Zhan Long

Chapter 350

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Chapter 350 Pursuing


Behind, a burst of cold passed through, and along with it, came a scorching pain that was caused by a sharp sword that tore through my defenses. I abruptly came to a stop and turned around, parrying the attack using my Cold Iron Sword. I activated [Wind Slash] with my Emperor Qin’s Sword and struck down on the Swordsman. The Swordsman immediately fell onto the ground.

“Sha sha sha……”

I quickly retreated, dodging an Archer’s attack. At the same time, I cast [Heal] onto Flaming Tiger God.

After an intense bloodbath, the snow was littered with countless corpses. Most of [Mass Burial]’s 200 members had dropped like flies. I must’ve killed at least 100+ people already. My Emperor Qin’s Sword’s [Kill for Blood] stack had already reached 50, thus raising its attack power by 50%. The remaining members of [Mass Burial] were terrified. At the same time, after fiercely battling with both swords, I realized that the twin sword style in game was different from reality. The process of attacking and blocking were not as easily done in reality. They had to be integrated slowly.


I returned my Cold Iron Sword back to its sheath and held the Emperor Qin’s Sword. Eh. The [Twin Sword Style] should only be used on special occasions; I can’t let them understand my tactics, or else I’m going to regret it later on. Besides, Jian Feng Han, Soaring Dragon, Wang Ze Cheng, and many others will want to research this skill. Once my tactics are revealed, its advantage will be significantly lowered.

[Mass Burial] only had around half of its original players left. Not Ordinary stood there trembling with rage filled eyes, “God dammit. Is Xiao Yao Zi Zai even human? How can one person wipe out so many people…….”

One of the elders whispered, “Guild Master, our crowd control players are not here, we simply cannot do anything against Xiao Yao Zi Zai. On top of that, Wang Jian is also bringing over 100 elites from [Zhan Long’s First Division] into Icy Forest Graveyard. Should we retreat? Or should we continue to fight to the death with these [Zhan Long] members here?”

Not Ordinary glared with cold eyes, “Ugh. There’s no need to stay here and waste time. Retreat. We have much more important things to do. Go contact Wang Ze Cheng. We’ll go take out the two Emperor Tier BOSSes in Firestone Canyon. We’ll provide the front line close combat players!”

The Elder felt a chill, “Boss….? We’re providing the front line players again? Every time we fight an Emperor Tier BOSS, around a hundred of our brothers lose a level. But what does [Hero Mound’s First Division] give us? 100G per person. What kind of f*cking reward is that? Do they think we’re beggars?

Not Ordinary sneered, “Don’t be unsatisfied. Just follow my orders and pick out the frontline players quickly. Also, don’t tell anyone else about this. We still need Wang Ze Cheng’s power for a lot of things. Hehe. Don’t you like that Cang Tong Lin Wan Er girl? If you do good then maybe…….”

The elder became excited, “Maybe… maybe I can get close to her?”

Not Ordinary laughed, “Close my ass. If you even think about trying to go for Lin Wan Er, Wang Ze Cheng will definitely shred you into pieces. At that time, not even I can protect you. I’m only warning you this one time.”

“Yes, I…… I understand my mistake Boss. Are we retreating?”

“Yes, retreat!”

And thus, leaving over 100 corpses behind, the [Mass Burial] members retreated. A few white light appeared behind me and the 17 dead [Zhan Long’s First Division] members revived. Wong Jiang returned to full health, lifted his battle axe and walked towards me laughing, “Guild Master, thank god you came. If not, they would be camping our corpses 24/7!”

I slid my Emperor Qin’s Sword into its sheath, turned around and smiled, “That shouldn’t be possible. We [Zhan Long] won’t let our brothers’ corpses be camped 24/7. If such unsightly things happened, we’ll fight back with the full might of our forces. Oh yeah, how come you guys started fighting with [Mass Burial] members?”

“It’s like this……”

Wong Jiang turned around, pointed at Rainy and said, “Rainy’s brother works in Hangzhou and became a bodyguard in a bar on Blue Water Street. Not even three months later, Rainy’s brother suddenly disappeared and hasn’t contacted anyone at all. However, Rainy remembered that it was someone from [Mass Burial] who introduced her brother to work as a bodyguard in that bar. So, after doing some investigation, we followed the player and entered Icy Forest Graveyard. But not long after we were suddenly attacked and suffered a lot of casualties.”

I was startled a bit. I looked at Rainy, walked towards her and said, “Rainy, your brother…..he works at Blue Water Street?


Rainy’s face became filled with worry, “My brother hasn’t contacted us for a month. After he… after he helped me buy this game, he suddenly disappeared. I’m really worried about him. I went to Hangzhou to find him in that bar and all three times and they all said they’ve never seen someone named Qin Meng. I…… I’m really worried about him….”

Saying that, a large tear rolled down her face. With a whimpering voice she said, “That Youyi. I know him. He’s the friend that my brother was talking about, but he won’t admit it. He said that he’s never met anyone named Qin Meng. What should I do?…… I’m really worried about my brother….. I’m afraid that he’s already….. already…..”

I gritted my teeth. I have a bad feeling about this and said, “Rainy, you’re called Qin Yu?”


I took a deep breath and tried to comfort her, “Rainy, don’t worry about it. I’ll find someone to investigate about your brother. Don’t worry. I have some connections with the law enforcement in Hangzhou, so nothing will happen to your brother. Don’t worry too much. You…. Where are you living right now?

“I go to school in Suzhou…….”

“Okay. Don’t come to Hangzhou to find your brother. I’ll help you find him. Okay?”

Rainy lifted her head and looked at me with a face full of tears, “Guild Master. You’re for real? You’ll…..You’ll help me find my brother?”

I nodded, “Yeah. Nonetheless, I’ll give you an explanation. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely find your brother. Don’t worry too much about it okay? I’ll add you as a friend and give you my cellphone number. If you have any clues to his whereabouts, call me. Don’t go looking for him by yourself.”

“Okay.” After Rainy got my phone number, she looked at me again. “Guild Master, I….. I’m still worried. My brother…. could he already be……. could he already be…..”

I forced a smile and patted her shoulder and said, “Don’t think too much about it. This isn’t as problematic as you think. Feel better okay?”


On the side, Wong Jiang also added me as a friend and sent a message, “Guild Master, Rainy’s brother…. could something have happened to him? I have a feeling that you’re hiding something from us. I’m really worried about Rainy. I’m afraid that she can’t take anything shocking like this. When she was in school in Suzhou, her father passed already, leaving her with only her mother. They relied on her brother to take care of the family. God forbids if something happened to her brother, I don’t know how Rainy will deal with this…..”

I turned and looked at Wong Jiang and replied, “Don’t worry too much. There’s things that you guys shouldn’t know about, but please trust me. I’ll do my best to help Rainy find her brother.”

Wong Jiang clenched his fist, “Guild Master…… Thank you….. Even though I don’t know what you do, I still think that you’re a trustworthy person. You have to help Rainy. She…… She’s already suffered enough……”

I nodded and replied, “Mhm. You guys are members of [Zhan Long], which means that you’re our brothers and sisters. I can’t just sit there and cross my arms when you guys need help. Don’t worry. I’ll be able to find Qin Meng’s whereabouts within half a month.”

“Mhm. That’s great. Let’s keep in touch!”



Not long after, Wang Jian and his hundred man squad appeared from the snowstorm, only to find that the battle had already ended. He lifted his sword and disappointingly said, “What the…. It finished so quickly…..”

Wong Jiang smiled, “Guild Master, you came too late; Guild Master Xiao Yao already helped us finish the battle.”

Wang Jian smiled, “I knew it. With brother Xiao Yao here, there was no way you would lose. Actually, my bringing the whole squad here was a bit too much already. Okay. Why don’t you guys join us. We’ll venture deep into the Icy Forest Graveyard today.”

“Okay. Yay!”

I didn’t say anything as I watched them go. I returned to the city and turned all the Spirit Recovering Grass into Spirit Recovering Pills. After all that, I was still missing 47% experience until I reach Lv 10 alchemy. I couldn’t do anything but slowly wait.

At around 7, I got offline to get dinner with Wan Er and Dong Cheng.

“How’s [Zhan Long] doing today?” Wan Er cheerfully asked me.

I wiped my mouth, “Eh, It’s good. We PK’d and leveled a bit…..”

Dong Cheng laughed. “Brother Xiao Yao, I heard that you single-handedly challenged 200 members of [Mass Burial] in Icy Forest Graveyard and forced them to retreat. The strange thing is, everyone in the three big cities is talking about you…..”

I was speechless.

Wan Er smiled, “Hey Hey, How does it feel after using [Twin Sword Style]?”

I sighed, “The control for blocking got much better, and my attack output also increased by around 50%. The only flaw is that the attacks are too fast, so the accuracy decreases. There is still a lot of room for improvement…..”

“Oh. Good luck then!” Wan Er looked at me and said, “But, you have to practice discreetly. Don’t let anyone look at your battle records, especially ones where you’re using [Twin Sword Style]. You have no idea how many people are shadow-fighting you in order to gain experience.

“Yeah Yeah. I got it….”

“What are you doing after we eat?”

“Uhh……” I thought about it and said, “Wan Er, you can go back online or rest with Dong Cheng. I need to go over to the police department. There’s something that I need to take care of….”

“You’re leaving me and Dong Cheng behind again……” Wan Er pouted her lips, looking like a little girl throwing a fit.

I almost couldn’t help but say, “Alright, What do you want me to do with you?” But I was able to hold myself back and said, “Okay, okay, be good Wan Er. This is really important business for me.”

“Can you tell us?”

“Yeah. It has to do with one of [Zhan Long] members. Her brother went missing on Blue Water street. I need to investigate his whereabouts.”

“Okay….” Wan Er gently said, “Then I’ll go back to leveling and wait for you to come back……”



After taking the two girls back to the dorms, I took out my cellphone and called Shen Bing.

“Hey, Li Xiao Yao? What is it? Did you miss me already?” Shen Bing’s voice was so charming that it could melt anyone’s heart.

I laughed, “Sister Shen Bing. Help me with something!”

“Heh. I knew it. What’s up?”

“Help me investigate the internet activity of someone named Qin Meng. He’s gone missing. I suspect that the Blood Scythe has something to do with it. Help me check it out, okay? As a matter of fact, I’m coming over right now, and we can investigate it together.”

“Mhmm, alright, come directly to my office in the Technology Section.”


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