Zhan Long

Chapter 328

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Chapter 328 Death Group


Mu Xuan’s beautiful body disappeared in a flash of light. Once again, she proved to be a mysterious woman. She had at least a 30% chance of winning. If she had killed my Flaming Tiger God and used her two [Dimension Leaps], she would have been a serious threat to me.And yet, she chose to forfeit the match!


System Notification: Congratulations, you have won the match! You have successfully advanced to the top 16 of the 【Rise of Heroes】 tournament!


After confirming the system notice, I was sent back to the place I was previously at. Suddenly, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian and the rest of [Zhan Long]’s members came up to me, “Congratulations on beating Mu Xuan!”

I held up my Emperor Qin Sword and rubbed my nose as I smiled, “I was just lucky that Mu Xuan didn’t try to fight to the end…”

Several meters away, Mu Xuan picked up her staff and leaned against a white pillar as she lazily looked at me. Her 36E’s looked appealing as they moved with each breath she took, while her slender, snowy legs peeked out each time the breeze blew against her skirt. She laughed and said, “It wasn’t that I didn’t fight to the end, I just didn’t see any point in continuing. The 30% Magic Resistance on the Magic Spite Armor is just too terrifying. You only needed a [Blade Rush] to dodge my [Indigo Sea Arrow], giving me no chance of victory. I might as well just forfeit, or I’ll just look unsightly kneeling on the ground…”

“Not at all……” I laughed, “You’re defeated appearance doesn’t look ugly. Otherwise, how would you be considered Jiu Li City’s number one beauty?”

“That’s not it……” The corners of Mu Xuan’s lips raised as she blushed, “The slit on this dress is just too high; the effect from losing makes it so that you can even see my pink underwear……”

I was stunned, “I… I didn’t notice anything in the first round……”

Mu Xuan raised her elegant eyebrows and smiled, “Oh I see how it is, Little Zai Zai. You weren’t even looking, is that it? Am I really that unattractive to you? That’s it. I can’t take it anymore! Next week I’m mobilizing [Appearance Alliance] to storm into Ba Huang City to annihilate your [Zhan Long] before kidnapping you and taking you back to Jiu Li City where you’ll be made our Vice Guild Master!”

At that moment, Lin Wan Er was so anxious that her crimson knife came out of its sheath with a “Keng” and took a stance next to me. Her beautiful eyes carried killing intent, “Hmph, if [Appearance Alliance] dares to touch [Zhan Long] then come and try!”

Mu Xuan hesitated then smiled and said, “Alright, alright, big sister was just kidding… Cang Tong, this girl. Ah, Little Zai Zai, you’re really lucky to have such a pretty girl at your side… It’s really strange that she, as the Vice Guild Master of [Hero’s Mound], is with you and not Q-Sword…”

I made a fist and smiled, “Cang Tong will be one of us sooner or later!”

“Oh, so it was like that…” Mu Xuan chuckled and said, “Now I know why you don’t want to join our [Appearance Alliance]. You already have so many beautiful girls around you. It all makes sense now, hehe……”

Old K raised his battle axe and then pointed at the stage and said, “The next fight is about to start!”


I looked up at the stage and carefully watched every fight, knowing that everybody on that stage had the chance of becoming my opponent. I needed to understand their fighting style and make sure I could rise victorious. Besides, while I was fighting my own battle, Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword were both completely focused on the fight, learning my every move and tactic. It was only by doing this that they could increase their chances of victory. Every expert didn’t become strong just by training their skills but rather with calculated moves and detailed analysis of their opponents.

In the second round of the top 32, it was Fu Shen Thousand Blades vs Yan Zhao Warrior, both of whom were famous people in Ba Huang City. One was [Vanguard]’s Vice Guild Master, Ba Huang City’s number one Monk, while the other was [Prague]’s Guild Master, Ba Huang City’s third top swordmaster.

Yan Zhao Warrior captured the audience’s attention once he walked onto the stage. He was dressed in heroic armor and his body gave off an orange glow. It was obvious that at least 4 of his equipment were Emperor Tier or higher. Even the long sword in his hand was as strong as an Emperor Tier. [Prague] had a huge population and was a force to be reckoned with in Ba Huang City. It was even considered [Vanguard]’s rival. Many of the high level BOSSes in Ba Huang City had been killed by them, and so Yan Zhao’s equipment was definitely not too inferior to Jian Feng Han’s.

Fu Shen Thousand Blade carried his steel knife and glanced at his opponent. The corners of his mouth tilted up as he smiled and said, “Guild Master Yan Zhao, I never thought that I would meet you this early, he he…”

Yan Zhao Warrior was stunned and played it down, “Is it early? From the start I’ve known that a Monk couldn’t possibly enter the top 32. I was expecting you to at most enter the top 128. I’m embarrassed to think that I’d meet you in the top 32, my luck is just too good. Getting into the top 16 is guaranteed……”

Fu Shen Thousand Blade’s face turned purple. “Yan Zhao Warrior! Aren’t you too arrogant!?”

Yan Zhao Warrior smiled. “Don’t be angry. I’m only stating the truth. [Prague] and [Vanguard] were originally pretty close with each other. How about we secretly make an alliance?”

“Alliance my ass!” Fu Shen Thousand Blade angrily lifted his long sword. “The world is too small for both of us. One of us will have to die! Let’s fight!”

The countdown started.

Yan Zhao Warrior brought out his pet and charged forward. He activated his [Peerless Strike] and instantly killed Fu Shen Thousand Blade’s pet. He whipped around and slashed through Fu Shen Thousand Blade, and then followed up with a Lv 8 [Combo]. After five attacks, the Monk was only left with around 30% health.

After hurriedly retreating, Fu Shen Thousand Blade grasped his long knife and and began activating a cutting skill. Too bad for him, Yan Zhao’s battle techniques were just too strong and with a speedy retreat, he successfully dodged the skill. His sword charged forward once again and managed to stop his opponent’s next skill with a normal attack. He was not in a rush to kill since Fu Shen’s battle plan was already a mess; he could change the tide at any point. When Fu Shen reached critical health he downed a +3000 health potion!

“Fu Shen Thousand Blade is done for….” I smiled. “He will die once he drinks his potion……”

Old K was stunned. “That’s not necessarily true, right?

“Just watch……”

In the arena, Fu Shen Thousand Blade started to drink his potion, while Yan Zhao Warrior began his attack. All his cooldowns were off. The sword pierced Fu Shen Thousand Blade. The [Combo] and its succeeding attacks exploded simultaneously, instantly slicing Fu Shen Thousand Blade’s body. Yan Zhao Warrior’s attack was so extraordinarily high that even a high defense Monk couldn’t defend against it.

There was basically nothing different in the second round. Yan Zhao first killed the pet and then the owner. Even if his attack had been decreased by 10% from the opponents [Put Down the Knife], his attack power would still be unrivaled. He killed Fu Shen Thousand Blades two times in a row, guaranteeing his place as one of my opponents in the Top 8!


“Wu…..” Yue Qing Qian made a fist and quietly said, “Ah, Uncle Yan Zhao won… That means that Brother Xiao Yao will be his opponent in the next round, this… this……”

Wan Er looked at Yue Qing Qian, “Little Melon*, what is it?”
TL Note: This is a small joke referring to when Yue Qing Qian ate that giant cucumber in front of them

Qing Qian blinked and said, “Actually, I don’t want to see Brother Xiao Yao fight against Uncle Yan Zhao. I was originally [Prague]’s Vice Guild Master, so deep down I don’t want to see either fight against each other. But… Last time when Brother Xiao Yao fought against Uncle Yan Zhao…… he lost….”

I clenched my fist and smiled, “Don’t worry, the only reason I lost the last time was because I had been a weak Healer without any attacking skills. It’s different now. In the next match, I will definitely overpower uncle Yan Zhao!”

Wolf smiled, “I support you, Brother Xiao Yao! Yan Zhao Warrior has been conceited for too long. We need someone to defeat him!”

Dong Cheng stood on the side and said, “Actually, Yan Zhao Warrior kind of lost to Jian Feng Han…. Ahem, ahem, but let’s pretend I didn’t say anything.”

“Don’t worry about it. The moment they become our opponents, we’ll use all we’ve got to defeat them. This way, [Destiny] will truly have fair gameplay. If [Zhan Long] truly wants to stabilize its place in Ba Huang City, we must defeat the CBN Rankers who have already made a name for themselves… without sparing even one.”


Wan Er lifted her face and looked at the stage. Showing her charming neck, she smiled and said, “The [Rise of Heroes] tournament is an important chance for players to prove themselves. After the tournament, the CBN Battlemaster Ranking charts will definitely change dramatically. For example, our Xiao Yao needs to be around the Top 10 or even in the Top 20 to rise in the CBN rankings. The CBN Battlemaster Rankings is even more important than the level rankings in each city, right?”

I nodded and smiled, “Mhm. Little sister Cang Tong is absolutely right…”

Dong Cheng was shocked. “This guy is getting more and more daring. To even tease the miss like that……”

Wan Er angrily glared at me and then smiled, “Laugh all you want. Hmph. Let’s see how you get out of the ‘Death Group’(A Group)!”


At that moment, the third round for Group A began; it was Lu Dong Bing vs Jian Feng Han. Lu Dong Bing was the Guild Master of [Immortal’s Valley]. The meeting of these two was like a flood flushing the dragon’s palace. Jian Feng Han was respectful toward Lu Dong Bing; he cupped his hands and asked, “Brother Dong Bing. Long time no see. Are you still doing fine?”

Lu Dong Bing lifted his staff and said, “I’m doing fine… Just, my blood sugar’s been a bit high….”

Jian Feng Han was speechless.

The battle ensued for seven minutes. Jian Feng Han continuously landed two hits on Lu Dong Bing, easily taking the ticket to the top 16 from him. Even though they were comrades, Jian Feng Han did not show any mercy at all. He was well aware that [Vanguard] was starting to lose status in Ba Huang City. [Prague] was growing by the day and [Zhan Long] was quickly gaining strength as well. In addition, [Blood Contract], [Misty Palace] and other new guilds were starting to appear. If [Vanguard] wants to maintain dominance in Ba Huang City, then Jian Feng Han must show his prowess in the [Rise of Heroes] tournament. However, his group was a bit too much for him. If he wanted to enter the top 8, he would have to go through Q-Sword. If two Battle Reflux Style Master Class Legends fight, one of them will have to give up on the tournament.


The fourth round of Group A was not as suspenseful as the others. Q-Sword easily killed Fallen Wolf, one of [Vanguard]’s top 16 players. After this, the pairings for the next round were clear.

Xiao Yao Zi Zai vs Yan Zhao Warrior
Q-Sword vs Jian Feng Han


Each of the matchups had a Guild Master level player, and each played an important role in their respective cities as well. The name “Death Group” was very fitting for Group A.

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