Zhan Long

Chapter 359

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Chapter 359 Another Guild Prestige Battle


I drew the Emperor Qin’s Sword and bellowed, “Full speed ahead!”

Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others all drew their swords and activated [Haste]. A group of Wind Elf [Zhan Long] members darted across the air and rushed forward at top speed. Streaks of ice and fire roared as [Triple Arrow]s cascaded into the midst of the crowd. In the end, some members of [Mass Burial] couldn’t log off in time since they were interrupted abruptly and didn’t finish waiting for the 10 seconds to get offline.


Like lightening, my Flaming Tiger God activated [Burstfire Raid] and charged into the middle of the crowd. I gripped my Emperor Qin’s Sword and continued cutting people down. I finally drew near Not Ordinary. The imperious man who could cover the sky with one hand in real life was facing me in the game. Yet, he had a helpless and angry expression on his face. He raised his battle axe and roared furiously, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai. How have I offended you? What have I done that would make you ruthlessly destroy my [Mass Burial]?”


With a slant of my body, I not only beautifully dodged Not Ordinary’s attack, but also slashed through his chest as my Emperor Qin’s Sword glowed with the light of a [Fierce Ice Blade], bringing out 3652 damage. My mouth curved into a smile as I replied, “You are the claws of Cang Cheng’s [Hero Mound: First Division] and ambushed [Zhan Long] at the Magic Tracking Forest. We’re just settling some old scores and eradicating [Mass Burial] from Ba Huang City. Not Ordinary, accept your fate. You should understand that the winner takes all!”

“I understand shit!”

Wei Fan spun his battle axe and struck my shoulder with a [Skyshaker Slash]. It seemed like he decided to put up a desperate fight. The energy of the [Skyshaker Slash] that enveloped the battle axe shuddered as it cut into my shoulder and inflicted 1979 damage. His attack was definitely not weak since he was fully equipped with all of the highest quality equipment. It was even a bit more powerful than The Seventh Tang’s attack.

I raised my arm and knocked away the battle axe with a “Peng!”I then swung my Emperor Qin’s Sword forward and a [Wind Blade] lacerated Wei Fan’s shoulders, bringing out a damage of 4002. This time, he was instantly killed!


Wei Fan weakly dropped to the ground and begrudgingly fell to his knees before me. I gave him a flying kick with my foot to his chest just like kicking a dead man after killing him. “Shua” Wei Fan’s body tumbled far away into the grassland and fell still. Wei Fan must have seen what I had done before he died. I was purposely provoking him. The more anger he felt, the more intense his thirst for revenge!

Li Mu, Old K and the others swept past me one by one. Within ten minutes, the forest returned to its past tranquility, as hundreds of [Mass Burial] Players lay dead. Fox, who was leading a group of people to clean the battlefield, grinned and said, “Tsk,tsk. This day has been so productive. [Mass Burial] has given us a lot of equipment!”

I nodded, “Fox, take the brothers who have red names to train and log off only after the red names have been cleared!”

“Got it!”

A few minutes later, Wang Jian asked, “Brother Xiao Yao. Not Ordinary, Youyi and a few of the main members of [Mass Burial] have already gone offline. What should we do? Should we continue to camp the bodies or… ?”

I smiled in response, “No need. Once your red names have been cleared, you should rest. It’s already dawn. Not Ordinary probably won’t get online to grind. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. Have the brothers that are staying online constantly pressure [Mass Burial]’s activities. If any of [Mass Burial]’s members take a single step out of Ba Huang City, then immediately attack.That will be our plans for now.

As I finished speaking, I turned and looked at Li Mu and inquired, “None of the other large guilds are making any moves right?”

Li Mu shook his head with a smile, “Nope. [Vanguard] is having fun spectating the scene. Jian Feng Han even sent a group of people to observe our battle with [Mass Burial]. [Hero’s Mound] and [Flying Dragon] have no intention of making any moves against us. The same goes with [Prague]. While we were in Firestone Canyon, Yan Zhao Warrior even dispatched a group of ten people to watch the fight from far away; they even began cheering for us……

Awkwardly, I responded “Okay. That uncle is really loving. Then, I’ll prepare to log off now. You guys should also rest soon since there will probably be more harsh battles tomorrow. Not Ordinary is the type of person that would definitely retaliate and would never be humiliated without feeling any grudges. Within the next three days, Not Ordinary will definitely use all of his strength to attack [Zhan Long]!”


I took out a [City Return Scroll] and used it. Just as I was about to get offline, I suddenly received a message from the Guild Master of [Zhan Long: First Division], Wang Jian. The message wrote, “Guild Master, are you searching for a Guild Prestige Tablet?”

“Yes. Why? General Wang, do you have any clues?”

“Yup! Seven minutes ago, the Guild Master of [Judgement] of Jiu Li City—Ye Lai received a Guild Prestige Tablet when he slaughtered an Emperor Tier BOSS. I heard that they left it in storage. You added Ye Lai as friend, right?”

“Okay. I got it! Thanks~~”

“You’re welcome!”

I immediately opened my friend list, found Ye Lai’s name and sent him a call request——

“Haha. Guild Master Zi Zai?” Ye Lai’s hearty laughter rang in my ears.

“Yep.” I nodded in response, “I heard Guild Master Ye Lai got a Guild Prestige Tablet in a battle, so I called you up. I wonder what Guild Master Ye Lai is going to do with that Guild Prestige Tablet?”

Ye Lai paused for a moment before responding, “Err…… actually Jiu Li City has a small guild that has been provoking [Judgement] for a while now. I wanted to beat them up for a long time. Yesterday, that guild leveled up to a 3rd rank guild with 1000 members. So I decided to use this Guild Prestige Tablet to initiate a battle with them. That way, I can truly give judgement to those scoundrels.”

I was speechless, “Those are just clowns, how about……how about Guild Master Ye Lai do me a favor and sell me the Guild Prestige Tablet. I have a more important mission and I need this Guild Prestige Tablet to complete it. Truly, this Guild Prestige Tablet is too important to me. I hope Guild Master Ye Lai can grant my wish!”

Ye Lai pondered for a minute, then grinned, “Alright. I, Ye Lai, respect you, Guild Master Xiao Yao Zi Zai, as a friend. This Guild Prestige Tablet…… will be my gift to you. Let’s not discuss about anything trivial; [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] should form an alliance. Once the largest main city, Tian Ling City, is opened, we will be facing mad guilds like [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound]. It’s better if we could become allies and fight against them rather than be devoured by each of them in the end.”

I nodded and smiled, “Yes, I was thinking the same. I will send you an alliance request now. After that I will immediately depart to Jiu Li City and receive this Guild Prestige Tablet?”

“No need!” In the dialogue box, Ye Lai waved his hand and guffawed, “I will send the top Assassin of [Judgement] to take the Guild Prestige Tablet to Ba Huang City now. He moves fast so it’ll take him at most an hour to get there. Guild Master Zi Zai, just wait in Ba Huang City’s northern market and he will contact you once he arrives.

Slightly anxious, I asked, “An Assassin, wouldn’t he be killed on his way here?”

“Don’t worry. That is a Wind Elf Assassin that can fly and prowl on the ground. It would be very difficult for people to catch him. Plus, he is the elder of [Judgement]. Even if he is at Ba Huang City, the other guilds should leave some respect for me and leave him alone.”

“True that, then I shall sit and wait!”


In no time, a “Ding” rang. [Zhan Long] and [Judgement], the two big guilds had formed an alliance. In the guild channel, Li Mu burst out in laughter, “Hehe. We are now allies with [Judgement]. Great. This is our first step towards Tian Ling City!”

Wang Jian chuckled, “Looks like we can wait here a little longer. Something big will definitely happen today!”

Old K asked, “What kind of a big thing?”

Darling Duck answered, “Just sit and wait…… ”

I set up a stall at Ba Huang City’s northern market. In the end, only 57 minutes had past before I heard the sound of wings flapping in the sky. I saw an Assassin dressed in black armor, folding the wings on his back slowly descend to the ground. Striding towards me with a soft smile, “Is this Guild Master Zi Zai? I am the delivery man. Please receive……”

It was a young man around 25-38 years of age with cold eyes. He was a Lv 70 Assassin and the elder of [Judgement]. His ID is Jing Ke. Tsk, Tsk. Someone who can preregister such an ID must not be simple.

Jing Ke walked forward and opened the trading interface. A shiny Tablet was placed above. It was the Guild Prestige Tablet that Ye Lai, the Guild Master of [Judgement] had given me. When the trading was successful, I nodded and smiled, “Brother Jing Ke, please send my regards to Guild Master Ye Lai and thank him for his gift to [Zhan Long]. This Guild Prestige Tablet is like charcoal sent in a snowy weather. In the future, if [Zhan Long] can do anything to help [Judgement] in the future, we will definitely do everything we can without any hesitation!”

Jing Ke chuckled, “Yes. I knew it, my Guild Master never misjudges people. Guild Master Zi Zai is a person that is true to his word. I shall leave then. I expect to see the rise of [Zhan Long] in Ba Huang City and that we will be able to create a virtual empire once Tian Ling City opens!

“Of course!”

Under my gaze, Jing Ke took out a [City Return Scroll] and went back to Jiu Li City. I held Guild Prestige Tablet and headed straight towards the location of Ba Huang City’s ruler, Luo Lei, at crazy speed!

Duke Luo Lei was leaning on a sword with a teacup in his other hand. He was standing beside the big map formed on the sand table and observing the war at the frontier. My arrival caught his attention and he immediately turned around and recognized me. He then inquired, “Young Warrior, I know you. You have come to Ba Huang City again. What’s the matter?”

I fished out the Guild Prestige Tablet and under the condition of submitting 50000 gold coins, I answered, “I want to issue a challenge!”


In the next moment, the sound of the system bell resounded in the air——


System Notification: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai has successfully used a Guild Prestige Tablet. His guild, [Zhan Long], issued a challenge against guild [Mass Burial]. Both guilds will each dispatch 200 people to participate in the battle. In the end, the winner will receive an abundant reward and the loser will bear a heavy price——guild disbandment. The official challenge will start at noon 12 o’clock on the dot.

The instant the Guild Prestige Tablet came out, [Zhan Long]’s guild channel nearly blew up with chatter——

Old K exclaimed in delight, “Haha. The wait is finally over!”

Li Mu said, “That’s great! Tsk, tsk. Achieving the goal in one leap!”

Dong Cheng Lei commented, “Er…… Brother Xiao Yao is about to exterminate [Mass Burial]…… ”

Darling Duck exclaimed, “Hehe. I can finally see the hot blooded side of Guild Master. This is how guilds like [Mass Burial] should be treated. Just destroy them and don’t leave them any means for survival!”

Gentle Touch asked, “Cough, cough. Why didn’t you submit the Guild Prestige Tablet and request a guild war with [Hero’s Mound: First Division] or [Vanguard]?

I coughed and smiled, “No matter what, [Hero’s Mound: First Division] is still a guild under Q-Sword. Q-Sword can still turn a blind eye when we PK in the field, but if we submit the Guild Prestige Tablet to demolish them, that would be equivalent to slapping the face of [Hero Mound]’s Guild Master. How do you expect Q-Sword to find a way out of this embarrassment? As for [Vanguard], Jian Feng Han has too many connections. For now, we are uncertain of winning in a 300VS300 positional combat between [Zhan Long] and [Hero’s Mound], so it’s better to not make any risks. The same goes with [Vanguard]. Otherwise, with Jian Feng Han’s personality, he would have definitely collected a Guild Prestige Tablet to exterminate [Zhan Long].

After saying this, I concluded, “Alright, it’s time for bed. The Guild Prestige battle will start 8 hours from now. I will choose [Zhan Long]’s top members who have entered the top 2000 in the CBN Battle Net to participate in this battle. This fight must be won and shall not end in failure! Everyone sleep tight and participate in the battle with 100% vigor!”


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