Zhan Long

Chapter 325

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Chapter 325 Let’s go buy drinks!

“Brother Xiao Yao….”

While supporting Matcha, Song Han said, “Matcha drank too much so I’ll take her back. You……You should… take care. Make sure you don’t take advantage of Wan Er and Dong Cheng’s trust in you, ha ha ha…….”

I glared at him, “Get out…….”

“Haha, I’m leaving!” Song Han helped Matcha up and began to leave.

While opening the door, Matcha grabbed onto the door and turned to look at me helplessly, “Wuwu, will the boss be eaten by those two girls tonight?….”

Song Han was speechless, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s go. I’ll bring you back to your room before Old K and Fox eat you up…”

I stood up as well and while I supported Dong Cheng, I instructed, “Little Wolf, take Matcha to her room safely and then give me a call!”


Song Han nodded reassuringly, “Don’t worry brother Xiao Yao. While I’m here, I won’t let anything happen to sister Matcha.”

I knew Song Han’s character. He was extremely honest, had a good temper and would never go back on his word. When Matcha entered our studio, I told them to treat her as a team member and not have any inappropriate ideas about her or else they were not be fit to be members of [Zhan Long] and I think Song Han understood that very clearly. He had a lot more self control compared to Old K and Fox. Besides, he could easily beat them both up, so I wasn’t that worried.


After the members of the studio left, only Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I remained. Looking at the two beauties, I felt dizzy again. Good thing I didn’t get very drunk or else I wouldn’t even know what to do. Even if I’m only 80% sober, I should be fine.

“Wan Er, let’s go home!”

I lowered my head and smiled at Wan Er. “Come on, why don’t you hold on to my arms?”

Wan Er started laughing. “No need. I’m not drunk at all. I can walk by myself…”

I nodded. “Okay then, how about you walk a few steps?”

Wan Er stood up wobbling and laughed. Within three steps, she fell over and I immediately caught her. While she was holding onto my arm, I asked, “Do you still wanna walk by yourself?”

“No…” She smiled. “My knees will get hurt…… and I won’t be able to explain why”

Expressionless, I said, “Spoiled girl…”


Holding onto Wan Er’s waist on my left and hugging Dong Cheng on my right, I walked out the doors. On the streets, my appearance attracted all kinds of envy and jealousy from other men. I even heard someone say, “Damn kid has two girls on his arms… tonight will surely be fun for him. I sure hope he dies from over-exhaustion ’cause he deserves it.”

I couldn’t help but smile and ignored them. I didn’t have any problem returning to the dorms. On the way, I even saw one of Lin Tian Nan’s men disguised as a sanitation worker. It was obvious that he wasn’t a worker since the man spends the whole day going around the school with bulging muscles. There was no way he was a sanitation worker…

Still, I was worried about them going upstairs by themselves, so I sat them down on a bench in the garden. I held onto Wan Er’s hand and said, “Wan Er, Stay here with Dong Cheng for a bit. I’ll go get some red tea to sober you girls up.”

Wan Er hugged my arm and said, “Li Xiao Yao, don’t leave……”

“What happened?”

She looked at me tipsily as the corners of her mouth went up, “I don’t know… I just… I just don’t want you to leave. Stay with me for a bit okay?

“Okay then……”

I sat down next to her and she moved her arms around me and hugged me with her face in my chest. She was breathing evenly and as though her position was uncomfortable, she leaned over, wrapping an arm around my neck, and hugged me. She hid her face in my chest, breathing her warm breath into my embrace and said “What’s happening to me… I feel like I’m not myself…”

I patted her back and smiled, “Silly girl…”

Wan Er lifted her head, then looked at me and laughed, “You’re the silly one. You’re an idiot……”

“Is this a personal attack? Heh.”

“Even if it’s a personal attack, what are you gonna do about it?”

“What can I do? The miss is mightier than me…”

Wan Er’s face turned red and she continued to bury her face in my chest.

On the other side, Dong Cheng was even more drunk. While on the chair, she began groping my legs and finally sprawled onto my lap and fell asleep.

I don’t know how much time had passed until Song Han finally called me. Looking at my phone, it was a bit past 10PM and the night wind became chillier and chillier. I should really get some red tea to sober them up or else we’ll be sleeping outside.

At that moment, I looked up and noticed a familiar light near the school fountains. After looking at it for a bit, I realized that it was the reflection off the scope on a sniper rifle.

Suddenly, I completely sobered up. Near the fountains, there was a sniper looking at me, Wan Er and Dong Cheng. I didn’t even need to think about it. He must be one of Lin Tian Nan’s men.

I held onto Wan Er’s arms and lightly shook her, “Wan Er, wake up!”

“What happened?” She opened her eyes.

“Look after Dong Cheng for a bit. I’ll go get you girls some red tea. You must be thirsty, right?”

Wan Er widened her eyes, “Eh, how did you know?”

“I guessed……”

“Okay.” She sat up, moved Dong Cheng from my lap and smiled, “Then you better be quick!”



I stood up and made sure that there was no one else around so that the two girls would be safe. I walked toward the vending machine and stealthily plunged into the forest. I rushed toward the little park and used my qi energy as though I had activated [Haste]. I reached the fountain in 10 minutes and silently crawled up the hill!


In front of the fountain, a sniper was laying on the hill for cover. He didn’t even notice me sneaking up from behind at all.


I purposely stepped on a branch to make a sound. He immediately turned his gun around! .

With a single stride I lunged forward. A frigid qi began gathering in the center of my palm as I cut right at him. With a “Ka Cha”, the rifle snapped in half. There was no way he could possibly shoot another shot.

The opponent suddenly reached down to grab the dagger in his boot. The movement was so reflexive that I could tell he was an experienced soldier. If I hadn’t been using qi to cover my whereabouts, he probably would’ve noticed me long before I made it this close.

I ferociously kicked at him and with a “Pa!”, the remaining half of the rifle fell to the ground from his hands. I swiped the knife from his hands as well and pressed the blade against his neck.

“Kid. What do you want to do?!” He looked at me, shocked.

I put a little more pressure into my wrist, making the blade cut into his skin. He immediately turned red. Looking at him, I coldly drew each word out, “I told Lin Tian Nan already. Don’t let anyone point a gun at me. Go back and tell him, or else, the next time we meet, I’ll kill you. You can try me if you don’t believe it.

His face turned ashen and couldn’t say anything.

With a flick I tossed the army knife into the bushes on the hill and jumped down from the 10 meter high fountain with qi under my feet, lightly landing on the ground. I looked at the sniper and said, “What are you waiting for? Miss Lin is drunk. I’ll go accompany her while you go and get some red tea to help them sober up…”

The sniper was stunned. “O… Okay…”


Going back to the bench, Dong Cheng was fast asleep on Wan Er’s shoulders. I quietly sat down and Wan Er looked at me. “Hey, where’s the red tea?”

I shrugged. “Wait a bit. Someone will deliver it.”

“Wow. The service nowadays is really good. There’s even a delivery service from a convenience store?

“Yeah. I think the convenience stores are starting to partner with shipping companies for better service…”


Not long after, the mercenary quickly came over with two bottles of red tea. Without saying anything, he gave me the tea and disappeared into the darkness. He knew that he was only a shadow and should not have appeared in front of Wan Er and Dong Cheng. This was only an accident.

After I gave the tea to Wan Er and Dong Cheng, they sobered up a bit. Wan Er stood up and smiled, “Okay. I’ll help Dong Cheng upstairs. You should go get some rest too. We’ve already fought in the tournament for half a day so you should be tired as well. Rest up so you can maintain 100% concentration in tomorrow’s battles against the experts. It would be the best if we could meet in the finals.”

I nodded, “Yeah, I’ll give it my all!”



After I confirmed that the two went upstairs, I returned to my own room and slept.

The next day, I was woken by a ringing sound. It was a call from Wan Er, “Get up sleepy head. It’s 10 o’clock already. My dad came over and said he was treating us to a meal. The food will be served at 10:30 and we’ll be finished by 11:30. That’s enough time for us to get back to the [Rise of Heroes] tournament.”

“Okay. I got it……”

I quickly got up and washed myself. At the same time, I felt a bit nervous since Lin Tian Nan came over. It must be related to the incident last night…


In a restaurant outside of school, Lin Tian Nan made reservations for a room. Dong Cheng, Wan Er and I entered and ate happily. Lin Tian Nan had a few bodyguards and talked a bit with his daughter. After eating he looked at me and said, “Li Xiao Yao, come out, I need to talk to you!”


I nodded and followed him outside.

Lin Tian Nan’s back was facing me and said, “Last night, you beat up one of my men. You’re really good huh!”

I didn’t beat around the bush and said, “I don’t want someone to keep their scope on me every day. I hope you can understand!”

“Understand? Understand what?”

Lin Tian Nan turned and looked at me. “Li Xiao Yao. You’re making things really complicated. I need to be in control of things. But you. You’re always going against me. Tell me. What is your purpose for being around Wan Er??”


I took a deep breath, looked at him and stated. “The purpose is so that when you can no longer protect her I’ll be there to do so!”

Lin Tian Nan hesitated for a bit and then started laughing. “Okay. Go get some food. Eat a lot!”



In the afternoon, I returned back to the dorms and went online to prepare for the tournament.

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