Zhan Long

Chapter 343

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Chapter 343 A Cruel Principle

Fragments of light began to merge outside the arena as I was sent back to my original spot. Wan Er, Dong Cheng and Song Han all looked at me as their eyes filled with complex emotions.

Wan Er clenched her fists as her eyes filled with frustration, “What a pity, just a little 0.14 seconds more. Otherwise you would’ve killed Fang Ge Que first, it’s really a pity…..”

Song Han said, “Yeah, you just narrowly missed the chance to get into the finals just like that…..”

I sheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword behind me and lazily leaned against the pillar as I faintly smiled, “It’s no problem. The fact that I made it into the Top 4 is already enough for me. Besides, my opponent was Fang Ge Que, CBN’s Number 1. I lost fair and square. He was definitely very strong. To think that he could instantly kill me with a chain of skills. Sigh…..The biggest problem was that all of my control type skills were restricted by the tournament… or else my lunch wouldn’t have been stolen by someone else so easily. For someone as handsome as me, they must be the main character…..”

General Li Mu laughed out and said, “That’s enough Guild Master….. if this tournament allowed you to use the Mohist Five Scrolls, I’m afraid no one would be able to contend with you. However, I did hear that Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que had some large scale area of effect skills that were also restricted. And thus, the strength of everyone from this Rise of the Heroes Tournament was only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll have to wait for a guild war to actually experience their true strength.”

Dong Cheng said, “Actually…. I feel like Xiao Yao should’ve won…..”

“Why’s that?” Wan Er asked.

Dong Cheng fluttered her eyes as she smiled, “It’s really simple. How long has it been since Xiao Yao Zi Zai made his debut? Before, he was just an obscure little bastard. However, now, he made his way into the entire country’s top four and fought evenly against Fang Ge Que. He even won a round and technically killed him twice! Keke, isn’t that enough to prove something?”

Not far away, Mu Xuan waved her staff and also smiled, “Cang Yue is right. Even if Fang Ge Que wins this tournament, he has already lost his stable position at the top. From now on, everyone will remember that Fang Ge Que was killed by Little Zai Zai twice in the Rise of the Heroes tournament, even if he won in the end.”

I pursed my lips and said, “Whatever. What’s the point of saying stuff like that? The next round is about to start. Wan Er, you should prepare yourself…..”

Wan Er faintly smiled and pointed, “0.14 seconds. From now on you have to work hard after this and shorten that 0.14 seconds so that not even Fang Ge Que could rival you.”

“Alright. Your next opponent is the dark horse, The Seventh Tang. Be careful.”



“Shua Shua!”

Two rays of light flashed as Wan Er and The Seventh Tang were sent into the arena together. Wan Er symbolized the look of a top tier female Assassin; From all her equipment, the worst was probably a Purple Tier. She lightly waved her hand and summoned her Tiger Beastman. The Seventh Tang carried his iron fan as usual. The fan was surrounded with flickering flames, it was probably some type of fire type weapon. That was probably what allowed his [Triassic Flames] spell to be so powerful.

Looking at the beautiful female Assassin on the other side, The Seventh Tang’s eyes grew hot. He suddenly closed his fan and stood straight as an arrow, then bowed and said, “Lin Wan Er…I know it’s you. Your ID is Cang Tong. I’ve been looking for you for so long. Even when I added you as my friend you rejected me. But I will never give up. I will definitely find you!”

Wan Er was surprised, “Who are you? I don’t know you.”

The Seventh Tang faintly smiled, “Do you still remember the concert in 2014? That day, I saw you and from then on I knew, I knew that you were the one. And so…. all those years, I’ve been searching for you, my one true love……”

“So it was like that……”

Wan Er was a little helpless. She played with her dagger and said, “Thank you for your support, but I already have someone I like. I don’t need you to pursue me……”

The Seventh Tang jolted, “You have someone you like? Who is it? Is it that…..that Xiao Yao Zi Zai?!”

Wan Er grinned without answering and said, “What about it? Are you going to duel against him? That’s no problem. Once I wash you out, you’ll end up fighting with him over the third place anyway. Yup, and good luck, that bastard’s pretty strong….”

The Seventh Tang bit down, “Ok. I definitely won’t let you down!”

Outside of the arena.

Dong Cheng’s jaw dropped, “Wu…. this Seventh Tang is Wan Er’s fan? Brother Xiao Yao, your rival has appeared. He’s also one of the country’s top 4 experts and on top of that, he’s infatuated with Wan Er and pursued his love for 3 years now…..”

I pursed my lips and made a fist, “Yea, I have to get third place!

Qing Qian grinned, “Good luck brother!”

At this time, the countdown began. Wan Er and The Seventh Tang’s duel began –



The second the duel began, Wan Er swiftly retreated and disappeared into the wind. The Seventh Tang held the hexagram in his hand. He grit his teeth as he examined every miniscule change around him.


As a few fallen leaves rustled in the air , The Seventh Tang immediately became vigilant. In the empty space, Lin Wan Er activated [Absolute Step] and darted toward The Seventh Tang at lightning speed.


The copper coin in Seventh Tang’s hand spun extremely fast and suddenly casted a blue hexagram, it was a stun!

Unfortunately, Wan Er’s [Mind Reading] was not a fake. Her little boots tapped across the ground and spun around, she easily formed a beautiful arc in the same spot and dodged the [Hexagram]. The Seventh Tang remained silent and waved his iron fan as raging flames flew out. He must maintain his dignity as a strong person before his idol no matter what; Or else he would never be able to reach Wan Er’s eyes!

“HuaHua…… ”

Wan Er’s cloak fluttered wildly behind her as she moved at an extraordinarily fast pace then crossed her two blades. “PaPaPa” The blasts of the [Triassic Flames] were averted for three consecutive times like a fluttering butterfly. Any skill that a player casts has an aiming and activation period at which the player is most defenseless. So, Wan Er used this to her advantage and interrupted the three attacks.


The Seventh Tang quietly reacted. His iron fan made a waving motion and his battle robe flew up simultaneously as he leaped and kicked at Wan Er.

“Huh? ”

Lin Wan Er’s beautiful eyes swept around as she blocked with both of her daggers crossed in front of her. “Keng.” She knocked away The Seventh Tang’s iron fan. She then slid forward as her fair legs gently swept past the package under The Seventh Tang’s armor and instantly interrupted his flying kick.

While The Seventh Tang staggered, Lin Wan Er launched her daggers forward as a [Gouge] was successfully executed!

[Bleed]+[Twin Blade Harmony]!

After sending out the two strikes, Lin Wan Er raised her hand and waved her iron umbrella horizontally. “Peng” A clang resounded as she blocked the attack from The Seventh Tang’s pet. She then borrowed the Stone Giant’s momentum as she spun around and arrived behind the Seventh Tang and activated [Backslash]!

“Shua! ”

A streak of light flew up, The Seventh Tang was killed before he could even activate his [Pentashield]. On top of that, Lin Wan Er’s iron umbrella almost perfectly blocked the Stone Giant’s attack. With that, It was a perfect kill!

“Er…… ”

Yue Qing Qian peered at Lin Wan Er who stood on the stage with fluttering sleeves. She couldn’t help but purse her lips together and ask, “Sister Cang Tong’s performance is terrifying. Is that fighting style…… the legendary [Pulse Break Style]?

Li Mu nodded, “It is [Pulse Break Style]. Breaking your opponent’s attack even before the opponent strikes. Tsk.Tsk. The strength that The Seventh Tang possesses wouldn’t even be able to be utilized. This is interesting…….”

Wolf narrowed his eyes and said, “[Pulse Break Style] is probably the one of the most unpopular fighting styles. Back then, only Little Demon, the creator of the [Pulse Break Style], could perfectly use this tactic. However, looking at Beauty Wan Er’s style, it should be similar to Little Demon ‘s level of perfection. With [Mind Reader]+[Pulse Break] it’s basically a match made in heaven.”

Yue Qing Qian faintly smiled , “Has Brother Xiao Yao ever thought of using [Pulse Break Style]? ”

I thought for a moment then shook my head, “No, I’m a pure-strength Swordsman. My speed wouldn’t be able to keep up. Unless I was fully dressed in godly equipments, only then could I even be qualified to talk about trying [Pulse Break Style]. Even now I can’t use it. It’s execution is too difficult. Wan Er is an Assassin, so she’s been adding all of her stat points to agility. Her attack speed is already really fast. Every time she attacks, she’s faster than her opponent, making [Pulse Break] perfect for her…”

“Then Brother Xiao Yao, what fighting style are you deciding then?

I touched my nose and replied, “I don’t know!”

Nearby, Mu Xuan softly caressed her clothes as she said, “A pure-strength Swordsman should use [Drunken Sword Style]. Besides, you also have your healing skills and Lifesteal equipment, so it wouldn’t be a problem to recover your health. You should crush the opponent with your special skills.”

I nodded, “Yup!”

Meanwhile, Wan Er’s and The Seventh Tang’s second match had begun.

Even though The Seventh Tang changed his battle strategy, his [Hexagram] still could not escape Wan Er’s omniscient [Mind Reading], which caused his [Hexagram] to become useless. Even [Perspective] was affected by the intense speed of Wan Er’s [Absolute Step] and did not have much effect. In the end, Wan Er stunned the Stone Giant. Then, with the cooperation of her pet, she forcefully attacked him when The Seventh Tang activated [Pentashield]. The Seventh Tang’s combo [Bloom Again] was useless after the two successive kicks by Wan Er. In that state, he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to.

2:0, The results for the top four of the Heroes Tournament had appeared!

On the large screen, two lines of big words appeared.

Final Match: Cang Tong VS Fang Ge Que

3rd Place Match up: Xiao Yao Zi Zai VS The Seventh Tang

Fei Er seductively walked up the stage and cheerfully announced, “This competition has entered its final stages. Everyone must have enjoyed each one of the fierce fights, right? Now, we’ll start off with the 3rd and 4th place competition, Xiao Yao Zi Zai VS The Seventh Tang. This will definitely be an exciting battle!”

“Shua Shua!”

Two rays of light appeared on stage. The Seventh Tang and I faced each other from a distance. The Seventh Tang stared at me with the fiery iron fan in his hand as he calmly spoke, “I heard that you are someone beside Lin Wan Er in real life. Is that true? ”

I nodded and replied, “I guess it is! ”

The Seventh Tang curved his lips and faintly smiled. Yet, his eyes were filled with arrogance as he said, “Did you know? There is something in this world that is extremely cruel…… ”

I laughed and asked, “What thing? ”

The Seventh Tang enunciated his words, “Don’t stay by the excellent Wan Er’s side if you aren’t good enough. It will create a certain kind of damage to both you and her. You will leave her side because of this!”

“Keng! ”

I fiercely drew my Emperor Qin’s Sword out and pointed it at him as I roared out, “Die you poser!”

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