Zhan Long

Chapter 364

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Chapter 364 Enemies at the Gate


Once Misty Cloud saw me, the smile on his face quickly disappeared, “Xiao Yao. What are you doing here? I didn’t realize that you were here…..”

I laughed, “Well…… Cang Tong invited me out for a midnight snack so I decided to stop by and learn some stuff from you before I went. Let’s just say that it’s to warm myself up before the snack.…”

Misty Cloud gripped his sword, “Che. If you’re going to eat then go eat. What are you doing, trying to fight before a midnight snack…. That’s not good for your stomach. Listen to me and go get some food with Cang Tong. Be careful about being late or else she’ll beat you……”

I easily leapt onto the stage and smiled, “No problem. I can handle it. Come on Misty. Let’s see what you’ve really got!”

“Okay. If you insist!”

A blood red flag appeared on the stage, displaying the words “Practice Mode” and a 5 second countdown appeared in the air. I took a deep breath and gripped my Emperor Qin’s Sword tightly. Truth to be told, before Misty Cloud changed classes, I didn’t care much about fighting him as I probably had around an 80 % chance of winning against him. However, now he was a Four Divine Symbols Guardian, his skills were staggeringly powerful. I had to go all out to make sure that I didn’t lose…



Battle Start!

Misty Cloud came forward, clenching his hands into a fist. Streams of azure energy gathered around his fist as his Bleeding Sword floated next to his shoulders. His whole body gave off a cold energy as if it was encased by a divine power. Everything about this new class was cool to the max!

Let’s check out his reaction speed!

I suddenly made my move and slammed my left fist into the ground. [Binding Chains]!


Misty Cloud immediately dodged, causing a MISS to appear. Taking advantage of his move, I immediately rushed forward with Emperor Qin’s Sword and landed a normal slash into his chest, dealing 2432 points of damage.

“Such a powerful attack!”

Misty Cloud was shocked. He quickly activated [Skyshaker Slash] to retaliate!


I forced a few steps back. Emperor Qin’s Sword glinted and activated [Combo]!

Misty Cloud simply waved his left arm and activated [Arms of a Green Dragon]. With a “Bang” , he smashed my [Combo]’s hexagram into pieces. My Lv 8 [Combo] was so easily interrupted and I just wasted a round of cooldown. This [Arms of a Green Dragon] was definitely OP!

However, Emperor Qin’s Sword was still in the air and I brought down another normal attack right onto his shoulder!

Misty Cloud only had 20% health left. He bellowed and the energy of the tortoise materialized around his body, [Divine Shield of the Tortoise Shell] was activated! He dashed towards me and used [Combo Slash]!

I couldn’t help but grinned; I lowered my body and used [Blade Rush]!


The damage from my attack was absorbed by the [Divine Shield of the Tortoise Shell] while I dodged the first strike of [Combo Slash]!

“It won’t be that easy!”

Misty Cloud suddenly turned around and tried to land the second strike of [Combo Slash]. The next attack vibrated against my Emperor Qin’s Sword, forcing me to slide backwards. In addition, my whole body felt as if it had been filled with lead, unable to move. The blast backwards produced a certain lagging effect. No wonder Heaven’s Hero and the others were barraged until they couldn’t even be angry!


After receiving two consecutive blasts from the [Combo Slash]’s, I was forced to the edge of the ring. If two more strikes hit, I would die!

Sparks flew as I raised my hand and drew my other long sword——Cold Iron Sword. “Keng” I blocked the fourth strikes of [Combo Slash] and I cross both swords in front of me. “Peng” A flow of air surged through my body and the fifth attack vanished. I took a deep breath as a faint cyclone surrounded my body.

“Oh No!

Misty Cloud seemed to have felt the foreboding power of my attack and hastily backed away but it was too late. In the blink of an eye, my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword crossed as I attacked through different angles. “Kakaka”, the attacks slashed across Misty Cloud’s [Divine Shield of the Black Tortoise] and numerous MISS-es flew up. Finally, during the last strike, the [Divine Shield of the Black Tortoise] finally crumbled and only a bit of Misty Cloud’s health was left.


With a terrifying glint, Cold Iron Sword slashed across the air and darted at Misty Cloud’s neck. It was so fast that before most people could tell what happened, I immediately pulled back my long sword and with a lift of my Divine Battle Boot, kicked away Misty Cloud’s Bleeding Sword!


Using the momentum from the Bleeding Sword, I flew out of the ring with my cloak fluttering behind me. “Pa” I descended to the ground and slid more than ten meters away. At the same time, I cancelled the battle flag and sheathed my swords. I raised my hand and laughed, “Misty is truly very powerful now. This Four Divine Symbols Guardian is just too powerful. I give up. Hahaha……

Misty Cloud stood in the ring with a blank expression. He knew that I had the chance to kill him, but did not do it. There was no other reason for my action. He needed this combat to earn a reputation for the new guild. If I were to defeat him now, it would not be any more honor to me. But it would be a hard blow to him, so I intentionally lost.


I received a message from a friend. It was Misty Cloud. “Haha, thank you. Brother. That was thoughtful of you!

I smiled as I replied, “You’re very strong now, but all the of those skills are only Lv 1, right? Haha, I could tell. You’re still lacking a little on your understanding of those skills, otherwise I might have really lost.”

“Yeah, the skills are all Lv 1. Go quickly. If you’re late, Beauty Cang Tong is really going to beat you up……”


Turning around, I left with Li Mu, Wang Jian, Little Wolf and Dancing Forest.

Little Wolf asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, with your reaction speed, you should’ve had many opportunities to kill Misty Cloud just now. Why did you hold back? It shouldn’t have been hard with your skills…..”

I smiled, “It’s nothing much. I “can’t” beat him right now. Besides, I was just here to test out his skills. I’ve seen it all already, so there was no need to win.”

Dancing Forest smiled, “Little Wolf, you dumbass, can’t you see what Boss is doing? If one of our allies is trying to rise up, how can we not help him?”

Wolf smacked his head and laugh, “So that’s it…. Brother Xiao Yao. Then what do you think about Misty Cloud now?”

I pondered for a second before saying, “Bluntly put, there aren’t more than three people that can defeat Misty Cloud in our guild. Right now, you guys are probably no match for him. His skills are honestly too OP. His [Divine Shield of the Black Tortoise] is especially OP, it didn’t break even after I struck it five times. Hmph, under normal circumstances, if Misty Cloud activated [Divine Shield of the Black Tortoise] and used [Combo Slash] continuously, he would win against any top-ranked highly skilled players. Unless he was put up against Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, and Ye Lai, or other such top-ranking super skilled ones, it would be difficult for him to lose even if he wanted to.”

Wang Jian clenched his fist and commented, “My god, the Misty Cloud now is honestly slightly OP……”

“Yeah, I know right……”

Offline, Wan Er was waiting downstairs.

A bit to the far side, I notice that Dong Cheng was there too.

“Why’re you looking at me like that?” Dong Cheng glared back.

I laughed, “Nothing. It just seems like I haven’t seen you scrounging free meals off of us in a while. Just a bit unused to it.”

“….. Hmph, go to hell……”

I looked at Wan Er, “Hey, what should we get for our snack tonight?”

“How about some Congee?”

“Uh. Okay!”

In the school congee store, the three of us sat next to the windows under the moonlight. The girls were wearing dresses. I casually leaned against the window and asked, “Has anything been going on in Fan Shu City lately?”

“Nothing much. But it seems like Ba Huang City has been making a big commotion. Various kinds of PK and show off battles……” Wan Er laughed.

I pursed my lips, “Eh it’s nothing much. It was all to take care of Wang Ze Cheng and Not Ordinary for stirring up trouble. Otherwise, it would not have been necessary to cause gigantic bloodshed in Ba Huang City. ”

Wan Er nodded. “I heard that Ba Huang City’s Misty Cloud got a new class? I think he also got a Valkyrie Tier Sword. It should be Ba Huang City’s strongest sword right? Even stronger than Emperor Qin’s Sword….”

“Not really. The Emperor Qin’s Sword’s passive effects make it much stronger than Bleeding Sword after some stacks of [Kill for Blood].”

“Ohh Okay.”

I continued to say, “Actually, before I left I had a small duel with Misty Clouds. He’s very strong right now, but not to the point where he’s really OP. I’m afraid that if people like Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, or Bai Li Ruofeng came to Ba Huang City, Misty Cloud would lose a few times tonight. To others however, it would be a risky win.

“Yea…” Lin Wan Er smiled, “Ba Huang City is so lively, I want to go there too. Since Misty Cloud’s become so strong, can I go there tonight and kill him once?”

“No, he’s an ally, there’s no need to…”

“Alright then, let’s talk after I get to Ba Huang City!”


After finishing our porridge, I sent the two beauties back to their dorms and returned to my room to rest. After laying in my bed for a bit, Glasses took off his helmet, went offline to drink some water and glanced at me, “Li Xiao Yao, Ba Huang City has been in a state of chaos and you are about to become the man of the century. Any thoughts? I heard that……a highly skilled player named Seventh Tang just joined [Hero’s Mound]. Hehe, I was told he looks a bit like me……

I cast a glance at him and said, “Yeah right, Glasses. That Seventh Tang is extremely handsome while you look like… that. With an appearance like yours……even if you adjust 25% of the appearance, you still won’t be as good looking as Seventh Tang. Just stop deceiving yourself. Besides, Seventh Tang is the type that with a single look you could tell he has good skills. A fatty like you? Sigh……”

In the midst of my sighing, Tang Gu slowly got off the bed with his flabby body and said bitterly, “F*ck you……”

It was a quiet night. I fell into deep sleep until the next morning. Before I was fully awake, my phone received a message from Sister Matcha. The message said, “Updates, Boss! Last night, Misty Cloud defeated 100+ highly skilled players in a row. It was only during the second half of the night, when Jian Feng Han returned to the city did Misty Cloud get defeated once. After that, Misty Cloud won all the other battles. This morning at 7 o’clock, Misty Cloud officially established a new guild named ‘[Enemies At The Gates]’ and [Misty Palace], [Winds of Battle], and [Ruined Bones] all became divisions of the new guild!”

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