Zhan Long

Chapter 340

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Chapter 340 Preparing for Battle against Fang Ge Que

Drunken Spear and The Seventh Tang came face to face at the center of the stage.

The Seventh Tang held up his iron fan and and suddenly laughed. He broke the silence, “Seems that neither of us really fit into the typical job description. You are a second-rate Knight while I barely fit the definition of a control Mage.”

Drunken Spear swept out the spear in his hand and grinned, “NO. You might be the one with the borderline job, but I’m definitely not. A Nature Knight is a passionate and bold class of Knights, fated to spend their life to protect their true love. How can such a righteous mission be delegated to some pitiful class? Though for you, Feng Shui Master. One look and I can tell that you’re an over glorified con man.”

The Seventh Tang pursed his lips and said, “Over glorified con man my arse, just wait until you’re defeated…”

“Haha, then I shall wait!”

The two were rather carefree bastards and just used that exchange of words as their declaration of battle. Not long after, the system began the countdown and the fight began.



Drunken Spear’s battle boots blurred as he dashed toward his opponent. His tactic was fairly simple: just slash forward. His reasoning was simpler, only by getting close to your opponent could you truly be able to knock him down.

The Seventh Tang opened his palm and three copper coins materialized. He immediately picked out the blue one, activating [Hexagram], a stun skill. “Pa!” it flew out of his hand as if guided by the heavens.

However, Drunken Spear had exceptionally keen senses. Right as The Seventh Tang made his move, Drunken Spear followed-up with his own. He slid toward the opponent, dodging the [Hexagram] as it flew past him. A big MISS appeared overhead. He actually dodged it with his own reflexes. It was beautifully done, the way he changed directions while increasing his speed was almost perfect.


The Seventh Tang saw that his [Hexagram] missed, but he didn’t seem overly nervous. Actually, he flippantly fanned himself and abruptly charged forward. He reached out with his left hand and, quick as a viper, grabbed onto Drunken Spear’s iron spear. With a slight flick, “Pa!” he knocked away the long spear. While waving his fan with his right hand, he activated another skill, [Triassic Flames], creating three powerful blasts of fire!


Drunken Spear took the hits and abruptly stomped his left foot into the ground. The earth trembled with the impact and several geysers of scorching water burst out from the ground, merging together as they went straight at The Seventh Tang!


At the same time, he gave his iron spear a quick jolt, shaking it from his opponent’s grip. With a slight pull of his spear and then a stab, he activated [Rock Piercing Thrust]!

The Seventh Tang knew the damage from the attack would be too much for him; so before the [Rock Piercing Thrust] activated, he used [Pentashield]. This was the only way he could defend himself, otherwise he would’ve been immediately killed. However, from the side, The Seventh Tang heard the sound of a beast roaring. To his dismay, Drunken Spear’s pet had also activated its attack.

“Sha sha sha……”

The Seventh Tang retreated several steps as he gripped his iron fan. He used [Perspective], making extra sure that Drunken Spear’s pet could not chase him. However, Drunken Spear had already calculated the range of the skill. Brandishing his spear, he charged forward several steps and thrust his spear forward continuously. “Shua Shua Shua!” the spear pierced through!


[Pentashield] was way too cheap of a skill. It could reduce damage received by 80%, so there was no way he would be killed quickly.


Drunken Spear immediately pulled his pet back and stood still. He used [Cleansing Wind] to recover his health and waited for The Seventh Tang. A bell rang after 5 seconds and [Pentashield]’s effect disappeared as it went into cooldown. Drunken Spear’s opportunity had arrived. He lifted his iron spear and began his attack.

All the skills of The Seventh Tang went into cooldown. In such a helpless situation he still had to face the enemy. He then hastily waved his iron fan and released his magnificent combo – [Bloom Again]!


Drunken Spear drove his spear into the ground, and activated [Heavenly Shield Wall] to bear the brunt of the attack. Thus, the opponent’s [Bloom Again] dealt less than 2000 to his health. In turn, Drunken Spear lashed out with a [Skyshaker Slash]!


With another normal attack, The Seventh Tang weakly fell to his knees, and just like that, he died!

1:0, Drunken Spear scored the first win!


During the second round, The Seventh Tang still carried his fan lazily while leaning against a white pillar. Drunken Spear patted his pet’s head then grinned, “How long has it been since I last gave you a bath, you’re already getting fleas…”

His White Tiger growled, as if he was protesting his frivolous owner. Drunken Spear then slapped his pet on its forehead, “F*cking cat, it said it wasn’t going to listen to me. Careful before I get upset and cook you in some spicy hot pot while I drink with The Seventh Tang.”

The Seventh Tang laughed, “Alright alright, I have already eaten all kinds of wild beasts, but I can honestly say I haven’t had a tiger before, not to mention a white one……”

Drunken Spear grinned, “Do you want to add more cumin?”

“That sounds good, let’s add some pepper too…..”

And then, the system countdown cut them off –




Drunken Spear’s tactics were still the same. He suddenly raised his iron spear and pierced through, using [Rock Piercing Thrust]+[Skyshaker Slash]; both of which were extremely powerful!

The Seventh Tang then cast [Pentashield] to increase his defense and heavily took the assault from the other side. “Pa”, The Seventh Tang gripped onto Drunken Spear’s spear and unexpectedly called out a summoning hexagram. He smirked, “Drunken Spear, you’re just too strong… forcing me to play all my cards…..”


From the hexagram, a monster suddenly came out. ”Bang!”, it’s rocky body was big and covered with moss; it was a Stone Giant. The system showed its stats – Attack: 2840, Defense: 3320, Health: 7200 Emperor Tier BOSS pet. Skills: 【Boulder Roll】【Pulverizing Assault】【Seismic Wave】.

“The Spear is done for…” Li Mu faintly smiled.

I nodded, “Yes he is…”

In the arena, Drunken Spear was directly hit by [Bolder Roll] which stunned him. The Seventh Tang then unleashed [Triassic Flames] onto Drunken Spear. When he had just barely recovered from his stunned state, a [Hexagram] flew out at him, effectively chain-stunning him. In the midst of Drunken Spear’s prolonged stun, The Seventh Tang leisurely cast his unique combo [Bloom Again] again.


Drunken Spear was sent out of the field, 1:1, he died seconds after the Stone Giant’s attack.


During the third round, there wasn’t much suspense. The Seventh Tang with his pet were very focused and coordinated with their use of skills. Drunken Spear only managed to dodge one of their attacks before being hit by another. Even if he wanted to, The Seventh Tang simply couldn’t instakill Drunken Spear. He used [Perspective]+[Shrink] and his [Pentashield]. The giant, sticking closely to Drunken Spear, tanked most of the damage with its 7200 health. Drunken Spear was completely helpless without an escape path and eventually, could only painfully kneel onto the ground.

2:1. The Seventh Tang won; and finally, the Top 4 of the [Rise of Heroes] tournament was out!

On the screen, four IDs were shown. Fei Er also appeared on the stage holding a microphone and gave a dazzling smile, “Okay. Thank you everyone for the enthusiasm and support. The [Rise of Heroes] tournament has finally come down to its last four competitors. They are — The Guild Master of [Zhan Long] and the number one Swordsman in Ba Huang City, Xiao Yao Zi Zai! The Guild Master of [Legend], Destiny’s #1 ranked player, Fang Ge Que! Fan Shu City’s number one Assassin beauty and [Hero Mound]’s Vice Guild Master, the enchanting Cang Tong! And last but not the least, the mysterious Feng Shui Master, The Seventh Tang! Next up, they will fight for the championship. Please stay tuned!”

After moment’s pause, Fei Er bowed and said “Up next, the semifinals will begin. First, Xiao Yao Zi Zai vs Fang Ge Que, a match that will become the focal point of this whole tournament. These two peak-level world class experts will definitely show us a beautiful and exciting match. The battle will begin in 5 minutes. Both players, please get ready.”


“I’m finally fighting against Fang Ge Que!”

Gripping my sword, I took a deep breath to calm myself down. Truth be told, even when I had killed before, I had never felt as excited as I did at that moment. Maybe it’s because killing was such a natural thing for me, but today, I had finally reached a stage that I never would have thought possible. I was actually in the top 4 of a server wide tournament of the game that I liked. I would have never dreamed of this.

Song Han came up to me and said, “ Brother Xiao Yao, if you can beat Fang Ge Que, the championship is ours! The first half was too brutal for you. To get to this point, you had to defeat a lot of experts. First it was Bai Li Ruofeng, then Mu Xuan, Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword and now finally Fang Ge Que. All the ill-fated children in the first half had to kill off the top ten in the CBN rankings to qualify…”

I knew the feeling “You’re right. It was tough…”

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “Enough. Xiao Yao needs time to prepare for a bit or else he really won’t have a chance. This battle against Fang Ge Que will be his toughest. Just be careful of his [Mind Reading], hide your plans.

I nodded, “Yeah, I’ll try my best!”

Yue Qing Qian tugged my arm and cheered, “Brother Xiao Yao, do your best for the championship. The champion of the [Rise of Heroes] tournament will get a lot of gold!!”

“Yeah. I got it…”


Dong Cheng blinked a few times, “Looks like Xiao Yao might actually go against Wan Er in the finals. He just has to beat Fang Ge Que first. And well, Wan Er shouldn’t have any problems with The Seventh Tang. Good Luck Xiao Yao! All the attention is on you. Just look at how many spectators there are!”

I looked up. Under the big screen was the viewer count of the people watching.

1,726,339 people.

[Destiny]’s Chinese server had around 2,000,000 online at the same time. It looks the event’s popularity rating was through the roof. This was indeed a game popular with all kinds of people.

The system transferred me onto the stage as I tightly gripped my sword.


Standing on the stage, I felt an indescribable feeling of excitement. In front of me, a white light flashed and Fang Ge Que was brought to the stage. Holding his fan, he smiled at me respectfully. “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, how is it going? My toughest opponent in this [Rise of Heroes] tournament has finally appeared.”

I nodded, “Yeah, mine as well.”

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