Zhan Long

Chapter 339

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Chapter 339 Clouds riding in the wind


Once I was sent out of the arena, a warm, soft and delicate body fell into my embrace. Wan Er hugged me tightly, unable to contain her excitement as she cheered, “You won! You actually won!”

I patted Wan Er’s sweet shoulder and smiled, “Wan Er… Your umbrella is poking my face…”

Wan Er’s cheeks flushed as she pulled away from me. Beside her, Dong Cheng tilted her head at us and muttered, “I’m jealous……”

I shot a glance at her and asked, “Why on Earth are you jealous?”

Qing Qian pursed her lips, then giggled and said, “It’s more accurate to say that there are people who are jealous right now……”

Everyone looked over and saw that not far in the distance, Q-Sword and The Seventh Tang were standing there. Q-Sword looked in my direction and once he saw Wan Er hugging me, his face turned ugly. In reality, his loss in the Rise of the Heroes tournament made him extremely sensitive. He made a fist as his entire body trembled. He couldn’t even look at us as he muttered, “How… How could it be… how did this happen……”

Unfortunately, Q-Sword didn’t have a single person with him. There wasn’t even someone to comfort him; his two Vice Guild Masters were with me. It was natural for him to feel so dejected.


On the stage, the second round for the Top 8 was beginning. Fang Ge Que vs Cang Yue!

Dong Cheng picked up her staff and pouted her lips while gazing at the stage, “Ay, In the desolate cold we can discern, that the heroic warrior will not return…”
[Editor/TL Note: they are being poetic]

I smiled and said, “Don’t be so glum. You still have some hope. Everyone here believes in you! Right now, the negative one ought to be your opponent. What’s it called… A strong wind blows, clouds ascending; a calm warrior, all sides defending*…”
[Editor Note: Probably talking about the fact that Fang Ge Que is all alone in the tournament compared to Dong Cheng who has the support of allies like Xiao Yao]

Dong Cheng grinned, her beautiful eyes filled with affection as she looked at me. She patted my shoulder and suddenly turned around, her voice extremely soft, “If it wasn’t for Wan Er, you would’ve definitely been mine. You don’t even know how much I like you……”


I stared blankly and couldn’t reply. Wan Er pursed her lips, her eyes muddled with confusion. She didn’t know what to say either.


Dong Cheng was sent to the stage. Her opponent was the player who was ranked number 1 on [Destiny]’s CBN – Fang Ge Que!

Fang Ge Que waved his paper fan a few times. He was dressed entirely in white and looked like a young nobleman who had just stepped out from the mortal coil. It was because of this appearance that he was so popular in Jiu Li and Ba Huang City and became the idol of many girls. If Q-Sword was [Destiny]’s most ideal man, then Fang Ge Que was the most mysterious and carefree. Throughout his career in [Destiny], he has been extremely aloof and has never tasted defeat!


As he lightly waved his paper fan, a golden shield began to materialize around himself. He stared straight at Dong Cheng and said, “[Black Tortoise Shield], a stronger type of [Mana Shield]. It has an increased durability of about 150% of a normal [Mana Shield] and the user’s defense is also increased by 50%. Also, my [Spiral Ice Dance] is an SS-tier skill. It binds the target for 2 seconds while damaging them at the same time. It takes 0.2 seconds to activate and once it’s released, it’s extremely hard to avoid. Cang Yue, you are the type of Mage that is rarely seen in the China Server, did you know that?”

Dong Cheng gripped her staff and tilted her head with a smile, “I didn’t know that. What I do know is that if a man uses a fan rather than a staff, it seems really gay. Fang Ge Que, do you want to tell me what you’re thinking?”

Fang Ge Que couldn’t help but smirk, “Let’s not talk about my business. This just proves my point that Cang Yue, you are a one-of-a-kind Mage. You never stick to one just attack pattern. Your ability far surpasses that of Soaring Dragon.”

“After saying all of that, what exactly are you trying to get at?” Dong Cheng asked.

“Are you willing to join [Legend]?”

“I don’t want to. Let’s start!”


The system had already begun its countdown –




Once the countdown finished, Dong Cheng summoned her pet wasp. The buzzing, small wasp flew up into the sky as Dong Cheng shook her staff once. A [Pillar of Fire & Ice] activated right under Fang Ge Que’s feet. The [Black Tortoise Shield] deformed for a second then morphed back into shape and lost 7% durability. As expected, it was just as Fang Ge Que said, breaking his [Black Tortoise Shield] would be excruciatingly hard.

Dong Cheng raised her staff and dashed forward. Her magic boots suddenly stopped, dodging Fang Ge Que’s [Blazewind Lock] as her long Mage robe fluttered behind her. Dong Cheng abruptly raised her hand, revealing that her fingers each released sparks and small bolts of lightning. What a smart little girl, she knew that she could delay the skill’s targeting by using her clothes. “Pa Cha!” The [Thunderbolt Finger] shot out, wreaking havoc around Fang Ge Que!


The durability of his [Black Tortoise Shield] fell to 69%. Dong Cheng Yue’s staff then made the earth tremble. Suddenly, pillars of flame erupted from the floor and hit Fang Ge Que in succession, making his shield’s durability fall below 50%.


Fang Ge Que shifted side to side and couldn’t help but praise, “This is indeed the ability of a top tier Mage!”

In the sky, a small wasp swiftly plunged down. “Pa” A piercing sound resounded as the stinger stabbed into Fang Ge Que’s back. Suddenly, Fang Ge Que’s face turned green as the durability of his shield kept dropping. This was Dong Cheng Yue’s plan; although her Tiger Beastman had a high attack and defense, it had low mobility and could only act as a living shield. And so, Dong Cheng summoned her wasp which was much more agile and appropriate for the situation.

“Sha Sha…”

His boots began to move across the floor when suddenly, Fang Ge Que stopped. He stood completely still, then waved his paper fan. [Fire and Ice Storm] was activated!


The [Fire and Ice Storm] appeared right in front of Dong Cheng Yue, “Bang!”, she was pushed back by the impact and immediately after, [Ice Rock Blast] was cast as blocks of ice began flying at her. Dong Cheng Yue was hit twice and her [Mana Shield]’s durability fell down to 44%. Compared to Fang Ge Que’s shield, her’s simply deteriorated too easily.


After being bound by the opponent’s magic, her movements were severely limited, Dong Cheng Yue could only use [Dimensional Leap] to escape. Unfortunately, Fang Ge Que also used [Dimensional Leap] at almost the exact same time. In his hand, he held an [Indigo Sea Arrow] which had suddenly shot out toward her!


Dong Cheng Yue, despite being extremely clever, could not escape from the [Indigo Sea Arrow]. Her [Mana Shield] only had 4% durability left!

“Oh crap… This is bad…” Dong Cheng Yue’s little face paled.

Even after using another [Dimensional Leap], she couldn’t escape Fang Ge Que’s plans. In the midst of teleporting, Fang Ge Que’s pet Lightning Beast charged forward. A pitchfork materialized in its hand as the little bastard began to screech and hack at her. “Peng!” It forced Dong Cheng backward. [Lightning Slash] was a skill that condensed the force of lightning into a single strike before unleashing it onto the target; a special skill that only the Lightning Beasts had!

“It’s over!”

Fang Ge Que smirked and cast another [Ice Rock Blast]!


Dong Cheng weakly evaporated into a white ray of light and exited the arena. 0:1, and just like that, she was defeated by Fang Ge Que.

Not much changed in the second round apart from Fang Ge Que using his [Spiral Ice Dance] at last. After trapping Dong Cheng, he used a chain of spells to burst her down instantly. Thus, ending our beautiful Mage’s journey in the Rise of Heroes tournament.


“Wu wu…..”

When Dong Cheng was transferred out of the arena, she stomped onto the ground and looked up at me, “Brother Xiao Yao, you brute, tell me, is Fang Ge Que really unrivaled? To think that he didn’t have a single opening. He was able to perfectly maintain his [Black Tortoise Shield] every time and eventually kill me… What is that even… Besides, every move I made was still within his calculations. Wu wu…”

I pursed my lips and said, “I can pretty much confidently say that Fang Ge Que has some kind of foresight ability. Dong Cheng, you don’t have to be so upset. He is extremely famous for being number 1 on the CBN rankings, whereas you are only ranked 18th; There’s no point in comparing yourself to him……”

“That’s true, but……” The corner of Dong Cheng’s lips rose into a mischievous smile, “But when it’s your turn to go up against Fang Ge Que, you’ve got to do your best to defeat him and help me take my revenge! If you can defeat Fang Ge Que, as my thanks, I’ll marry you……”


On the side, Old K, Li Mu and Wang Jian all choked. Song Han crossed his arms over his chest and laughed out saying, “Brother Xiao Yao, this is a pretty good opportunity. Beauty Dong Cheng is so pretty, gentle, chaste and what not…… How great would it be to marry her…”

I laughed sarcastically and said, “If you don’t want to die then shut up…”

On the other side, the beautiful little miss gripped onto her crimson blade and lightly smiled, “It’s no problem, I don’t really care…”

Old K cried out and said, “You… You don’t care my foot…… is in so much pain……”


A white light flashed as the beautiful little miss was sent into the arena. Her turn was up. The big screen also flashed with the opponent’s name –

Cang Tong Lv 70 Gold Assassin vs Ye Lai Lv 71 Flame Berserker


Ye Lai picked up his battle axe, his face full of smiles as he looked at the beauty on the other side, “I’m so lucky! To think that I would fight against Fan Shu City’s number one beauty. Tell me, if I were to win, I’d be hated. If I were to lose, I’d still be hated; it’s so hard to be human!”

Wan Er’s eyes carried a smile as she said, “Talk once you have the ability to win!”

Outside, Old K’s body began to tremble, “How come I feel like… Our little miss’s killing intent is filling up the entire stage? Even if that Ye Lai is [Judgement]’s Guild Master, he’ll probably suffer some calamity in the near future…”

Qing Qian nodded and said, “Yup. Soon Sister Cang Tong’s cruelty will be fully exposed on stage….”

Song Han squinted and said, “Alright, let’s all watch what happens when a top tier Assassin gets mad. He he, the opponent is even Ye Lai, a high level opponent. Tsk tsk, an educational battle like this isn’t something that people can see anytime they want…”


On stage, the countdown ended. Ye Lai roared out and used [Conflagration] to buff himself. He charged right at Wan Er, his strategy was extremely obvious. He was going to attack before Wan Er used [Stealth]. This way he could avoid being ambushed from behind. For a Berserker, there weren’t too many advantages they had over Assassins. Once they were stunned, it was possible for them to get killed within the status effect’s duration.


[Holy Fire Cut] was coming!

Wan Er raised her Iron Umbrella from behind her and blocked the opponent. “Peng!” And just like that, she had valiantly blocked the [Holy Fire Cut] and retreated extremely quickly; activating [Absolute Step] as her dagger carried a cold light and passed right by Ye Lai. “Ka Cha!” She brought out 2129 damage.

Ye Lai was shocked. He hastily turned around. With an open hand he initiated his finishing skill – [Burning Tornado]!

Wan Er abruptly opened up her Iron Umbrella. “Peng!” The umbrella’s branches opened up one by one and she hid behind the umbrella, dodging a large amount of the damage. Abruptly closing the umbrella, her little boots stepped across the floor. “Shua!” She came extremely close to Ye Lai. There was less than half a meter between her clear eyes and Ye Lai’s!


Ye Lai knew from his heart that things weren’t looking good. He quickly raised his battle axe and used [Divine Weapon Breaker]!

It was a shattering resistance, a defensive attack. Wan Er’s Iron Umbrella wouldn’t necessarily have been able to defend. However, something unexpected happened – she didn’t dodge. Instead, she raised her dagger and using [Gouge], breaking through the [Divine Weapon Breaker]! At the same time her lips curved into a smile and said, “It’s over…”

Ye Lai’s face turned positively green as he watched his opponent use [Bleed]+[Twin Blade Harmony] to take away his life while he was stunned.

After two rounds, Wan Er used her foresight advantage to completely win over her opponent. Ye Lai was miserably defeated 0:2 and he left the Rise of the Heroes’ stage.


The last round was Drunken Spear vs The Seventh Tang. A battle between the two black horses.

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