Zhan Long

Chapter 363

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Chapter 363 Power of the Four Divine Symbols Guardian

At least a thousand players were surrounding the ring and many of them had blue stars flashing in front of their bodies, revealing the fact that they were recording the event. Clearly, many people were here to personally witness the debut of a super heavy armor player.

Misty Cloud stood loftily in the ring, a magnificent line of letters floated above his head ——

Misty Cloud LV-70 Four Divine Symbols Guardian

Main City: Ba Huang City

Guild: Misty Palace

Position: Guild Master

A red and green longsword, orbited by stars, drifted above Misty Cloud, floating in circles; he was actually manipulating the blade telepathically. Slowly, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the long sword, clasping it in both hands. Then he smiled, and gave a bow. He began humbly, “I am Misty Cloud, a southerner that created the guild, [Misty Palace]. I have only recently changed to this class, and have no idea of how powerful it is. Therefore, I have set up a battle ring in hopes that the highly skilled players of Ba Huang City would enlighten me with a duel. And with PK mode on, there will be no loss. This is simply to make in game friends, not to distinguish who’s stronger or weaker! I want to establish guild that is able to compete with [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Zhan Long], so I must show everyone what I am capable of!”

Dancing Forest, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wolf, and I stood at a distance from the ring and peered at the center. Dancing Forest first spoke, “The sword in Misty Cloud’s hand is the one that BOSS dropped in the SSS rank quest. It is a Lv 70 Superior Valkyrie Tier named ‘Bleeding Star Sword’. He also has a Valkyrie Tier Helmet! Rumor has it that the current basic attack strength of Misty Cloud has just broken 3800 and his defense is most likely around 2700 with 6200 health. His equipment isn’t much weaker than yours, Boss.”

I nodded, “Yeah. I can tell, otherwise how would he have the audacity to challenge all the highly skilled players in Ba Huang City. Even though the top ten of the CBN battle net, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and the others, aren’t in Ba Huang City, it still has experts like Jian Feng Han, Simple and Yan Zhao Warrior.

Dancing Forest pursed her red lips,”Err. Someone went up!”

In the distance, someone carrying a long sword leaped into the ring. It was the squad leader of [Prague], a Lv 69 Swordsman——Luo Mu!

Luo Mu landed in the ring steadily. He lifted his hand and drew his sharp sword. With the blade positioned horizontally, he smiled and said, “Hehe, if you want to establish a guild on a par with [Prague], then let me fight you Guild Master Misty Cloud. Can I bring pets?”

Misty Cloud chuckled, “So it’s Luo Mu. Anything is fine with me, bring it if you want.”

“What about you?”

“I won’t be bringing one!”

“Then nevermind, I won’t bring one either! Let us dance.”

A bloody red flag was raised in the ring: the duel had begun!

Luo Mu bellowed and activated [Haste] along with a [Defense] buff. The light of a [Skyshaker Slash] glinted off of his blade and with a jump slash, he went forward carrying a large amount of momentum.


Sliding through the fine sand with his battle boots, Misty Cloud’s left foot moved half a step backwards as he slightly ducked. The soul of the azure dragon materialized and drifted from his shoulders with a roar. The cries of the dragon continued to resound throughout the arena. Misty Cloud forcefully swung his arm and “Peng”, his iron fists smashed into Luo Mu’s [Skyshaker Slash]. As a result, both skills clashed and the [Skyshaker Slash] was squashed by Misty Cloud’s [Arm of the Azure Dragon]! This skill could shatter any attack, that was what made the skill exceptional!


Fierce flames began encircling the Bleeding Star Sword as Misty Cloud forcefully thrust his right arm forward, piercing the long sword into Luo Mu’s chest. Energy immediately burst out and a Phoenix darted out into the sky. Luo Mu was instantly killed!


“Damn!” Wolf clenched his fist tightly as his eyes widened. He exclaimed in disbelief, “My god……. this isn’t real, is it? A Lv 69 third advancement Swordsman was killed in an instant by this Lv 70 Four Divine Symbols Guardian? He……He was killed in the blink of an eye with one strike?! This Misty Cloud…… how strong has he become now?”

Li Mu crossed his arms over his chest and sneered, “Tsk, Tsk. No wonder Misty Cloud has been so arrogant. He’s like a killing machine now. Not only does he possess such strong equipment, he even has those OP skills of the Four Divine Symbols Guardian. There truly aren’t many people left in Ba Huang City who can defeat him. Tsk, tsk. This new guild is destined to rise to the top……”

Once Luo Mu was defeated, one of Yan Zhao Warrior’s subordinates sprung up. It was the Vice Guild Master of [Prague], Heaven’s Hero. He grasped his sword in one hand and yelled out furiously, “Misty Cloud, you’re too conceited. Come, let me face you then! If you can’t defeat me, then don’t even talk about establishing a guild that is equal to [Prague]!”


Another flag was dropped as Misty Cloud stared at his opponent with a grin, “Vice Guild Master of [Prague]? Alright, another expert, just as I expected. Come, come, come. You’re allowed to bring pets into the fight!”

Heaven’s Hero gnashed his teeth in anger, “No need. I won’t take advantage of you!”

His blade shuddered and roaring flames surged, wrapping around his blade. This was one of Heaven’s Hero’s skills ——Red Cliff Slash; a strong strike that had a 70% increase in attack. As the Vice Guild Master of [Prague], he obviously had to have at least a few outstanding abilities.

Increasing the length of his strides, Heaven’s Hero charged forward and raised his blade with the [Red Cliff Slash] on its edge!

Misty Cloud carefully watched the situation. With a wave of his arm, another shattering [Arm of the Azure Dragon] was coming!
Heaven’s Hero’s eyes turned cold as his lips curved into a smile. Despite being midair, he swept out his left arm to initiate a punch. As his body turned in the air and “Shua!”, the Red Cliff Slash struck right at Misty Cloud’s shoulder in the second rotation!


Misty Cloud also chuckled. With this outburst, streaks of green energy twisted around him. The image of a dragon tortoise head materialized faintly in the air around him. The tortoise shell then formed a protective shield. As Heavenly Hero’s Red Cliff Slash struck down, it was smashed into fragments of energy with a “Peng”. [Divine Shield of the Black Tortoise] didn’t simply increase defense, but also dissolved 100% of all incoming damage. However, the strength of the protective shield was proportional to the attack of the user. This was possibly the strongest heavy armor protective shield currently in use.

Suddenly lifting his shoulder, Misty Cloud raised his battle boot and kicked Heaven’s Hero’s falling body.”Peng”, Heaven’s Hero was kicked away. With a lunge forward, Misty Cloud struck him with a normal attack and a [Phoenix’s Slash]. Heavenly Hero coughed up blood and died!


White light evaporated into the air and Heaven’s Hero was resurrected outside of the ring with shock written over his face. He stared at the sharp sword in his hands, unable to accept that he had lost without even drawing a bit of Misty Cloud’s blood.

Misty Cloud stood proudly in the ring. As he held up his sword, he stated clearly, “Now, [Prague] shouldn’t have any problems with me establishing a super guild in Ba Huang City, right? Haha, actually even if you all disagreed, the result will still be the same!”

Heaven’s Hero grit his teeth in anger but remained silent.

Suddenly, someone outside of the ring let out a barking laugh. It was the deputy chief leader of [Flying Dragon], Fierce Tiger. He spoke while carrying a fiery battle axe, “What a joke. Claiming to be number one in Ba Huang City after defeating a few noobs? Come, come, come. Let me fight you, you the Four Divine Symbols Guardian!”

Misty Cloud stared at him and laughed, “You’re just insta-kill trash. I don’t really want to accept your challenge……”

“What the hell!” Fierce Tiger furiously planted his flag.

Misty Cloud didn’t reply, but the instant the countdown ended, he quickly darted out. He raised his left arm and crushed Fierce Tiger’s [Skyshaker Slash]! Simultaneously, his right hand plunged the flaming sharp sword into his opponent’s chest!



Once he received the enormous damage, Fierce Tiger was blasted 4 yards backwards and couldn’t counterattack. Misty Cloud struck the second blow as quick as a thunderclap and threw his opponent backwards another 3 yards. Closely following were the third, fourth and fifth blows that killed Fierce Tiger while he was still flying mid-air from the second blow. All he could do was stare shockingly at his opponent’s skill——[Combo Slash]. Every time this attack hit its target, the opponent would be blasted backwards. On top of that, the user would rush forward 3-5 yards. In reality, this skill was a combination of [Combo] + [Blade Rush], but the attack power increased exponentially. It was a 5 part brutal attack, something normal people wouldn’t be able to take.

Fierce Tiger slumped to the ground. That was the rhythm of an instant kill. His face was ashen as he knelt speechlessly to the ground.

Misty Cloud raised his long sword up high and yelled, “Are there any other friends who still wanna challenge me? Cough, cough…… Err, after the establishment of our new guild, we will still be recruiting skilled players in Ba Huang City. If you respect me, Misty Cloud, as a friend, then I welcome you all to contact me now. Any friends ranked in Top 1000 of CBN Battlenet are unconditionally accepted into the guild!”

“Hey, kid. Stop advertising!”

Below the stage, a warrior with a long sabre in hand leaped into the ring. He chuckled, “Let me, Fu Shen Thousand Blade, challenge you!”

The person that went into the ring was none other than Fu Shen Thousand Blade, the Vice Guild Master of [Vanguard]. He was a famous figure known as the number one tank in Ba Huang City, well, that is self proclaimed Number One…… That said, Fu Shen Thousand Blade’s defense should still not be underestimated.

“Hehe, now it’s getting interesting……” Dancing Forest laughed, “According to information I gathered, Fu Shen Thousand Blade currently has 2950 points of defense. The long sabre in his hand is a Superior Emperor Tier while his shield is a newly obtained Valkyrie Tier. His health is almost 9000 points and his attack is more than 2400. Hehe, these stats alone should be enough to give Misty Cloud a headache……”

“Not necessarily……” I grinned, “Misty Cloud’s maneuvers are a lot stronger than Fu Shen Thousand Blade’s, and he has the advantage in his skills. The end has already been determined.”



Another flag was planted in the ring!

Fu Shen Thousand Blade immediately used [Put Down the Knife] after he went into the ring, reducing Misty Cloud’s attack strength by 10%. Afterwards, he carried his heavy shield and brandished his long sabre as he took the initiative to launch an attack!”


Misty Cloud unexpectedly flew backwards several steps. With a jerk of his shoulder, streaks of spirit energy from a ferocious white tiger appeared in the center of his palm and encircled him as he opened his hand. It is the white tiger’s defense skill which increase all attributes by 15%. The attribute lowered by [Put Down the Knife] was naturally recovered. Misty Cloud wielded his Bleeding Star Sword to fight against Fu Shen Thousand Blade and activated [Phoenix’s Strike]!”


As expected, Fu Shen Thousand Blade’s defense was truly not weak!

Laughing out loudly, Fu Shen Thousand Blade lifted his long knife sliced another slash as he chanted. It was the third advancement skill of Monks——[Truth Slash]!

Misty Cloud knitted his brows and used his Bleeding Star Sword to lightly knock away his opponent’s sabre. He lowered his body and forced Fu Shen Thousand Blade to lose his balance with a flying-kick. He then activated [Combo Slash]!

As his body flew, Fu Shen Thousand Blade smashed his heavy shield into the ground and used a defense skill——[Heavy Defense]!

Unfortunately, he only blocked Misty Cloud’s first strike, but didn’t manage to block the subsequent four attacks!





After a combo and a lunge stab from Misty Cloud, Fushen Thousand Blade fell to ground, a corpse!

Misty Cloud let out a laugh and picked up his Bleeding Sword as he walked to the edge of the ring. He then called out, “It’s been great meeting friends through fists. Is there anyone else who would like to try? A nice warm-up fight before late night snacks would be good too!”


Wan Er sent a message, “Err……late night snacks?”

I smiled, “Wait five minutes for me. I will log off in no time!”


Raising my hand, I drew out my Emperor Qin’s Sword with a “Keng”. I lightly smiled, “Let me try!”

The crowds separated and everybody gaped at me simultaneously——

“Damn! It’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

“F*ck, he’s ranked number 17th on CBN Battle Net. Things are getting really interesting now!”

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