Zhan Long

Chapter 356

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Chapter 356 Wang Ze Cheng’s Trap

“Peng peng peng…”

The ruckus of boots splashing in the swampy water echoed, as a large group of people could be seen crossing. Lifting his long sword Li Mu laughed, “It is a shame no one in [Zhan Long] has 100 points in their pet space; otherwise, we’d have a far more superior cavalry group in terms of mobility, and we would have reached Firestone Canyon in less than half an hour. Hmph, let’s give [Hero Mound]’s First Division a good ass-whooping!”

I lifted my head and looked forward, commanding, “Speed up, Firestone Canyon is just ahead. Wang Jiang and his men won’t be able to hold off any longer!”


After a few minutes passed, Firestone Canyon came into view. Taking the lead, I leapt into the canyon; my boots kicking up dust as my cape fluttered behind me. Slicing my Emperor Qin’s Sword into the canyon wall, I slowly came to a halt in the middle of the gorge. Li Mu, Ran Min, Yue Qin Qian and Matcha caught up to me while Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands flew over, landing elegantly with a wand in hand.

Yue Qin Qian pointed forward, “Just over 3000 yards away, Wang Jian’s 1200+ [Zhan Long: First Division] members are trapped in a small ravine, and 700 of them have already perished. We have lost more than half our group and can barely resist the enemy. Brother Xiao Yao, shall we head over quickly? If we delay any longer, they’ll be wiped out!”

Nodding my head, I instructed, “Matcha, go by air and scout the terrain. I will lead the rest via ground!”


Matcha raised her sword and rapidly rose into the air as two translucent wings appeared on her back. Flapping her wings, she disappeared into the distance. The 2000 elite [Zhan Long] troops on the ground proceeded swiftly into the forest. Only by suddenly striking out from the forest in a wild charge, thereby taking them by surprise, would we have the power to fend them off.

7 minutes later, I charged out of the thicket brandishing my Emperor Qin’s Sword with a “Hua!”. The ravine was right before my eyes. At least 3000+ [Hero’s Mound: First Division] members were gathered together, all of them armed and ready. Wang Ze Cheng, with his long spear, stood amidst the crowd of people, laughing, “Close combat unit don’t charge forward or else you’ll just be feeding General Wang Jian. Long Range unit pressure them with [Scattered Shot] and, with the support of [Pillar of Fire & Ice], we’ll annihilate all of them!”

Suddenly, the Berserker beside Wang Ze Cheng, Wind Walker, started to tremble. “Brother Cheng, [Zhan Long]’s main guild members have arrived! Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Yue Qing Qian, General Li Mu and the others are right behind us. The core force have personally led their troops over, what do we do?”

Wang Ze Cheng abruptly turned, the corners of his mouth rose into a smirk, “I’ve been waiting for them. Team 1, Team 2 ready yourselves to block the assaulting forces of [Zhan Long]’s main troops. Long Range units withdraw!”

Soon, 2000+ [Hero’s Mound: First Division] members simultaneously turned. A group of Knights and Monks thrust their shields into the ground, rapidly forming a compressed line of defense. Rays of sunlight reflected off the heavy shields, displaying a dazzling radiance. It won’t be easy to break the defense of this shield formation.

I sent a message to Wang Jian, “Hurry and let everyone resurrect! The main guild is attacking from the front. You guys attack from the back, and together we’ll crush [Hero’s Mound: First Division].”

“OK!” Wang Jian Replied.


A message from Matcha appeared, “Boss, north of where we’re currently standing, there are at least 5000 of Soaring Dragon members preparing for combat. I think these people are allied with Cang Cheng. The moment we take action and engage with [Hero Mound: First Division], they will immediately ambush us and start killing. When that happens, it would be even harder to fight back…”

I lifted my head up, Matcha had landed atop a tree and fluttered her wings a bit as she looked at me. Yup, Matcha’s information is probably right. Now our only problem is that we need to request reinforcements!

Aftering opening up my friend list, I found Han Song Bei and sent a message, “A great deal!”

Han Song Bei quickly responded with a smile, “[Blood Contract]’s 2500 men are already hidden in the forest nearby. Our exact location is around (31712, 112283), ready for your command!”

I took a glance at the map and couldn’t help but laugh, “ Okay, how did you guys pull this off?”

“Its because we’ve already wrapped our grip around Firestone Canyon. This is Ba Huang City’s best training area, how can we let [Vanguard] take over it?”

“Okay, can [Blood Contract]’s 2500 men hold off the strength of [Soaring Dragon]’s 5000 core?”

“You guys quickly go and solve the problem of Cang Cheng and his men, then come and reinforce me. That should be enough!”

“Alright, immediately take this chance to preemptively attack!”

“Got it!”

A few minutes later, the distant sounds of fighting disturbed the valley. True to his words, Han Bei Song attacked. Having an ally like that help us truly gave a boost in confidence.

Pointing my Emperor Qin’s Sword forward, I loudly command, “[Zhan Long], attack with all your might!”

My Divine Battle Boots stepped across the plains, as I was the first to charge forward. With my hand tightly gripping the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I had my Flaming Tiger God follow me close behind. Right in front of my eyes, a rain of arrows flew right into the air. A large amount of [Scatter Shot]s had targeted me. At that moment, I willed my feet to come to a halt and change direction. With a turn, I moved in a Z shape on the spot, quickly leaving my original path. AT that moment, a field of MISS-es appeared behind me. Hmph, after going through the Rise of the Hero’s training and fighting against top experts like Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Bai Li Ruo Feng, my skills at maneuvering increased ten fold. I had long surpassed the old me.


My shoulder sent a heavy impact on [Hero Mound]’s First Division’s shield array. With my Emperor Qin’s Sword raised, I cast a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] at the enemy. Seven to eight Knights and Monks were forced backwards; but these people where [Hero Mound]’s First Division’s original members, and did not admit defeat, as they began rapidly reforming the shield array. Their ability to do this showed that [Hero’s Mound: First Division] was obviously more clever than [Mass Burial].

“Break through them!”

I angrily shouted, as I charged forward into the newly formed shield array, killing off a few Swordsmen in the process. As if I would let their shield array block [Zhan Long]’s advancement!

Old K swung his axe while roaring, and sent a [Whirlwind Slash] into the crowd, followed with a [Savage Jump Slash]. This attack forced a dozen men into chaos as their formation broke.

Carrying his long spear, Wan Ze Cheng sent a cold glare. With frightening speed, Wang Ze Cheng’s spear flew forward and sent a [Skyshaker Slash] into Old K’s back ——



Old K cried out in pain and raised his battle axe as he spun around to face Wang Ze Cheng. He and cast a [Skyshaker Slash], only to be blocked by Wang Ze Cheng’s shield. “Keng!” sparks flew everywhere, making a large damage number fly out——

Our backline suffered another round of magic attacks. Old K roared loudly while activating [Oppose the Heavens] and lifted his battle axe as he started to retreat.

Li Mu continued his slaughter, sending three Knights flying across the battlefield. Because they had an advantage in numbers, a group of Knights roared out, “[Hero’s Mound] members. Do not falter!”

As a result, Our first wave of attacks couldn’t break through their formation!

“I’m coming!”

Within a group of people, a wild brat rushed out. It was Cang Lei. With his god-given strength he violently swung his arms around and continuously bashed against the dense array of shields.


Sparks flew. A group of nine tanks had their shields burst apart, sending them stumbling backwards. Li Mu immediately became overjoyed by this. He lifted his sword, rushed forward and yelled, “Break through this opening. Come with me! Hahaha. Good work, Ah Lei!”

My smile broke into a grin. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and continued to hack through the flanks with my Flaming Tiger God. Yue Qing Qian waved her small hand and [Grip of the Firefox] activated. The giant fire fox clawed through a group of people and I followed up with [Seven Stars Fragment Slash], wiping the group out.

At least 300 [Zhan Long] third advancement Swordsmen rushed forward. After receiving continuous attack from the 300 Swordsmen, the defensive formation began to break down. At the same time, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Fox and other long range attackers focused their attacks on the Knights from behind. The opponents had far underestimated the attack power of [Zhan Long].


Wang Ze Cheng stumbled back a few steps, and his face ashened, “I thought we could hold out for at least half an hour. How come we can’t even hold them back for ten minutes. Get back and block them! Focus your attacks on their front line! Kill them one by one! [Zhan Long] members have too much health and defense. We can’t kill them all together.

Wind Walker nodded, “I got it, Brother Cheng!”

From their back, a group of Mages started to focus their spells on our front line heavy armor attackers. In the next moment, one of our Lv 66 Swordsmen was consumed by fireballs. Next, they locked onto our frontline Assassin – Yue Qing Qian.


Qing Qian raised her elegant eyebrows and picked up her dagger as she immediately somersaulted backwards to retreat. In her original position, “Pa Pa Pa” a mass of arrows missed their target. Next, the little beauty’s cape flew up as she activated [Absolute Step]. Her leather shoes slid with a “Shua Shua Shua” as she quickly dashed in a Z formation to dodge the enemies arrows and spells.

Wang Ze Cheng’s face turned green. His mouth twitched as he said, “I said…. don’t target Yue Qing Qian using long-range fire power. If the distance is too far then the critical damage wouldn’t be enough and you wouldn’t be able to kill that expert Assassin. Target Old K now!”


A beautiful shadow fell from the sky. It was the little miss Matcha descending towards Old K. With a raise of her golden shield, [Heaven’s Shield] activated and she muttered under her breath, “Old K, you can retreat now! They are coming to kill you!”

Old K picked up his battle axe and cut down another player as he unwillingly retreated. I gave a sigh of relief as this ferocious general finally learned how to retreat. On top of that, the way our [Zhan Long] members worked together to protect each other was becoming more and more synchronized. This was necessary for a guild to rise up!


Within the short 30 minutes, more than half of [Hero’s Mound: First Division] died, while [Zhan Long] had advanced 1000 yards, pushing [Hero’s Mound] into the canyon’s impasse. At the same time, Wang Jian, Wang Jiang, and Breaking Dawn lead [Zhan Long: First Division] to attack from behind. This meant that [Hero’s Mound]’s strength would be greatly cut down. Wang Ze Cheng picked up his long spear and charged forward but he still couldn’t lose Wang Jian and Li Mu’s chase. His frustration soon became rage.

“Kill Wang Ze Cheng and end the fight!” I shouted as I raised my sword.

I hacked forward with my Emperor Qin’s Sword. The blade began shining the light of a [Whirlwind Slash]. Wang Ze Cheng’s movement wasn’t too shabby as he quickly leaned to one side and successfully blocked with his shield. I slyly grinned and raised my left hand to pull out the Deep Sea Cold Iron Sword. Taking the opportunity and cast another flurry of combos!

After a chain of damage numbers flew up, Wang Ze Cheng’s face was astonished, “What?”

Clearly, he didn’t know that I could use two swords yet.



An arrow shot through Wang Ze Cheng’s throat and blood splattered all over. Our gifted Dancing Forest had sniped [Hero Mound’s First Division]’s Guild Leader!

With one foot against Wang Ze Cheng’s back, I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and roared out, “Cang Cheng is already dead. What is [Hero’s Mound: First Division] fight for? Get the f*ck out and I might not kill you all!”

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