and four other members from his guild……”

Love Durian coughed, “Little Sis, this guy…… he’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai. The one that’s ranked number 17th in the CNN Battle Net rankings, he’s a lot stronger than Quick Thunder Swift Wind!

I smiled, passed him the shield and said, “Quickly equip yourself and go gather the Spirit Recovering Grass. Just make sure to leave some for me!

Love Durian hesitated for a moment and said, “This…… We were the ones who were saved by you. How could we take your prizes? These Spirit Recovering Grass should all belong to you. We can’t……”

I interrupted him with a laugh, “It’s alright. Stop wasting your time talking, they won’t be easy to gather once those bastards respawn. Return to the city as quickly as possible once you’ve collected 100 Spirit Recovering Grass. A battle might arise again. I didn’t kill Quick Thunder Swift Wind to try to keep everything for myself. I just couldn’t bear the sight of them using their strength to bully the weak. Just go!”

“Al…..Alright……” Love Durian led the two girls past me, simultaneously uttering softly, “Thanks……”

I smiled but remained silent.


A few minutes later, Love Durian and the girls had gathered 100 Spirit Recovering Grasses. They immediately fished out a City Return Scroll and returned to the city after expressing their gratitude. As expected, while I stood in the grassland with my Emperor Qin’s Sword in hand, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and his companions didn’t have the audacity to revive since I could kill anyone of them in one strike while their health was still in half. In addition, with the Divine Dragon Slaying Arms in hand, they wouldn’t dare to make any moves.

I turned around and sat on the mountaintop, leisurely collecting the Spirit Recovering Grass one by one while the sleeping little tiger purred and curled around me like a huge lazy cat.

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