Zhan Long

Chapter 330

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Chapter 330 Intense Struggle


The Fire Wolf was cloaked in scorching flames and it waved its sharp claws in the shape of a cross. “Pa Pa” Two slashes hit Xuan Yuan’s back, dealing 1200+ damage. Xuan Yuan’s defense was just too high, and although the Fire Wolf’s tier was pretty high, it wasn’t able to deal significant damage.

Yue Qing Qian closely followed him. Her dagger gave off a frightening glint as it was heavily thrust toward Xuan Yuan’s stomach.

“Keep dreaming!”

Xuan Yuan roared then completely turned around. “Bang!” His golden shield knocked the dagger away as he brought down his spear upon Yue Qing Qian’s shoulder. With some extra force he swept the beautiful Assassin away!

Qing Qian’s fell, and her arm got dragged across the ground, leaving her with a bleeding wound. Enduring the pain, she walked across the marble floor with her boots, gathering her strength for another [Absolute Step]. In a flash, she was behind Xuan Yuan Feng. Slightly raising her dagger, she activated [Backstab]!


Xuan Yuan Feng cursed, quickly activating [Cleansing Wind]. However, while it was still being cast, Yue Qing Qian’s feet slid across the floor and she immediately arrived in front of Xuan Yuan Feng. With a flick of her dagger, she successfully stabbed him, negating the effect of [Cleansing Wind]. Her attack even stopped him from grabbing a health potion by stunning him.


Yue Qing Qian’s cloak fluttered as she raised both of her arms. A red glow surrounded her body, and energy instantly burst forth. She activated [Twin Blade Harmony], slicing through Xuan Yuan Feng’s heavy armor!


At that moment, Xuan Yuan’s eyes widened; 7000+ health had been cut away by Yue Qing Qian, just like that. To top it off, her timing was impeccable, stunning and killing him before Xuan Yuan even had the chance to recover!



“Beautifully done…..” Dong Cheng Yue smiled as she held her staff, “Yue Qing Qian’s PK was absolutely perfect. At first I was worried that she would lose, but it seems like my worries were unnecessary…..”

Wan Er nodded and smiled, “Yup! At the moment, Assassins still hold the advantage over Knights since they have the [Twin Blade Harmony] skill. After being stunned continuously, a Knight’s ability to resist attacks would be considerably lowered. Besides, Assassins can also use [God’s Dance] to dodge all physical attacks, an ability which critically lowers a Knight’s chances of winning. Of course, this advantage would be lost when those expert Knights get to Lv 100 and obtain mounts……Knights who have mounts can attack while charging, giving them the upper hand. This makes them incredibly difficult to face off against.”

The second round only lasted for 2 minutes and 27 seconds. Yue Qing Qian once again defeated [Legend]’s elder, Xuan Yuan Feng, and secured her place in the top 16!


The next round was Dong Cheng Yue vs. Han Bei Song.

“Shua Shua” Two rays of light sent the two participants into the arena.

Han Bei Song looked at Dong Cheng Yue and rubbed his chin. He opened his mouth to speak but then stopped himself and hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “Beautiful Dong Cheng, you’re Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s friend and so am I. For this reason, can you tell me your number?”

Dong Cheng Yue irritably pursed her lips and said, “Alright, if you can defeat me then I’ll tell you my number. I’ll even tell you Cang Tong’s, Matcha’s, and Qing Qian’s numbers…”

Han Bei Song was surprised, “Buy one get three more free? Such good things exist? Looks like I certainly cannot afford to lose this match!”

Dong Cheng Yue waved her staff and lightly smiled, “Come, let me see how capable [Blood Contract]’s Guild Master really is!”

“I’m coming!”

Once the countdown finished, Han Bei Song charged forward with his pet. Seeing this, Dong Cheng Yue then commanded her Tiger Beastman to stop them. At the same time, she waved her staff which made the earth tremble. Pillars of molten lava suddenly erupted from the ground, dealing continuous damage to Han Bei Song. It was the S rank skill, [Magma Lance]! The instant Han Bei Song charged through the magma, Dong Cheng opened her palm again, [Thunderbolt Finger]!


A Lv 8 Thunderbolt Finger obviously dealt an incredibly large amount of damage. Han Bei Song’s health dropped, scaring him out of his wits, “F*cking hell, why’s it so deadly?!”

Han Bei Song immediately gulped down blood then abruptly used [Blade Rush] to get past the Tiger Beastman’s guard. Finally arriving before Dong Cheng Yue, he used [Haste] to increase his speed. [Blood Contract]’s Guild Master angrily yelled out, “Eat my sword! [Three Bloody Stabs]!”

He continuously swung his crimson blade. “Pa Pa Pa” Three blows landed on Dong Cheng’s [Mana Shield]. The attacks were so powerful that they managed to break her shield!

Dong Cheng Yue’s jaw slightly dropped and immediately used [Dimensional Leap] to fly into the air, activating another [Thunderbolt Finger]!

“Wu wu…..”

Han Bei Song fell to his knees with a wail, and just like that, he was defeated by the Mage. He had no other choice. Presently, Mages had the ability to use [Dimensional Leap] three times, which was a clear advantage. Warrior type players had to get to Lv 100 and reach the 5th job advancement in order to get [Charge]. That would be the arrival of the Knights’ era. [Charge] could break through a stun, making the dream of instantly killing a Mage a reality.


After two rounds, the score was 2:0. Dong Cheng Yue had taken victory over Han Bei Song!

The last round was Death’s Contract vs Soaring Dragon!

In the arena, Death’s Contract appeared to be a 30 year old young man who held a long sword in his hand. He was a third advancement Knight, and his eyes carried an intense fighting intent. He looked at Soaring Dragon standing in the distance and lightly smiled, “[Flying Dragon]’s Guild Master, hehe, I’ve heard that you weren’t doing all that great in Ba Huang City. You were almost blown off by [Zhan Long]? I suppose it’s true then; that for every rock there is always a paper. Your guild is named after a dragon and Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s guild is called ‘dragon slayer’. Was that why you’ve been left in this wretched state?”

Soaring Dragon had just prepared a polite greeting, but when he was suddenly met with such a biting remark, he ended up taunting back. His face was nearly green as he rebuked, “Death’s Contract, [Flying Dragon] has never even crossed paths with [Emerald Porcelain]. Why would you mock [Flying Dragon]?”

Death’s Contract laughed and raised the sword in his hand as he said, “That’s not true. Let’s just prepare to battle!”

Below the arena, I furrowed my brows, “Death’s Contract is at least 30 years old, is he Sister Promised Love’s husband?”

“That’s right!” Wan Er smiled.

“Sister Promised Love is at most 25 years old and I’d believe you even if you said that Death’s Contract is 35 years old. This… this is starting to make me believe in true love, hahaha……”

Wan Er glared at me and said, “Promised Love just prefers older men. Hmph, why are you laughing like that? I really want to punch you right now. Besides, what’s wrong with believing in true love?”

“Nothing’s wrong!” I leaned against the pillar next to Wan Er and smiled, “Let’s watch the tournament and stop talking…….”


In the end, Death’s Contract had given us a glimpse of an expert Knight’s true strength. By using his shield, he was able to continue chasing after the Mage. With [Cleansing Wind], he was able to recover and dodge spells. He basically relied on these movements to gain the upperhand. In the end, he had used [Flame Axe] + [Skyshaker Slash] to kill Soaring Dragon. This clearly demonstrated that in the Rise of the Heroes Tournament, you needed the strength to back up your claims. It wasn’t a place where you could say you were strong just because you had a lot of brothers. On the arena, Soaring Dragon could still end up getting completely beaten up despite his ability to call upon the strength of a hundred in Ba Huang City.

And thus the top 4 from B group had also been decided——

Fang Ge Que vs Yue Qing Qian

Cang Yue Vs Death’s Contract

All in all, there wasn’t much of a suspense. Both Gua Gua and Dong Cheng Yue would probably die by the hands of Fang Ge Que. Of course, there was still some hope left; Assassins had the advantage over Mages. If Dong Cheng Yue competed against Fang Ge Que in terms of strength, accuracy, and their ability to control their thought process, if she could empty her mind while dodging all of her opponents attacks, then she could just rely on [Thunderbolt Finger] and [Magma Lance] to instantly kill her opponent. However the chances of that were fairly small because Fang Ge Que was a vigilant person, especially in battle where he would have almost no flaws.


Fei Er’s mesmerizing body walked back onto the stage and she made an announcement with a smile, “Alright! After going through these intense battles, the victors from groups A and B have emerged. Next, let’s give it up for the long-awaited Group C competition! The first round will be Fan Shu City’s most beautiful Assassin, Cang Tong against [Legend]’s Vice Guild Master, Lu Chun Yang. This will definitely be a brilliant match; we’ll all wait with high expectations!”


Lu Chun Yang held up his blade and appeared on the stage. He seemed to appear slightly impatient.

I looked at Wan Er next to me and said, “Good luck, make sure you defeat that Lu Chun Yang…”

Wan Er held her daggers, her cloak whistling behind her. She smiled then said, “Don’t worry, I’ve PKed Lu Chun Yang before. I’ve won 11 times and lost 3 times; the chances of him defeating me aren’t very high.”



Soon after, Wan Er also appeared on the stage and faced Lu Chun Yang. Neither of them said a single word as they waited for the system’s countdown to finish——




The instant the countdown finished, Lu Chun Yang picked up his sword and charged forward with his pet. Wan Er lightly leaped forward and her long slender body seemed to disappear in thin air; it was [Conceal], one of the Assassin’s most prized skills.

Lu Chun Yang stepped onto the green stone floor and slowly moved forward. His clear eyes swept across the battlefield and searched for any trace of his opponent. Leaves began to fall on the ground before his view then suddenly, Lu Chun Yang made a move. Wan Er used her daggers to block, but was pushed back several steps from the force of impact. He had managed to break her concealment.


Yue Qing Qian’s jaw dropped, “Lu Chun Yang’s insight is so keen that he managed to figure out Sister Cang Tong’s tracks based on the air current of the fallen leaves. No wonder he’s someone that Fang Ge Que places so much importance on…”

I made a fist, but didn’t say anything. I just looked at the distant arena.


Lu Chun Yang didn’t seem to have the slightest hesitation. Once he broke through Wan Er’s concealment, he immediately raised his sword to charge and slashed straight through the air!

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes became crescent shaped. Rather than retreat, she quickly advanced instead. Her little boots danced across the floor as she quickly rushed in. She had already figured out Lu Chun Yang’s angle of attack. She quickly jumped forward, and with a “Bang!” her shoulder hit Lu Chun Yang’s stomach. At the same time, her dagger quivered, activating [Bleed]!


Lu Chun Yang’s health dropped by a half. He bellowed and took the opportunity to grab Wan Er’s arm. Spinning his body in the air, he immediately brought down a [Skyshaker Slash] onto Wan Er’s shoulder!


Feeling the pain from the attack, Wan Er became more violent. Her right hand cut through the air and with a “Ka Cha” her dagger penetrated Lu Chun Yang’s right leg. She brandished the dagger in her left hand and slashed another bloody cut onto her opponent.


Lu Chun Yang quickly gulped down a potion. He suddenly swung his sword horizontally, but hadn’t expected Wan Er to have already switched out the dagger in her left hand. With the raise of her hand, she drew out her iron umbrella. “Bang!” the sword clashed with the umbrella right in front of Lu Chun Yang’s chest!


The iron umbrella flashed then suddenly, Wan Er was holding two daggers in her hand again. The speed at which she switched weapons was astounding! She raised her arm and activated [Twin Blade Harmony]!

“I’m finished……”

Lu Chun Yang looked over and couldn’t help but close his eyes.


A large damage number flew out. Under Fan Shu City’s most beautiful Assassin’s attack, [Legend]’s Vice Guild Master died just like that!

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