Zhan Long

Chapter 353

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Chapter 353 A New Strategy


The bloody fragment dropped into the water and immediately diluted the water.

I frowned and quietly laid there as Shen Bing wiped my head with a cold towel. She softly whispered, “Li Xiao Yao, does it hurt?”

“They injected anesthetics. What do you think?”

“Uh, okay….”

Next to Wang Xin, a 50 year old lab specialist picked up the fragment and gently stroked it, “This fragment is made from titanium and is very hard. Li Xiao Yao is a Royal Air Level practitioner who has greatly refined his body. His physique is many times stronger than that of a normal person. And yet, these fragments were able to pierce his skin very easily. These people are not only good at predicting our movements, but they’ve also researched our people thoroughly. They know our weaknesses…….”

Shen Bing’s arms shook as her face was filled with remorse, “It’s all my fault…. I was too careless. If it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t erase my traces last night, they wouldn’t have noticed that someone had forced their way into the system and access their database. Then we wouldn’t have fallen into this trap…..”

“The problem now is………”

Wang Xin sighed, “We lost all our leads again, and we didn’t even find Qin Meng’s whereabouts. They’ve also destroyed all their evidence in the underground labs. We’re back to square one.”

I raised my head and looked at Wang Xin, “Can’t you directly apprehend Wei Fan?”

“Not possible!” Wang Xin flatly replied. “With his identity as the CEO of Songfeng Entertainments, he was received by officers from *** yesterday. They placed utmost importance on him due to his involvement in the development of the entertainment industry. We cannot make a move on Wei Fan right now. Right now, he’s like a red hot charcoal. If we touch him, we’ll just burn ourselves. Last time when we caught Dong Feng, it was only because of General Sun Xing that the situation was able to settle down. I’m afraid that he’s probably been released already. The pressure from these high ranking officials are too much for us…….”

The doctor helped me sew up my wounds. After applying medicine and wrapping it with bandages, I sat up. The effects of the anesthetics were almost gone. I swung my arms around a bit, and felt that there was no loss on my mobility nor strength. For a practitioner who has greatly refined his body, this wasn’t much of an injury. Looking at the three fragments, I looked at Wang Xin and said, “How about this? I’ll leave the Guardian squad and use my own identity to investigate. This way I won’t be able to be pressured by Wei Fan. What do you think?”

“No! It’s too dangerous!” Wang Xin shook his head. “You know, the people that we’ve been facing so far aren’t even considered to be part of their main group. Not only does Wei Fan have Artificials on his side, he also has a bunch of people like you. Originally, these people didn’t care for common matters, but with their vast amount of fortune, Wei Fan was able to hire five Royal Air level experts. The headquarters are telling us not to underestimate Wei Fan. Since his Songfeng Entertainment is located in Hangzhou, we’re in the most dangerous location. We definitely cannot let you go solo. If anything were to happen to you, then the Guardian squad won’t have anyone to rely on anymore. There is no second Li Xiao Yao.”

I smiled helplessly, “Then are we going to be passive forever….?”

“No, we won’t…..”

Wang Xin’s eyes grew cold, “For Wan Fei to be training so many Artificials, he must want to establish his position in the Southern Black Association. Training these Artificials takes a lot of time and space. They must be training in some sort of large factory or something. I’ve been gathering the DNA data from the Artificials. According to the analysts, we’ll be able to find their training location in around half a month. When we find this place, we’ll have enough evidence to take Wei Fan down!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and didn’t say anything.

Wang Xin stared at me, “What’re you laughing at?”

I blatantly said, “Captain Wang, it’s not that I’m undermining our analysts, but don’t say half a month. Even if they had half a year, they won’t be able to find the Blood Scythes’ training facility. The Blood Scythes aren’t as simple as we think of them to be. Shen Bing hacked into their network, and they immediately set a trap against us. I can say that their tactics are not inferior to ours by one bit. This group is not simple at all. They must have an even more powerful group supporting them behind the scenes. Everything is not as simple as we think it is.”

Shen Bing shivered and nodded. “Think about it like this. They were able to prepare this kind of trap within 24 hours of me hacking into their network. So they must have some kind of expert supporting them.”

I continued, “So? Besides Wei Fan, all the higher ups in Blood Scythe have erased all of their traces and disappeared. We can’t do anything about them. We have nowhere to start and all we have are groundless reports. In the end, we won’t be gaining anything.”

Wang Xin replied, “Then what do you plan to do then?”

“There’s one more lead.”

“What lead?”

“Wei Fan has a guild in [Destiny] called [Mass Burial]. I can confirm that his group of people are in [Destiny]. As long as [Mass Burial] doesn’t disappear, we can infiltrate them and analyze them from within.”

Wang Xin excitingly said, “So it’s like this. That’s great! What do we need to do?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know.”

Shen Bing replied. “We get someone to join them and become familiar with them. Maybe then we’ll have some useful reports.”

“But…..” I touched my wound. It kind of hurt a bit. “How do we get someone in? Let’s not talk about a normal player. [Mass Burial] has 500 members. They’re either Artificials or people with great talent. They won’t easily accept some new guy. It’s almost impossible.”

Shen Bing smiled. “If there’s no opportunity, then we’ll make one ourselves. I understand some of this too. Wan Fei’s ID is “Not Ordinary”. He’s someone who is very into [Destiny] and has achieved a very high level. As long as he’s into the game, he has a weakness. I have a plan, but I don’t know if you guys would agree to it or not.”

“What kind of plan?” I asked.

Shen Bing laughed, “Your [Zhan Long] should be very strong. Why not let your guys go out and practice for a bit. I’m planning to have [Zhan Long]’s 4000 strong army attack and wipe out [Mass Burial]’s members. You have to make it as brutal as possible. The most brutal way would be to get a Guild Prestige Tablet, directly challenge [Mass Burial] and disband them! Then, with Not Ordinary’s personality, he would not let this go easily. He’ll look for even stronger people to create a new guild. At that point, we can infiltrate them…..”

I nodded, “This does seem like a good idea. But, who do we get to infiltrate [Mass Burial]? All our [Zhan Long] members are on their radar. We’ll definitely be found out.”

Shen Bing immediately slapped her chest. “There is still me, your sister. I also have an account in game. As long as you help me with some stuff, I can create a guild in a short time. I’ll bring people to “ally” with the defeated [Mass Burial] members. Then, the chance will come!”


I stood up, “Then it’s official. I’ll go back and prepare. Oh yeah. Sister Shen Bing, aren’t you busy every day? How do you have time to play games?”

“I don’t. I just go on at night to casually play for a bit….”

Wang Xin laughed, “Oh. Casually playing can get you to Lv 65 third advancement?”

“That’s none of your business!”

In Hangzhou’s Guardian base, everyone was afraid of this stern-faced general Wang Xin. Everyone except for Shen Bing. She always challenges him. That’s very daring.

After changing, I went to get Xiao Hei. Through the explosion, Xiao Hei didn’t receive any damage. It was only burnt black. After cleaning it for a bit, it’ll be as good as new.

Shen Bing drove me back to the studio. After she left, I walked upstairs. Everyone in the studio was sitting in the living room. After hearing the door open, Rainy immediately rushed over and grabbed my arm, “Guild Master, did you find my brother’s whereabouts?”


I made a sound in pain and retreated two steps, “Rainy, you’re grabbing my wound….”

Under my shirt, the bandage around my arm could be seen and Rainy was startled for a bit. She saw the fresh blood coming from the wound, stood there and looked like she was about to cry, “Guild…. Guild Master, how come you’re injured? What happened?…… It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry……”

I smiled, “It’s not your fault…..”

Song Han frowned, “Brother Xiao Yao. What happened? Did you get injured during the mission?”

I nodded. “Yeah. We’ve been had!”

Wong Jiang stood up, “Guild Master. Who are you really? How did this happen…….”

Old K patted Wong Jiang’s shoulders, “Don’t ask. It’s better for you both if you don’t know about it.”

Wong Jiang was a smart person and he quickly nodded, “Okay. Got it.”

I slowly sat down on the sofa as Matcha held onto me, “Hey, boss, how come you didn’t tell us what you went to do? Did you go fight in the middle of the night? Your eyes are really red….”

I smiled, “It’s nothing. This is just a normal injury. And Rainy, I still haven’t found your brother’s whereabouts, but I’ll continue to work hard. Don’t worry about it…..”

Rainy rubbed her eyes, “I got it. Thanks, Boss……”

“Stay here in Hangzhou for a few days. Little Wolf, get everything prepared for Rainy. I feel a bit worried about Rainy going back to school in Suzhou right now.

“I got it, Brother Xiao Yao!

I continued, “Right now, [Zhan Long] has a new mission!”

Old K’s eyes shone brightly. “We finally have a big mission? Haha. Tell me quickly. I’ve been thirsting for some action lately…..”

“You…….” Matcha was speechless.

I laughed, “[Zhan Long] has grown so much already. The main guild has 3000 people and our first division is already at 1000+ members, giving us a total of 4000+ members. So it’s time….. it’s time for us to put ourselves to the test. For the next few days, we’ll be hunting [Mass Burial] members and we’ll wipe them out from Ba Huang City! Also, Matcha. Get me a Guild Creation Tablet….”

Matcha was startled, “Why? Are we making another guild?”

“A friend needs it…..”

“Okay. Whatever you want boss!”

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