Zhan Long

Chapter 333

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Chapter 333 Returning to Battle

“Second-rate, Don’t underestimate the enemy…” I quickly said.

Unfortunately, before I could finish talking, Old K had already been sent to the arena together with The Seventh Tang. Seems like this battle will be decided by fate.


“It looks like Old K is going to lose…” Wang Jian said.

Yue Qing Qian nodded. “Mhm. I just received info on The Seventh Tang…. He joined [Hero Mound] at 10AM today. Reportedly, the only reason he joined [Hero Mound] was because of…… Sister Cang Tong.

Wan Er was surprise. “Because of me? What do you mean?”

Yue Qing Qian smiled. “That’s simple. You’re really pretty and he admires you. Q-Sword also approved of him joining and even gave him an Elder position in the guild as well.”

Dong Cheng’s jaw dropped, “No way! That Q-Sword is very strict with the leader positions in the guild. How could he let some new guy become an Elder immediately. This… This is strange… and almost impossible…”

Qing Qian replied, “There’s something Sister Dong Cheng doesn’t know, The Seventh Tang is a Feng Shui Master, a hidden class. He has four special skills— [Hexagram Strike], [Triassic Flames], [Perspective] and [Pentashield], all of which are very powerful. He also has an S-class custom skill called [Bloom Again]. His identity is very mysterious as well; as a cloth armor user, he adds 7 strength, 2 vitality and 1 dexterity per level. His strength and dexterity are very high, like a Swordsman but not as fortified as a heavy armor Swordsman which normally has a higher defense. However, [Shrink] is a strong control skill so it makes up for this disadvantage. So… in short, Brother Old K is in a bit of trouble…”

I looked up at the stage and said, “Maybe… We all know how explosive Old K’s strength is. He also has [Oppose the Heaven] that can defend against any attacks for seven seconds. No matter how strong The Seventh Tang is, he shouldn’t be able to withstand 7 seconds of Old K’s barrage, right?

Li Mu crossed his arms, leaned against the pillar and smiled. “We’ll just have to sit and watch I guess, there’s still 10 seconds until the match starts.”

On the stage, The Seventh Tang stood there without calling out his pet. It didn’t look like he intended to either. Old K called out his Azure Wolf, a monster from the Green Qilin forest. It had a 100% excellency rating and just by looking at it, you can tell that it was as good as the higher tier pets.


Lifting his battle axe, Old K looked at his opponent. “The Seventh Tang. Let’s fight!”

The Seventh Tang looked at Old K with one eye and snickered. “Hero Ran Min, a member of [Zhan Long]. I heard you were brothers with Xiao Yao Zi Zai right? Go tell him that I’m going to take Cang Tong away from him. Whether he wants it or not, I’ll make her fall in love with me and not him!”

Old K couldn’t help but laugh. “Why don’t you go take a piss and look at yourself. You want to take Little Li’s woman? Who do you think you are? Have a taste of my axe and see if you’re worthy enough!”

While bellowing , Old K lifted his battle axe and rushed forward. [Skyshaker Slash]!

The Seventh Tang didn’t move at all. He extended his right hand and revealed three copper coins colored red, yellow and blue. “Shua shua shua” They began rotating. The blue coin activated and The Seventh Tang immediately tossed it out.  “Pa” [Hexagram Strike] activated. A blue stunning aura appeared, freezing Old K in place.

The Seventh Tang did not hesitate at all. With his steel fan, he moved toward Old K and attacked him. “Papapa” three continuous strikes landed on Old K’s chest. However, Old K’s defense was not so low that he would die from those attacks.


The Seventh Tang analyzed the situation quickly and immediately retreated. As a result, Old K’s [Skyshaker Slash] hit nothing but air. Feeling pissed, Old K positioned himself as the air danced around him. [Whirlwind Slash]!


A violent storm appeared and The Seventh Tang’s eyes became focused. He began dodging the attacks of Azure Wolf while activating a skill with his steel fan at the same time. Oracles burst out following the sound of thunder and five golden shields were summoned to his sides. This was his life saving skill, [Pentashield].


Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash] lost 80% of it’s attack power and barely dealt 25% damage to The Seventh Tang’s health. Enraged once again, Old K used [Savage Jump Slash]. His entire body jumped up and he quickly leaped toward The Seventh Tang!

The Seventh Tang’s eyes flashed and he waved his fan again. [Perspective-Extend]!


The distance between Old K and The Seventh Tang went from 6 yards to 60 yards. Old K seemed to have been caught in an illusion as his [Savage Jump Slash] stopped midway, causing him to fall back to the ground. Full of frustration, he hurled his battle axe!


The Seventh Tang had his [Pentashield] protecting him, so he wouldn’t die. His gaze grew cold as he waved his fan again. “[Perspective-Shrink]!”

The Seventh Tang suddenly appeared right before Old K again and with a wave of his fan, a white aura appeared. This was his S-Class Custom Skill – [Bloom Again]

“Keng Keng Keng…..”

Three continuous attacks landed, Stab+Slash+Slash. When the fourth attack landed, a gust of wind blew Old K into the air. The Seventh Tang lifted his fan as a crimson aura began rising from his arms. The fifth strike was a cut. “Keng”. Old K flew into the distance and rolled a dozen meters until he died. The damage counter still hung in the air.



“F*ck!” Li Mu was surprised. “This isn’t a joke right? A control type Mage can deal 3000 damage to Old K? To think that with a wave of his fan he could take out 3000+ of Old K’s health. This… Who the hell is this The Seventh Tang? This motherfucker is the real dark horse!”

Old K lifted his axe. “What can I do to win? This guy is too arrogant, I just want to kill him…”

I patted Old K’s back and said, “I was carefully watching the last fight. [Hexagram Strike] only works if the coins land on you. If you can react in time and change your direction while using [Haste], you can most likely force a MISS and not get stunned. Also, watch out for [Perspective]. Wait for him to get close to you, then attack. Feng Shui Masters are close range combatants, so he needs to be close to you to finish you off.

Yue Qing Qian nodded. “Mhm. Brother Xiao Yao is right. There’s no need for you to waste your [Savage Jump Slash] when he uses [Perspective]. Also you didn’t activate [Oppose the Heaven] last round…”

Old K hit his head and laughed. “Since I was comboed into the air, I didn’t have a chance to use it. All my skills turned gray and couldn’t be used.”



The second round, Old K learned his lesson and tried to dodge……

The Seventh Tang was full of smiles as he opened his palm. It was the three coins again. He chose the yellow coin this time, [Hexagram Strike]. “Shua.” The coin flew forward.

Old K was startled. After seeing that it was not the blue coin, he became confused and didn’t dodge the attack. For five seconds he was unable to use any of his skills, one of the effects of [Hexagram Strike].

The Seventh Tang changed up his tactics this time. The fan danced around as [Triassic Flames] erupted. “Pa pa pa” Old K lost a huge chunk of his health. Along with [Pentashield], he used a barrage of attacks.


Old K screamed in shock. After having his skills disabled, he could not use [Savage Jump Slash] and was completely controlled by The Seventh Tang. The Seventh Tang’s combo attacks were so astonishing, each angle of attack was precisely made. It was to the point that they made Old K want to die. He could only lift his axe in an attempt to defend. But with a wave of the fan, his axe was knocked away. The Seventh Tang activated [Cyclone]+[Beheading], throwing Old K far into the distance. Once again, he could not use [Oppose the Heaven] nor drink potions at all.

0:2, Another member of [Zhan Long] was eliminated.

Old K came out with his face full of rage. “I’ll kill him one day……”

I smiled wryly then said, “You judge based on appearances too easily.”

Li Mu sighed. “There are many crouching tigers and hidden dragons in the [Rise of Heroes] tournament. To think that there was actually a hidden expert like The Seventh Tang who’s awareness and maneuvers are at peak level. It destroyed our Old K……”

“The last round…”

I looked at the stage and said, “Little Wolf, beat Heaven’s Hero and enter the top 16!”

Little Wolf gripped his dagger and said, “Don’t worry Brother Xiao Yao, I’ll do my best to advance!”


After a few minutes, the battle was over. Little Wolf beat Heaven’s Hero 2 to 1. With this, the pairings for the next round appeared on the screen.

A group:
Xiao Yao Zi Zai vs Yan Zhao Warrior
Q-Sword vs Jian Feng Han

B group:
Fang Ge Que vs Yue Qing Qian
Cang Yue vs Death’s Contract

C group:
Cang Tong vs Simple
Cang Cheng vs Ye Lai

D group:
Yue Wei Liang vs Drunken Spear
The Seventh Tang vs Wolf Totem


“The top 16…” My voice stuttered a bit and nervously laughed at Wan Er. “I’m so excited. I’ve already played games for many years but never have I entered the top 16 in such a large scale tournament. In the tournaments that I’ve participated in previously, I was eliminated in 5 rounds…”

Wan Er couldn’t help but grin and patted my shoulder. “Okay. Do your best this time. Get into the finals and join forces with me!”

I looked at Wan Er and said, “I’ll do my best…”

The beautiful Fei Er was back on the stage and announced that the top 16 matches will begin soon. First, it was the A group’s battles. The pairing was already shown on the screen.

Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Lv 71 Dragon City Nightwatch] vs Yan Zhao Warrior [Lv 70 Golden Swordsman]



I unsheathed my Emperor Qin’s sword and smiled. “Uncle Yan Zhao, we meet again at last. Are you ready?”

Yan Zhao Warrior glanced at me, brandished his longsword and chuckled. “Li Xiao Yao, this time it is different. I can’t be careless now. The present Li Xiao Yao is the Guild Master of [Zhan Long], Ranked 1 in Ba Huang City and recognized as one of the strongest Swordsman…”

I refuted, “Don’t start kissing my ass. Get ready…”

“Hehe. You have too much confidence. It’s still only the top 16. Don’t forget, your Emperor Qin Sword’s [Kill for Blood] is at 0%. You don’t have any advantages.”

I lifted my sword and smirked. “I don’t need any advantages. It wouldn’t be fun that way!”


“Shua Shua!”

Yan Zhao Warrior and I were transferred to the arena at the same time. Leaves began flying as our battle robes flowed in the wind. It was truly a long awaited battle. The time to prove myself has finally come!

I’ll kill this bitch!

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