Zhan Long

Chapter 335

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Chapter 335 Duel between the Masters


Q-Sword reached for his long sword and effortlessly waved the blade, his vermilion battle robes flowing behind him. His elegant face was filled with resolve and determination. He was going to give it his all this round. In reality, it was understandable, since [Hero’s Mound] had practically put all of its strength and effort into [Destiny]. For the sake of the guild’s future, Q-Sword couldn’t lose. Besides, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han had both been dubbed number one, but neither of them had actually surpassed the other. This time, the Rise of the Heroes Tournament gave them a rare opportunity to prove to millions of people, who was truly superior. And if Q-Sword won, one could only imagine the significance of that victory.

Jian Feng Han unsheathed his sword and summoned his Rock Spirit Fighter. He looked at his opponent with a burning passion in his eyes. Even though he was up against a strong opponent like Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han was not afraid. Instead, he revealed a face that looked forward to the battle. It was as if he was born with an avid fighting spirit infused into his body. This was the reason why Jian Feng Han was able to continuously defeat master level experts all these years.

The two did not say much. Maybe it was because everyone knew what was going on. Needless to say, this was an important match. To Q-Sword and [Hero Mound], this battle may determine which guild was the second strongest in China. Regardless of the result, they would both gain points for their guild.


The system started the countdown. The spectators didn’t make a single sound. Everyone had their eyes wide open, as two master level players battled it out to see who would advance to the top 8.



Battle Start!

Jian Feng Han lifted his sword and dashed towards his opponent. He ran, tracing a big arc before rushing towards Q-Sword’s position at the perfect angle of attack. The Rock Spirit Fighter also rushed towards Q-Sword from a different direction, creating a perfectly calculated pincer attack. It was almost impossible to grasp the angle and timing of the attacks.

However, Jian Feng Han’s opponent was Q-Sword, the guildmaster of [Hero Mound].

Lifting his longsword, Q-Sword stamped on the ground then suddenly turned around. “Keng!” His sword knocked away Jian Feng Han’s blade while he raised his left fist and threw a punch! Naturally, seeing as he was an expert boxer in real life, Jian Feng Han reacted immediately. He put aside his sword and threw a fist at his opponent!


The two equals trembled from the impact and their bodies swayed backwards. Jian Feng Han’s Rock Spirit Fighter wielded his battle axe and started hacking towards Q-Sword!

“Sha Sha Sha….”

Q-Sword quickly retreated, leaving a giant MISS in his original spot. At the same time, he jolted his arm and a hexagram flashed as a giant tiger-like beast covered in frost pounced out. Its entire body gave off a cold mist and even its fangs had icicles hanging from its sharp edges. It was Q-Sword’s most valued pet – Frost Beast, an Emperor Tier BOSS pet. It’s rumored that he obtained the pet’s egg from some practice area in the middle of the mountains after a boss run.

The Frost Beast roared ferociously as it raised it’s sharp claws and tackled the Rock Spirit Fighter.

The Rock Spirit Fighter also roared and picked up its battle axe as it began to quickly retreat. Jian Feng Han had calculated the perfect angle and charged forward, abruptly raising his sword for a cut. “Peng!” the blade landed onto the Frost Beast, causing it to cry out in pain –


However, the moment Jian Feng Han had hit his target, ice began to condense all over his body; his movements were slowed as his attack speed fell. He did not expect that the Frost Beast had a Frost Armor that slows*. Raising his eyes, Q-Sword continued to attack!
[Editor Note: inflicts a slowing status effect]


The Flaming Cloud Sword’s glow sharply increased and an image of a wolf’s head appeared on Jian Feng Han. With a wave of his sword, the long range attack locked on to it’s target – [Corrupt Wolf Edge]!

Even as he was targeted, Q-Sword didn’t seem bothered and suddenly changed direction. His speed suddenly increased and dodged the [Corrupt Wolf Edge]. At the same time, his body was moving so fast that he was practically gliding across the floor. With a raise of his blade, “Keng!” he sliced right into Jian Feng Han’s underarm and brought out a large damage counter –


Jian Feng Han took the hit and threw a fist right at Q-Sword’s wrist. Then, he used the fist that gripped his sword to push off the ground as he lost his balance before swiftly kicking Q-Sword, causing him to slide along the ground. The Rock Spirit Fighter suddenly roared out and threw a [Tornado Cut]. Q-Sword’s knee was on the ground as he raised his sword to block the attack which left a long mark on the bricks. But just as the Rock Spirit Fighter’s [Tornado Wind] reached its last stage, Q-Sword suddenly leapt from the ground and pierced forward. With his hands on the blade, his entire body began to morph into a golden tiger; it was his SS tier custom skill – [Fierce Tiger Burst]



After that attack, the Rock Spirit Fighter’s health reached the bottom. The Frost Beast came roaring over and raised its sharp claws as it continued its attacks. Because of the Frost effect, the Rock Spirit Fighter was going to be finished off!

Jian Feng Han quickly analyzed the situation but was not worried at all. He was so calm that it was terrifying. In a flash, the energy in his feet suddenly burst forth. He had taken advantage of the opening when the Frost Beast killed the Rock Fighter Spirit and initiated multiple attacks. With a whistle, his sword slashed through the air and the Frost Beast didn’t even have the chance to defend. “Peng Peng Peng!” he suffered continuous blows and finally after a normal attack, it cried out in a deathly wail and died!

With the slow debuff gone, Jian Feng Han suddenly quickened his pace and charged forward at an angle. He avoided Q-Sword’s next round of attacks as he dragged his battle boots, creating sparks along the floor. “Bang!” He backed against a pillar as he gasped for air. He waited for his health to recover. After a few moments, along with the health that he stole from Q-Sword’s Frost Beast, his health was basically almost full.

Q-Sword was also out of breath. He picked up his long sword and looked at his opponent from a distance. He didn’t make any rash decisions. After all, both of them had already killed each other’s pets and were finally going to confront each other.

Less than 7 seconds later, the sounds of battle started again. The cooldowns for each of their skills were almost over. This was the only thing they had been waiting for.

They picked up speed almost simultaneously. The two charged at each other, each swinging their sword at a different angle as they clashed. Jian Feng Han violently knocked away his opponent, then turned around as his other hand punched right into Q-Sword’s back, the essence of the School of Penetrating Fists*. “Bang!” it was a critical hit which took 900+ from the opponent’s health. Q-Sword’s blade also turned and “Ka Cha!” took 1500+ of Jian Feng Han’s health.
TL Note: School of Martial Arts in the Real World


Jian Feng Han suddenly kicked away Q-Sword’s sword hand and with a [Skyshaker Slash], cut right into Q-Sword’s.


Under extreme pain, Q-Sword quickly gulped down a Lv 10 potion. With a flash of his blade, his [Fierce Tiger Burst] exploded and took out 3219 of Jian Feng Han’s health. At the same time, his battle boots stomped across the ground and “Hum” a burst of light began to envelop his entire body forming an imposing flame armor. It was an S tier skill, [Spark Armor] and for 7 seconds, his defense was raised by 60%!

Jian Feng Han’s eyes turned cold; he was about to release his trump card. The Flaming Cloud Sword jolted and [Corrupt Wolf’s Edge] began to activate. After all, it was a long ranged skill that ignored the target’s defense!


Jian Feng Han’s body abruptly lowered as he quickened his steps towards Q-Sword. In order to make him lose balance, he lifted his battle boots and kicked at Q-Sword’s stomach, effectively sending the [Hero’s Mound] guildmaster flying a dozen meters away. He then raised his blade and shot another long range attack – [Through the Clouds Slash]!


Unfortunately, Q-Sword still had a sliver of health left and miserably climbed out of a pile of rubble. With both hands, he supported himself up with his sword, then suddenly leapt up. The shape of a giant hawk suddenly began to form so rapidly that the naked eye couldn’t catch it moving. “Shua!” It dived down right at Jian Feng Han’s head and like a sword, its beak slashed through his neck, leaving a bloody mark and a large damage number –


[Hawk Slash], an S-tier custom skill, it was Q-Sword’s unique skill……

Jian Feng Han barely had 2000 health left and also miserably stood up. He felt a shiver behind him as his and Q-Sword’s blade suddenly passed each other, bringing out two big MISS-ess. At the same time, Q-Sword’s feet were suddenly filled with energy and multiple attacks were activated. With a [Blade Rush] he penetrated Jian Feng Han’s chest plate!


The [Vanguard] guildmaster, a prodigy, knelt to the ground and defiantly gripped onto his Flaming Cloud Sword. He felt an unspeakable resentment and frustration as he saw that Q-Sword had less than 100 health. However, a tournament is a tournament, and losing was losing, there were no “ifs”.

1:0, Q-Sword rose victorious in the first round!

After that entire round, people were stupefied. The rhythm of their attacks was so swift that it was terrifying and they continuously dodged multiple attacks with their quick reflexes and blocks. Afterwards, each used their own special skills. This was the essence of battle flow manipulation; adapting and improving throughout the battle, lifesteal and drinking health potions. However, these two were both experts at controlling the fight, they won’t need more than a few minutes to analyze the situation. The battle between the two lasted 21 seconds, with every strike that landed drawing blood.

On the stage, Q-Sword lifted his sword and summoned Frost Beast again. Jian Feng Han was sent back onto the stage and calmly looked at Q-Sword. They both stayed silent without saying a single word. While it was a boring scene to watch, no one can deny that it would lead up to a spectacular duel. The way real Master class players communicate can only be through battles.


Flame Cloud Sword unsheathed again. Jian Feng Han and his Rock Spirit Fighter advanced forward together. The User-Pet Isolation tactic was something both Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han was very familiar with. However, like Jian Feng Han right now, sometimes users do not care for such tactics and instead, go all out and attack from the front.

The swords collided and Q-Sword quickly slashed Jian Feng Han’s shoulders. His armor fluttered; the Frost Beast started to attack as well. Jian Feng Han successfully parried 4 attacks and sent 3 of his owns attack to Q-Sword. While displaying his exquisite parrying techniques, Q-Sword chugged down a health potion. Sometimes in the midst of battle, whoever drinks potion first will usually lose. This has became an unstated rule.

Of course, due to his speed, Q-Sword was an exception.


With a sudden attack, Q-Sword sent his sword straight through Jian Feng Han’s chest. While covered in blood, he said, “[Destruction Wolf Formation]!”


Jian Feng Han’s pupils suddenly shrank. He noticed that 10 meters behind Q Sword was a giant wolf head gathering energy and rushing forward. “Bang Bang Bang” Three consecutive attacks landed on Jian Feng Han not even giving him a chance to drink his health potion.

Q Sword was looking for an opportunity to attack. An opportunity created by Jian Feng Han’s cold blooded attitude. This allowed Q Sword to finish Jian Feng Han in one attack.



Jian Feng Han was sent out by a white light. The guild leader of [Vanguard] had been eliminated from the [Rise of Heroes] tournament!

After being sent out, Jian Feng Han held his Flaming Cloud Sword with his chest down breathing heavily. He still had not recovered from the battle. He helplessly looked at Simple and then at Yan Zhao Warrior on the side.

Yan Zhao Warrior was leaning on the wall and smiled. “Just now, didn’t a certain someone from [Vanguard] laugh at me because I was so easily defeated by Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Seems like someone got 2-0’d by Q Sword. What happened?”

Jian Feng Han’s face turned green. “You!!!”