Zhan Long

Chapter 344

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Chapter 344 The Final Rankings

The second the countdown ended, I had already dashed out with my sword in hand. Together with my Flaming Tiger God, we charged right at The Seventh Tang. At that moment, three copper coins hovered on top of The Seventh Tang’s hands as he was choosing between the different hexagrams!


The red copper coin flew out: the hexagram that dealt enormous burst damage!


It hit me in the chest and a sharp pain reverberated through my body. As expected, this hexagram truly dealt a lot of damage——


Half my health was gone in a flash. At the same time, my Flaming Tiger God roared as it pounced on The Seventh Tang. The Seventh Tang quickly backed away and cast [Pentashield] at the same time.

Once it received my telepathic command, the little tiger cub immediately turned and successfully dodged the Stone Giant’s [Boulder Roll]. The Seventh Tang was stunned, “What the f*ck! How did it escape?”

I used a long-range attack and raised my hand to activate a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. Seven stars rushed to my blade and began to orbit the tip as it gathered force. They flew out and instantly engulfed The Seventh Tang and his pet!



The Seventh Tang was dumbfounded. I had unexpectedly used a long-range attack, rendering his main skills, [Triassic Flames] and [Bloom Again], useless since they were all for close combat. How pathetic was it to be tricked like that by a long ranged Swordsman?

I waved my hand, [Great Realm of Desolation]!



The Stone Giant howled in pain. Almost all of it’s health was gone–just what I wanted!

Helplessly, The Seventh Tang waved his Iron Fan and used [Perspective] to shorten our distance. He came 30 yards closer, instantly appearing in front of me. The hexagram in his hand activated again. The cooldown for that skill was so short! No wonder he could make it this far in the tournament!

I rapidly rushed forward as I used Yi Hai to lock onto his skill. The second the hexagram activated, I lowered my body and activated [Blade Rush]!



I suddenly dashed behind The Seventh Tang and stabbed my Emperor Qin’s Sword into his back. The Seventh Tang abruptly turned his head, only to hear my cold words, “Taste the overwhelming might of a pure-strength Swordsman!”

My skills erupted with continual strikes from [Fierce Ice Blade]+[Strength of a Thousand Men]. I had attacked from behind and even though [Pentashield] could reduce 80% of the damage received, that combo was still overwhelming for The Seventh Tang. During my last strike, the Emperor Qin’s Sword pierced through his body and didn’t even give him a chance to drink a health potion. He was killed instantly!


I stood proudly on the stage. I propped my My Emperor Qin’s Sword in front of me as the Cloak of Disillusionment fluttered in the wind behind my back. I looked proud and overbearing. As the only heavy armor player in the semi-finals, many people would now consider me the strongest one in the entire the Chinese server. I showed the lethality of my class and consequently received an ovation from numerous people in the audience. Their cheers were thunderous. I was high from the sense of achievement.

During the second round, The Seventh Tang was a lot more cautious. He stood far away and activated the hexagram in his hand, unwilling to fight me face to face–maybe it was because my damage was too terrifying. He furrowed his eyebrows and said, “How can you have so much strength and still lose to Fang Ge Que? If so, how terrifying are Fang Ge Que’s attacks?

I gritted my teeth and replied, “He instantly killed me with three skills, how terrifying do you think he is? I even have 200%+ Magical Resistance!”

The Seventh Tang’s jaws dropped as he heard my words. He responded, “What the heck? Are you serious? How did you fight a person like that? Does this mean that Wan Er will definitely lose against Fang Ge Que later?

I shook my head, “I have no idea…… I just know that you’re going to lose again.”

The Seventh Tang waved his iron fan and said, “Don’t worry. That won’t happen! Hmph, if I lose a fourth time then this wouldn’t be a battle of the top four finalists anymore but rather an endless torture for me.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, “What do you think?”

“Come, let’s do our best and fight!”


The second the countdown ended, I began my attack. I lowered my Emperor Qin’s Sword as I focused on the movements of the hexagram. If I could dodge his hexagram, then I would maximize my chances of winning. I wasn’t prepared the first round so I had to dodge it this time. This was a test.

The Seventh Tang’s eyes focused on me. With the intention to kill, he swiftly raised his hand and threw out [Hexagram Blast]!

My Divine Battle Boots stomped on the ground as I came to an abrupt stop. One hand wasn’t enough so I immediately rotated my sword and violently shoved it into the ground. “Peng” a clang resounded as fiery sparks scattered all around. Using all of my strength, I leaned to the side and forcefully left my original path. The [Hexagram Blast] slipped past my arm as a huge MISS appeared. I really successfully dodged it!

The Seventh Tang coldly glared at me, ” Sh*t, you could even dodge it like that. Are you really just a pure strength Swordsman?”

True, I wasn’t Lin Wan Er. I couldn’t compete with her movement and turning speed. All I could do was use this “stupid” method and use brute force to dodge the [Hexagram Blast]. Either way, it was a successful dodge!

Focusing my weight on my feet, I swiftly dashed towards The Seventh Tang. As soon as I was only 8 yards away from him, The Seventh Tang hastily used [Perspective]. But, I was already expecting it. The moment [Perspective] activated, I used [Blade Rush]. “Shua” I appeared in front of The Seventh Tang again. I was more experienced than him and successfully countered his [Perspective] again!

I sent my blade forward with a stab, like a ferocious dragon bursting out of the sea!

The Seventh Tang started to reveal his true strength in short-range combats. He smacked his iron fan on top of my blade and slid his left foot under me to trip me, taking out a good half of my original force. Then, he threw a left punch right into my shoulder pad!



I looked at him and smirked, “It doesn’t even hurt…… ”

The Seventh Tang’s face turned green, “You wanna die?!”

“Peng! ”

I punched him back then charged again and landed a kick with my Battle Boots. “Shua Shua” My Emperor Qin’s Sword hit The Seventh Tang twice before I launched a flying kick at him. I immediately sent The Seventh Tang flying. The Stone Giant roared and rushed at me, only to be trapped by my [Binding Chains]. My Flaming Tiger God growled and activated [Burstfire Raid], smashing into The Seventh Tang.

Even though he had [Pentashield] on, the rhythm of his attack was almost the same as the first round. Just like before, he was instantly killed with a barrage of attacks when I rushed forward!


The Seventh Tang transformed into a ray of light and flew out of the arena. It wasn’t easy for him to fight against me since I had both high magic resistance and the support of my Flaming Tiger God. I was very different from any of the players he had fought before. Even though he had a good handle on the hexagrams, he still couldn’t kill me within a short time. I could defeat him even without using any of my defensive skills, [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] or [Recovery of the Dragon Knight]!


I got the third place!

I was soon teleported outside the stage. Lin Wan Er immediately cheered at me, “Congratulations, you won the third place! ”

I nodded and smiled in reply, “It was a piece of cake. Wan Er, go become the champion! ”


Suddenly, Fei Er went on the stage again, announcing that I had won third place. The moment everyone was waiting for was coming. The Final Match——

Cang Tong VS Fang Ge Que

One of them was the best Assassin while the other was the best Mage, both of whom possessed [Mind Reading]. This was a true battle of minds.

Standing in the breeze, Lin Wan Er’s long hair fluttered gently as her sleeves waved around. She slightly bent her body then vanished into thin air. Yet, Fang Ge Que still had a calm expression as his Thunder Beast shrieked on his shoulder. The paper fan in his hand waved up and down. He looked at Lin Wan Er and smiled, “Do your best. Cang Tong. I want to see your real strength!”

Lin Wan Er lowered her dagger. Streaks of fire surrounded her yet she still remained invisible.

The second the countdown ended, Lin Wan Er had already darted out. Her beautiful eyes were focused on Fang Ge Que as she suddenly accelerated and thrust her dagger towards Fang Ge Que’s back.


Fang Ge Que used [Dimensional Leap] but only leapt 2 yards away. He already understood Wan Er’s timing of attack. With fire raging on his paper fan, a [Blazewind Lock] instantly flew out!

Too close to Fang Ge Que, Wan Er couldn’t dodge even if she had godly speed. She hastily lifted the huge umbrella on her back, opening it with a “Pa” and blocked the attack. However, Fang Ge Que’s string of attacks was even fiercer. [Ice Rock Blast], [Fire and Ice Storm], [Pillar of Fire & Ice], and multiple other skills were all activated successively, forcing Wan Er to hastily retreat. After the first round of attacks ended, Wan Er returned her steel umbrella, only to find Fang Ge Que appearing in front of her with [Dimensional Leap]. He immediately sent out an [Indigo Sea Arrow]!


And, like a simple [Blade Rush], Wan Er slowly transformed into a ray of light and was sent out of the stage.


Almost everyone was shocked. The winner of the final round was actually decided in 7 seconds!


During the second round, Fang Ge Que remained proudly standing on the stage.

This time, Wan Er’s battle strategy became even more tenacious. The second she revealed herself, she tricked Fang Ge Que into using [Blazewind Lock] by using [Absolute Step] as her Bee blew and stirred the falling leaves. The dagger flashed and instantly stunned Fang Ge Que from behind.


The second he was stunned, Fang Ge Que’s expression suddenly changed as he exclaimed, “Oh no!”

As expected, Wan Er’s attack rhythm was skill+normal attack+skill+normal attack. This tiny little detail increased the efficiency of her attacks by at least 20%. After a few attacks, Fang Ge Que’s [Black Tortoise Shield] only had 50% of durability left. Just when the effect of the stun was about to end, the beauty slid in front of him and quickly continued the stun with a [Gouge]. After another three strikes, his [Black Tortoise Shield] lost all of its durability!


With a raise of her fair arms, [Twin Blade Harmony]!


That stab was just too brutal. Even a top Mage couldn’t withstand such a powerful strike! This was the third time Fang Ge Que died in this competition!

The third round, the true final match!

In the end…… Lin Wan Er’s performance was still a step slower. Under the effect of Fang Ge Que’s [Lightning Abyss], her skills couldn’t connect. In addition, she took the full brunt of Fang Ge Que’s [Spiral Ice Dance]. Afterwards, she was hit by three successive spells, ending the fight!


Just as everyone has expected, Fang Ge Que won as the champion of [Destiny]’s Tournament!

On the big screen, three IDs appeared. They were the top three finalists in the [Rise of Heroes] Tournament——

First Place: Fang Ge Que

Second Place: Cang Tong

Third Place: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

“It’s finally over…… I am super exhausted……” Lin Wan Er leaned on me and laid her head on my shoulder.

I cast a glance at her and asked, “Aren’t you sad about losing the championship?”

“Not really……” Lin Wan Er grinned, “It’s alright. Getting second place is pretty good already. Let’s just get the prizes. We’ve already fought two days for this…… ”