Zhan Long

Chapter 336

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Chapter 336 You Lump of Meat!

After the match was over, the final match of Group A appeared on the big screen:

Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Lv71 Dragon City Nightwatch] vs Q-Sword [Lv72 Swordsmith]


I finally got to see Q-Sword’s hidden class, Swordsmith. [Destruction Wolf Formation], and [Spark Armor] could be a special skill from this hidden class. However, the name of the class is Swordsmith. Could Q-Sword actually be a Swordsmith Master? He shouldn’t be. I haven’t heard anything about a Swordsmith in the Northern Star family. It was probably only a class title.

Fei Er moved on to the stage and announced the pairings for Group B. The first match, Fang Ge Que vs Yue Qing Qian.

Our little Qing Qian nervously held her dagger and looked at the stage. She pouted a bit and said to me, “Brother Xiao Yao, what do I do if I lose two rounds in a row?”

I couldn’t help but smile at her question. “Even if you lose two matches in a row, it doesn’t matter as long as you’ve given it all you’ve got. You’ll still be [Zhan Long]’s strongest Assassin and Vice Guild Master.”

“Mhm, okay!”

After replying to Xiao Yao, Yue Qing Qian and her pet Ice Rat were transported into the arena with a ‘Shua!’ Likewise, Fang Ge Que appeared, elegantly carrying his Iron Bone Fan. Just like before, he didn’t summon any pets and only stood silently at the other end. He smirked, and suddenly laughed out, “Yue Qing Qian, did you know? In the entire Chinese Server, you are the only Assassin other than Cang Tong that I am fond of. Your ability to seize and dispatch your targets is inspiring; moreover, your skills and reflexes place you as one of the top 3 among Assassins in the server. It’s a pity that I’ve never had the opportunity to be friends with you.”

It is very rare for an arrogant prick such as Fang Ge Que to actually start a conversation with another player. The fact that he would spend the effort to open his mouth and speak, shocked everyone and lead them to recognize Yue Qing Qian as someone with remarkable talent that was seldom seen. If she truly wasn’t so talented, why else would Mr. Holier-than-thou open his mouth?

Yue Qing Qian bowed slightly, her cloak billowed behind as a powerful aura wrapped around her. She gave Fang Ge Que a quick glance with her charming eyes before humbly saying, “I am Brother Xiao Yao’s Vice Guild Master and I will never betray him. If you’re trying to recruit me, you don’t need to waste your breath…”

Fang Ge Que gave a blank stare before chuckling, “That’s fine then, I won’t force you. But if you are ever unhappy with being in Ba Huang City, you can come to our Jiu Li City to sightsee. [Legend] will always welcome you.”

“Got it, Thanks!” Yue Qing Qian replied as she pursed her lips.

Fang Ge Que waved his fan with a smile, “Mm, then let’s get ready to begin. Against an expert like you, I would have to go all out.”


The system countdown began —-




Before the battle began, Yue Qing Qian had already activated [Stealth]. The Ice Rat on the beauty’s shoulder also disappeared along with its owner. Leaves floated lightly in the wind, while Fang Ge Que stood where he was, motionlessly; as if he had no intention of determining Yue Qing Qian’s position.

“Fang Ge Que doesn’t look like he wants to fight…” Li Mu pondered.

“That’s not it….” Lin Wan Er raised her eyebrow, “It seems like he’s waiting for Gua Gua to strike……”

“That shouldn’t be it, right?”

Dong Cheng Yue lifted her staff, “Gua Gua is very nimble and can prolong her stun duration. The double stun effect of [Ambush]+[Gouge] can already break her opponent’s [Mana Shield]. Don’t tell me Fang Ge Que has that much self-confidence to be so certain he could withstand 5 seconds of Gua Gua’s violent attacks without his shield collapsing?”

“No…” Lin Wan Er shook her head and muttered unhurriedly, “No Mage would ever have that kind of confidence. An Assassin’s attack possesses the natural ability to break through shields. Fang Ge Que is no rookie and definitely knows this fact…”

“Then why don’t you examine Fang Ge Que’s thoughts?”


Lin Wan Er pursed her ruby red lips, somewhat speechless as she muttered, “[Mind Reading] is merely a type of spiritual power. I have to be close to actually have a chance to read his mind. In addition, the game doesn’t let me read every thought, just those related to the game. Everything else is vague and unclear. Besides, if Fang Ge Que can mind read as well, his mental power should be strong enough to block me out, so either way I wouldn’t be able to read his mind…”

I lifted my head to gaze intently at the stage, “Hush, something’s about to happen…”


In the arena, the sound of static discharge could be heard. It came from the blurry image arching with electricity on Fang Ge Que’s shoulder. If you looked closely, it seemed to be a demon carrying a pitchfork.

“That’s a Thunder Beast!”

Dong Cheng Yue was startled, “It really is the Emperor Tier BOSS pet, [Thunder Beast]!”

Suddenly, the earth trembled as the Thunderbeast cried out “Ji Ji.” Lightning thundered overhead, as the ground behind Fang Ge Que opened up into a giant chasm with a “BOOM!”. This was one of the Thunder Beast’s main skills, [Lightning Abyss].


Under the effect of [Lightning Abyss] Qing Qian was exposed. She held her dagger and rushed over with [Absolute Step]. With a flash, she cut right into Fang Ge Que, stunning him in the process! As Qing Qian attacked, her Fire Wolf did not hesitate either as it roared out and began to attack Fang Ge Que. Qing Qian had switched pets while she concealed.


A big MISS hung in the air. Fang Ge Que suddenly reappeared in a different spot and with a wave of his fan, [Fire and Ice Storm] activated!


Yue Qing Qian gulped down a potion just in the nick of time, but her health was still cut down to critical levels, just like before. Fang Ge Que stood up majestically and with the flourish of a hand, came a [Spiral Ice Dance]! “Bang!” the [Spiral Ice Dance] locked down Qing Qian’s two feet and exploded. Qing Qian could only stand there, dumbstruck, with her dagger in hand as she evaporated into a white light and flew out of the arena.


Sent back to our side, Qing Qian still gripped her dagger and cried as she stomped, “Could that even be called a fight? I didn’t have the slightest chance to attack. How can I block Fang Ge Que’s spells if I don’t have something like Brother Xiao Yao’s Magic Spite Armor…”

Wan Er smiled and said, “Don’t worry Qing Qian, next time just be careful of where you place yourself after you use [Stealth]. Remember, as long as you can stun him, you’ll have the chance to kill Fang Ge Que. You just have to believe in your ability to break his shield.”


Qing Qian was sent into the arena again. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to change the outcome and Fang Ge Que’s all-encompassing godly awareness seemed to detect Qing Qian’s every move. After a chain of spells, he sent our beautiful Assassin out of the arena once again!

2:0, Fang Ge Que had won a complete victory over Yue Qing Qian!


As I consoled Qing Qian I looked up at the stage. Dong Cheng Yue’s match was about to start –

Cang Yue [Lv 70 Gold Mage] VS Death’s Contract [Lv 70 Gold Knight]


Dong Cheng Yue held her staff as she glanced at Death’s Contract, who was already in the arena and smiled, “Hey, you’re Sister Promised Love’s man, how can I kill you. Tsk tsk, it’s really hard for a Knight to get this far. I feel bad for sending you out of the Top 16……”

I glared at her and ignored her pretenses then said, “Another one of our bastards is going on stage to show off, everyone clap and wish her a triumphant return!”

Everyone slowly clapped.
TL Note: (Sarcasm Alert)

Dong Cheng looked murderous then looked at the clapping Wan Er and said, “What happened to hoes before bros? Looks like you were just lying, just you wait, I’ll finish this in a jiffy and deal with you then…….”

Everyone was speechless.

We watched as the Lady Guan Yu* was sent to the stage.
TL Note: Guan Yu is a famous Chinese General


Dong Cheng was truly a top tier Mage; the Knight who only knew how to charge was basically annihilated. Death’s Contract was pretty strong. Although he was rumored to have a defense that almost rivaled Wang Ze Cheng and even had a higher attack, his opponent was Dong Cheng Yue, the beautiful she-demon. With [Lightning Finger]+[Magma Lance] continuously wreaking havoc, and finally multiple [Indigo Sea Arrow]-es to finish Death Contract off twice, 2:0, Dong Cheng easily took the name of Top 8!


After being sent out of the arena, Dong Cheng puffed out her full chest and happily boasted, “How was that? Sister’s killing might is astonishing right?”

I thought about it for a second and said, “Your next opponent is Fang Ge Que, I hope you make it…”

Dong Cheng’s face suddenly paled and she said, “I beg of you, don’t talk about my next opponent. Just thinking about it makes me sick. So sick that…… that my period will come early……”

I was instantly defeated and said, “Ms. Hero, please have mercy. Don’t say anymore, let’s just keep on watching…”


Very quickly, the C group’s matches began. The first match, Cang Tong vs Simple


After listening to Jian Feng Han’s whispers, she entered the arena. Wan Er also stood inside, as she gripped her dagger. As the system began the countdown, Wan Er already activated [Absolute Step], increasing her speed by 150% for 12 seconds. This was the prelude to a quick battle!

After using [Absolute Step], Wan Er entered a stealth state, disappearing from her position.

Simple was not a rookie. Her keen sense allowed her to cast [Magma Lance] on Wan Er’s position, causing leaves to fly around the arena. Wan Er’s position was revealed, but Wan Er was just simply too fast. She sped up and hid within the traces of falling leaves.

Simple clenched her teeth and felt lost as she used [Dimension Leap]. However after using [Dimension Leap], she felt a shiver going down her back. Wan Er rushed onto her and successfully landed an attack, causing Simple to become dizzy.

“PaPaPa” Three consecutive hits landed. Right before the dizziness effect dissipated, Wan Er used [Gouge] to continue the effect. With both her daggers, she finished Simple off with [Twin Blade Harmony].

The shield broke! She killed her opponent and in a flash the battle was over!


Simple lost 2:0 convincingly. She didn’t only lose in terms of equipment, but also in tactics and mechanics. However, Wan Er’s tactics were too bold. Starting off with [Absolute Step] followed by a strong attack. This was probably the first time that someone had used this kind of move in a tournament. Simple was one of the top Mages, and watching her walk off the stage did not give off a good feeling.

C group Second Match, Ye Lai vs Cang Cheng


Wang Ze Cheng appeared on the stage with his spear and golden shield in his hands. He looked fiercely at [Judgment]’s Guild Master Ye Lai and smiled. “Ah. [Judgment]’s Guild Master. How are you?”


Ye Lai’s battle axe dropped to the ground and caused sparks to fly around. “I heard you brought [Hero Mound’s First Division] to Ba Huang City to cause trouble for others. You infiltrated the core of the guild and made [Hero Mound’s First Division] as your own. Against trash like you, I don’t have anything to talk about. But, I will cut you up with my axe!”

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