Zhan Long

Chapter 365

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Chapter 365 Covering Sword Slash

In the morning, I cut class and got online to continue overseeing [Zhan Long]’s growth.


I appeared at the northern side of Ba Huang City’s marketplace. After repairing my equipment, I went to check on how our store was doing. Since this was the only player managed store in Ba Huang City, we were able to generate a steady profit without any major interruptions. We were the first player made store in Ba Huang City so our fame was already widespread. Even if others set up stores, our business wouldn’t be dramatically affected. The store itself basically generated enough profit for our operation funds. Even though it wasn’t enough to make me, Li Mu, Fox and the others rich, we were able to fully equip the 5000 members of the guild.

Taking a glance at the items for sale, I saw that there were actually two Emperor Tier weapons! The prices were pretty high and the seller names were hidden. There was nothing interesting here, time to go!

After leaving the city, I took my Flaming Tiger God to the northwestern side of the map towards Green Qilin Valley. This was where our headquarters were so it was easier for me to level here, besides, I could also occasionally help out some lower level guild members.

As I walked, I opened up the guild members list and sorted out the names by CBN Battlemaster Rankings. [Zhan Long]’s rankings were extremely distinct——

Xiao Yao Zi Zai

2. Yue Qing Qian

3. General Li Mu

4. General Wang Jian

5. Yue Wei Liang

6. Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands

7. General Lian Po

8. Dancing Forest

9. Wolf Totem (Little Wolf)

10. Hero Ran Min (Old K)

Basically, these were [Zhan Long]’s top ten experts. Our individual abilities were all above average. On top of that, they would develop along with the game and become increasingly like high level experts. For example, every time we have a team battle, experts like Qing Qian, Li Mu, Thousand Suns and I could deal with over a hundred enemies each. Plus, we could all lead an offensive rhythm on the front lines. It’s said that true experts are like ancient generals, once they go out to war, they slaughter the enemy, their ferocity would greatly boost the morale of the troops. Each and every time [Zhan Long] went out to battle, we won complete victory against a stronger enemy. We didn’t rely on greater numbers but rather a certain determination that lead us to battle even if the enemy were Goliath.

Licking my lips, I stood in front of the tall grass and smiled. Soon, Wan Er and Dong Cheng wil join us, and we would really become one of China’s top guilds. When the time came, even if we were to fight against a colossus like [Legend], we would not fall easily. My dream was getting closer and closer!

Not far away, a group of people appeared in the open area of the forest. Every single one of them had a similar blood colored badge on their arms. It was none other than the newly established [Enemies at the Gate].

As the group came to a stop before us, Misty Cloud crossed his arms in front of his chest with the Bleeding Sword on his back and laughed, “Alright, seeing as this BOSS has already been pushed over, then we should look for our next target. We need to aim to becoming a Lv 2 guild in the next two hours, and a Lv 3 guild in the next 24!”

Sword Reborn gripped his long sword, while the symbol of a Vice Guild Master floating around his shoulder, and said, “Guild Master, I had the [Ruined Bones Division] brothers train around 1000 yards away from us, just in case someone were to ambush us. You caused a lot of chaos yesterday, I’m afraid that we’ll become the target of guilds like [Flying Dragon] or [Wrath of the Heroes]. We are only a Lv 1 guild and our main guild only has around 100 elite.”

Misty Cloud lightly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, our three division guild has around 10,000 players in the area. There shouldn’t be too much danger. Besides, this place is pretty close to [Zhan Long]’s headquarters in Green Qilin Valley. Once we get ambushed, [Zhan Long] could reinforce us within 20 minutes. Xiao Yao Zi Zai is an extremely good bastard. We’re really lucky, to have such a reliable ally!”

Fighting in Blood chuckled and said, “He has to be. [Zhan Long]’s rise surprised [Vanguard] and [Prague]. Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s charisma is far better than trash like Soaring Dragon or Tyrant of Western Chu, or else how could he possibly get the General Family to join his guild? Alright, let’s stop wasting our time now and continue to grind!”


I decided to not bother them and picked up my sword as I snuck past them in the forest. After slashing through the forest, I managed to get to Green Qilin Valley very quickly. Might as well jump into the abyss!


Grabbing onto a green vine, I dropped into the abyss. At the bottom, a new type of Lv 77 monster had spawned there already and there wasn’t another soul in sight. The second I let go of the vine, I reached behind me and drew my swords. I made a cross with my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword and slashed the forehead of one of the monsters. As the enemy cried out in pain, my two swords danced out again; “Shua Shua Shua” the quick rhythm violently hacked the monster to death. This trash didn’t even have the chance to hit back.

Standing up, I closed my eyes and felt the flow of qi around me. My Emperor Qin’s Sword suddenly darted out and my Cold Iron Sword lashed out a few times. The blades created a powerful sword energy that shook the vines. After another few slashes, I felt a pressure begin to build up in my chest. It came again, the game was rejecting the Breezy Sword Style.

This time I was much calmer than before. In the end, I would spit out the pressure in my chest as I made several slashes. After a while, my shoulder began to feel numb and I was forced to sit down on the ground. In such a short time period, I lost all of my energy. Motherf*cker, the ability to create your own skill is truly extraordinary.


A message from Matcha came, “Boss, are you in Qilin Valley? If you are, come to (32773, 112993). A new Lv 77 Emperor Tier Boss spawned. You should be our tank, because if I tank and it goes off tank*, then we’ll lose more men!”
TL Note*: when she loses the aggro

I quickly responded, “Sure. Wait for me, I’ll be there in 5 minutes!”


I reached out, grabbed a green vine and quickly climbed out. After swinging a few times, I landed on top of the cliff in Green Qilin Valley. I then carried my Emperor Qin’s Sword and quickly ran over. After a few minutes, I reached a deep forest. In the distance, I could see a 5 meter tall Stone Giant who was surrounded by a group of people. It was none other than Matcha and her team of 200. Li Mu and Song Han were there too.

“Brother Xiao Yao has come!” Song Han yelled out, “All tanks in the front, get out of the way! We need Brother Xiao Yao to attract all of the aggro!”

I waved my Emperor Qin’s Sword and opened my palm, releasing a [Great Realm of Desolation] onto the BOSS from afar. Following that, I activated [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning], buffing Matcha, Li Mu and the others. With a jump, I brought my Emperor Qin’s Sword down upon the Stone Giant’s leg as it carried the light of a [Combo]. After a chain of brutal attacks, I immediately attracted all of the Stone Giant’s aggro.


The Stone Giant began waving around its gigantic arms, and smashed my shoulder, bringing out 1478 damage. Darling Duck immediately healed me and smiled, “Boss’ defense is so strong. There isn’t any pressure on me at all….”

I waved my Emperor Qin’s Sword, activating [Fierce Ice Blade] and a normal attack. One after another, damage numbers began flying out. On top of that, my [Blood Drain] also took effect——





Indeed, 10% [Blood Drain] was truly impressive. There was so much less pressure on the Healers now. However, there were 200 of [Zhan Long]’s members here, it was just too easy killing an Emperor Tier BOSS. It’s just that everyone’s levels weren’t high enough, so they needed a Lv 72 player like myself to act as a shield.

After battering the BOSS’ health down to 10%, I yelled out, “This…. I’ll kill this BOSS. I have 123 points of charm, so we’ll probably get more drops. I just need the experience, everything else that drops will be split amongst everyone here.”

Matcha and Li Mu nodded, “Ok!”

With a whistle of my Emperor Qin’s Sword slicing through the air, along with the attacks of Mages and Archers, we all ended the BOSS’ life. I ended up dealing the last hit, making the Stone Giant cry out in pain as it fell to the ground. Its enormous body shattered within seconds and it dropped a pile of equipment. Of them, there was also a blood red skill book. I signaled to Matcha by glancing over at her. She immediately walked over and raised a chest plate. She smiled and said, “Here’s a male type Lv 70 Emperor Tier chest plate, Wu….. I think Li Mu’s the only one who can equip it?”

Li Mu’s old face blushed as he said, “How can I, hahaha……”

Speechless, I finally said, “Just take it….”


Matcha continued looking through the drops and took out an Emperor Tier longbow and gave it to General Lian Po. After that, a Purple Tier helmet and Purple Tier fists were given away to an Archer and a Berserker. Finally, it was the blood red skill book. Matcha reached out her hand and waved it over the book. The skill book’s stats appeared in the air——

[Covering Sword Slash] (S rank): Rotates the longsword in the user’s hand and creates a powerful slash that hits every target within a 30 degree fan range of 25 yards. The closer the target is to the user, the higher the damage received. Required Level: 70 Required Class: Swordman. Learning this will use up two points of charm.

I laughed, “This……can only be used by Li Mu, right? You……why didn’t you bring Wang Jian along to kill the BOSS today? Otherwise, there’d be a roll……”

With his hand on his forehead, Li Mu guffawed , “That fellow took the First Division’s members to Icy Forest Graveyard for training. Hahaha, I am so lucky today……”

I nodded, “Yeah, just learn the skill. [Covering Sword Slash] is an AOE skill. It looks like it’s tremendously powerful and you just happen to lack an AOE damaging skill. Also, once you learn [Covering Sword Slash], Zhan Long will become even more invincible in frontlines during group battles!”


The skill, [Covering Sword Slash], transformed into a ray of light in Li Mu’s hand and vanished. He immediately brandished his sword and activated this Lv 1 skill. He then forcefully jumped up and bombarded a whole fan-shaped area with a slash. Tsk, Tsk. It didn’t even seem like strike of a longsword, but more like a laser-guided battle axe missile. Its power was shocking!

Right then, I heard a “Di!”. It was a message from Dong Cheng Yue that said, “Dear, my dad has invited you to lunch today. You and Wan Er must go. My brother is going too. It’s at 11:30 a.m. Wait for me and Wan Er downstairs. Don’t be late!”

I immediately replied, “Yea. I got it. I won’t be late for something like food!”

“Good. Carry on with your work!”


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