Zhan Long

Chapter 337

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Chapter 337 The Tyrannical Ye Lai


Wang Ze Cheng felt brushed off. He didn’t think that Ye Lai would greet him in such a disrespectful way. Even though Wang Ze Cheng was the strongest Knight in Ba Huang City, he didn’t even receive an ounce of respect from his opponent. However, keep in mind, the opponent was the Ye Lai, the Guild Master of [Judgment], one of the top ten guilds in China. In some ways, Ye Lai had a right to be condescending. Besides, given his egoistic character, it was natural to see such arrogance; if you were his friend he would respect you, if you weren’t, you were worth nothing to him.

Pointing his spear at his opponent, Wang Ze Cheng grinded his teeth and shouted, “Ye Lai, I won’t show any mercy!”

As he talked, he summoned his pet. It was a jade colored Grass Dragon, a rare species of dragon. In reality, it was nothing more than a lizard, since the true giant dragon species had yet to appear in the game. Instead, only dead things or lower tier species had appeared.


Ye Lai waved his hand and let his Emperor Tier pet Fire Phoenix out of the pet dimension. He lifted up his battle axe and its blade began to scorch in flames, so much that even Ye Lai seemed to have flames surrounding him. This was a Flame Berserker’s skill, [Fires of the World]! Not only was it interesting to watch, but also based on how Ye Lai’s style was extremely fierce, the type that would use brute force to kill a thousand troops, this battle was bound to be fun to watch.


Wang Ze Cheng shoved his enormous shield into the ground in front of him as his spear flashed. This was the typical opening to a defense and reciprocate strategy. He knew very well that he held the advantage of having high defense and health and without these, he was nothing. As long as he held his stance first, he could take on the Ye Lai, that Berserker.

The system started the countdown




When the countdown stopped, Ye Lai fiercely rushed forward and roared out to activate [Conflagration]. The flames on his body rocketed into the air and emulated the image of the Flame God of War. On his axe, he carried the might of the stars as he ferociously attacked Wang Ze Cheng’s shield – [Skyshaker Slash]!


Wang Ze Cheng was forced several steps back and couldn’t defend against that sort of attack. Ye Lai closely followed and with a lift of his battle shoes “Peng!” kicked away Wang Ze Cheng’s attacking spear. He jolted his body and dodged the Grass Dragon’s slash and stomped the ground to make a turn and attack. Both of his hands gripped his battle axe and raging flames began to burn on his battle axe, a [Holy Fire Cut] slashed right into Wang Ze Cheng’s shoulder!


Wang Ze Cheng retreated several steps, as a cut he received from the Fire Phoenix began to burn. His health began to drop and he abruptly pierced his spear forward, [Icy Spear]!


Ye Lai began to move and dodge while lifting his arm, splendidly bringing up his battle axe to block, successfully knocking away the opponent’s [Icy Spear]. Then, his battle axe dissolved into a light that began to form a holy light longsword that fell with a boom. Wang Ze Cheng instinctively raised his shield to block but didn’t think that he wouldn’t be able to block it at all. This was an attack that smashed shield’s to pieces – [Divine Weapon Breaker]!


Within moments, Wang Ze Cheng’s health dropped to the bottom and he immediately waved his hand to cast [Cleansing Wind]!

Ye Lai roared out and violently charged forward with his axe. “Peng!” it knocked against Wang Ze Cheng so hard that he had to retreat a few steps. The force of the attack interrupted [Cleansing Wind]! Opening his palm, all five fingers lit up with fire, he bellowed out, “[Burning Tornado]!”

The [Fire Tornado]’s tornado devastated the area and blew Wang Ze Cheng’s shield away. Ye Lai took the chance to throw his battle axe forward. “Bang!” the battle axe cut deep into Wang Ze Cheng’s chest. The third tier skill [Battle Axe Throw] had instantly killed the Guild Master of [Hero’s Mound: First Division].


Taking hold of the battle axe, Ye Lai pridefully stood in the middle of the arena and looked at Wang Ze Cheng’s weak body and indifferently said, “Trash will always be trash, and money won’t change that fact, nor will it let you make empty claims in a virtual world game. This isn’t your world, get it?”


Outside the arena, all of the spectators were shocked.

Mu Xuan’s little jaw dropped and said, “Looks like this Ye Lai is a bit too rough… bah whatever. We can’t have someone like him in our [Appearance Alliance] anyway. I’ll just go for my Little Zai Zai.”

I sneezed. “Hey, Ye Lai’s attacks are really fierce. Wang Ze Cheng couldn’t even retaliate at all. There’s a huge gap between their power levels……”

Wan Er slyly smiled, “And here I was thinking that I had to take care of Cang Cheng myself. I wouldn’t have thought that Ye Lai would finish the job for me. I really have to thank him…”

Old K tightly clenched his battle axe and looked up, “God damn. Is this the strength of a top level Berserker? It really is fierce. To be able to continuously attack without even letting a Knight retaliate…..”

Song Han squinted and said, “Yea, Ye Lai’s attack power and angle are all extremely calculated. On top of that, his sense of balance is extremely good; Cang Cheng was forced to lose his balance from the beginning, making it so that he had no way of accumulating force. Everytime Ye Lai kicks, tackles, or cuts, it all just happens to be where Cang Cheng isn’t paying attention. Hehe, Old K, you have a long way to go……”

Old K patted Wolf’s shoulders, “It’ll be group D’s turn soon. Little Wolf, you still haven’t been eliminated yet. Good luck. Don’t let our Guild Master be the only [Zhan Long] member to enter the top 8.”

Song Han laughed. “There’s still Miss Cang Tong and Dong Cheng. Don’t worry… My opponent is The Seventh Tang, a Feng Shui Master. His skills are too complicated. It’s too hard to fight with this matchup.”

Dong Cheng Yue said, “My next opponent is Fang Ge Que, also in the top 8. But… If you look at it, I’m pretty content already. Experts like Bai Li Ruofeng were all eliminated in the top 32. I have to thank the heavens that a little Mage like me was able to enter the top 8.”

I glared at her and said, “Don’t be too modest, you still have half a month right? You and Wan Er can join [Zhan Long] and become our future number one Mage. You have to earn that name though, and I’m not asking that you be too strong, just you should be in the top 3 Mages on the Chinese Servers right?”

Dong Cheng smiled. “I’ll try… Brother Guild Master… Smooches”

I smirked, “Smooches my ass, Just watch the matches carefully……”

Lin Wan Er calmly looked at the stage. She was already so familiar with me and Dong Cheng’s teasing that she could easily ignore us.


There was no suspense in the second round either. Ye Lai’s violent fighting style was not something Wang Ze Cheng could defend against. In just under 12 seconds the fight was over. This time, as before, Ye Lai ferociously attacked multiple rounds and Wang Ze Cheng not only didn’t have the chance to cast [Cleansing Wind], he didn’t even have the chance to drink a potion! He could only sit and wait for his death.

2:0 Ye Lai defeated his opponent and successfully entered the top 8.


After being sent out of the arena, Wang Ze Cheng held his spear and sat down in a foul mood. He looked at Ye Lai and said, “Hmph. [Judgment]. I’ll remember this……”

Ye Lai lifted his axe and smirked, “What? You wanna go again? Come on. I’ll welcome anything. [Judgment] is usually peaceful in Jiu Li City but if you wanna come, I’ll destroy your guild. You still wanna come? Or should I bring my people to Ba Huang City.”

Wang Ze Cheng was shaken up quite a bit. After finding out that Ye Lai was a bit too serious, he immediately shut his mouth. [Hero’s Mound: First Division] already has [Zhan Long], [Blood Contract] and [Misty Palace] to deal with already. If they add on [Judgment], they wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore. Not even Q-Sword would be able to protect them. Wang Ze Cheng was a smart person. He knew when to stop and wouldn’t do anything stupid.

D Group, First Match, Yue Wei Liang vs Drunken Spear

As I expected, Drunken Spear’s strength far surpassed our data. If Wang Ze Cheng was the strongest defensive Knight, then Drunken Spear would be the strongest offensive Knight. With his extraordinary skills with the spear, he easily defeated Wei Lian 2:0, preventing another one of our guild members from entering the top 8.

The second match, Wolf Totem vs The Seventh Tang

Wolf held his dagger and with a look of awe said, “If I can enter the top 8, I’ll treat everyone to a meal next week…”

Old K hurriedly said, “Good luck!”

The result… The Seventh Tang’s [Hexagram Strike] succeeded twice and his skills had far surpassed Wolf’s imagination. By using [Shrink], Wolf’s [Sneak] and [Absolute Step] were both neutralized. The most important factor was his [Pentashield]. Within the first few seconds it was clear that Wolf couldn’t beat him. He lost twice due to Tang’s consecutive strikes.

0:2 Wolf was eliminated. The Seventh Tang, the real dark horse, entered the top 8.

On the screen, the top and bottom half of the top 8 match ups appeared.

Top half:
Xiao Yao Zi Zai vs Q-Sword
Fang Ge Que vs Cang Yue

Bottom half:
Cang Tong vs Ye Lai
Drunken Spear vs The Seventh Tang


General Wang Jian looked at the board, then at me and said, “The first match, Brother Xiao Yao will go against the strongest mechanical player Q-Sword. Do you have anything to say?

I took a deep breath. “It’s time I show my real skills……”

Wan Er looked at me indifferently, “You have real skills?”

I butted in and said, “Miss, I’m going to a life and death match. How about you don’t attack me and give me a confidence boost…”

Wan Er couldn’t help but laugh and walked up to me with her beautiful face. She lifted her fist and lightly punched my chest, “Good Luck. if you beat Q-Sword, you’ll be in the top 4!”


Right then, I was sent to the arena.


After entering, Q-Sword stood in front of me with his sword and smiled, “Li Xiao Yao, I didn’t think that we would meet like this. I really didn’t see this coming…”

I smiled as well, “Guild Master Q-Sword, did you think I couldn’t get into the top 8?”

Q-Sword was a honest person. “Actually, I didn’t think that you could beat, Bai Li Ruofeng, Mu Xuan, and Yan Zhao Warrior, all those experts. But, entering the top 8 proves your strength. You are a worthy opponent.”

“Then let’s have a good fight!”

I lifted my hands and unsheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword. I lifted my left fist and a hexagram appeared, summoning Flaming Tiger God, who appeared next to me with a roar.


Q-Sword didn’t underestimate me and immediately called out his Frost Beast as he waited for the battle to start.

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