Zhan Long

Chapter 323

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ZL Chapter 323 The Strongest Revealed


The violent wind formed a protective wall, making it impossible to take even one step forward; the wind also inflicted 1102 damage. As Bai Li Ruofeng retreated another step, he pulled his longbow back; “Pa” the shot dealt another 900+ damage. I raised my longsword and relied on my [Haste] to rush forward a couple yards, bringing my Emperor Qin’s Sword down upon him!


Bai Li Ruofeng’s third attack was actually a long-distance jump, and using that he retreated 20 yards. He simultaneously raised his longbow and shot an arrow that penetrated the whirlwind, smashing into my chest!


The fourth attack was intending to kill, hitting its target with a shocking speed. The arrow had penetrated my chest before I could even react and brought out another high damage number——


Watching it, I felt my heart turn cold. My high health had already dropped to the bottom. What kind of a person was this Archer? To think that he could wound me so critically with just normal attacks!

On top of that, the data I gathered before had not shown the level of understanding that Bai Li had of his [Combo]. It looked as if the first attack was a new addition that was made specifically to deal with me. Finally, the system showed me the details of his combo——

[Lightning Tempest] S-ranked: Gathers the power of a raging storm into a single blow that pierces the winds and deals critical damage. Combo make-up: [Condensed Storm] > Attack > [Backward Jumpshot] + [Wind Piercing Strike] > [Mortal Burst Shot]. Completes within 1.9 seconds.

I drained another health potion and cast [Heal] again, regaining 4500 of my health. Controlling both sides of the battle, I had my Flaming Tiger God break free from the battle with Bai Li Ruofeng’s Flame Beast. With a roar, Flaming Tiger God pounced forward with [Burstfire Raid] and raised his claw to cast [Blood Drain]. At the same time, I raised my hand, activating [Binding Chains]!

Bai Li Ruofeng quickly moved, dodging the [Binding Chains], but not the [Blood Drain]!


After draining a large amount of health, the Flaming Tiger God roared again, raising its neck as it activated [Fierce Roar]. Within the short 0.5 seconds cast duration, Bai Li Ruofeng’s pet attacked again and activated [Fierce Stomp]. “Bang!”, the Flaming Tiger God’s [Fierce Roar] was interrupted as it became temporarily dazed!

That motherf*cker Bai Li Ruofeng is countering my every attack!

My Divine Battle Boots ferociously tread on the path along the walls of the arena as I rushed at my opponent. At the same time, I controlled the other side of the battle and commanded the Flaming Tiger God to activate [Flame Armor] after he awoke from his daze. With a roar, a thin layer of fire began encircling the small tiger’s body, decreasing the damage from Bai Li Ruofeng’s pet to around 200 points, barely making it through alive.

Gazing upon my skill bar, I was delighted to discover that my [Seven Star Fragment Slash]’s cooldown was over and without another word, turned around and found the perfect casting angle. I raised my hand and cast [Seven Fragment Slash] from a distance, enveloping both Bai Li Ruofeng and his pet!


Bai Li Ruofeng coldly grunted. Miraculously, he managed to command his Flame Beast to dodge at the same time, each to opposite sides, bringing out two big MISS from my [Seven Star Fragment Slash]; not even one hit landed! My mind went blank. F*ck, is this what an expert in maneuvering is like? What kind of a demon has that reaction speed? Moreover, controlling two different maneuvers at the same time in that split second?

Despite the shock, I didn’t miss single a beat. Immediately I spread my palm; three Emperor Qin’s Swords materialized, aimed at my target – [Great Realm of Desolation]!

Bai Li Ruofeng had seen this coming and bit down, scoffing, “[Great Realm of Desolation]? Keep on dreaming! You want to kill someone with a skill that has a cast time of 2 seconds?”


With a loud sound, Bai Li Ruofeng jumped backward, dodging the skill completely. But in the next moment, the three Emperor Qin Swords penetrated Bai Li Ruofeng’s pet, while my Flaming Tiger God simultaneously went in for the kill and activated [Flame Claw]. The Flame Beast cried out pitifully and finally fell to the ground, lifeless –



Bai Li Ruofeng was beyond shocked, “F*ck me, that’s too underhanded! To think that you would trick me!”

While talking, he waved his longbow, swiftly launching an arrow straight into my chest. It was a [Silencing Arrow]! I couldn’t use any skills for 2.5 seconds! At the same time, Bai Li Ruofeng quickly retreated, making my Flaming Tiger God move to align with me. In that moment, my heart froze.


On the bowstring, a meteor materialized as Bai Li Ruofeng’s longbow was pulled back to create an extremely long ranged attack. A blazing meteor swept through me and my Flaming Tiger God. It was an SS tier skill, [Big Dipper Meteor ]


The Flaming Tiger God yelped in pain and with its life on the line, it pounced towards Bai Li Ruofeng with [Burstfire Raid]!

Bai Li Ruofeng retreated just in time while shooting another arrow at the tiger. With a “Shua Shua Shua” three arrows pierced through the [Burstfire Raid] and killed the Flaming Tiger God! He had been extremely calculating and had saved his skills, using them only when the Flaming Tiger God’s [Flame Armor] had worn off. The ability to calmly judge the situation was incredibly rare, and it was because of this skill that he made it into CBN’s top 10!



My battle boots stomped across the stone floor as I dodged the incoming attacks in a zigzag manner, MISS-es appearing behind me. At the same time I waved my hand, activating [Haste], but everything was within Bai Li Ruofeng’s predictions. His eyes shone with prideful bloodlust, and without another word, raised his longbow. “Pa!” Another accurate shot!

I raised my blade and with a “Keng”, knocked away the arrow, but despite this, I still suffered another 500+ damage. Desperately closing the distance between us, my health constantly dropped. However, I couldn’t attack rashly and instead waited for the opportune moment to strike!

Bai Li Ruofeng continued kiting me, focusing on my decreasing health. Once it fell below 2000, he finally stopped in his tracks. He was only 10 yards away when he dragged his bowstring simultaneously causing a faint red structure began to materialize in the air. Motherf*cker, it was the third job advancement skill which could penetrate any defense – [Shot of the Archery God]! He had been waiting for my health to drop low enough to instantly kill me!


A red arrow shot straight at me. However, I had seen it coming and remained scarily calm. Concentrating hard, I activated [Blade Rush] at the exact moment the [Shot of the Archery God]’s arrow tip touched my body. “Ka Cha!” I rushed forward 5 yards, dodging the attack completely. Immediately taking a step, I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword as a frosty mist enveloped it, [Fierce Ice Blade]!

“Pa pa……”

Bai Li Ruofeng immediately let loose two more arrows, draining my health down to 1000 points. At that exact moment, [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] activated, using up 40 Rage, while my defense instantly showed a tremendous increase. Right after, [Dragon Knight’s Recovery] also activated, using up the remaining 60 Rage. Just as my rage depleted, I began quickly recovering my health!


The [Fierce Ice Blade] cut into Bai Li Ruofeng’s chest, dealing 2910 damage. Immediately after, I rushed at him with a normal attack, going straight for the kill! It was the fate of any Archer – either kite me to death, or die to my close-combat abilities!

However, just as Bai Li Ruofeng was about to die, he didn’t fall to the ground but rather began condensing. My heart froze as I saw it. Motherf*cker, a third advancement Archer skill that allowed him to revive with 5% health!

Without another thought, I quickly ran to Bai Li Ruofeng’s body and started slashing at him. The Emperor Qin’s Sword activated with a ‘ding!’ as 5 rays of golden light appeared encircling the blade. Right when Bai Li Ruofeng began reviving, I activated a Lv 8 [Combo] that ripped his body to shreds –


The very last attack even dealt outstanding damage. Bai Li Ruofeng was full of regret as he weakly fell to his knees. There were no miracles in this world, he was dead for sure!


System Notification: Congratulations! You have defeated Player 【Bai Li Ruofeng】 and will successfully advance to the tournament for the top 32!



I was teleported outside of the battle field and heard a loud cheer. Matcha rushed over with open arms to hug me while cheering with a big smile. “Boss… Boss is so strong! You actually beat CBN’s ranked 4 – Bai Li Ruofeng!!! God, even [Destiny]’s number one Archer has fallen to Boss’s sword. Amazing, just amazing…”

I could feel Matcha’s pair of 34C’s pressing tightly against my chest and was a little embarrassed. I nudged her shoulders and said, “Matcha, don’t get too excited……”

One Second Hero moved in to hug me too and chuckled, “I knew it, Matcha’s so pretty. How could Boss not take her? It really looks like this will develop into something more complicated…”

Matcha’s cheeks burned as she left my embrace and stared at One Second Hero, “Complicated my ass. One Second you douche, you only see what you want to see. I love Boss but we definitely don’t have that kind of a relationship!”

Bai Qi laughed out loud and said, “Alright alright, now quietly watch the rest of the competition….”

Glancing up at the big screen, I continued to watch as Lin Wan Er, grasping her dagger, slowly killed off Immortality Codex and smoothly entered into the top 32. Using an immensely strong magic attack, Dong Cheng Yue also advanced without a hitch. At the same time, Yue Qing Qian continued to stack stuns on her opponent, using a high level skill with extreme ease. Heaven’s Rebel did not have the chance to retaliate at all; eventually resulting in him getting overpowered and killed.

“Shua Shua Shua….”

The outlines of bodies began appearing as Matcha excitedly stood there, yelling out each of their names——

“Beauty Cang Tong advanced!”

“Beauty Cang Yue advanced…..”

“Wa…. even Old K advanced……”

“Little Wolf advanced!”

“Wang Jian advanced!”

“Yue Wei Liang advanced……. Wu, looks like Little Wolf really does have to treat everyone to a big meal tonight…..”


Everyone happily waited in the room and not long after, the final list of the top 32 participants was announced. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Mu Xuan, and Simple had easily advanced into the top 32. The only surprise was that [House of Prestige]’s Guild Master Bai Li Ruofeng was eliminated in the top 64. But, when everyone saw that his opponent was me, it wasn’t considered a fluke anymore.

Matcha looked at the list on the big screen, rubbed her mouth and said, “The pairings for the top 32 won’t come out until 6 o’clock. How…… How about we log off now to get some dinner or something?”

Wolf picked up his dagger and smiled, “Let’s go to Xiang Wei Xuan*! I’ve already reserved a private room for us…”
[Editor Note: Name of the restaurant – Hunan Pavillion]

I nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll bring Wan Er and Dong Cheng over!”

General Li Mu said, “Ok, I’ll bring the Valiant Bravery brothers over to celebrate…..”

Yue Qing Qian giggled and said, “Then I’ll log off too and get some dinner. Ma Ma’s already rushing me. See you everyone!”


Everyone logged off and began to make their way to Xiang Wei Xuan for the party.

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