Zhan Long

Chapter 361

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Chapter 361 No Matter the Cost

After winning that victory, I got 8 points of charm stats. Compared to the last MVP reward, [Camouflage], this guild prestige battle’s reward was obviously inferior. But it wasn’t too bad. At least the 8 charm points were enough to learn two SSS rank skill books.

The field was buzzing with excitement. [Zhan Long]’s members had all raised their weapons and killed their opponents within 20 minutes. Nothing like this had ever happened before in all 12 of the previous guild prestige battles in the three main cities and it was not because [Mass Burial] was too weak, but because [Zhan Long] was too strong. This even happened without Yue Qing Qian and the others. Otherwise, with the [Grip of the Firefox] and its fiery blasts, [Mass Burial] would have lost even faster!


We were teleported out of the battlefield. Li Mu stood beside the city walls and guffawed, “Man, I thought there would be a great war. Who knew it would only take 20 minutes to finish off [Mass Burial]. Such a waste of excitement!”

Wang Jian laughed as he left the main guild to rejoin [Zhan Long: First Division] as the Guild Master, “It can’t be helped. Our individual strengths are too strong and we have good teamwork. It’s only normal for [Mass Burial] to lose. Look over there, the remains of [Mass Burial] are over there”

Everyone looked towards a corner of the square. Not Ordinary, You Yi, and other former members of [Mass Burial] all stood there, uniform in one aspect: all of them had lost the [Mass Burial] badge and had become solo players.


Not Ordinary dejectedly stood there as his battle axe fell on the bricks of the city walls. His eyes swept over [Zhan Long]’s members, helplessly furious. He coldly muttered,”[Zhan Long]…… just you wait. I will definitely make you take the consequences!

Beside him, You Yi softly reminded him, “Boss, let’s join our guild’s division first!”


A few minutes later, a [Thousand Burial] badge appeared on Not Ordinary’s shoulder. And soon he became the Guild Master. This was his escape plan as he was able to possess another guild once [Mass Burial] was gone. However, based on what I knew, [Mass Burial] originally had only 400+ main forces. Not Ordinary was unwilling to recruit new members, which was probably because he wanted to maintain the strength of the artificials. Now, it would be different. If [Thousand Burial] still did not recruit new members, it would still be suppressed by [Zhan Long]. There was no use in relying on allies either. Wang Ze Cheng’s attitude was very clear: At any critical moment, he would choose to protect [Hero’s Mound] over [Hero’s Mound: First Division].

“Hehe……” Li Mu looked into the distance and smiled, “Boss, should we continue to slaughter [Thousand Burial] till they couldn’t even take a step out of the city?”

I shook my head, “No need. We’ve already achieved our primary goals. Let’s give up butchering [Thousand Burial] for now and talk about it after we see how they develop after a while. I still need to continue to observe them. Thank you everyone for your hard work! Go do what you need to do. Be it training or questing!”

“Roger that!”

I checked the time and realized that Misty Cloud had been working on the SSS rank quest for 14 hours. There was still no way of knowing their progress as they were in the quest map and couldn’t be contacted by the outside world. However, Yue Qing Qian, Matcha, and the other sisters’ names were still bright on my friend list, so there shouldn’t have been any problems. The quest was still going on. Plus, if the quest was completed, the system would definitely notify everyone as it was a SSS rank main story quest. No need to be nervous. Just wait patiently.

In the afternoon, I continued guarding a perilous map on the northern border of Ba Huang City. It wasn’t too far from Green Qilin Valley, but the monsters were all above level 75, something I could train off of. Simultaneously, I continued using the dual sword style to kill the monsters in the desolated map, trying to understand the ways of attacking with Flying Swordplay one bit at a time. Even though I didn’t receive any hints from the game, I had a feeling that, with time, I would be able to grasp its ways. I could tell from that warm feeling that always lingered in my wrist after I used the Flying Swordplay, a feeling I had in real life when I practiced it as well.
Finally at 11 o’clock at night, a bell resounded in the sky above the all of the main cities. Misty Cloud’s quest was complete——


System Notification: Each player, please pay attention. The team led by player “Misty Cloud” has completed the SSS rank main story quest [On the Way]. All players who have participated in the quest will receive Level+1, Charm+10, Gold Coins+7000 and their reputation in the main city increase. Also, the leader of this quest, Player “Misty Cloud” received the final reward——[Four Divine Symbol Guardian Class Certificate]!

“Damn. Four Divine Symbol Guardian?” I looked up into the sky, yet I didn’t have a single clue as to what this hidden class was like.

I could finally hear the voices of Matcha, Yue Qing Qian, and Wolf in the guild chat again——

Matcha exclaimed, “Owhh. It’s finally over. I am dead tired!”

Yue Qing Qian uttered, “I’ve been up for so long, Mommy will definitely scold me this time……

Wolf said,”Luckily, we didn’t fail your expectations and finally completed this quest…..”

Dancing Forest yelled, “Guild Master! Calling Guild Master!”

I answered, “Ya. I am here, Dancing Forest. What’s up?

Dancing Forest chuckled, “I got a description of the Fourth Holy Guardian class from Misty Clouds. Do you wanna check it out?”

“Ya. Show me!”


Soon, Dancing Forest sent me a private message listing out all of the details of this hidden class——

[Four Divine Symbol Guardian]

Introduction: During ancient times, Heaven and Earth were in chaos. Four divine symbols* were born within the devastating battles between yin and yang. Earth, fire, water, and wind each respectively belonged to the four symbols of the East, South, West, and North. The ancient Eastern God sent Green Dragon, Phoenix, Black Tortoise and White Tiger to guard the four symbols. The Fourth Holy Guardian is the powerful warrior positioned above the sacred temple who guards the four spirits of the divine beasts. Legend has it that the Fourth Holy Guardian is able to harness the divine powers of the four symbols and is one of the strongest warriors of heaven and earth.
TL Note*: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Symbols_(China)

Class growth: Strength 1.2/Stamina 0.9/Agility 0.7/Spiritual Power 0.9

Job Skills: [Green Dragon Arms], [Phoenix’s Slash], [Black Tortoise’s Divine Shield], [Combo Slash], and [White Tiger Defense]

Usable Defense Equipment: Heavy Armor, Leather Armor, Cloth Armor

Weapon Mastery: Sword types increase attack by 25%

I was speechless and asked, “Needless to say, Misty Cloud would definitely use this class change certificate for himself right?”

Dancing Forest nodded, “Yeah. Now that Misty Cloud has obtained the class changing certificate, he probably won’t give it to other people. Misty Cloud wants to merge the three big guilds and this Four Divine Symbols Guardian class changing certificate is a great opportunity that he’s not about to let go.”

I smiled, “Yeah. However, if the three big guilds merged as one, they’ll become our ally. This is definitely not something bad for us.”

“Yeah. Guild Master have been pursuing and slaughtering [Thousand Burial]’s members all day. Aren’t you feeling satisfied?”

“Very satisfied, haha!”

I guarded the gate of Ba Huang City until dawn and finally saw the scene I had been waiting for——


As the sound of footsteps approached the gate, You Yi held his long sword and stood under the North gate of Ba Huang City. He yelled out loudly, “[Thousand Burial] is fully opened! Recruiting new members! Our guild has excellent pay and conditions. Any members ranked above 500 in the guild will receive a salary of 1000+ RMB. On top of that, our requirements are not very high. We only ask that you be strong. We require levels 65 and up, with at least three Purple Tier equipments. Welcome highly skilled players ranked above 1000 in the CBN Battle Net to join. You will definitely be highly paid!

In the end, You Yi stood there waiting, but not many players went to sign up. It looks like that scum still didn’t really understand the rule of this game. It is absolutely not enough to solely rely on money; the guild’s reputation is critically important. [Mass Burial] had forcibly occupied all of the areas surrounding Ba Huang City for training and suppressed all of the independent players leading to [Mass Burial]’s infamy. It is difficult for such a notorious guild to recruit new members, after all other people aren’t stupid.

I stared at You Yi in the distance and burst out laughing.

You Yi also looked at me and said,”Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what the f*ck are you laughing at!

I replied, “I am laughing at you, f*cker. Haha!

You Yi was furious but couldn’t respond.

At this moment, Wolf sent a message.”Brother Xiao Yao. Did you know a new guild has been formed? It’s called [First Meetings]. The Guild Master is Bai Mo Yan, a high level Archer.

My heart palpitated, but I knew that it would be better if less people knew about Shen Bing’s plan. I then replied, “No idea. Why?”

Wolf explained,”Around Butterfly Forest, that Bai Mo Yan lead 200+ of [First Meetings]’s members to train. A conflict then started with a hundred of [Vanguard]’s members and [First Meeting]’s slaughtered them all! Maybe because it was a small affair, Jian Feng Han did not pay attention to it. So Fallen Wolf led people over there instead but he was too careless. He was ambushed by a group of people led by Bai Mo Yan and Fallen Wolf was instantly turned into a hedgehog. Hehe. Now [Vanguard] has finally taken them seriously and have decided to dispatch troops to encircle and suppress [First Meetings]. What should we do?”

I thought about it for a second and said, “How about we just sit and see what happens?”

“Yeah. Alright!”

I turned off my messenger and immediately opened my friend list. I sent a message to Shen Bing, “Sister Shen Bing, you guys are making a big stir in Butterfly Forest. Quit while you still can. Have your people return to the city. Don’t get stuck in the wild with Jian Feng Han. The good thing is, [Thousand Burial]’s members just happened to be training at the North Gate. If you can make the conflict between [Vanguard] seem as if you need reinforcement, [Thousand Burial] might come and find you themselves. That would make it appear more natural.”

Shen Bing sent a message back with a smiley face emoji and two words, “Roger that!”

Soon, streaks of white lights flashed into the city. The group of people from [First Meetings] had all returned to the city. They appeared to have around 200+ people. Guildmaster Bai Mo Yan held her long bow and stood in the midst of the crowd. She then led them to the North Gate Bridge.

Outside the north gate bridge, Jian Feng Han lead a group of at least a thousand people into a battle formation. Both sides had already assumed an aggressive state.

“Beauty Bai Mo Yan…… ” Jian Feng Han’s eyes turned cold as he tightly gripped his sword, “What is the meaning of this? Openly attacking [Vanguard]’s members in Butterfly Forest and ambushing our elder Fallen Wolf. Are you trying to humiliate [Vanguard]?”

Shen Bing smiled, “How would we dare? [Vanguard] is a big guild with 70000 members registered. [First Meetings], a Level 2 small guild, wouldn’t dare to challenge you guys…… It was your people who attacked us first, otherwise I wouldn’t dare attack you!”

“Really? Then how do you plan to solve it now?”

“I won’t resolve it. What are you going to do?”

Shen Bing refused to compromise and Jian Feng Han touched his nose embarrassingly. He then pointed outside the city and said, “I will let it go this time. I hope [First Meetings]’s members won’t attack [Vanguard]’s members again. Otherwise, you guys won’t be able to step out of the city gate again. I, Jian Feng Han, is a man that is true to his words. Once you take even a single step outside of Ba Huang City, I will definitely slaughter you all.

Shen Bing leisurely backed away a few steps and leaned against a railing on a white rock, and grinned, “Fine then, let’s just keep dawdling. It would be a great honor to have the Guild Master of [Vanguard] dawdle around with us!

“You!” Jian Feng Han was furious but didn’t know how to act out.

Right at that moment, a group of people stormed out from within the city. The leader was not anyone else but Not Ordinary. You Yi stepped forward, “Boss. Those are the members of [First Meetings] who directly challenged [Vanguard]. They are so bold and the Guild Master is even a beauty. How about we persuade the members of [First Meetings] to join our [Thousand Burial]!”

Not Ordinary clenched his fist, “Okay. No matter what the cost!”

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