Zhan Long

Chapter 331

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Chapter 331 The First Violent Battle


Although Lu Chun Yang’s insight was exceptionally powerful, he was still quickly cut up by the Beautiful Lin. His endurance wasn’t very strong; quite a few of his attacks had been shattered by Wan Er’s iron umbrella. With [Mind Reader], Wan Er had been able to attack with exceptionally precise force at exact angles completely crushing Lu Chun Yang’s advantage.

In the distance, Lu Chun Yang had been transported out of the ring. He quietly stood with his sword raised.

Fang Ge Que seemed to have said something to him in a low voice; and Lu Chun Yang just nodded. It was evident that Wan Er’s strength made even Fang Ge Que unable to stay relaxed. Lu Chun Yang was under quite a bit of pressure, as he had not yet reached the peak level of a Swordsman and yet was going against a peak level Assassin like Wan Er.


The second time he appeared in the arena, Lu Chun Yang gripped his sharp blade and quietly watched Wan Er with his crystal beast.

The corners of Wan Er’s mouth lifted and her piercing smirk penetrated deeply into the heart like an iceberg. She lightly waved the daggers in her hands, and after evaluating him, she gradually re-entered into an invisible state.

Lu Chun Yang quietly stood in place. He waved the sharp sword in his hand horizontally and the crystal beast loudly roared. A strong gust of wind stirred the falling leaves into an elegant dance. He was indeed smart; he used the spinning leaves to locate Wan Er’s hiding location.

“Not good…”

Yue Qing Qian opened her mouth and said, “Sister Can Tong’s concealment will be broken again. This Lu Chun Yang is really sly!”


The falling leaves danced around when, suddenly, they separated, as though they had hit something in the empty space.

Lu Chun Yang didn’t waste a single breath and charged forward. He waved his blade, allowing his [Combo] to burst forth, directly hitting that same empty space!

“Keng keng keng…”

When the sparks cleared out, one could only see the exquisite and unique iron umbrella deeply rooted into the floor tiles. It had been completely knocked away by Lu Chun Yang’s chain of attacks. However, in that instant, Lu Chun Yang’s face paled. Although his tactics were clever, Wan Er was even smarter. She abandoned her iron umbrella as bait while she remained in an invisible state; directly diverting Lu Chun Yang’s strongest and most explosive [Combo] skill.


A stream of air whirled around at a crazy speed about 1 meter away. The leaves danced wildly in the air. With a sweep of her crimson cloak, Wan Er’s physical body appeared. The tip of her blade suddenly swept upwards and ambushed Lu Chun Yang from behind!


Wan Er successfully stunned him for a duration of 2.4 seconds. With another dagger, she began accumulating energy in it With a shout, [Backstab] + [Bleed] simultaneously struck Lu Chun Yang’s back, causing two damage numbers to burst out——


In that instant, Lu Chun Yang’s health dropped once again. His eyes widened as he stared at Wan Er sliding toward him. The ambush had struck right as the stun stayed in effect for 2.4s. Wan Er lightly brandished her daggers, and struck him once more, causing an additional 1.7s long stun effect!

Lu Chun Yang’s face turned purple. This tempo would keep him stunned until he died. If it were any other Assassin, perhaps Lu Chun Yang would be able to rely on his 2300+ defense to resist two rounds of attack. However, Wan Er could kill him off within a single period of cooldown!


On the side, the crystal beast brandished its sharp claws and suddenly struck Wan Er’s arm. This completely stopped her attack, and also granted Lu Chun Yang an extremely good chance to recover. After this attack struck, he immediately retreated and gulped down a potion that recovered 3000 health. He then flipped around and used a [Blade Rush], putting his all into the attack!


Wan Er’s delicate body trembled, and she lost quite a bit health from [Blade Rush]. A violent wind burst forth behind him; Lu Chun Yang’s [Skyshaker Slash] was coming!


The blade was wrapped in starlight and the attack that Lu Chun Yang bet everything on cut into Wan Er’s shadow. The beautiful Cang Tong activated [Absolute Step] and was 2 yards away, her speed far exceeding Lu Chun Yang’s expectations. On top of that, Wan Er had used [Mind Reader] and found his angle of attack, one of the primary reasons she dodged the attack.

As she raised both of her daggers, the two blades began to fuse together; this was the prelude to [Twin Blade Harmony]. Wan Er was about to activate the killing move. She rushed forward to attack the crystal beast, and at the same time, her Tiger Beastman blocked Lu Chun Yang’s path of retreat.


Lu Chun Yang’s pupils widened. As an expert, he already intuitively understood that this was an essential attack for Wan Er.

He suddenly held his sword horizontally in front of his chest to block. The magnificent number one Swordsman from [Legend] had finally been forced from offense to defense. He lowered his blade and planted his feet firmly in the ground to stabilize himself. At the same time, his left fist gathered energy, waiting to defend that incoming attack.

However, he hadn’t realized that Wan Er had completely seen through his tactics. She leaped high in the air, and her seemingly delicate but strong combat boots kicked Lu Chun Yang away with a ‘Peng’. Her angle of attack was extremely precise, and the amount of strength she put into the attack completely exceeded the opposite party’s expectations. Her beautiful body flipped through the air, and seized the opportunity to raise her hands and send [Twin Blade Harmony] straight through Lu Chun Yang’s chest!


Lu Chun Yang staggered back two steps. Before he could even catch his breath, the Tiger Beastman roared behind him and slashed at him with its sharp claws, inflicting 1215 damage. Lu Chun Yang finally fell to his knees. As the score was 0:2, he had already lost his chance to take part in the future rounds, stopping at the top 32. The only reason for his downfall was because his opponent was the all too powerful Beauty Cang Tong.



After her victory, Wan Er appeared next to me with a golden light. She laughed and said, “So easy…”

I shot a glance at her and replied, “That’s a bit exaggerated isn’t it, Miss?”

“Wu, alright. There was actually quite a bit of pressure. After all, my opponent was Lu Chun Yang, the expert that was brought up by Fang Ge Que…”

Yue Qing Qian blinked and said, “I still think that Lu Chun Yang’s defeat was depressing. He hadn’t even had a chance to release a [Combo] before he died by Sister Cang Tong’s hands, step by step…”

In the distance, Mu Xuan raised her staff and laughed, “Lu Chun Yang’s loss was still fair. His strength is clearly very far from Cang Tong’s. Besides…Cang Tong managed to gain control over him step by step; Lu Chun Yang’s rhythm was completely thrown into disarray. If a peak level expert’s rhythm is broken, he’ll naturally lose. This competition’s victor was fated to be Wan Er.”

I looked at her and said, “Mu Xuan, don’t praise Cang Tong so much. She’ll become conceited.”

Mu Xuan straightened her astonishingly large chest and laughed, “Oh, that young girl can even act conceited? In front of me, what basis would she have to act so arrogantly?”

Wan Er looked straight at Mu Xuan’s 36E’s, then lowered her head to look at her own chest. She hugged my arm, her face bright red as she said, “Li Xiao Yao, we’re not going to talk with her anymore…”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, “Alright, we’ll stop talking. Let’s watch the next Group C competition…”



The second round was not suspenseful at all; Simple beat Not Ordinary 2:0. Not Ordinary was [Mass Burial]’s Guild Master, and had the innate skills, [Broken Slaughter] and [Rampage]. This was actually already very suspicious. Moreover, Bloody Blade was [Mass Burial]’s Vice Guild Master, who was also an Artificial. In reality, anyone with a brain would be able to connect the two; Not Ordinary was obviously the boss of Blue Water Street’s [Blood Scythe], Wei Fan. In addition, [Blood Scythe] had about 400 people that were used as experimental subjects for the Artificials project. Otherwise, there was no way they could’ve all been able to gain the exact same innate skills.

Mm, at the moment, I still couldn’t touch Not Ordinary, nor could I act blindly. Otherwise, I’d inadvertently alert the enemy. This was not something that neither I nor Wang Xin desired to see happen. However, the fact that the Artificials had joined the game was also very bewildering. [Bloody Scythe] definitely didn’t have the ability to analyze and transplant various species’ skills, if even Nanjing’s research institute couldn’t. The real situation happening behind the scenes was what I needed to dig out.

I would have to approach this slowly. First, I needed to figure out what [Mass Burial] was trying to do in the game, then I’d have to pull them all up by the roots. This would obliterate all evidence rather than eliminating them only on the surface. I had to completely erase all of these people’s traces from [Destiny] to make the game clean and fair.


The third round was Sword Tears VS Wang Ze Cheng. Sword Tears, Bei Chen Chen, Q-Sword’s blood-related sister, along with Q-Sword and Jian Tan were known as “[Hero’s Mound]’s Three Swords”. They originally possessed extensive comprehension on tactics to control the flow of battle. It was said that when these three attacked together, a catastrophe would arise. This was because these three had studied fencing starting from a young age. Their coordination together within the game was something that nobody could even compare to.

Unfortunately, her opponent was Wang Ze Cheng. It was evident that Wang Ze Cheng had obtained two more new equipment. It was said that his base defense had already reached 3000, and his attack was also abnormal. His pet was a Grass-Eating Dragon, a low-ranked Earth Dragon. Although it was only a remote descendant of the dragons, it was still part of the dragon race. It was Emperor Tier, and couldn’t be underestimated.

“Haha, Sister Sword Tears, to think that we’d meet in the top 32….” Wang Ze Cheng smiled with his spear raised.

Sword Tears lowered her sword, and calmly gazed at the opposite party, “Cang Cheng, you still remember me? I had thought that you had brought [Hero’s Mound: First Division] to Ba Huang City and already divided the territory to become king, but never acknowledged us players from the main guild ever again.”

“How could that be?” Wang Ze Cheng laughed, “[Hero’s Mound: First Division]’s Guild Master will always be a member of [Hero’s Mound]. I, Cang Cheng, am not a person to kick a benefactor in the teeth. Don’t worry, as long as I have established myself in Ba Huang City and developed the three divisions, then I will definitely bring my brothers to return to Fan Shu City. That’s our real home city!”

Sword Tears indifferently said, “I hope that is truly the case. Otherwise, [Hero’s Mound]’s Guild Master will definitely kill all rebels within a thousand miles!”

Wang Ze Cheng nodded, “Yea, don’t worry. I’m not the type of person described in those rumors. Prepare to battle!”



The battle continued for another 3 minutes. Finally, Wang Ze Cheng used his powerful defense and recovery ability to whittle Sword Tears away. The main reason was without a doubt because a Knight’s [Heavenly Shield Wall] was a physical-type attacker’s worst nightmare. This was especially true in Wang Ze Cheng’s case due to his strong defense. Sword Tears couldn’t break his defense at all!

Having won 2 rounds in a row, 2:0, Wang Ze Cheng emerged victorious, and advanced to the top 16!


The last round for group C was [Judgment]’s Guild Master Ye Lai VS [Misty Palace]’s Guild Master Misty Clouds. [Judgment] was ranked 6 out of the top ten major guilds, and Ye Lai was Lv 71 with the hidden profession, Blazing Berserker. His strength had reached unfathomable depths!

From the distance, I said, “Clouds, be careful. Don’t get completely cut down by Ye Lai. Both of you are Berserkers with high attack and low defense. Make sure to seize the exact timing of attacks to instantly defeat him. In addition, your opponent, Ye Lai, is a renowned expert. He’s number 11 in the CBN Battlemaster Rankings. As a peak level player, he’s also called the Chinese server’s number one Berserker. You must watch out!”

Misty Clouds took a deep breath and nodded, “Yea, I’ll definitely make an all-out effort. Even if he’s the number one Berserker, I will still challenge him!”

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