Zhan Long

Chapter 346

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Chapter 346 The Era of the Twin Sword Style


The [True Strength Arms] skill vanished in my palm as another skill appeared on my skill bar. Suddenly, my arms seemed to be filled with an infinite amount of strength. I raised my hand, drew out the Emperor Qin’s Sword, and waved it softly. As expected, my strength seemed to be a lot stronger, and my attack speed also increased by quite a bit.

Wan Er searched through her bag rapidly, and with a “Shua” she took out a long, purple sword. She smiled and said, “Here, I will give you a sword first. It’s a Lv 65 Purple Tier weapon. Although it’s a bit lacking, you can change it yourself later….”

I nodded and smiled, “Thanks, Wan Er!”

I opened my left hand, then tightened my grip on the Purple Tier sword. In coordination with the Emperor Qin’s Sword in my right hand, “Shua shua shua”, I slashed the air three times in succession. Three afterimages of my sword overlapped in the air. One simple attack had been enough for me to comprehend this sword’s movement.

Fang Ge Que looked at me clearly and finally said, “Looks like…..the close range combat structure in the Chinese servers will undergo a tremendous change with this simple skill book. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you truly are terrifying……”

I smiled and turned toward him, “You’re very terrifying as well. I completely concede defeat!”

Fang Ge Que couldn’t help but laugh, “If life is like a boat going against a current, then victory or defeat can never be determined. You have to keep working hard. As soon as you’ve surpassed a ton of people, more people will be trying to surpass you.”

I nodded. This Fang Ge Que was able to climb to the top of the chinese server, so he couldn’t be an ordinary person. It was evident that he truly was on a completely separate level compared to Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han, whether in terms of skills or experience.

Next were the second place winner’s rewards: Charm +12, Lv +2, +200000 gold coins…. After getting all these rewards, Wan Er went up to the raffle counter. Snow-white fingers lightly began to count, and with a, “Shua”, the exact values flew up. The next moment, the digits condensed to form a hovering, frosty sword. At the same time, the long sword’s stats appeared on the screen in the main arena——

【Deep Sea Cold Iron Sword】 (Valkyrie Tier)
Attack: 1320-1750
Strength: +72
Stamina: +70
Agility: +68
Bonus: Increases the user’s attack power by 19%
Bonus: Increases the user’s splash damage by 10%
Bonus: [Ice Spin]. Upon hitting the target, there’s a 30% chance of inflicting 40% slow for 1.5 seconds
Level requirement: 72

Introduction: Legends say that the Deep Sea Cold Iron Sword was originally an ancient deity weapon. Thousands of years ago, the owner of the Cold Iron Sword was killed in the Battle of the God Realm, and the sword was lost in the deep sea ever since. After thousands of years, the Cold Iron Sword absorbed an endless amount of penetratingly cold power from the deep sea, finally giving birth to this new blade.


I was shocked. “Finally…. A Valkyrie Tier weapon….”

Wan Er held the Cold Iron Sword, and inspected it with her beautiful eyes. With a smile, she said, “It’s a shame that it’s not a dagger. I wanted a Valkyrie Tier weapon too, but Assassins don’t have enough strength to equip long swords. If I were to add strength to hold the sword, I’d become a useless Assassin…..”

Saying that, she tossed the sword over to me and smiled. “Heh, I’ll give this to you! You can use two swords now, so you’re still missing one…”

I was surprised. “How can I take this? This is a Valkyrie Tier weapon. There aren’t many Valkyrie Tier items in the whole server. How can you carelessly give it away…..”

“I…..” Wan Er’s eyes looked complicated. “I’m giving you a virtual weapon. Does that count as carelessly giving something away?”

I stood there, unsure of how to reply.


Wan Er fiercely tossed the sword at the area in front of me. The sword struck the stage, and sent rocks flying. She looked at me and smiled in high spirits, “I don’t care. I’m giving you this sword, so don’t you dare reject it!”

I stared blankly for a bit before I reached out for the sword. The owner of the sword changed and I smiled, “Thanks, Wan Er. I’ll think of a way to repay you for this!”

“Mhm. I’ll be waiting for it….”


With a “keng” sound, the Cold Iron Sword returned to its sheath. Now, with two long swords hidden behind my cloak, my other stats had increased exponentially. However, my attack power hadn’t increased at all. The 2nd sword’s attack didn’t stack. Instead, every time I attacked, the attack power would depend on which sword I used, and only the auxiliary attributes would be shared.

Wan Er giving me the sword caused the spectators to start gossiping about my relationship with her. However, this wasn’t anything big; I was already used to it!

A few minutes later, it was the first place’s turn to receive his award. Fang Ge Que went up onto the stage, and drew his item from the raffle. Instantly, a bright bamboo-colored necklace landed on his palm. When the stats of the necklace were revealed on the screen, everyone became speechless. Damn, the prize for 1st place was indeed not lacking at all——

【Moon Feather Necklace】 (Saint Tier)
Magic: +90
Endurance: +87
Agility: +85
Bonus: Increases the user’s magic attack by 24%
Bonus: Increases the user’s health by 1500.
Bonus: Cooldown reduction by 25%
Special Skill: [Moon Feather]. Calls forth the power of the moon. Gather the power of the Moon’s feathers to attack an area of 200M x 200M. Consumes 100 rage points.
Required Level: 75

Fang Ge Que waved his arm and quickly switched necklaces, the Moon Feather Necklace appeared on his neck. It was the first Saint Tier item, and its stats could definitely be said to have the ability to overturn the heavens, especially with that special skill!

Wan Er pursed her lips and messaged me “In the future, [Zhan Long] can provoke anyone, but it’d be best not to provoke [Legend]. That weapon of Fang Ge Que’s is terrifying in a guild war, since it can destroy anything within a 200 yard radius. Under the right conditions, it could instantly kill thousands of people without a problem. This kind of enemy is too frightening……”

I nodded, “Don’t worry, there were never any grudges between me and Fang Ge Que. [Zhan Long] wouldn’t go as far as to provoke [Legend]. Besides, [Legend] is in Jiu Li City, while we are in Ba Huang City. There’s no way we’d end up fighting each other.”

“Ok, that’s fine then….”

At that moment, Fei Er held the microphone up and pleasantly smiled as she announced, “Well, the [Rise of Heroes] Tournament is drawing to a close. Thank you to all the players that gave us this wonderful competition! This game was broadcasted live to you by ZGTV Single Line Webcast. Everyone has been fighting or watching this competition for the entire day today, so I’m sure you’re all very tired already. Everyone should go take a shower and sleep now. This was Fei Er bringing you every detail about the [Rise of the Heroes] competition. Goodbye, and see you guys at the next major event in [Destiny]! Everyone, please follow ZGTV where every week we have celebrity interviews. This week’s broadcast will be an interview with Beauty Cang Tong and Xia Yao Zi Zai. Don’t miss it!”

Finally, the [Rise of Heroes] site gradually blurred. Soon, we were all transferred outside and were immediately transported to some random corner of Ba Huang City!


I appeared outside the large church. In the distance, I could see Ba Huang City’s new army recruit training ground. There were many stone figures locked into place to become practice dummies, and their surfaces were mottled with traces of cuts.

I took a step forward and raised my hand to pull out the Emperor Qin’s Sword and the Cold Iron Sword, one in each hand. I was able to reach an extremely high degree of proficiency in the Twin Sword Style with almost no practice. I could easily use my comprehension of swordplay from real life. In reality, this game was extremely realistic. Something that had originally just been a player’s wish eventually had become a game that one could put their hearts into. It was precisely due to this reason that I could also sense that my mastery of Royal Air had become stronger and stronger recently. This had far surpassed my cultivation speed before. It was evident that [Destiny] definitely wasn’t simply a mere online game; in terms of cultivation, [Destiny] was another cultivation space that could boost both one’s abilities in the game, as well as their real-life strength.


The blade pierced outward, and with a, “Keng”, it slashed at the stone person. My other hand quickly swept the Cold Iron Sword forward as my dominant hand strongly slashed down once more. The two blades danced in the air, and within a second, split into 5 blades. I was slightly stunned at the sight; this had already surpassed the game’s boundaries. In my memories, a blade-type weapon’s attack speed was about 1.5 seconds per attack. My dual swords should at most take only 1 or 2 seconds. However, it had unexpectedly materialized 5 blades in an instant as well. In reality, many people would flee at the mere sight of my normal attack alone. With the addition of my skills and the Twin Sword Style I was undoubtedly much more powerful!


A loud sound rang out as the firm stone was cut in half by me, just like that. Bits of the stone flew about as I stood there calmly with a sword in each hand, gradually understanding the essence of the Twin Sword Style. After a few seconds passed, I opened my eyes and discovered that a few players were pointing at me from a distance, seemingly discussing something. Whatever, I don’t know them!

“Ding.” A message came from Wan Er, “It’s almost 8. Come out to eat dinner?”

“Okay, wait for me!” I replied.

“Okay, okay!”

After getting offline, I changed into a set of clean clothes and went downstairs. I picked up the two girls from the girl dorms, and went to The Merry Bard for some ramen.

In the second cafeteria, each of us had a bowl of ramen along with a few side dishes. When you’re starving, noodles really are the best.

After eating, Dong Cheng took out her phone and looked at it for a while. She pouted and said, “Why hasn’t it refreshed yet?”

“Refreshed what, Dong Cheng?” I asked

Dong Cheng refreshed the page once more and said, “An hour after the [Rise of the Heroes] tournament, the CBN Battlemaster Ranking charts were supposed to be updated. This time, you and Wan Er will greatly affect the rankings, so I want to see how many ranks our Brother Xiao Yao went up by after getting third place.”

I smiled, “Ah. So that’s what it was…..”

On the side, Wan Er put her phone on the table and said, “It’s out. Li Xiao Yao is ranked 17 on the CBN Battlemaster Ranking list. He went up by 5 ranks, not bad. Dong Cheng, you’re rank 19. You were surpassed by this fellow……”


I walked over with Dong Cheng Yue and looked at Wan Er’s phone. The CBN Battlemaster Ranking’s top 20 rankings were displayed——

1. Feng Ge Que

2. Q-Sword

3. Little Demon

4. Bai Li Ruofeng

5. Jian Feng Han

6. Cang Tong

7. Mu Xuan

8. Simple

9. Yan Zhao Warrior

10. Death Contract

11. Ye Lai

12. Wild Beauty

13. The Seventh Tang

14. Lu Chun Yang

15. Xuan Yuan Feng

16. Quick Thunder Swift Wind

17. Xiao Yao Zi Zai

18. Yue Qing Qian

19. Cang Yue

20. Babel Buddha

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