Zhan Long

Chapter 360

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Chapter 360 Victorious

“Du Du……”

My phone rang, waking me from my dreams. I checked the time, 11o’clock. It was the little miss calling. As soon as I picked up the phone, I heard Wan Er’s voice, “Li Xiao Yao, have you woken up yet?”

“Yup. Just woke up.”


“Err…… the guild prestige battle happens at noon. Wan Er, I don’t think I have enough time…… ”

Lin Wan Er muttered, “But…… but you haven’t eaten with me for a long time!!”

I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the slight whine in her voice,”Alright, wait ten minutes for me and let’s find a fast food restaurant and eat our lunch quickly. Alright?”

“Okie, Okie. I will wait for you downstairs!”


I rolled out of bed, put on a nice shirt and finished washing up before going downstairs. One could see the usual scene from the school path at Liu Hua University: A handsome young man wearing casual clothes dashing towards the girl’s dorm. “Pa” His phone dropped on the ground and he quickly halted to pick it up, then continued dashing forward. Guys who act like this are usually meeting their girlfriend or attending a class. Unfortunately, both assumptions were wrong, I was rushing to fetch the little miss and eat fast food with her.

From afar, Lin Wan Er walked towards me from the girl’s dorm. She looked at me happily with a charming smile on her snow white face as her dress fluttered in the wind. She was indescribably beautiful. Pursing her lips, and looking at me with her head tilted, she then giggled, “You’re doing good. You actually dared to start a guild battle against [Mass Burial]. [Zhan Long] is about to rebel against the heavens. Can no one in Ba Huang City stop you guys?

I burst out in laughter, “No. It’s just that [Mass Burial]’s members really need a good beating. Provoking us again and again. This time, we will beat the sh*t out of them!”

“Ya. Okay…… ”

I stood in front of Wan Er and asked, “What are we eating?”

“Let’s head to the cafeteria and eat some fried rice. How does that sound?”

“Okay, Okay. It’s my treat! What about Dong Cheng?”

“She caught a new pet and is training like crazy right now. I’ll just take out a portion
of fried rice for her and that should be fine.”


We ordered three portions of fried rice at the school’s cafe. I sat opposite of the little miss and started eating. As I ate, I stealthily glanced up at her. It had been a long time since I last saw Wan Er; I really did miss her. But once I raised my head, I saw Wan Er lower hers and her collar started drooping. The neckline revealed a deep crevice that was formed by full and magnificent snowy white flesh. It was like the most beautiful snowy mountain valley on earth, an irresistible attraction.

“Pu…… ”

I couldn’t contain myself and spat out my food.

Lin Wan Er lifted her head and stared at me, and then lowered her head and saw the beautiful scene at her neckline. Immediately, her face flushed as red as the apples during autumn and glared at me bashfully, “Humph. Don’t look!”

I was slightly speechless, “It was just an accident…… plus, you can’t blame me……”

Wan Er pursed her red lips and said, “Fine then, I won’t wear clothes like this in the future. The neckline is just too big……”


“What!” The little beauty glared at me.

Slightly palpitating, I replied, “Err…… You can still wear it. If you don’t, I won’t get anymore benefits…….”

Lin Wan Er’s face turned completely red. She narrowed her beautiful eyes and glared at me, ” Humph. Asshole. Why do I want to beat you up so much?”

I lowered my head and continued gobbling up my rice before saying,”I need to go back early to fight the guild prestige battle. As the Guild Master, I have to be responsible. I don’t wanna be late and get laughed at……”

“Ya. Ya! ” Wan Er finished joking and obediently continued eating her lunch as she slowly finished her drink.

I looked up and found her beautiful eyes staring at me deeply with a light that I couldn’t understand. I asked,” You……why are you looking at me secretly?”

Wan Er’s pretty face became even redder, “No…… when did I ever look at you! I was looking at the basketball court……”

As she was talking, she immediately lowered her head and continued playing with the rice in her bowl. I felt like laughing when I saw her, but something in my heart felt warm. I was confused with my own attitude, but I could tell that I had fallen deeper and deeper.

After lunch, I sent Lin Wan Er back to her dorm and immediately returned to my dorm to get online.


I appeared within Ba Huang City. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Fox, Bai Qi, Lian Po and the others were already there. Wang Jian, Wang Jiang, and Rainy sister had even specially came from the First Division and joined the primary guild to help fight this Guild Prestige Battle. There was no other choice since Yue Qing Qian, Matcha, Wolf, Dancing Forest, and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands had been borrowed by Misty Cloud to do a SSS level main quest!

“Is the member list set?” I asked.

Li Mu answered, “Yup. It’s set. In this 200 member guild battle, our average level is 68.4. All of them are third advancement players. Powerful, right?”

I couldn’t help smiling, “Yes. We need that feeling. Let’s all prepare for battle. Although [Mass Burial] doesn’t have many strong men, they still cannot be underestimated!”

“Understood!” Wang Jian spoke, “I found out that [Mass Burial] wanted to borrow troops from Jiu Li City, and Fan Shu City. However, [Hero’s Mound], [Judgement], and [Legend] all rejected Not Ordinary’s request. In the end, Not Ordinary could only request 120+ high skilled players with a high price on the forum at 6 o’clock this morning, but he couldn’t get any of CBN’s top 100 players. He he, they were all just some mercenaries; their real battle power will probably not be a problem.”

Old K spoke, “Among the people in [Zhan Long] this time, we have 3 in the top 100: Li Brat, Li Mu, and Wang Jian. If Yue Qing Qian, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands were here, then it would have been even better.”

I nodded, “Yeah. This amount of strength is by far enough to demolish [Mass Burial]. We don’t need to be too strong. No need for a musket to kill a butterfly! There’s still 10 more minutes before the battle begins. Everyone, be prepared!”


At the next moment, the system notified us that we could enter the field. Ba Huang City seemed to twist and turn around us as a magical energy teleported us to the arena. As my eyes brightened up, a green grassland panned in front of me and a plateau lay in the distance. It was the exact same battlefield as the one in the battle between [Valiant Bravery] and [Flying Dragon].

Standing within the protected energy barrier, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Darling Duck and a large group of [Zhan Long]’s players have already clenched their fists, waiting for battle. Fox asked, “Do we need to prepare a battle strategy?”

I smiled, “Just take the hill first. The side to take the highlands will be victorious. I will charge in the frontlines later while Darling Duck focuses on healing me. We’ll use me to control their firepower while Li Mu and Wang Jian each take a group of people and strike from the sides to take down the main force of [Mass Burial]!”

“Roger it!”

The seconds slowly ticked by. Soon, the energy barrier disappeared and the battle began


I raised my hand and drew my Emperor Qin’s Sword and roared, “Charge with me! We’ll take the highlands! Charge!”

Breaking through the wind, I opened my palm and my Flaming Tiger God drifted out of the hexagram I cast. With [Zhan Long]’s 199 elite players behind me, we stormed out. The large group of people darted towards the uplands. I was leading through the use of [Haste] and my divine battle boots. But strictly speaking, my Flaming Tiger God was the fastest. It was ten meters ahead of me.

After we reached the highland, we came face to face with more than ten [Mass Burial]’s players. Perfect! Time to kill!

I suddenly halted and cast a [Seven Star Fragments Slash] with a wave of my hand!

“Oh no!”

A startled Wind Elf Archer didn’t react soon enough and was engulfed by my [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. The Archer was killed instantly. I opened my hand again and the brilliance of the [Great Realm of Desolation] shot towards the heavens and cascaded down upon the enemies. A Swordsman shuddered and trembled as a damage number of 4231 appeared above his head as he died instantly.

My Flaming Tiger God roared furiously and advanced forward, but was constantly attacked by a group of Archers and Mages. I hastily commanded it to activate [Flame Armor] and streaks of flame armor appeared around the little tiger. With a roar, the Flaming Tiger God activated [Blood Drain]+[Fierce Roar]. The attack hit right into the dirt, scattering the mud and leaves everywhere!

“Form a defense line!”

A Lv 69 Knight abruptly smashed his shield on the ground. He was obviously a mercenary, he even had a scar on the side of his cheek. This guy was probably not a good person in real life, otherwise he wouldn’t have worked for the notorious guild, [Mass Burial], for money.


Dust flew up as I savagely accelerated forward. I leaped and furiously slashed down with my Emperor Qin’s Sword tightly gripped by both of my hands!


Fire sparks scattered and the Lv 69 Knight was knocked away along with his shield. In addition to the normal attack, my [Combo] resulted in a instant kill!

Behind me, Li Mu and Wang Jian led two groups and immediately flanked on both sides. The situation at the highlands was very straightforward. [Mass Burial]’s members completely abandoned the 112 corpses on the hill as they were no match for us.


Below the hillside, Not Ordinary gripped his battle axe and scolded angrily, “Those useless f*cks. They bragged that they could definitely help [Mass Burial] demolish [Zhan Long]? F*ck, they even pocketed my 2 million+ and were just slaughtered by them so easily. Is this something a man would do?

Youyi held his long sword, “Boss, [Zhan Long]’s members are too strong. On top of that Xiao Yao Zi Zai is leading the team himself. He…… he won third place in the Rise of the Heroes Tournament. Even Fang Ge Que was killed twice by him. Not to mention, Li Mu, General Wang Jian, and Old K aren’t easy to deal with. I think this is why big guilds in Fan Shy City and Jiu Li City refused to dispatch troops……

Not Ordinary roared out, “So we just give up? Is……is this really the end of [Mass Burial]?

Youyi replied, “It’s alright. Our division, [Thousand Burial], will soon level up to level 3. This time, we have to recruit strong ones, or else we really can’t survive in this chaotic Ba Huang City.”

Not Ordinary nodded, “Okay. Everyone rush up with me. Even if it’s we die, we’ll die for a reason!”

On the highlands, Fox held a gun and bellowed, “Ready to fire, let them die worthily!”

The sounds of guns rang loudly. Not Ordinary and Youyi collapsed under the array formed by 17 of our Musketeers. Wang Jian, Old K, and I rushed down the highlands and began another round of slaughtering. The end was near!

In less than 20 minutes, a bell resounded throughout the air——


System Notification: The Guild Prestige Battle had ended. The final survival count was 87:0. Congratulations, Guild [Zhan Long], for winning by a margin of 87 people. As the losing guild, [Mass Burial] will be automatically disbanded and this name shall never be used again to build a guild for the next 365 days. [Zhan Long] received 10% of the the competitor’s guild experience as reward. The MVP player of this Guild Prestige Battle is Xiao Yao Zi Zai. He killed 14 people and earned the reward of charm+8!

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