Zhan Long

Chapter 341

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Chapter 341 The Pinnacle of Battles

Slowly, the time ticked away. The most important match had finally arrived. Fang Ge Que’s clothes fluttered in the wind as he stood 20 yards away. The fact that he had not pulled a safe distance of 40 yards away was understandable; he had to make sure that his spells were accurate. That’s why for a high level Mage like Fang Ge Que, he would choose to stay only 20 yards away as a standard; that way, not only could he kite better, he also didn’t need to worry about being struck by a [Blade Rush].




As the countdown ended, I roared as [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] activated. With an open hand, I summoned my Flaming Tiger God into the arena, revealing its name, Cang Tong, in bold letters. Side by side I charged with my Flaming Tiger God, telepathically urging him to remain 10 yards away from me at all times!


The paper fan in Fang Ge Que’s grasp began to ignite the air; after a few waves, a gale swiftly blew the fire toward us!

Sparks flew under me as I bore all my weight on my feet and a big MISS flew up behind me. I successfully dodged the attack. It was all done while keeping a calm mind, a mind completely blank of everything except my original battle tactic. I made no tactical predictions or any changes to my lines of thought. I was in autopilot and I charged right back at him.


Fang Ge Que furrowed his brows, as if he couldn’t figure out what I was thinking which was completely unexpected for him. In reality, this type of counter strategy against [Mind Reading] was extremely hard for the average player but it wasn’t difficult for me at all. After having undergone many years of training, and having already broken through the bodily training level, I was at the stage of training my spirit. Under this kind of training, I had to put aside all desires and thoughts, effectively clearing my mind. If I wanted to, even if she was standing right in front of me, Wan Er wouldn’t be able to read my mind.


My blade broke through the wind as it flashed the light of a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], enveloping Fang Ge Que and his pet Thunder Beast!


Fang Ge Que’s face froze. He immediately used [Dimensional Leap], leaving behind the Thunder Beast to be caught directly in my [Seven Fragment Slash]!



With a roar, my Flaming Tiger God began tackling the Thunder Beast, causing another 2000 damage. Within seconds, the small Thunder Beast’s health dropped to critical levels. After letting out a screech of pain, it began to dance around at the command of Fang Ge Que: the start of a large-scale spell. Countless stadium tiles began shooting up from the ground all around us, as a great [Lightning Abyss] opened up under my Flaming Tiger God and me.


I could withstand the damage, but the same couldn’t be said for my Flaming Tiger God, so I quickly had it use its [Flame Armor]. However, the most pressing problem at the moment was that Fang Ge Que stood at a distance. With a wave of his fan, another large spell fell upon us – [Fire and Ice Storm]


My Flaming Tiger God was already in critical condition so I immediately cast [Heal] on him. Then, I cast [Haste] on myself and gripped my sword as I dashed toward Fang Ge Que. As the Thunder Beast cried out, it transformed into a ball of light and became invulnerable for 2 seconds. This was another ingenious bait tactic with the Thunder Beast acting as bait while Fang Ge Que took advantage of his distance to bombard me with damage.


My Flaming Tiger God was completely wrapped in the glow of his [Flame Armor], giving him a boost in magical resistance. As it waited for the Thunder Beast’s invincibility to end, its claws began to brighten with a red light and [Blood Drain]’s effect appeared. I immediately raised my sword and charged at Fang Ge Que. Simultaneously, I commanded the Flaming Tiger God to run and dodge Fang Ge Que’s spell while I used [Haste] and [Blade Rush]!



[Blade Rush] had hit right into Fang Ge Que’s [Black Tortoise Shield]. This was the first time I truly touched him, which was an achievement since most melees couldn’t even get close to Fang Ge Que without getting killed.

“Shua shua….”

[Fire and Ice Storm] began to activate, raining damage onto my tiger’s body. Fang Ge Que knew as well that he had to kill my Flaming Tiger God, or else it would instantly kill the Thunder Beast. If both pet and owner were still alive, then he would definitely have a problem fighting.

My Emperor Qin’s Sword trembled as I suddenly used a [Combo] and hit his [Black Tortoise Shield] with a “PaPaPa” sound. The [Black Tortoise Shield]’s endurance fell to about 27%. However, at the same time, Fang Ge Que opened his hand and used [Ice Rock Blast] as cones of ice and rock pierced my Tiger God’s body, dealing enough damage to end its life!


At the same time, I turned around and opened my hand. My [Great Realm of Desolation] targeted the Thunder Beast!


A huge damage number flew up while the Thunder Beast shrieked one last time before dying.

My Emperor Qin’s Sword trembled as it accumulated energy for me to activate a [Wind Blade]!

Fang Ge Que bit down as he raised his fan. With a “Keng,” he blocked my attack. Actually no, he didn’t block it. His entire body slid backward from the impact of my slash, increasing the distance between us. Fang Ge Que suddenly pushed his hand against the earth while frost gathered on his paper fan. With a wave, he activated – [Spiral Ice Dance]!

This skill was Fang Ge Que’s proudest possession as it could bind the opponent!

I quickly evaded with a [Blade Rush], causing a MISS to fly up behind me. With [Haste] I quickly charged forward and within moments, I arrived right before Fang Ge Que. I twisted my blade and slashed at him!


Once again I forced Fang Ge Que backward. Simultaneously I punched the ground which caused the earth to tremble; a chain broke through the earth and flew right at Fang Ge Que!

Fang Ge Que cried out and quickly used another [Dimensional Leap]!


With another wave of his fan, [Blazewind Lock]+[Ice Rock Blast] both came right at me. On top of that, I wasn’t that far from him, but since [Blade Rush] and [Haste] were on cooldown, there was no way to dodge!


I took the attack head on. But, before the [Ice Rock Blast] was released I also activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] and raised my sword as I charged straight toward Fang Ge Que. At the same time [Recovery of the Dragon Knight]’s healing also activated; and just like that, the 100 Rage that I had when I began the fight were used up. This time, I had to put my life on the line!

Fang Ge Que furrowed his eyebrows. As he retreated, he also began to kite. As his hand flashed, an [Indigo Sea Arrow] shot at me from 7 yards away. It was hard to dodge so I just bit down and charged forward!


The magic resistance effect from my Magic Spite Armor appeared, causing a MISS. Fang Ge Que’s eyes widened as he cried out, “F*ck, how!?”


I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and brought down another heavy slash. Fang Ge Que’s body trembled slightly. His shoulder revealed a long bloody cut. The [Black Tortoise Shield] finally broke! My Emperor Qin’s Sword dealt 711 damage!

However, Fang Ge Que remained as calm as ever and with a wave of his hand he touched my armor, [Spiral Ice Dance]!

Two paths of frost began to crawl up my Dragon Knight’s Boots in a spiral, locking them in place. In that instant, I jolted my arm, landing a left punch right into Fang Ge Que’s arm. Moreover, this hit had interrupted Fang Ge Que’s third [Dimensional Leap]. God only knows how since [Dimensional Leap] had just 0.1 seconds of cast time. It was basically an instant spell, and yet I interrupted it!

Leaning close to the ground, I charged 8 yards forward. Fang Ge Que stood up and waved his paper fan. In those 2 precious seconds the [Spiral Ice Dance] bought, he already activated several spells. [Blazewind Lock]+[Ice Rock Blast]+[Fire Ice Storm] all activated at once!



My body suddenly weakened and I knew, I had been killed……


I was sent out of the arena as I stood there, clenching my fist. I stupidly stood there, silent. My heart kept on recalling every detail of that battle. There had to be something that I didn’t do right, or else how could I lose to Fang Ge Que just like before?!

I looked toward my friends around me as I murmured, “What happened? I still lost…”

Wan Er lightly leaned against the pillar as she stared down at the tiles and said, “Fang Ge Que’s cast speed is just too short. To think that a high level skill like [Blazewind Lock] didn’t have a casting time, just his aiming delay. Even [Spiral Ice Dance], a crowd control spell only needed 8 seconds of cooldown. Even if you dodged the first attack, you didn’t dodge the second. That’s the reason you lost.”

I took a deep breath and said, “[Haste] can only last 15 seconds, whereas his three [Dimensional Leaps] can take away those 15 seconds. [Spiral Ice Dance]’s cooldown is so short too whereas my [Great Realm of Desolation] has a 12 second cool down. Even if I could break his [Black Tortoise Shield] within 12 seconds, I would only have 2-5 seconds where I can only take on his beating. Fang Ge Que’s magic damage is just too high. My [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] won’t be able to take it.”

General Li Mu patted my shoulder and said, “Guild Master, actually, I think that no matter how much you plan and calculate, you can only bet everything on luck. You need to break through Fang Ge Que’s [Black Tortoise Shield] first, and then kill him in seconds. Don’t deal with that pet Thunder Beast of his!”

Dong Cheng Yue wryly smiled and said, “You can’t. I know how strong that Thunder Beast is. It’s a Lv 8 pet, it’s magic attack is probably only slightly less than mine. Besides, [Lightning Abyss]+[Lightning Slash] are just too fierce. Make Xiao Yao take a few and he definitely won’t be able to survive. If he doesn’t kill the Thunder Beast, Xiao Yao will die even faster…”

Song Han said, “How about Brother Xiao Yao uses [Binding Chains] on the Thunder Beast, then he might have a chance……”

I nodded and said, “Yup, I’ve got everyone’s suggestion. Let me try it out!”




I was sent into the arena once again and looked toward Fang Ge Que from a distance. The moment the countdown began, I already took my stance and buffed myself with the [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning]. Once the countdown ended, I raised my sword and charged ahead with my Flaming Tiger God. On top of that, I kept my mind blank. My aim was to bind the Thunder Beast. If I use [Binding Chains] to lock him, then I can kill Fang Ge Que!

Thoughts from my consciousness filled the arena, there was no reason that Fang Ge Que couldn’t figure it out. However, Fang Ge Que suddenly withdrew and didn’t protect his [Thunder Beast]. He was a clever man, he already knew from the first round that I could perfectly block him from entering my thoughts and yet here I was, releasing my killing intent in the second round. He probably thought that there was some kind of trick, and so Fang Ge Que thought that this was some kind of bait and that my [Binding Chains] wasn’t targeting his Thunder Beast but rather him!


My fist was surrounded by a dense green fog as I suddenly thrust out. Just as expected, Fang Ge Que abruptly slid away. However, once the [Binding Chains] broke through the ground, his expression shook, “F*ck!”

“Ji ji…..” The Thunder Beast had been bound. It couldn’t move at all and just cried out. The Lv 8 [Binding Chains] lasted 5.9 seconds, the true OP skill had appeared!


The Emperor Qin’s Sword began to quiver with killing intent. My Flaming Tiger God and I split into two different angles of attack as we charged toward Fang Ge Que. The little tiger roared out as it used [Burstfire Raid]. As a Mage, Fang Ge Que naturally couldn’t outrun it. On top of that, I had already given my tiger [Flame Armor]. I could only kill Fang Ge Que in these 5.9 seconds, or else everything would be over!


The Flaming Tiger God pounced, forcing Fang Ge Que to use a [Dimensional Leap]. On top of that, he used two [Dimensional Leaps] at the same time. I then began my attack. The arena was only so big; soon, Fang Ge Que was cornered!


Five golden stars began to revolve around my blade as [Combo] fell upon Fang Ge Que. He only had 22% durability left in his [Black Tortoise Shield]!


As his clear eyes scanned the arena, Fang Ge Que used his last [Dimensional Leap] without hesitation!

I raised my hand and cast [Great Realm of Desolation]!


His [Black Tortoise Shield] finally broke, and in that instant I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword angrily and brought down a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


Rubble flew everywhere as the stone arena was split in half by my slash. With a bang, the stones began to fall. The effect from the strike was just too great. The broken Fang Ge Que weakly sat in the midst of the destruction as a large damage number wafted above his head –



Instant kill, 1:1, comeback win!

Fei Er stepped onto the stage with her little boots. She grinned and said, “Congratulations Xiao Yao Zi Zai on your first win. However, you’ve destroyed our arena. Hehe, can everyone please wait five minutes. I’ll let the technicians fix up the arena very quickly. We’ll be right back……”

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