Zhan Long

Chapter 354

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Chapter 354 First Meetings

In the morning, I quickly returned to Liu Hua University. I didn’t want to scare Wan Er with my injuries, so I only sent her a text telling her that I was coming back a bit late. I told her to get breakfast by herself, and I took a small nap by myself. When I woke up in the afternoon, I got something to eat and went online. The preparations for the hunt were complete.


My character appeared in Ba Huang City’s northern market. “Di!” Matcha immediately messaged me. “Boss, I got a Guild Creation Tablet for 170,000RMB. Someone from Jiu Li City is bringing it over right now. We’ve already transferred the payment over. Do you want it now?”

“Yeah, I’m at the shop. Bring it over to me.”


A few minutes later, [Zhan Long]’s beautiful Phantom Knight came over while carrying an Emperor Tier spear. It seems like Old K and Fox weren’t slacking at all. They even got Matcha Emperor Tier items. After upgrading her equipment, her gallant golden shield made her look even more intrepid and cute.

“Boss!” Matcha walked over carrying the Guild Creation Tablet and smiled, “Aren’t I especially useful?”

I nodded, “Yeah, Matcha is like my right arm now!”

“So do you have as a reward for me?”

“What do you want?”

Matcha smiled slyly, skipped towards me, hugged my arms and acted like a spoiled child, “Boss, I was shopping yesterday when I saw this white Prada bag and I really really like it. How about you get that for me?”

I shivered, “Uh. Is it expensive? How much is it?”

“It’s only 27,000!”

“Okay….” I patted her shoulders and smiled, “Since our little Matcha is so dedicated to the guild….. Not only did you help create [Zhan Long’s First Division], but you’ve also helped Qing Qian manage the guild as well. Giving you a reward is appropriate. I’ll go shopping with you later and buy that bag for you!”

Matcha cheerily smiled, “Mhm. Boss is the best, I’ll be going first then. Song Han and the others are going to fight a BOSS. I still have to go and tank for them!”

“Okay. Don’t get too into BOSS hunting. We’ll be starting our guild activity soon!”

“Okay! It’ll be quick!”


After seeing Matcha go, I opened up my phone and called Shen Bing.

“Sister Shen Bing!”

“What’s up Li Xiao Yao?”

“I got the Guild Creation Tablet. When should I get it to you? What’s your ID in game?

Shen Bing pondered for a bit and said, “I need to keep my identity a secret, and can’t let anyone find out that I’m associated with you, so I need you to find a desolate place in Ba Huang City and meet me there. How about this, go to the third floor of the Ba Huang City Great Sage Hall. On the right side, there’s a small unoccupied storage room. Wait for me there and I’ll be there immediately.

“Okay. Got it!”

Looking at the distant Great Sage Hall, I bore my two blades and walked over. After climbing to the third floor, I followed the hall to the end and pushed open a damp door. At that moment, a moldy smell wafted out. The inside was filled with cobwebs.Who knows how long it had been since someone last went inside. Many of the books had already begun to decompose.

After closing the door, I walked to the little window on the other side. The window overlooked the bustling North Plaza of Ba Huang City. Anyone could tell that the game’s economy was booming, but who could see the dark evils behind all of it? Wei Fan, that degenerate, is even in this game. You can’t even count the number of innocent lives that have died by his hands. Not to mention the number of police officers that he had killed. There’s just too many dark shadows in this virtual world for us to discover and wipe out.


The little door slowly opened and a beautiful shape scurried in. It was a petite little female Archer. Behind her, a pair of delicate wings slowly folded up; she was a Wind Elf. On top of that, her face looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t be sure. It looked a little similar to Shen Bing, but there were still a lot of differences. It wasn’t until she giggled and said, “Bastard, what are you staring at” did I finally confirm that she was indeed Shen Bing. Looking at her, I was finally able to recognize the girl with mystifying beauty.

I gave Shen Bing’s character a glance. The words above her head were quite striking——

White Ink Lv 65 Golden Archer

City: Ba Huang City

Guild: None

Position: None

*TL Note: Her name changes to Bai Mo Yan later on in the translations, apologies for the


“So, have you seen enough?” Shen Bing didn’t hold back one bit. She picked up her bow and twirled around as her cloak fluttered behind her. The body wrapped under the armor was filled with a youthful energy. She cheerfully looked at me and said, “Sister looks pretty good in game right? In order to keep my identity a secret, I made sure to change at least 25% of my look. You couldn’t tell right? Actually, I gave myself some charm while I was changing my look….”

I pursed my lips, “This new look is actually not that different from the Korean beauties. Besides, Sister Shen Bing, don’t you think that your game ID is a bit…. stupid?”

Shen Bing glared at me, “You’re stupid, hmph!”

I laughed and said, “Alright, I got you the Guild Creation Tablet, go hurry up and create a guild. Also, that Guild Creation Tablet and the guild creation fee, that’s enough for Captain Wang to compensate me right? This was for a team operation…..”

“You cheapskate…..”

Shen Bing chuckled and patted my chest, “Don’t even think about it boy. Last time when I tore my skirt during a mission, I asked him to compensate me but, it got dragged on for a 2 whole years and 3 months. Humph, think about it, if he has to report a couple thousand yuan for a Guild Creation Tablet, he won’t even have the chance….. The amount of money that the finance sector gives to the operations base is limited. Those old bastards would rather buy modern high tech weapons than buy me another skirt…..”

My mouth twitched into a smile, “Then can I ask what kind of an operation would tear a skirt?”

Shen Bing’s face immediately blushed, “It was a dark and rainy night, and our task force met a group of crazy gangsters. In the end, one of them took a fancy for me, and while we were fighting, he ripped my skirt. Wu wu, my Vero Moda, such a pity…..”

I laughed, “Then, he touched your thighs?”

Shen Bing’s face flushed and, “Pa” she punched me, “You bastard, that’s none of your business! Hmph!”

I spread out my arms and said, “I’m listening!”

“Nevermind, you heartless bastard! You really don’t care for me at all!” Shen Bing gripped the Guild Creation Tablet and turned around. With her back facing me, she waved and said, “Then I”ll leave first and go create that guild. Add me as a friend alright? So that if we ever need to, we could just message each other so that there’s no need for us to meet. Otherwise, my little plan might be revealed…..”


After adding Shen Bing as a friend, she flew out the door. Not long after, Ba Huang City’s Nth guild was created; it’s name was “First Meetings”. What an artsy name, it was something that Shen Bing would do. I don’t know where she would find 100 people to fill up her Lv 1 guild, but it doesn’t matter that’s none of my business.


After pulling out a City Return Scroll, I was teleported straight to the plaza. There, I prepared my potions and cards. Afterwards, I sent out a message in [Zhan Long]’s guild chat, “Hehe, today there’s going to be a guild event, so…. who wants to gather some intel?

Dancing Forest said, “I’ll do it. What’s up Guild Master?”

I said, “Can you confirm where [Mass Burial]’s main training area is?”

Dancing Forest lightly smiled and said, “[Mass Burial] is a declared enemy, I’ve always been keeping tabs on them. This afternoon, [Mass Burial] has a 300 man team in the Icy Forest Graveyard. Also, there’s a hundred man team towards the Firestone Canyon. What’s up, does Guild Master want to attack this group?”

I nodded and said, “Yup. [Mass Burial] keeps on provoking [Zhan Long], this time I’m determined to wipe them out. Little Wolf, Old K, go gather a team of a thousand of [Zhan Long]’s elites, and follow me towards the Icy Forest Graveyard. Today, We are going to beat [Mass Burial] so hard they won’t even dare leave their city again. So hard they won’t even dare get online……… So hard that they won’t ever level again!”

Little Wolf laughed out and said, “Alright! I like this kind of thing!”

Li Mu smiled, “Guild Master, how about our Valiant Bravery camp go with you? That’s right, the First Division guild needs some kind of task, or else that bastard Wang Jian will be bored to death soon!”

I said, “Yeah, why don’t you contact Wang Jian, tell him to bring a 500 man team to Firestone Canyon, and annihilate the hundred man team in there. Tell him to guard their corpses 24/7!”

Li Mu grinned, “Got it!”

Everyone in the guild began to get excited. I continued, “[Mass Burial] also has an ally, [Hero’s Mound: First Division], so we need to defend against Cang Cheng’s surprise attack. Today, our entire guild will take on a battle formation. We need to be ready to rescue our brothers at any given moment!”



After leaving the city, I ran straight for Green Qilin Valley. After half an hour, I reached my destination. Song Han, Qing Qian and the rest had already brought their thousand man team and were only waiting for me to get there. Dancing Forest raised her Wanderer’s Bow and smiled, “Not Ordinary is personally leading the team. The 300 men are grinding in a deep part of the Icy Forest Graveyard, just as before. Boss, should we just go in for the kill?”

“Yup, let’s go!”

I waved my arm and yelled out, “Everyone, advance!”

After checking out who was in the thousand man team, I could tell it was mainly made up of [Zhan Long]’s elites. The average level of the players was practically 64. There were countless third advancement Swordsmen, Knights and Healers. Needless to say, the strength of our group was very prominent. Our offense was able to hit hard while our defense was sturdy. The [Blade Rush] from our third advancement Swordsmen could break any formation, while [Heavenly Shield] from our third advancement Knights was like a great wall. Added on to that there was Old K, Qing Qian and a group of others who had S-Tier or greater skills. We were basically an invincible team. Putting the Ba Huang City and other big maps aside, this group of experts could at least exert our dominance over a small map like the Icy Graveyard Forest.


“Hua hua….”

The icy wind bit through our armor as massive snowflakes blew throughout the valley.

Qing Qian gripped her dagger as she looked into the snowy landscape and smiled, “What a beautiful scenery, too bad we came here to kill people….”

I responded, “Don’t feel guilty, to be honest we’re here to punish villains and serve justice….”

“Alright, whatever Brother Xiao Yao says …..”

Dancing Forest lifted her long bow and with a few powerful strokes, she soared into the icy snow and pointed into the distance, “Boss, they aren’t far from here. They’re about 1000 yards away, should we make some preparations first?”

I nodded and in a loud voice, gave the command, “Front line, the Swordsmen will lead the charge. Make sure to reserve your [Blade Rush] cooldowns. Mages and Archers, advance with them. We need to kill them first before they even have the chance to respond!”

“Yes sir!”

Raising my arm, I pulled the Emperor Qin’s Sword out with a “Keng!” and left the Deep Sea Cold Ice Sword strapped to my back. I wasn’t going to use my Twin Sword Style during this battle, so there wasn’t any need for it.

In the midst of the ice and snow, a hazy shadow began to come towards us. It was a [Mass Burial] player. Every one’s shoulder had the [Mass Burial] symbol. On top of that, they had activated their skills and were exposing their strengths as they massacred the monsters.

I pointed my Emperor Qin’s Sword forward as I stood in front of [Zhan Long]’s army and roared out, “Attack!”

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